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  1. Knowing Super 7 in a couple months they will change the figure entirely and it will look nothing like these promotional images, and probably will not be able to secure Andre's Likeness Rights and he'll look like a generic curly haired chuby dude and theyll still want over $40 for a figure that will have nothing to do with Andre the ginant other than the name on the box... Sad. (For a reason why I think this way just look at the conan line and how diferent the figures look from the first prototypes they showed to the most recent promotional images they released) Really hoping with all my fingers crossed they at least do right by their Thunder Cats line. (Im really wondering what is worse, Super 7 or the God Awful now extinct Matty Collector, and Im really leaning towards Matty being better if you can believe that, I cant)
  2. With how bad conan looks and the way they decided to go with making a Gladiator Conan before making the Conan with the look he has during most of the two films I really doubt this line will do well and sadly we most likely wont see a second wave. If I were Super 7 I would have done Conan right in the first wave along with Thorgrim Rexor and The Wizard since those three characters would most likely not cost them that much in likeness rights, and the in a second wave do Sobutai, Valeria, Thulsa Doom and another Conan (like this Gladiator one or the costume with the full pants and leather shirt), but for a first instalment that will probably dictate wether or not this line goes on to make such an underwhelming Conan Figure is a really bad idea in my opinion. It sucks cause I would have totaly suported this line otherwise, but Im really weary of doing so now cause there is a good chance Ill be left in my collection with 3 sort of good villian figures and a terrible Conan figure, with no hope of getting the right Conan.
  3. Wait, what happened to Conan? I thought they were making a Conan figure based on his more iconic look (costume), now they changed him to the Gladiator Pit Costume?, I dont think anyone wanted this version before the other one, heck I would agrue that from all his costumes this is probably the least intresting one just because he literaly wore it for just one scene in the begining (maybe just above when he wore the thulsa doom's cult robes). IMO this is a really bad move from Super 7, specially since the accesories listed to come with this figure dont go with this version at all. Seriously from Conan Line, one would think the one Conan figure in this wave would be the most iconic version of the character (the one they showed before), I dont know why they decided to go this way (Super 7, always finding a way to disapoint), might be that they couldnt secure Arnold's Likeness Rights since the figure looks nothing like Arnold, and this was the only look they could afford to get for now. The rest of the figures look ok, a little bit worse than the first prototypes they showed but they're still ok, but that Conan is looking awful. I like that they could get James Earl Jones' rights but honestly as much as we all wanted a thulsa Doom figure, if they couldnt afford both Arnold's and James Earl Jones' right in the same wave I would have prefered a good Conan figure than Thulsa, give us Thulsa in a second wave I wouldnt mind, but for a CONAN THE BARBARIAN line to have such a bad Conan figure is just dumb. Sad thing is that with this decision I really dont think this line will do all that well and we probably wont see a second wave. Losing hope on Super 7 yet again, and now Im not very optimistic on Super 7's Thundercats line (having a bad feeling yet again that theyll find a way to screw it up before we can get the complete Cats core team once again)
  4. Seems to be pretty much just a repaint of the Darth Revan figure that was previously released, and Im ok with it (I liked the Darth Revan figure a lot, if anything my only complaint of that figure was that it was a little bit on the small side but everything else was great), it looks good in the jedi colors Ill definetely have to get this one to put him next to his Sith version. I hope hasbro someday gives us a Starkiller/Galen Marek figure, I really dont know why he havent gotten one yet, I know a lot of people would buy it.
  5. Id like the following Prequel Trilogy: (With AOC Anakin & Obi Wan, Kit Fisto, Plo Koon and Count Dooky already announced) - Master Yoda - Aayala Secura - Ki-Adi-Mundi - Shaak Ti - RotS Sheev Palpatine/Sidious - Commander Bly - Super Battle Droid - Droideka Archive Series: - RotS Obi-Wan (with the General Obi Wan Head) - Slave Leia new headsculpt (I dont see this one happening but one can only hope) Oiginal Trilogy: (I'll leave the ROTJ characters for later, posibly in a 40th Anniversary ROTJ Vintage Wave) - Biggs Darklighers - Hoth Pilot Luke - Lobot (this figure could also be released in a 40th ESB vintage wave) - Hoth Rebel Trooper (rumored, could also be released in a 40th ESB vintage wave) - Porkins Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary Vintage Card Wave: (along with straight re-releases of bespin han, bespin leia, hoth trooper, at-at driver, and posibly a ESB version of Vader) - Lando Calrissian (with digital facepaint) - Bespin Luke (with either digital facepaint or a new updated head) - Dirty version of R2-D2 - Hoth Luke (with new headsculpt) Extended Universe and other figures: - Starkiller - Mara Jade - Jacen Solo/Darth Cadeus - Zeb (SW Rebels)
  6. Well it seemed Dooku was pretty much known that he was coming (even though the images arent that great quality it still looks like itll be a better figure than the SHF version), the Genosis Battle Droid was also a no brainer knowing hasbro, its a easy way to make some money back from the sculpting on the previous Battle Droid mold (just make it in a redish color plastic and sell it as a new figure), I would have rather liked that they released a Super Battle Droid but Im guessing that one will most likely come later (and its better for business to re release the same droid with a new paint), Im hoping Comander Bly, Ki-Adi-Mundi and Aayala Secura who have all been rumored from fairly reliable sources are revealed soon.
  7. Here we go again , good luck to all, already shared this through my twitter account.
  8. Loving those jedi masters, hopefully we'll see Ki-Adi-Mundi, Ayala Secura and Shaak-Ti soon, though I have to say if there is something I could complain about is the jedi robes, not digging how Plo Koon's robe looks (that front flap thing makes it look very weird, I his robe is different than the regular ones jedi usually wear but still its nothing like it should be, when he has the robe he usually wears it closed so it looks very different, plus it looks too stiff, doesnt drape correctly), and on the other side where is Kit Fisto's Robe, I hope they correct these issues in final release and Kit Fisto comes with a regular robe and they fix how Plo Koon's robe is and looks
  9. I agree, with figure prices rising over the last few years and so many different companies making good action figures of so many different properties, I dont have enough shelf space and money to spent on every single ML or SW character coming out (so I also only buy figures of characters I really like or need in my collection)
  10. As far as I could tell wave 3 will have Casey, April, the little drill robots (forgot their name) and most likely the variant foot soldiers we saw on display at SDCC/NYCC (the big head one and the battle damaged ones) that leaves some spots open to complete the 4 2-packs (hopefully neca re-releases krang and shredder, and they make a splinter soon) and for wave 4 thats where theyll include Slash, the Triceraton, Leatherhead and Metalhead, also this means most likely we'll see 4 more figures in this wave (unless they make the robot body krang a single carded figure which takes the place of one of the 2 packs)
  11. I was really happy with my SHF ep.2 Obi Wan and Anakin Figures but dang those first pictures of the figures look really good, might have to end up piking them up.
  12. The Kight of Ren and Zori Bliss figures look intresting butI learnt from the last 3 movies (Ep.VII, Solo & Ep.VIII), I wont be getting any Ep.IX figures till I see the movie, Im not really looking to spend money on figures of characters that end up appearing for 2 minutes in the movie, dont do anything worth while or are just forgetable characters.
  13. I believe along with Count Dooku and Jar Jar there were also rumors of Comander Bly being included in comming waves, aside from those 3 I would love to see a Super Battle Droid, Sheev Palpatine and maybe some other Jedi Council Members like Plo Koon, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Kit Fisto or Shaak Ti. I know this is probably a given and could happen further in 2020 but I also really hope they re-do Ep.3 Obi Wan in the next Archive Line (just hope they use the ne General Kenobi head instead of just adding face print to the original one, they could also use the new upcomming Ep.2 Obi Wan body and just change the boots with the first version and repaint it accordingly to fit the Ep.3 look) Im pretty sure there will be an Empire wave (on the retro style cards) to commemorate its 40th anniversary by mid or late 2020. They'll probably do what they did with Ep.IV 40th wave and just re-relase a bunch of figures like Bespin Leia, Bespin Han, At-At Driver, Snow Trooper, and then update Bespin Luke and Lando (with faceprint).
  14. I hope that krang is sold as a deluxe figure kind of like what neca has done with Robocop's Ed-209, Alien Queen or the Spider Gremlin, that way it will be big and have tons of accesories. As for the figures I hope I can get my hands on them, I havent been able to get the first wave (hopefuly for wave 3 they also make a set with krang and shredder for all those who couldnt get them on the first wave). I live in Mexico and its hard to find someone that can buy exclusives in the us for me (and these target exclusive sets have been a hell to find for everyone), we just got the 90's Movie Turtles 1st Wave here that are being sold by a local distributor (through select specialty stores), I believe the guys at Neca said that with deal that their TMNT figures would be sold world wide it would include all their lines, hopefully that means we will also get the Cartoon Turtle Sets that would make it a lot easier for people here to get them and would also help people in the US (that way we wouldnt need to have someone from the us buy them for us and hopefuly a collector in the us could get the sets easier).
  15. Always up for some store credit for future purchases, good luck to all and awesome giveaway again, already shared through my twitter account.
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