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  1. Did anyone else catch that the boots on the Green lantern Figure on the images are put on wrong (the round muscles on the lower part of the leg are usually sculpted on the calves, and it seems like the boots are turned around and they are on the front part of the leg) this is also probably why the boot sculpt looks a little big on the leg (on the images the leg doesnt line up correctly with the boot part, probably its because of the pieces being assembled incorrectly) hopefully they arent packed this way once it is sold and they assemble the figures correctly.
  2. Im a little dissapointed with these figures, Robin seems to be the best one and its still not perfect (I think he should be just a little shorter, hes pretty much the same height as jason and Jason should be taller), Jason is ok but the helmet head really bugs me how low it sits and how big it looks for the body, that and the sculpted guns in the holster is just so dumb. Dick is ok, a little too thin but I can deal with it, I can also deal with the horrible maskless head since I wouldnt use it anyway but that fabric cape is trash, they should have stuck with plastic, it doesnt make sense that mattel did so many DC figures with plastic capes and in their last wave they put a fabric cape on one of their figures (I know the Superfriends figures had fabric capes but those were supposed to to make them look like the old figures, but this Dick Batman figure should have had a regular plastic cape)
  3. They should just go the Terminator route and make a new movie that picks up after the first matrix and disregards the Reloaded and Revolutions. Or maybe just let someone else do the new matrix movies, I havent really liked any of the Wachowski's works since the first matrix, their ideas are always intresting on paper but end up being too convoluted and never really land in the end.
  4. I wish Storm would re-release Scorpion and Sub Zero from the first game (though I do think this updated mold looks a bit better proportions wise, maybe they can re release them with some of the newer updates) I missed out on them and now they are little hard to get for a decent price.
  5. Apparently there are leaked images of the back part of the box art and although they are low quality it seems like it will include a faceplate with the tounge attack. As for it being released before Yamcha, I can only imagine Yamcha will come out eventually, Tamashii probably decided to release Tao before since he is a lesser known character to the everyday consumer and including the last Dragon Ball with him will probably make his sales beter, they most likely know Yamcha will sell well anyway so its smart on their part to hold off on him right now, thats probably also why we got a second bulma so soon (even though most collectors like the second version better, we really didnt need her so soon, but packing her with one of the Dragon Balls will make most of us who are collecting the line buy a second bulma so soon even though otherwise we would have probably passed on another bulma so soon). Most of the rest of the characters you mentioned were listed in this year's survey they have been having people fill in during their Dragon Ball World Tour (As far as I remember some of the characters that were mentioned in the DB Classic line were Bandit Yamcha with Puar, Jackie Chun, Ox King, Puar, Pilaf with Sho, Launch, Young Chi-Chi, Android 8 and a Young Tien)
  6. If anyone talks to Brian from super 7 any time soon please ask what specifially are the things they fixed with the first 4 figures (aside from mumm-ra's cloak and the added hands) Im just wondering if overall these will be the same figures or what specific fixes they have on each of them.
  7. Im all in on both the Conan and the Thundercats lines. For Cats i'll probably have to hold off to the second wave since I already own the Mattel ones and the added accesories don't warrant for a second purchase (at least not in my opinion), but I'll definetelly be getting the new figures (I would buy a new updated Pumyra cause it seems Brian was sort of hinting at her being modified to make her in the right scale this time around). With Conan Ill take anything they do from that movie, Growing up that was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid and remember watching it over and over hundreds of times, afterwards when I grew up I read more on conan and got into the comics and the rest of the conan lore, but that first movie was my gateway to the character so it holds a special place in my heart, for that reason I'll definetely be getting all 4 figures from the first wave and would gladly buy more figures based on that movie (I never liked its sequel "Conan The Destroyer" that much, id rather get more figures based on the first movie), I only wish later they make a second or third wave and they Make figures of Valeria, Subotai, and the Wizard. Id even buy a version of Conan, Valeria and Subotai painted with the camuflage and costumes they wore when they snuck into Tulsa Doom's Lair to get the princess, and if I can deam of more I'd like a King Conan as he apears on his throne in the end of the movie, maybe they could even make figures based on the 80's Red Sonja movie. As for TMNT, its hitting the nostalgia feelings really badly, I wasnt expecting them to look so nice, but having so many TMNT lines right now Ill stick with the Neca Movie and Cartoon based figures (I dont have the money to spend on videogame and vintage toy based tmnt figures too), though I might end up getting a couple here or there that I really like.
  8. These are still prototipes, and hand painted which usually give the figures more matted colors, once the figures come to production, with cost cutting measures they tend to mold the plastic in the color they need and just paint on the details (this usually happens with super 7 all around because of the plastics they use) hopefully this wont be the case with these figures cause or more realistic figures like these a matte finish looks a lot better
  9. I guess youre right, still from super 7 almost always runnuning late with their estimated release dates and the fact that they plan on doing 4 tmnt waves and 4 thundercats waves (not included any other waves of other lines) and them being a smaller company thats where my hesitation comes from, I dont think they wont be made I just think they seem over eager with their estimations and I think 3 waves of each line sound a little more realistic when you take in account super 7's track record
  10. If they havent fixed those in like 3 years of making MOTUC figures I doubt they will any time soon, all we have is to hope these figures come out looking good and not the shiny plastic cross eyed freaks that sometime come out of Super 7's motuc figures
  11. I was not expecting much of this line (I initially thought I wouldnt like the design of these since they said they woul be similar to the motuc style) but seeing the prototypes now these look really nice, definetely a throwback to the classic Playmates figures
  12. 4 Waves in a year? Dont get me wrong Im happy with as many TC figures as I can get my hands on but knowing Super 7 Im a bit skeptical that they can release 4 waves in a single year
  13. Wow these look really good, I hope they make more figures in this line like Thulsa Doom (James Earl Jones), Valeria and Subotai as well, maybe variant of the three heroes in their camuflage colors when they infiltrate the temple of set, and id go nits if they made King Conan figure
  14. If thats the case Ill suport the line as soon as we see new figures (If I didnt have the mattel ones I'd buy these Ultimates, but for $45 its too much for a repeated figure in my collection just to suport the line), hopefully we'll see new characters soon and this isnt just a rouse to make people buy these figures to be able to go on with the figures.
  15. I was really looking forward to this announcement and was really hoping for at least a couple new figures, but as is even though I'd like to back this line cause I really want a Wave 2 with new figures I already have all the mattel ones and the added accessories dont warrant a second purchase (at least for me, I might pick up a Lion-O just cause that one was the one that needed the extra hands and the most issues on the first release, the rest are a bit pricey for a repeated figure) For new figures I would be willing to pay the 45 cause I do like Thundercats a lot but for a reissue of a figure I already have I dont think I will (Even though I would really like to support the line) hopefully this is like the MOTUC Super 7 where the Ultimates were just a start of the line for collectors to be able to get previous figures that at the time were hard to get and they already have a regular wave planned with new figures.
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