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  1. Man, DC just really can't catch a break. BL was a good show...much better than people gave it credit for. I'm sure it will be one of those series people will look back on fondly one day for what it was.
  2. My only gripe is that the Omega Knight doesn't come with a unmasked head. But I LOVE it and will be adding it to the collection
  3. Not bad...can't wait to see what the Modern Spawn looks like...that's what I pre ordered.
  4. Sadly no Marvel/DC Black characters where created by Black people until Milestone. Even the most popular Black character (Spawn) was created by a white guy and said white guy intentionally kept him masked/had him burned so white readers would "forget" Al Simmons was Black. Try again That's why Hawkman was white...because for the longest...white people peddled this stupid notion that they were Egyptians despite copious hieroglyphics showing otherwise. All Dwayne Johnson did was correct an error the white creators made. It's really not hard. Static Shock was awesome. Black Lightning is pretty good....especially compared to alot of the Arrowverse stuff. Not perfect but better than what it should be. I get why you probably don't like it...because some of the social commentary probably grinds against your worldview. Steel deserved better than Shaq. Will Smith was a better Deadshot than the comic version and I'm all for a new Black Deadshot since the comic Floyd is dead now. Idris Elba will kill it as Bloodsport John Stewart deserves some shine. Hawkman will work better as a Black dude...because they can tie into his past as royalty and where Black people are now. There can be a good story there. If they were going with the Thanagar Katar Hal I'd maybe understand. But it looks like they are going with Khufu/Carter Hall....so despite what you are say...it does make sense. How about you dial down the bias and see what happens? If it sucks I'll be right there with you blasting it for story related reasons. But taking this casual bigoted trope you've been on is just foolish and says more about you than anything.
  5. Glad we'll see Static on the big screen....hopefully close to the same time Miles Morales appears in the MCU. I'd be glad see this springboard bringing Milestone to the big screen and pushed Marvel to break out Blue Marvel to counter Icon. To salty basic people....it's been covered already. Hawkman should have been Black from the beginning. DC is catching up (finally) to reality that is he was originally Egyptian...he's Black. If y'all want to be butthurt....Superfriends is still around for you all to watch and get you white Hawkman itch scratched. "Don't need to paint Hawkman Black" smh stop with the causal bigotry. What you think God scribbled on Black people with a sharpie? It's not demeaning to anyone except crappy people who are mad at the reality that everyone doesn't look like them and that studios are realizing that it's good when other ethnicities can identify with characters. Hopefully McFarlane will go full bore into Milestone because I've been waiting for a Hardware and Icon since the 90s.
  6. McFarlane keeps knocking it out of the park. Hoping for Wrath and Scorn... I really want to see him take a stab at Milestone and Wildstorm characters
  7. OMG this looks amazing. I really hope it at least has knee, elbow, and shoulder articulation. If not I'll probably grab this on GP. Maybe down the road this will come out in the 6 inch scale with more articulation....I'd grab that one as well.
  8. I'm liking the Red Hood. I agree on the jacket being to small but pound for pound this is a nice fig. Glad I skipped the Mattel version.
  9. Loving this...I've never played the games but can't deny Geralt looks all kinds of cool. I like the reg release colors better than the Walmart version so I'll be happy to wait until March.
  10. "since when is hawkman egyptian? in any version of the character? so original carter hall is from midway city, fictional city in us, so not egyptian. katar hol is from thanagar, hes an alien from another planet, so not egyptian. original reboot carter hall is from st roch, louisiana, usa. so he also is not egyptian. new 52 hawkman, alien from thanagar again, so again not egyptian. rebirth carter hall is from new york,ny, usa. again not egyptian." The original Hawkman (in numerous DC continuities) was Carter Hall...who was a reincarnated Egyptian. It doesn't matter if he was from the backwoods of Mississippi, along with his lover Kiera he was the modern day reincarnation of a Egyptian. They would die, reincarnate throughout time. James Robinson and other writers highlighted this tie. Katar Hal was post crisis creation. Prior to that (especially his JSA appearances and Robinson's Gold Age) he was a reincarnated warrior. All the Hawkmen were merged in Zero Hour (because the continuity was to confusing) but Infinite Crisis and Geoff Johns reverted Hawkman back to the reincarnation trope...and tied his origin to Black Adam because they knew each other in the past (which is why the movie went the way it did with casting). The New 52 went back to the Thanagar route...but Rebirth once again bought back the reincarnation piece (with Nth Metal). Since when has Hawkman been Egyptian? Since the frickin beginning and despite all the changes...he's gone back to it. It goes back to the fact the he was the MODERN REINCARNATION of a Egyptian. It's not hard. Stop cherry picking...read Johns JSA run. "and what egyptians do you know that consider themselves black?" The ones that painted hieroglyphics of themselves...that's who we're talking about...they had access to the color white...the only thing depicted as white where their eyes and clothes. "cause theyre from africa lol?" If you really want to go there...you're an idiot. That's a redundant question that answers itself. "every egyptian in my family considers themselves middle eastern. who's the bigot now?" Middle Easterners came to Egypt with the spread of Islam. That's why the country has a large ME population now. History supports this. Who's the bigot? Not me. I'm not in the camp of salty white people/others who are defending bs. Congrats on what your family considers themselves in 20 frickin 20...I'm so proud of y'all. Meanwhile the Egyptians we are speaking of predate ME coming to the region. Strawman smh. "assuming the race of a nation you've never been to is horrible. thats easily the most racist thing ever posted on this site." Good thing I'm not assuming and can confidently say I can look at historical evidence to back up my position. But then again you're only talking today...so who's being biased smh. The most "racist thing ever posted on this site." Ok my dude...you thinking taking up for these salty white folks is gonna get you a better seat at the table. They made it clear they wanted a WHITE Hawkman. That means they'd be just as salty if a Middle Eastern person was cast. And you're happy being a parrot for them...do better. "and how do you know the best actor won? who did aldis hodge compete with for the role?" Ummm because he was selected for the role...that's how it works. Agents hear about roles, contact their actors and they go read. The studio decides who they like best/fits what they are looking for and makes a decision on who we see in the movie. They've done it like forever...maybe if you take those crackers out your mouth you'd know this. Who did Aldis compete with? Obviously people who didn't get the role...but don't fret they might be appearing in another movie. That's called show business. "were you at the script reading?" No were you? Don't get mad because I can grasp that the person who won the role obviously was the best actor and that concept seems to be escaping you. "for the record they didnt actually say aldis was playing carter hall or katar hol and he very easily can have a made for movie name and story and thus will be an original character, which should appease everyone. the black children like mr. killmonger will be happy having a movie starring a black lead with a black supporting cast, hawkman fans will be satisfied that the real character is left alone and all will be well again." Sigh...that's info you should be sharing with salty white people...because you bring up a good point. Hawkman's original name was Khufu. That's Egyptian for you slow people.There is no need to "make a new character" they just needed to cast him correctly. That's who Aldis is more than likely portraying...and it's a factual casting because that's Hawkman...and Hawkman was from Africa, Egyptian, and therefore Black. Actually ALL chidren shoud be happy with this...especially if the movie is good. Except salty white people, and Stephens, and brown people defending salty white people. They can rot for all I care. I already offered a helpful suggestion on a white Hawkman. Watch Super Friends. Read back issues, but kindly be quiet
  11. "Awwwwww did I hurt your feelings because I want hollywood to do better than just race swap to please simpletons such as yourself?" We've already been over this but ok...no you didn't hurt my feelings. I just called you salty people out. The contention is you (and other basic white people) don't want Hollywood to "do better"...you want them to keep stroking your ego while being historically and factually incorrect. Hawkman is Egyptian...thus Black. It's not about pleasing anyone...it's about being accurate. Continuing to make Hawkman a white person...in the face of archeological evidence just to make you white people feel important....that'd be pleasing simpletons. "Call me crazy but i'd rather new characters be created or put established black characters on screen rather than this eye rolling lazy choice. I wouldn't want them changing John Stewart or Cyborg so why the F would I want other characters changed?" Ok...I'm calling you crazy (and a idiot, and bigoted, and entitled), because even IF they "created or put in a established character" pissy white people would be butt hurt about that as well. Because y'all move the goalposts. There's nothing lazy about it, thanks to Geoff Johns, Hawkman and Teth Adam have history...they knew each other. White people f'ed Hawkman up because they stupidly and selfishly decided that only white people did important things in history despite g'damned hieroglyphics showing otherwise. That was lazy (and racist) and it's lazy to see you trying to defend it and act like you have a point. John Stewart and Cyborg are fictional people intended to be Black people. Hawkman is a fictional character based on real people who was depicted wrong in comics that the movie is now depicting correctly. It's not the same thing and it's not hard to understand...unless you're a crazy, bigoted idiot. "Prime example of someone new that I can't wait to see in their upcoming series is Kamala Khan" Well seeing as Kamala Khan is based on a real ethnicity and was depicted that way...there's no reason for her to be anything else. She's not "new" she's been a active character since like 2014. No one just made her up for the show. I'll say it again for all of you crazy, bigoted idiots: Hawkman is Egyptian...Egyptians are Black...thus it makes sense. The actor they picked was also the best actor that auditioned so it's a win/win. You all look like crazy, bigoted idiots for being so butt hurt about something that is correcting a error. You are all really just mad because the actor is Black If they created a new Black character...you trolls would be mad about that and scream they should of used Hawkman. They use Hawkman and you scream they should of made someone new. STFU and go watch Superfriends if you have such a hard on for a white Hawkman. 2020 and still this. We can't have nice stuff because of people like y'all. Cried so much we can't get a SW movie every year. Y'all made DC and Marvel back off from more representation in their monthlies. Ugh. There are plenty of back issues and crappy 80s/70s/60s/50s shows for you Ozzie and Harriet jokers to relive your white people heyday.
  12. "Man.....Does Not Take Much To "Trigger" a Racist does it....=^) And for your info.....I am not of the "Salty Race" (I guess he means white)..." Who said I was "triggered"...I just called you all bigoted idiots...which I freely assigned to you all based on your expressed stupidity and casual bigotry. I never implied/suggested/alluded to what ethnicity you were. I just lumped you in with them...because you parroted the same backwoods foolishness they did...hence the "bigoted idiots" barb which was directed at you all. If you don't want to be affiliated with it...don't high five it. "Guess again, you might get my race right...Since race is so "important" to you..." I wasn't the one in the aforementioned bigoted idiot camp who felt the need to comment on it initially. You were however, along with the other basic people...and thus got called out. It real simple. I called you all out for what you all said. Wear it with pride or do better. "Lord help me if I were Black" For real...because that would make you two words I won't say in mixed company...but hey as long as you can sleep at night Stephen "So...Your one the "RIGHTEOUS SJW" they talk about??? What a joke. Your a sick unit" Well if knowing my comic book/real world history enough to know that Hawkman's initial portrayal was incorrect and this casting choice corrects it make me a "righteous SLW" well I guess there are worse things I could be be. Imagine being like you and all of these basic salty white people...complaining on a thread because they cast a Black person to play someone who should have been Black from the start. Imagine what kind of stupid, backwoods, basic, bigoted, uninformed, clueless idiot would want to die on a hill when they are 100% wrong and have no qualms about showing the public they'd rather be incorrect and bigoted than decent. And then when called out, call someone a SJW like it's an insult. Okay, sure. From the looks of things...my SJW coat looks alot better than the robes and hood y'all got on. Want to keep trading barbs or get back on topic? Basically you all are wrong what what you all said. I recognize it's a free country...so say what you will, just don't act shocked when people say something back. Like I keep saying...as long as pond scum like this is allowed to take root in the fandom we'll never have really nice things SMH at people okay with aliens/mutants/superpowers/magic/mecha/etc...but butt hurt a Black person gets cast in a movie about these things. It's 2020...do better.
  13. So now you've opened up few dilemmas. If modern scholars reject (they don't...biblical and extrabiblical studies point to the fact of how they looked) the notion the idea than Egyptians are "not white or Black" then DC was blatantly incorrect in opting to make Carter Hall white. We know why they did it (bigotry) and it's historically incorrect. Therefore Mako, Ghostbogey, lordtom and the rest of these salty basic white people should have nothing to say...because it doesn't matter. Unless they are bigoted idiots. So lets pick: the white people here who felt the need to express their feelings are either stupid people who don't know history and just plain bigots...or they are just down and out bigots who can't help saying stupid things. Neither one looks good. In reality, since Egypt is in Africa...and Black people are in Africa (and everywhere else)...it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what they were. If they were alive today....here in this country...they'd be classified as Black. They were most certainly NOT white. Hieroglyphics showed us how they saw themselves...darker skinned/Black people. Because Black people can vary hues in a way white people can't they could range from dark brown to light...but they are still Black They fooled with Nubia because they were Black, They mixed it up with Cush because they were Black. You couldn't tell Hebrews from Hamites (which included Egyptians) because they intermingled and all looked alike (Black). So they most certainly weren't white. Bigoted white people here should have nothing to say even if your assertion that they were "neither Black nor white" was true. But it's not true...they were either one or the other. Stupid things like "race" weren't a thing until the 17th century and that's so white people could use their nonsense pseudo science to justify slavery. That still doesn't change the fact Hawkman should be Black because he was from Egypt. And that's what they were...Black. Bigoted white people made him white because the last thing white people want is other people to show them up (hence why white people insist that somehow in all of Africa...Egypt was theirs). They ethnicity of the region changed dramatically to Middle Eastern when Islam spread to the region between 639 and 646 AD. Romans had already been there...but Egypt was still Black. It is telling that you replied to me like you were "educating" me and not addressing these sorry SOBs who littered the bulk of this thread with their backwards foolishness. If anything you've helped them all look even stupider. In doing what you did...you picked your side and made it know what you are okay with. Cool. Again, this is why we can't have nice things. Salty people smh.....
  14. Yes...100% Yes How is this crap? This is actually pretty damned good. They picked a good actor...isn't that what we should want to we can have the best movies Hawkman may have been depicted as a white guy in print/tv...but as an Egyptian...he VERY MUCH IS Black. So DC chose...and rightfully cast a person who looks like Hawkman always should of looked...Black. There is no need to make up a new person (which you white people would of then called pandering and been mad for ignoring established characters) because Hawkman was there with Black Adam. White people where in the wrong when they made Hawkman a white boy. He's not...he's Black...like the Egyptian he is. So, learn history before you spew nonsense...because you look like a bigoted, uninformed, entitled, blowhard.
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