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  1. I've gotten to the point where I just look online for home remedies and cheaper solutions before I buy anything lol Me too. I wonder about Noob, he has transparent skin so the plastic is different on his face and arms but looking at it I think it should be fine, I'm 90% sure there is no shading on the arms and its all just the color of the plastic. Well, like I mentioned in my last post, BBTS did put up the NYCC Chun Li finally and I noticed other retailers put her up as well, I'm actually wondering if they were just fixing her neck joint problem which everyone who has her seems to be experiencing. BBTS is definitely becoming my go to place to buy most things lately, now if they can just figure out a faster shipping or do the whole offer free 2 day shipping on orders over $150 then they would be perfect cause atm I generall have to wait about a 1 1/2 - 2 weeks for my order to arrive which is kinda lame. I actually just finally started sorting through about 5 years worth of accessories that I just had in random bags, it was a nightmare lol The worst thing is the import figures like SHF because so many of their hands and faces look alike so I'll never be able to figure out what goes with which figure. Man reading that last part irked me so bad... lol Yeah its especially hard when your in your 30s and still retail this childlike mindset? I guess lol For instance, I've had women flirt with me who probably were around the same age as me but because theyve been so beaten down by the world they looked way older and to me it seemed like they could be my mom or something lol I actually tried dating this woman earlier this year who ended up having a son who was 14 and in the end she started treating me like a kid cause I was relating more to her kid than to her ? so that ended fast. But that kind of thing can also get me into trouble, I pretty much avoid any girl who looks "hot" nowadays cause I just assume they are probably too young so the whole thing is annoying now. And yes, I have done the online dating thing and I would not recommend that unless you are chiseled, great looking, and have a fantastic job. Girls online are either huge flirts who will never give a crap about you because they think they can have anyone; ugly and desperate, has some sort of emotional or physiological problem, or fake. The chances of actually getting a sane girl who is even remotely attractive and willing to prove she is who she says she is and will meet you is incredibly low. That being said, thats also how I met my ex who is a nightmare ? btw, she showed up the other day and ended up taking it all back again, this girl man.. lol You and I both know that there will be bloody versions and they will make the others harder to obtain, only the clean versions of Goro and Shao Khan have been easy to find. I'm more worried that the Cybers will be painted so it'll be much harder to remove... ugh.
  2. Ah ok then yeah I definitely have them, As far as I know as of yesterday I should now own every SWB figure that has officially been released. I was able to find a Minban stormtrooper that someone tried to hide on the top shelf at Walmart last night. ?
  3. I've only done few mods in MMOs and they were all purely aesthetic like you said to make things look better or give a different take. And yeah, I know its weird, I like having restrictions sometimes to make it more enjoyable. When I know I have the power to make something easier or get past it I generally do so playing on a console basically removes that option for me lol
  4. Yeah honestly I haven't been big into fighting games these last few years, becoming older sucks lol I mainly just play the story modes or arcade on every fighter then stop whereas in the past I'd try to complete everything in the game. I just realized I never actually played the story mode in MKX, I really need to get around to that especially now since I'm in a MK mood with all this Storm stuff coming out. I'm sure DOA will be fine, they would lose all their fans if they didn't put it in, I'm betting they are just trying to get over all the backlash from DOAX3 which I actually own and beat and its incredibly stupid but awesome and the VR is ridiculous lol
  5. Well its more that I wasnt expecting much at all from it so I was surprised to see some things that I did like. It was also cool to see Robin done right for once without being a complete joke but the other characters need work for sure.
  6. I think they should just make characters with their own personality and fashion choices without pushing any sort of agenda. Everybody is different and everyone has different likes and interests, if the world continues to go down this path then we will all become Amish ?
  7. Well Harley has to come back since shes the main character in the comics now, It would be cool if they brought in Black Manta and few other bigger named villains.
  8. I think its just one of those things where it came out at the right time in my childood where I thought it was just so badass. To this day I still think that SS4 is the best power up, along with the SS4 fusion, so glad DB Heroes brought it back.
  9. Ah ok well that makes sense then. Isn't there a 6" stormtrooper Han and Luke already? I could have sworn I had them but now I'm not sure lol
  10. Is this the same as the TRU exclusives? or is this something completely different?
  11. Oh man those look badass, I'm still waiting on mine to arrive, probably wont til next week. So did Smoke end up having the painted silver? Also, I haven't read my other replies yet but man on man and I glad that NYCC Chun Li was put up and $74 is way better than the prices I was seeing on Ebay. Anyways, I've been swamped these past few days but I'll try to respond to everything thats been piling up today ?
  12. Honestly, I know I'm in the minority but all I want is some GT figures.. For whatever reason I absolutely loved GT and while I like Super, I always felt like it was just taking a dump on GT with its power ups, at least GT made sense, Super feels like they make up some new thing every few episodes.
  13. I know in the comics they are way different but in the movies they are more or less the same, hell they pretty much just made them all out to be misunderstood than actual criminals in Suicide Squad.
  14. Yeah wtf is with vet bills costing so much, I went to the store the other day and just 3 pills was over $50 ? I don't think my cat cares about the smell, I think she just likes nesting in warm places lol Nah, I refuse to settle! ? I did get the bloody versions cause I tested it outr on my Scormion and was able to remove a small black stain on his arm with the nail polish remover, then I went ahead and tested it out on the black areas and it doesnt ruin the plastic or paint job so it will work. And it looks like Smoke's silver is painted so I'll just paint over it if the nail polish remover takes away the silver paint, I have that exact silver paint anyways. I noticed the HK company now is constantly raising the price on their Chun-li even though they keep putting new ones up, it really pisses me off how exclusive she is. And while the NYCC Smoke and Rain are available on BBTS, they still arent being sold by anyone else which is odd. None of the SF figures are hard to obtain, hell most have been discounted so what the hell is with Storm, its like they have no clue how to distribute their product. And I'm torn between which Doomsday I like more, I think I'm leaning more towards the containment suit version even though I have the other one on display atm lol Pretty much what I just said lol You know, I'm having a hard time trying to find things to sell, like everything I don't mind parting with is not complete or is missing and accessory or instructions and my OCD won't let me sell it if its not complete lol Well do to my unique relationship with my ex, I haven't actually had a solid dedicated girlfriend ever really and I guess I'd just like to experience what its like before I get too old I kinda feel like I've only ever experienced the bad parts lol Anyways if I ever did get back with my ex I would't think of it as settling, cause I wouldn't just sit back and let sh%$ happen and she knows that. I think of settling more like if I ended up dating and marrying some completely boring and average girl simply because I don't want to be alone even though we have nothing in common. In any case, my ex still hasn't bothered showing up so its whatever at this point lol I'm trying to figure out how people even date these day, all I ever see is bars, grocery store, or tinder and as someone who is not big on "hooking up" none of these options really appeal to me lol I kinda like the colored parts more on those versions. I think they most definitely will make the cybers exclusives in one way or another, this company is really starting to show its greedy side lately. The think that drew me to this company originally was the price.
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