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  1. Seriously, I mean it, HOLY $#!+ is this a scam!! <P> Taking out the bombs, I can . . . ALMOST get. "No bomb toys for kids" is moronic, overprotective, nanny-state, "THINK OF DA CHILDWEN!!1!" BS (not like there aren't PLENTY of toys with bombs and missiles and military weapons), and it's ESPECIALLY stupid when this is a line SPECIFICALLY targeting the nostalgia market, aimed at older people who grew up with the original toys and maybe want to replace damaged or lost pieces, or want to share that classic experience with their kids, BUT . . . I at least get it. Fine, no bombs. <P> And no bombs means you gotta change the box art, move some stuff around so they aren't throwing bombs, cool, makes sense. "Get 'em!" is a uncreative, slack-@$$ writing as a line replacement, but whatever. <P> But to completely redraw the original box art to replace the old glider with the new one? To deliberately attempt to erase the memory of the old toy by implicitly saying "no no, it's the same thing, look, just like you remember, original art and everything!" like they didn't just toss you a phony imitation of the classic piece? And then to officially call it a "retro reissue" like it's the same toy you remember from the 1980s, and not a developed-30-some-years-later, lower quality copycat from a different series? Essentially a KNOCKOFF of the classic toy you ACTUALLY wanted? <P> That's not just lazy and cheap, and it's not just insulting to the retro collectors' intelligence, IT'S @#$%ING BAIT AND SWITCH.
  2. Wait. <P> Wait a minute. <P> WAIT A @#$%ING MINUTE. <P> THAT. IS. NOT. THE. TURTLE BLIMP!! <P> Or rather, that is not the GLIDER from the original Turtle Blimp. THAT is the glider from TB toy released for the 2012 CGI cartoon! <P> As seen in the image below, the classic glider had upper wings that clipped to the balloon, and lower wings with engines on the side beneath the pilot seat. It looked . . . well, a LOT like the blimp from the original cartoon. <P> THIS ISN'T A TRUE RERELEASE!! The only rerelease of the original toy is the balloon. The glider? That's just a crappy reissue from less than a decade ago. <P> What kind of lazy, half-@$$, cobbled together bull$#!+ is THIS?!? Constant reissues and lazy reuse are one thing, but HALF a reissue? That's an ENTIRELY new low, Playmates!! WTELF!!
  3. Okay, not gonna lie . . . the blimp? THAT is something I might pick up. <P> Mostly because I think it could EASILY be modded/customized into a cartoon-accurate rendition, for use with the NECA TMNT.
  4. Hmmmmmm . . . . <P> I dunno about anyone else of course, but I've actually been ASTONISHED at the speed with which NECA has fulfilled all my TMNT online orders to date (with the exceptions of the second-run Vernon/Rat King, and not counting the pre-orders like Pizza Monster and Mutagen Man/Ace and Antrax/Scumbug, of course). Muckman, Mondo, the Punk Frogs, Chrome Dome, all of them got here really quick, and in Chrome Dome and the Frogs case, they were here literally a week (if not LESS) after the order processed! I couldn't believe it! <P> THAT SAID . . . I know nothing about their OTHER toy lines or the shipping times they're facing. Moreover, if you're ordering from BBTS and not from NECA directly, I would imagine retail website orders get processed AFTER direct-from-manufacturer orders. Then again, I have no actual insight on this (I DO know some old NECA Ambassadors and a Target manager, but from how they tell it, THEY actually get everything FIRST, so . . . . ), so I fully acknowledge that this is speculation. <P> As for this SPECIFIC forum topic . . . Loot Crate shipping, on the other hand, has been downright BAFFLING. Like, delays due to overseas shipping, I get. But I got my notification for my Danny shipment on September 13. Then My shipment just . . . VANISHED for two weeks because FedEx LOST IT IN THEIR OWN DAMN WAREHOUSE. And then it's taken now nearly ANOTHER TWO WEEKS to bounce around the country (including multiple cities on opposite sides of MY OWN STATE) . . . and the package STILL. ISN'T. HERE. YET!!! <P> I want to tear my hair out. Actually, I want to tear SOMEONE ELSE'S hair out in retribution. Yes, I know COVID has slowed things down, and I'm totally cool with that, but I'm watching the tracking in real time, and this isn't COVID, this is UTTERLY NONSENSICAL STUPIDITY. Seriously, WTELF, FedEx?? <P> So . . . yeah. Ocean cargo delays, sure. But honestly, the bigger bottleneck is right here domestically. *SMDH* Crate #2 delayed 'til December? Hell, I'm hardly expecting the FIRST ONE to be here before Christmas!!
  5. In that same "money train" logic vein, Mike Harrigan is a specific case, in that he's a human, and the humans in the Predator/Alien movie lines tend not to sell as well, so I hear. Obviously, NECA has made MULTIPLE figures of ALL the Predators in "Predator 2," so it's not like they won't dip into movies Randy hates. But if the character in question looks like a super generic "guy in plain clothes" and is unlikely to draw consumer attention (like, honestly, not many people even remember who Danny Glover IS, let alone that he was in a Predator movie . . . he's . . . not had a lot of notable work in quite some time), then I can see them turning the idea down. <P> So, like, I wouldn't expect to see April, Whit, Walker, "Wet Willie" Niles, Lord Norinaga, Mitsu, Kenshin, or the Samurai royal guards (although Walker and Norinaga in particular would make AMAZING figure designs), but it wouldn't be out of line to see at least an exclusive box set of the TMNT "in shogun!" Kinda like the "Coming Out Of Their Shells" set. <P> At least, one can only hope!
  6. Oh, I actually have shared a bunch of my stuff on here. My NECA-style custom April O'Neil was "Cool Custom of the Week" on TNI once. <P> But if you'd like to see some more, here's a link: <P> https://www.figurerealm.com/customfigure?action=creator&id=6412 <P> Most of page one is TMNT, but if you go back further, you'll find some different stuff. Although the quality gets worse the further back you go, obviously. *LOL* Though I'm still proud of my MOTU stuff and SOME of the Metroid work.
  7. Keno and Tatsu were always no-brainers from my perspective. I was NOT expecting Danny, honestly, but I've got the Loot Crates ordered. I do wonder if he's an indication that we might get more non-action characters, like Charles and Chief Sterns. (I think Sam Rockwell is too much to hope, guys. *LMAO*) <P> But what I REALLY want to know is . . . dude . . . . <P> . . . Are we going to get movie 3 Samurai Turtles?? <P> 'Cuz as shite as that movie was, those designs were SPECTACULAR!!
  8. I . . . don't know why one would want a TMNT figure that folds into a . . . cube. <P> BUT . . . even if I don't "get" it . . . I will acknowledge that these seem like pretty cool and actually decently made toys. I definitely dig the "robot" aesthetic. And the "Party Wagon" feature is neat. (Even if I wish it looked a bit more accurate, and also what are the OTHER two going to combine into?) <P> Dunno if they're for me, but great figures!
  9. And don't get me wrong, I got no objection to the concept of the crossover. Logic isn't SUPPOSED to be involved (look at "Batman Vs. TMNT"). It's just a fun mish-mash. It's ascended fanfic. There's nothing wrong with that. And as noted by others, the TMNT have been doing that for YEARS. <P> One of my prize additions to my collection is a complete set of Star Trek TMNT from the '90s. They're dumb and whimsical and silly and garish and they're FANTASTIC!! No, the crossover doesn't make sense for them. But more importantly . . . they're GOOD toys. Yes, dated articulation (they ARE from the '90s), but well made for the time, with attention to detail. Totally worth it. <P> These? A bunch of decade-old repaints and some of the worst new-mold 6" figures I've ever seen.
  10. Man . . . naw. I do LOVE TMNT, but THIS one . . . this is WAY more than that. <P> Look up Stan Sakai and his creation. The man is a comic LEGEND. He has been single-handedly writing, drawing, and inking his comic, on paper (not digital), for over 35 years. He has built one of the greatest continuously running comic stories in history, and has maintained a dedication and focus - as well as a level of care and detail, and also historical accuracy, surprisingly enough, for a comic about anthropomorphic animals in Feudal Japan - that is largely unsurpassed in the industry. As a (very small time) professional freelance artist myself, I have a MASSIVE amount of professional respect (and a not insignificant amount of fanboy squeeing *LOL*) for the man and his creation. <P> While the TMNT have been paired with numerous properties over the decades, from Star Trek to Universal Monsters to D&D to Cerebus the Aardvark to . . . Cobra Kai *sigh*, "Usagi Yojimbo" is one of the VERY rare actually widely established collaborative crossovers that the TMNT have engaged in (the most notable others being "Power Rangers" and MAYBE "Batman") across multiple mediums and genres, and the ONLY one that is considered canon to the wider TMNT multiverse as a whole, AND ALSO to Sakai's own works. <P> And of course, while the TMNT have spawned a merchandising empire since their inception, "Usagi Yojimbo" figures are VERY few and far between, and highly articulated ones are near non-existent. So, to get this piece confirmed? It's a damn unicorn (especially given the licensing hoops), and I honestly want to get, like, FIVE of them, just to have one TMNT cartoon version, and then mod the others into various more comic-accurate renditions of the character! <P> This announcement, this figure is AWESOME!!
  11. If this is based on the "Cobra Kai" show, why are Danny and Johnny kids again? <P> Why is Kreese in 1980s fighting shape? No, scratch that, why does he have a TEENAGE body?? <P> Why are all of the humans SO LANKY? <P> Why do the CK figures' bare arms look like sleeves around their wrists? WHAT'S WRONG WITH THEIR WRISTS?? <P> WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THESE FIGURES?!? <P> . . . Oh right. PLAYMATES is going on with these figures. *sigh* <P> Like, we all knew they were just gonna repackage the Classic Collection molds for the . . . *counting* . . . four, five, sixth? Seventh time? And it was a foregone conclusion that they were gonna do their best to use ONE body mold for every CK character. And judging from the new Shredder, it was almost CERTAIN they were gonna make the CK figures small and skinny compared to the oversized chonky Turtles. <P> But . . . somehow, I still didn't expect them to look THIS BAD. Like, I figured the CK license people would be all "yo, Playmates, you put some EFFORT into this crap, or we'll yank the license back from you so fast, you'll get whiplash!" <P> Nope! These are fun from a conceptual standpoint, but this whole line? HARD PASS.
  12. I will answer by repeating my previous statement: @#$% YEAH!!!!! . . . Why, are you NOT?!? *LOL*
  13. . . . $75 each. For '90s figures. Uh . . . . I believe I will let Bender B. Rodriguez take this one:
  14. Okay, so two important points I want to note with this figure, one positive and one negative: <P> 1) Positive: This April is PRECISELY the right scale for the NECA TMNT figures (you know, unlike the actual NECA April figure). I'm certain that some creative customizers would be able to make a GREAT cartoon April by kit-bashing these two toys together. <P> 2) Negative: Okay, so Bebop and Rocksteady (and the Turtles themselves, and most other figures, but ESPECIALLY noticeable with those two) got SO MUCH extra sculpt detailing all over their bodies with their Super7 figures. Sssooo . . . why does April look like she was tooled in 1987? I get mimicking the general aesthetic, but . . . no seams, no folds, no wrinkles, no "realistic" texture to ANYTHING below the neck? I mean, the arms are okay-ish I GUESS, but the thighs and especially the lower torso? They're so . . . just FLAT. And her upper torso isn't much better, in terms of detailing (no, I'm not making a "flat" joke, I actually prefer that figures aren't so hyper-over-sexualized). <P> My point is, they didn't put NEARLY the effort into this figure that they did to others in the line, and it's OBVIOUS. She looks like a low-end TV-quality CGI model and not an actual real toy. She looks like a dollar-store figure, not a $45 collectors' piece. <P> . . . Still a better figure than Playmates' Classic Collection Shredder. *LMAO* And DEFINITELY a viable base to make a kick-@$$ cartoon accurate April IN SCALE with the NECA figures.
  15. Oooof! <P> Sssooo . . . Triceraton is clearly trying to evoke the '80s action figure over any other inspiration. It's closest to that design. The colors are all wrong, and he's got really outlandishly huge, dangling gorilla arms, but . . . it's a decent update of the original figure. Aside from the weapons, which are LITERALLY just recast from the original figure. It's . . . okay, I guess. And at the very least, I really legit approve of the new detailed sculpt. Yeah. Yeah! Okay, I like it! <P> (EDIT: I jus' realize 'e ain't gat no tail!! *LMAO* Okay, he loses points for that, but I still think he comes out as an overall win!) <P> But Shredder? Oh MAN, Shredder! <P> Shredder ain't got no lower jaw! One of the TMNT uppercut him, and knocked his lower jaw into the bottom of his sinus cavity!! And he's already got a tiny head in that big ol' helmet, so now it looks like he's a child cosplaying as Shredder! Yeah, his helmet is the right size, but his head is ENTIRELY disproportional to his body, so the kabuto looks empty and the face looks squished. <P> And to further the cosplay effect, his shoulder pads look like they're barely attached, floating above his shoulders. And the bracers? The straps just look like big slabs directly attached to the armor, not like "belts" or any real securing strips of cloth. They look like accessories from a He-Man figure from the early '80s! His armor looks like a children's Halloween costume!! <P> And why Shredder SO skinny? And why are his pecs floating above his abs? Why the MASSIVE torso gap? Why no bicep swivel? Why the tiny, stubby little blades that end with flat edges instead of rounded-but-still-semi-pointed tips? Why big blank circles with triangles instead of the usual sewer cover stands? Why is this an apparently new sword mold that nevertheless looks like the laziest sword ever sculpted? Katana and Ninjato do not have giant knobs at the ends!! WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?!? <P> How is it that FOUR OTHER COMPANIES have released highly poseable, AMAZING Shredder figures in the last few years (Super7's Ultimate, DC Collectible's Batman V TMNT, Hasbro's upcoming Power Rangers V TMNT, and NECA's cartoon . . . and comic, and videogame, and movie, AND Super Shredder, and how many repaints . . . .) and yet Playmates - THE MASTER TOY LICENSOR FOR TMNT - can't even get this guy correct?? They prototyped him 8 FRIGGIN' YEARS AGO!! They had HALF A DOZEN PREVIOUS FIGURES TO CHEAT OFF OF!!!
  16. RE: If he is, indeed, the most requested character (WITHOUT also requesting the car) . . . well, I got no response other than "guess there's no accounting for taste." *LOL* <P> Nevertheless, I stand by my unofficial request (and my gawd-awful pun), and agree with your BTTF point as well. They can do a Power Loader? They can do a friggin' KITT and a DeLorean! <P> (That said, you CAN find a 1:18 KITT for sale online . . . but it'll set you back SEVERAL hundred Bennies! )
  17. Purely opinion, but . . . while I'm not particularly a big fan of the whole "cartoon shading" thing, I get it and I put up with it ('cuz I'm a completionist with this line, regardless), and it's mostly unobtrusive on the other figures, so I don't mind much. <P> But Chrome Dome here? I think it REALLY messes with his look. The "metal sheen" patches are too big or too dark, and they interrupt his "brand new, stark white super robot" aesthetic. Especially on his thigh pads and face, he just looks half-finished. I get what they were going for, but it doesn't work great.
  18. Uh, I mean . . . okay? Sure? I guess? Buuuuut . . . the whole point of the show was the CAR, yeah? <P> If Super7 can deliver a matching KITT for this figure, I will be ECSTATIC!! If not . . . who cares? <P> Basically what I'm saying here is . . . KITTs or GTFO.
  19. Update: Got April today (on a Sunday, no less), and she's AWESOME! And I will add, has to be the fastest shipping I've ever got from NECA, so that was pretty great too!
  20. I've actually already made a set of custom NECA-style Neutrinos (see below), and I'm planning on building their car as well (out of the old Foot Cruiser, of course), but I would LOVE to see NECA release a complete set! And judging by the obscure characters they've already done, I can't imagine we won't AT LEAST get the kids themselves. <P> As for Usagi interview . . . never saw it, but I'd be thrilled if it happens!
  21. So, we've come full circle. *LOL, sigh* When this comic first debuted, I made the same joke as I am now: They already did a MMPR/TMNT crossover. It was called "Next Mutation," and it was HOT GARBAGE. <P> I hated it then, and I had no interest in the comic, but when the toys were first announced, I DID briefly wonder if my combined childhood-driven love of action figures and TMNT would supersede my teen-sourced LOATHING of MMPR. <P> After seeing the toys . . . I mean, they're fine, I guess, from a quality standpoint. And I would enjoy having all of them in their regular colors, (Donnie in Purple, Mikey in Orange, April in Yellow) and ESPECIALLY this version of Shredder in a more traditional gray/blue/purple/silver/black deco, his design is actually kind of amazing. <P> BUT . . . as they are now, based on the comics . . . I find I am reacting to them the same way I did to "Next Mutation" 25 years ago. Even a TMNT coat of paint is not enough for me to embrace the Super Sentai camp of MMPR. <P> All power to anyone who likes them. They're cool toys. But me, unless I can get them for a STEEP discount, and I custom paint them in classic TMNT colors . . . these looks, at these prices? Nope, can't do it. *chuckle*
  22. Well, when this guy and Napoleon/Atilla drop on the NECA store, I'll be there! <P> Also, just dropping my predictions: Zach, right there on the back of the package! *LOL* Tempestra and Zach are the only characters left before we have a complete "Night of the Rogues" lineup, and I can see NO OTHER REASON to have announced and pre-order-listed two insanely obscure characters like Antrax and Scumbug unless that was the goal. We still need the three Neutrinos. And if ANYONE can jump through the necessary license hurdles, it's NECA, we GOTTA have Usagi Yojimbo. <P> And of course, we already know about Wingnut/Screwloose, Dirtbag/Groundchuck, and the teases for Tokka/Rahzar and Fugitoid(?). <P> Beyond that . . . I dunno, can't really think of any more essentials, seriously.
  23. Oh hey, look! It's those Ghostbusters toys that Hasbro isn't making because they don't market kids to toys! **LMAO** <P> But in all seriousness, I want that Ecto-1. I think I can customize it into a great ride for the Mattel figures ('cuz they're a little smaller, should be close enough).
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