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  1. RIGHT?! *LMAO* Like, you can buy an ACTUAL miniature Playstation Classic, fully functional, RIGHT NOW on Amazon FOR THE SAME @#$%ING PRICE!!
  2. Well, look at that! At least SOMEONE can get almost a complete line of Thundercats figures on the shelves. *grumble-mumble-razz'em-frazz'em* All we need is Vultureman, Kit & Kat 2-pack, Snarf & Ma-Mutt 2-pack, and Mummy-Ra, and we got the entire core team and villains! Hell, Pumyra, Bengali, Lynx-O, Jaga, Grune, Rataro, and MAYBE a Ro-Bear Berbil, and you basically got everything most fans really want IN TOTAL! Seriously, why is it so hard for anyone else to produce a small line like this? Funko could have the core cast done in one more wave, and meanwhile, Super7 is re-releasing the same figures Mattel already botched! *SMDH*
  3. Thank you for liking my work! However, this one is for my personal collection, sorry.
  4. Thank you! It wasn't nearly as difficult as some of the next customs I'll be posting. Just wait!
  5. Thank you! Something tells me you're gonna get your wish! *LOL*
  6. *eyeroll again* I mean, first of all, that last line is simply patently false. WB is not hurting for money. Just because some people didn't like their last Batman, and have preemptively decided this one is awful, is entirely irrelevant to their finances. People HATED Batman V Superman, and yet still paid to see Justice League, and would have paid to see "The Bat-fleck" regardless. Secondly, sounds like someone either wasn't around for the whole Keaton buzz or completely forgot it. NO ONE watched "Clean and Sober," the movie didn't even make back its paltry $12mil budget. Yes, Jon Peters reportedly made his recommendation based on it, but he was basically the only person who ever saw the movie, and literally everyone else in the room and most people in the industry and fans thought it was a ridiculous choice. WB got 50,000 protest letters (pre-internet here) over the choice. It was near universally decried as cronyism (because Tim Burton had just used him in a film) and pandering to public consciousness (because he had just been in a very popular Tim Burton film), and, of course, "stunt casting." And as for Robert Pattinson's skill as an actor, and needing someone to "show you anything" about his skill and range? The phrase "here, let me Google that for you" comes to mind. While I'll READILY admit I haven't watched a single movie of his, I can look up basic facts and statistics as well as anyone (if they could be bothered, rather than sitting smugly on their preconceived notions). Know what they tell me? Five of his last six starring roles have massive critical acclaim, in the high 80s or 90s on Rotten Tomatoes, and he's been nominated or won numerous critical, professional, and respected artistic awards for his non-Twilight and post-Twilight work. "Clean and Sober?" Is, to this day, considered a dreary and overly dark slog, and has a 56%, and no one cares. In short: the facts don't support any of the quoted assertions; people are basing the whole of their criticism on the simple reality that they don't like the actor solely for one role, and not on the actual skills he has demonstrably proven in works other than the only one they're familiar with; and the entire premise of WB even NEEDING to "stunt cast" is so inaccurate as to be comical. Is he what I would have chosen? No. But should he be given as fair a shake as any other actor? Absolutely.
  7. I will point out the same thing I always point out in these situations: Michael Keaton was, primarily and almost exclusively, known as a comedy actor, and often a highly slapstick one at that (biggest roles: "Johnny Dangerously" and "Beetlejuice"). And when he was announced as Batman, people cried bloody murder, because he was the worst idea for a serious Batman film EVER. People were convinced he - along with Tim Burton - was gonna turn it into an absurdist, occult, camp take on the Adam West series from the '60s, and they hated it before they saw it. Cut to the mid '90s and people were adamantly opposed to recasting Batman with Val Kilmer, because Keaton WAS Batman, NO ONE could do it better. *shrug* Ben Affleck CAN be a good actor, and could have been a great Batman. He WASN'T, but it was possible. Christian Bale is about the only actor who, the moment he was announced, we KNEW he could do an excellent job right out of the gate. As for Pattinson . . . If he sucks, he sucks. But I'ma wait to see if he actually sucks before deciding he sucks.
  8. Thanks so much! Hey, I figure there is ZERO chance she doesn't get a figure as part of the 16 characters NECA is apparently planning to release in their series of figure 2-packs. Yeah, they're releasing Bebop and Rocksteady, and supposedly the "Dimension X Box Set" characters we've seen prototypes of (Traag, Granitor, Leatherhead, and Slash), but that still leaves 10 slots open, and April and Splinter are no-brainers. So, we'll get 'em, no worries. Taking bets on the other 8 figures? Gotta go "most widely recognized and iconic," and/or "most cartoon appearances" (with the offshoot "appeared in the videogames" for convention exclusives), so I'm thinking the guaranteed releases are: - Rat King - Baxter Stockman (Fly) - Metalhead - Krang Android - Casey Jones And the remaining three could be anyone from the following list: - Usagi Yojimbo - Most famous, if they have the rights - Chrome Dome - Very popular character - Tokka - Well known, appeared in movie, cartoon, AND games - Rahzar - Same as above - Baxter Stockman (Human) - If they do "duplicate" characters, he's an obvious choice And then there are the pipe dreams: - Punk Frogs - Unlikely, but like the TMNT, they're identical, reusable molds, multiple cartoon appearances - Zach - "The Fifth Turtle" kid sidekick, kinda obscure, but had multiple cartoon appearances - Alpha-1 - Obscure, but uses existing Foot Soldier mold, just needs a new head, cheap to produce - Neutrinos - Zak, Kala, and Dask, unlikely, silly choice, but they were in several classic episodes - Channel 6 News - Irma, Vernon, and Burne, dull supporting characters, but iconic, appeared in MANY episodes . . . I would note, I've made or I am making custom figures of almost every character on this list. *LOL*
  9. Hello all! First time posting a custom on TNI. I post my work on FigureRealm, but that place is . . . well, kinda quiet anymore, so I figured I'd take a shot over here. Here's my NECA '87 cartoon-style April O'Neil! The goal here was slavish accuracy to the cartoon model, and I think I just about nailed it! Every line on the jumpsuit, every belt loop and clasp and pocket, every tuft of hair. - Head is from Hasbro's first ML Wasp, I took extra care sculpting all her little layers and cowlicks in her iconic poofy hairdo. - ML Human Torch boots (Ronan the Accuser series) - ML Hellcat legs and body - LCBH Ann O'Brien jacket and arms - Gripping hands from a ML Valkyrie (Hulkbuster series) - Open hands from a ML Enchantress. - Accessories all came from a classic Playmates April figure (1992 "5th Anniversary" purple stripes version) with one exception: - The iconic clamshell . . . er, I mean turtle-shell "makeup compact" Turtle Communicator, also sculpted entirely by hand, built it using an old ToyBiz ML "hinged fingers" hand, so it actually has a tiny hinge that allows it to open and close! This April O'Neil figure is probably the best work I've ever produced, and she looks perfect with my NECA '87 Cartoon TMNT. When NECA DOES release their version . . . well, I'll undoubtedly pick it up, but she's gonna have a HARD time living up to mine! TURTLE POWER!!
  10. They may well have indicated that (and having gone back to look at the art, I do see that he is indeed the '70s Marvel Conan: the helmet, the sandals, the bracelets, the weapons, and particularly the medals on his necklace, are all super distinctive and identical), but unless he's specifically marketed as such (say, with the Marvel logo on the package, which I'm CERTAIN Super7 WON'T be adding), public domain rules still likely apply. Because it's still a very generic barbarian design and Conan is still public domain, Super7 could play dumb by essentially claiming coincidence, and at most, they wouldn't be barred from making the toy, they'd just have to retool minor elements (most likely JUST the necklace medallions, as the only truly unique elements on the toy . . . and even THEN, both Frazetta and Vallejo have painted the character with very similar medals). It wouldn't be worth the cost of filing the lawsuit against Super7 just to minorly inconvenience them into releasing a MORE generic version of the character, basically resulting in no loss of profits on Super7's part, while Hasbro would eat the cost of the filing itself. Additionally, though Hasbro is the master toy licensee, they may not have the authority to call out Super7 on using the design. If my understanding of the trademark/copyright/visual depiction laws are correct, only the licensor has that authority, meaning Marvel and Disney, and they may not care enough, or they may see the legal battle as a waste of time and money (as mentioned above). And especially, because Hasbro is of course still totally allowed to release their own, officially branded Marvel version of Conan, they don't really have a leg to stand on from the position of lost profits or copyright claims. I am a tad more surprised that Super7 is so brazenly duping a specific depiction of Conan (and one owned by one of the most massive copyright juggernauts in all the world, no less), but recalling the "Universal Vs Nintendo - Donkey Kong" epic fail by Hollywood . . . I could totally see Disney taking a pass on even bothering with this little jab. I won't claim to be a legal expert, but it makes sense.
  11. First of all, Conan the Barbarian is a public domain character, so just about anyone can use him for just about anything. Pretty sure Super7 doesn't even need a license to make a Conan figure. Second of all, this is such a generic depiction of said character, A) he's not really a portrayal of the Marvel-specific version of the character, and B ) even if he WAS designed as such, Marvel would be hard-pressed to prove that it's their version (to be fair, they also use a pretty generic design for him . . . though notably, I'm not finding any modern Marvel art of Conan with a helmet).
  12. Yeesh, not rushing is right!! In this MCU era, waiting FOUR YEARS to release a sequel to your $1bil+ making superhero movie?? That's friggin' UNHEARD of!! Wonder Woman is only slated for a 3 year gap, and even that is pushing it a little. Not saying it's not the smart play, but the buzz is gonna DIE in that gap. Gonna be an uphill battle for him to be relevant again. Here's hoping the wait pays off.
  13. Of for the love of . . . ! Look, this is great and all, really. Far be it for me to rain on anyone's parade. I'm super stoked for everyone who's excited about this. . . . . BUT CAN I GET A GD 1/12 ECTO-1 FOR MY GD GHOSTBUSTERS FIGURES, PLEASE?! *LOL*
  14. So, I DID get the SDCC version, and . . . no pizza and mutagen, huh? . . . . I'm gonna say, I'm a LITTLE irritated at the pricing here. You're saying I paid $38 for a plastic pizza, a cardboard pizza box, a mutagen canister, and a fancy package? On the OTHER hand . . . not saying they weren't worth it, and it IS a nice package . . . . Either way, I'm overjoyed NECA will be able to mass-release these! Any success they have is a success for ALL TMNT fans! Just wish the price didn't make it feel quite so much like I got shafted on the price. Then again, anything to totally screw over the secondary market scalpers is a good thing, in my book. *sneers*
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