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  1. I've found that TheNECAStore is spotty on Chrome, but works pretty reliably on Firefox. Just my personal experience. Of note, I never have any problem on either browser adding the items to my cart. It's the "checkout" button that never wants to work on Chrome for me. I lost out on a few con exclusives pre-pandemic because of the glitch, was pretty %!$$3|) about it. But ever since, every order I've placed on Firefox has gone through without a hitch.
  2. As the prophesy foretold, so it has been fulfilled! The legends are true!! <P> . . . BILL @#$%ING BURR, of all people, now has an action figure!! *LMAO* <P> Now if we can just get Disney to actually name his canonical homeworld "Space Boston."
  3. *LMAO* RE: Wingnut - He does indeed! They ARE canonical to the cartoon, though not QUITE that prominent, but seeing as that's where they put the torso joint, I don't know that they had any choice.
  4. <P> I couldn't remember the horse's name, so I just did a quick Google check, "name of The Phantom's horse" and it came back with a quote from an article saying "in the original novel, The Phantom rode a horse named Caesar." So that's what I posted. <P> Turns out Google was a little confused. It thought I was asking about "The Phantom of the Opera." *LMAO* <P> So . . . we're BOTH RIGHT!! Just . . . COMPLETELY different Phantoms! (Oops. My bad! *LOL*)
  5. Well, for The Phantom, his horse Caesar was a white horse, and if you need a roughly 7" scale white horse, MOTU Classics "Arrow" can be found on eBay for under $100. Only need some half-decent paint skills to change the rainbow mane and tail, he'd likely be a good fit. <P> As for Geralt . . . I mean, the LOTR horses are more 6" scale (I use a modified black Nasgul horse for my Mattel DKR Batman), so I don't know if they'd work great, but Aragorn's horse is brown, so it MIGHT work with Geralt. <P> However, if you're looking for something slightly bigger, and you're not picky about articulation, collectible doll-scale horses are a BIG industry (particularly Bryer Horses), and you could probably find DOZENS of static-pose horses online in the size you want, if you just need a display piece.
  6. I actually did put together some custom DKR figures back in the day. Made some Mutant figures, a couple more SOBs, mods to Bats and Robin and Supes, even made an Oliver. Planned to do more . . . .
  7. . . . Just a quick question, am I the ONLY person who's tired of them releasing the same 4-5 figures from this comic, over and over and over again? <P> - DC Direct did Batman, Superman, Joker, and Robin. - DC Collectibles did "animated" versions of Batman, Robin, and the Mutant Leader. - MAFEX did Batman (blue), Batman (black), Batman (armored), Superman, Joker, and Robin. - Mezco One:12 did Batman (blue), Batman (black), and Mutant Leader. - Amazingly, it was Mattel (of all companies, seriously?) that did the most, with Batman (blue), Batman (black), Batman (armor), Superman, Joker, Robin, Mutant Leader, a Son of Batman, AND Wonder Woman and Flash from DK2. - And now McFarlane is releasing . . . Batman, Superman, Joker, Robin, and a horse (which is cool, but I can get a 1/12 scale black horse ANYWHERE for any of the previous figures), and they already released an armored Batman. <P> Seriously, I can't be the ONLY GUY who wants Two-Face, Oliver, Gordon, and some Mutant Gang members? I know that NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS are we going to get a Bruno figure, but still, it would be so cool to get Abner and the Dolls, right??
  8. I meant the surgical scars, so yeah, the stitches. The rest of the damage mostly seemed to be "recent wounds," so not so much scars. Those, I understood. Just, most comic images I can find, and most of the figures (for instance, the recent RAW-10 rotocast figure) tend to downplay the stitches, and focus more on the cybernetics. If there are stitches, they tend to be more peripheral, less central, off to the sides and less raw and red. <P> In any case, thanks for clarifying, I do appreciate the info!
  9. Are all the scars on Cy-Gor normal? 'Cuz no other figures seem to have them, and I can't seem to find any comic panels where he's all messed up like that either. Not a deal-breaker, regardless, I'll still get the figure, and if I have to customize him to remove the scars for a more "iconic" look, so be it. Just wondering. <P> As for She-Spawn . . . eeeeeeyyyyeeeehhhh, MAYBE. But honestly, I'd rather have a vanilla Jessica Priest assassin figure. She-Spawn is a much more recent development for her (Spawn #300, 2019), I'm after the more classic rogues gallery. Though this She-Spawn COULD be kit-bashed with another figure (maybe a Diamond Select "Gotham" Selina Kyle?) to make a proper Priest figure, but for $40 . . . meh. Dunno. Not really feeling it.
  10. I am pretty stoked for these, and I love that they're already planning a second series. <P> I will say, I think the biggest issue here is that all of the figures are kinda . . . lanky? Long legs and arms, mostly. Not "this ruins the toy" long, just a little longer than we're visually used to with these specific designs. I think THAT'S what makes their heads look off: not that there's anything actually wrong with the heads, but rather they look out of proportion with the limbs. <P> But beyond that, I think they're awesome, and I can't wait to track them down! If nothing else, they're still superior to the crap Playmates keeps putting out! *LOL, sigh*
  11. Iiiii . . . agree, it's kind of a strange choice. *LOL* But I don't think it's a BAD one. Sure, he's not AS iconic, but they still gave him a cool design. I'd wait to condemn it until we see what future plans they have for the line. <P> They've already stated that Michelangelo is going to be The Mummy, so NOT ENTIRELY a Frankenstein-themed series. Though I agree, I wouldn't put it past them to make Donny Dr. Frank and make April into The Bride, thus making it a MOSTLY Frank-themed line, but with some crossover into the next series of figures, which might have some Mummy side characters (WERE there any other monsters in the classic Mummy movies? Universal Monsters were never my thing . . . maybe they make some figures based on the Fraser Mummy movies? Dunno.), or maybe they just follow up with some other stand-alone monsters. *shrug*
  12. Ssssoooo . . . let me get this straight: <P> You are buying a picture . . . on the internet . . . where anyone who sees the picture could just screenshot it and have that picture, they just won't officially "own" that picture. Only the people who PAID for the picture will officially "own" the picture . . . except they won't technically even "own" THAT, 'cuz it's a @#$%ing digital picture, and the original picture (if such EVEN EXISTS in the real world, and it hasn't just ALWAYS been a digital picture) is actually "owned" by someone else (presumably either whomever created the picture, or the company - Hasbro - who commissioned the picture), but you get a digital receipt SAYING that you're an official "owner" of this picture. Even though you don't actually get any say on what happens to it, like an owner does. And again, anyone who "buys" this picture could, in theory, screenshot it and share it with anyone else on Earth, and the "ownership" aspect is essentially meaningless. <P> . . . BUT . . . . <P> You are ALSO buying a digital voucher (which you HAVE to have the digital receipt to get), and you can redeem that digital voucher for a real, honest-to-god, actual, physical, made-of-genuine-IRL-plastic toy. <P> . . . So basically, you're just buying a toy, just with a bunch of idiotic digital vouchers and "we just wasted a couple thousand kilowatt hours worth of electricity and contributed to global warming with NO useful output, solely to apply fake value to your digital receipt by way of people's misunderstanding of the sunk cost fallacy." <P> I mean . . . at least you're getting a real product out of the deal? I think all the extra steps are stupid, but at the end of the day, you're actually BUYING SOMETHING, right? <P> It's STUPID . . . but you're ultimately still just buying a toy, so I don't flatly object to this whole thing on principle. Just the pointless extra step details.
  13. I'm not disagreeing that it's cool to have movie-accurate Tron figures after almost 40 years, and yes, they are very awesome and high quality figures. <P> My whole beef is that this isn't a "now we are getting this" situation. Like the article said, this was a Walgreens exclusive almost two years ago, and it wasn't a rare one. You can find him on eBay for basically retail price. I've had him in my collection for over a year and a half. <P> So . . . more accessibility is good, yes. But can we get some NEW figures instead of the same old repacks? <P> . . . Also, it's SUPER annoying that they can't really hold their accessories. Like, AT ALL.
  14. SERIOUSLY!! <P> I've made a custom McFarlane-accurate Angela out of the Marvel Legends figure. I've made a custom classic-style Violator out of the XL Spawn movie Violator figure. Jason Wynn would be a 5-minute custom made with the right Tony Stark figure. I've got the Kickstarter Spawn, I've got Redeemer and Clown, and I'm definitely getting Soul Crusher and Cy-Gor here. All I need is an Overtkill and a Chapel and MAYBE a Tiffany, and my Spawn essentials collection will be complete!
  15. CAN. WE. PLEASE. GET. RAM. YORI. DUMONT. CROM. CLU. AND. A. GRID. GUARD!!! <P> Seriously. SAME THREE FIGURES released over and over. Kingdom Hearts, Tron Select, Walgreens, the transparent candy colored special edition figures . . . can't we have the rest? PLEASE?? <P> here are ONLY EIGHT NAMED GRID CHARACTERS IN THE MOVIE AND ONE CANNON FODDER ARMY BUILDER. Three waves of three figures. EASY PARTS REUSE!! At least three (and a half?) of them have the same body types as the figures already released. Clue even has THE SAME HEAD AS FLYNN!! I JUST want SIX MORE FIGURES. Is that SO HARD?!
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