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  1. So, RE: the Masterverse figures - I wish He-Man had a sporran (the pouch on the front of a kilt or loincloth) like the 2002 figure had, that was a GREAT addition to the design that I think should come back. And I wish Evil-Lyn had the "ram's horns" curls on her chest and bare legs under the skirt instead of black leggings (not to sexualize her, just to tie her design in a little better with the original look). BUT . . . in spite of those changes (which I can totally customize myself if I want), I think these look PHENOMENAL, are are EXACTLY the MOTU figures I've been looking for for years: s
  2. Hey now, that's not true at all! <P> . . . We 40-yr-olds don't actually think that show was even REMOTELY any good! *LOL* <P> It had 1940s-style mobsters who tortured people by tickling them with feathers, and "ancient ninja techniques" named after The Three Stooges. <P> The '80s fandom is driven purely by nostalgia for the whole "global phenomenon" culture of the TMNT in the late '80s and early '90s. There were (at the time) toys, video games, comics, movies, cartoons, rock and roll live stage shows, clothes, lunchboxes, it was EVERYWHERE. We were utterly immer
  3. So, I've never ordered from Loot Crate. Do you have to pay for all of these up front, or do they only charge you at shipping (like, say, BBTS)?
  4. Here is a MUCH higher resolution image of the package. <P> It apparently includes a Krang beanie-plush, a Technodrome T-shirt, a pizza magnet, a Bebop & Rocksteady keychain, and I THINK (judging by the colors and the size of the shoulder pads) it's a repaint of the NECA video game Shredder figure.
  5. Hey, just be glad you didn't complain about the price point, some people in this forum get downright nasty and insulting about THAT. *LOL*
  6. Uh . . . you mean THIS Gostbusters toyline that Hasbro isn't making? <P> https://news.toyark.com/2020/02/21/hasbro-ghostbusters-toy-fair-2020-preview-information-and-images-379507 <P> Also, you mean THESE hero mashers that Hasbro doesn't sell? <P> https://shop.hasbro.com/en-us/product/avengers-hero-mashers-captain-america-vs-iron-skull:126F418F-5056-9047-F528-6C2B7A32C903 <P> Also, do you not know that when you sell children's toys in retail store toy aisles, you market toys to kids? Like, are you unaware of what marketing is? <P> Also, are yo
  7. 1) You do know that EVERY company starts out as a small company, and then grows from that, yes? Just checking. Yes, I'm well aware they're a 42-person firm that made $8mil last year. I'm not going to waste time explaining here how small increases in advertising budgets and production runs can lead to exponential jumps in income, that's just Business 101. <P> 2) Man, I guess I missed that no toy company anywhere sells toys for kids anymore. Someone should tell the toy industry that . . . . <P> 3) The Ghostbusters kids line? That would be Hasbro. You know, that company
  8. That's nice that you think I have a problem. You'll forgive me if I continue to address my disagreement with the situation in whatever manner I see fit. <P> Your first paragraph actually kinda squarely walks into my point while completely missing it: Super7 absolutely COULD broaden their scope to reach a wider market. The reason the sales numbers aren't there is because they DON'T. And if that's their preferred business strategy, so be it. But then to say "the price is so high because not many people will buy it" is reverse rationale. Not many people will buy it because you kee
  9. Hey, I'm not mad (and in point of fact, I edited my post a bit to note that, because I realized my tone was coming off wrong, I'm autistic, it happens, apologies). I'm actually quite enjoying this. <P> I think it's a genuine point of debate. And I welcome challenges to it. So, your assertion that "no amount of explaining is going to make me less mad" is simply not true. Again, sorry for coming across hostile. <P> Now, I AM saying that Brian is incorrect about the realities of the market. Mostly because Super7 has too narrow a market focus. Never accused anyone of lyin
  10. NOTE: Edited for tone. I'm high-functioning autistic, and I was slightly concerned that my post came off as more hostile than intended. Nothing could be further from the truth, I'm not mad at all at anyone, I'm actually quite excited about this debate and welcome the challenge. (Also note: I use caps for EMPHASIS, I'm not "shouting.") <P> Oh, here we go. *cracks knuckles* Knew this was coming the moment I saw that interview last night. <P> So, right off the bat: thanks for the "well, actually" routine everybody. The Batmobile comparison was a quick and dirty example
  11. Let me make something PERFECTLY clear to all the Super7 fanbois: <P> https://www.walmart.com/ip/DC-Batman-2020-16-inch-Batmobile-with-12-inch-Tactical-Batman-Action-Figure-by-Spin-Master/813039644 <P> So. That Batmobile costs $50. Yes, I know, it's a lower detail toy. It's got less engineering, less gimmicks. And it's also smaller than the ThunderTank in the picture (about a half to a third of the total size, but that's not including the oversize Batman figure, so by total plastic volume included, I'd say about half), so you should absolutely expect the tank to cost mor
  12. I still think single-episode no-parts-reusability Muckman is a ridiculous choice. Unless there's some MAJOR hidden reuse in there that I'm just not seeing, but still, he's a one-off character, so like, WHY?? <P> . . . Kerma, I genuinely did NOT expect to appear, since he's pretty obscure, and likewise has little-to-no reusable parts, but he DOES have multiple episodes, ssoooo . . . interesting? Sure, I'll take a Kerma! *LOL* Plus . . . that SERIOUSLY increases the odds that we might see a Zach ("The Fifth Turtle" kid) down the line, and that would be both hilarious and kinda aweso
  13. I'm with ya there. *sigh* I still don't have my Super Shredder. But I've got faith in NECA. I know they've always had distribution issues, and I know 2020 is especially $#!++'/ and December has been EXTRA $#!++'/ as far as shipping is concerned, so I'ma be patient. Here's hoping that patience is not misplaced.
  14. So, here's the thing: for the most part, this toy series has been all about iconic characters from the original cartoon, right? We're talking major players that made multiple appearances, for the most part. Also, as a secondary consideration, characters that make for great figure part reuse, both in this figure franchise and the video game toy line. Get a lot more traction using the same parts over and over to sell more toys. <P> And thus far, almost every release has tracked with that. Obviously, on the hero side, April, Splinter, Casey, and the news crew (I assume we'll get Bur
  15. So, LONG response here. TL;DR: supply and demand. The industry will survive and recover just fine, because it exists in the first place. Meaning, the whole reason it came into being is because people wanted it. And they'll keep wanting it after COVID, so it will bounce back, no problem. Now . . . long version. Here's the thing about the movie industry: <P> Most of our economy is made up of non-existent money. It's powered ENTIRELY by confidence. Yeah, it has real world consequences, people lose jobs, businesses shut down, it hurts people. But actual industries? They
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