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  1. So, I actually got ahold of a Casey/Raph two pack this weekend, and because I'm a toy customizer myself, and wasn't too terribly concerned about the risks, I did a little futzing around and pried the hockey mask off of Casey. Some interesting notes: <P> 1) I would not recommend doing this for anyone that does not have SERIOUS sculpting and repair skills. The mask is VERY thin and brittle plastic, it cracked in multiple places. I do have such repair skills, so I was able to reassemble it, but just fair warning, it is NOT easy to remove. <P> 2) NECA isn't BSing: just like their Keaton Batman figures, they sculpted a full head under the mask, and they did put a pretty damn decent young Elias Koteas head on there! Now, he does have grooves in his face (the mask has pegs to connect to his head), but they're on his cheeks and forehead, no where intrusive like on his nose or mouth or something, so again, if you're a good customizer, they are easily filled in, and with a full paint job, you end up with an excellent unmasked face! <P> 3) The straps for the mask, however, are sculpted into the hair piece, so if you want that unmasked head, you're going to have to remove the full hair piece as well, and then find a new hair piece to put on the Elias Koteas head. I used the hair from an old ToyBiz Strider Aragorn figure. It doesn't have the same volume as the figure's original hair, but it does look kinda wet and stringy, like Casey did during his fight with Tatsu near the end of the movie, so with a little sculpting and some paint, it works just as well. <P> 4) Then it was just a simple matter of reassembling the mask on the original hair piece, with a new face underneath (I used a random WWE figure head, grooves cut in as needed), and voila! I got two heads for my new Casey, one masked and one unmasked! <P> I'll post pics of my results in the near future, but yeah . . . they do have a good movie Casey head sculpt, and if you got the skills and don't want to wait for a possible variant release, you can definitely build him yourself!
  2. I mean, to be totally fair, this Super7 line is based on the original figures, and I HAVE that original April figure . . . she does and always has looked that frumpy and off-model from the cartoon. I honestly can't fault them for her looking crap, she ALWAYS looked crap. She could probably do with an alt head based on the re-releases (later versions of this figure lacked the blue stripe, added orange trim, and had a "prettier" head), but honestly, this seems entirely accurate to me.
  3. . . . Honestly, I would really prefer that awesome axe he had in Soul Calibur.
  4. So, the TMNT being the only pieces of any interest to me (although the animated B&T and BTTF figures and all the Batman prop replicas - live-action or animated - ARE all pretty cool), I have to note the following points: <P> - The TMNT2 movie figures all look FANTASTIC. <P> - Splinter looks excellent. <P> - Traag and Granitor look MOSTLY excellent. They had slightly more humanoid proportions in their original appearance, but I can let it slide. <P> - Krang is WAY too wide. Seriously, that's not the cartoon model. That's the exaggerated 2012 CGI version. He's just NOT THAT FAT in the original series. Regardless, he better have a PILE of swappable hands. <P> - Speaking of oversized, why is Baxter Stockman's head so HUGE? Also, I want a human version too. <P> - Metalhead is also a tad oversized, but not absurdly so. <P> - I LOVE the Baby Shredder! <P> - Huh. Three different Triceratons, yeah? They appeared in ONE episode. Really deep-cutting on that one, are we? Quite the over-commitment. I mean, I get the whole "mold reuse" thing, but you really think there's that big of a market? Can't even repurpose them as Mirage Comic versions, since the Mirage Triceratons look NOTHING like the cartoon ones. Did they all appear in the arcade games? <P> - This one's for TNI: C'mon, guys!! You can give us multiple pics of identical and already released turtles, but not ONE good shot of movie Casey Jones?!? *LOL* <P> Nevertheless, despite my few gripes, I love most of what I'm seeing here. Need some slight correction on scale issues, I think, but other than that, this is all great stuff! Can't wait!!
  5. You're joking, right? <P> The original TRGB Proton Pack and Neutrona Wand were cheap, hollow, vacu-formed plastic blobs with zero paint-apps, easily damaged stickers, limited sculpt detail, and NO play features aside from costume value (EDIT: I forgot the wand was actually hard plastic, and it DID have a "grindy" sound effect and a foam noodle that came out the end, if you can call those "play features"). The PKE was equally lame, as all it had was an orange dial (with CLICKING sound effect!) and a rotating antenna (not a POWERED rotating feature, like from a battery, just a dial that you spun on the back). <P> The only half-decent piece in that old set was the Ghost Trap, which actually rolled across the floor, opened with a foot pedal, could store ghosts inside, and had glow-in-the-dark doors. <P> These toys look like they're made of more durable plastic, are more screen-accurate sculpts, have actual paint apps or parts molded in proper colors, moving parts, an actual visually identifiable "proton stream," possibly electronic features . . . how are they "less fun?" <P> Now, if I'm wrong about the construction, paint, or electronics, I'll grant you, they're not really any better than the old stuff. But seriously, I'm 38 and I played with those toys literally every day as a kid. I get nostalgia as much as anyone . . . and these new ones genuinely look WAY better. At LEAST they are sculpted more movie-accurate, and PROBABLY built out of better plastic. And they DEFINITELY look better than THESE:
  6. I'ma point something out here: <P> Anyone who owns a classic Real Ghostbusters Ecto-1 toy knows that, although it's built for 5" action figures, Mattel's 6" movie Ghostbusters figures were a little on the small size, and they KINDA, SORTA fit in that old Ecto-1 toy, even if the car itself was too squat and cartoony and stylized to be a good likeness for the movie version. <P> THIS Ecto-1 toy? It's longer, it has 4 doors (unlike the old toy), it's got a uniformly straight, boxy roof (again, unlike the slanted roof of the old toy), and the equipment and deco on top and PARTICULARLY on the side of the car are all more movie accurate. <P> I'm REALLY hoping that Hasbro gives us a $60-range movie-accurate Ecto-1 in the Plasma Series. But if they don't? I think THIS toy, with a few high-quality custom paint apps and maybe some additional sculpt mods, would make a GREAT piece to at least go along with the Mattel set, if not the Plasma Series figures (depending on how large they actually are). I think it's FANTASTIC!!
  7. That head actually looks a LOT like Christian Bale! *LOL* But honestly, I kinda desperately want that head 'cuz it ALMOST looks like a perfect likeness for Sean Maher, which would make it an excellent choice for my Simon Tam custom, to finish out my Firefly figures! (Since, you know, Funko ain't ever gonna give us the rest of the team. *sigh*)
  8. As for the figures I think we're gonna see? They said 12 movie figures. <P> Movie 1:<P> Tatsu<P> Casey<P> April<P> Danny (?) <P> Movie 2:<P> Shredder (New Costume) - Easy mold re-use, obvious choice<P> Keno<P> Tokka<P> Rahzar<P> Super Shredder<P> April (New Actress) (?)<P> Professor Perry (?)<P> Freddy the Foot Soldier (?) - Easy mold re-use, obvious choice, VERY obscure character, but they're doing it with Alpha-1 in the cartoon series figures, so why not? <P> That's literally all the characters I can think of. Well, aside from April's boss Charles in the first movie, or Police Chief Sterns from both. *LOL*
  9. 1) While influential, the 1990 film absolutely does show its age (not SUPER poorly, mind you, but it's there), and going from that starting point would emphasize that aging process. Making a movie that's up to modern standards but based on the first film would cause that films flaws to stand out GLARINGLY, and a lot of people just don't want that to happen. On the nostalgia front, the movie has survived remarkably unscathed in spite of its successors, and most people want to keep it that way. <P> 2) They tried it. TMNT 2007 was a canon sequel to the live action films. It wasn't super popular (despite the fact that I felt it was pretty good). <P> 3) Rights and licensing issues, always a PITA. <P> 4) Jim Henson Company has some bad-ish blood with the franchise, 'cuz of Jim's personal views of the film and the property as a whole (that's WHY the second movie was so kid-friendly). You couldn't do a proper sequel without them on board (when you try, you get TMNT 3, which was awful), and they're unlikely to come onboard. <P> 5) As much as there's a market for adult collectibles for the property, the sad reality (and I say this as die-hard, life-long fan of the franchise) is that TMNT is a pretty niche market. Kids love it, adults have nostalgia for it, and it can easily sustain as a cartoon and comic and toy property indefinitely. But movies? Look at Rotten Tomatoes. EVERY TMNT movie has less than 50% (Hell, only one even hits 40%) critical standing, and only three have a positive AUDIENCE standing (TMNT 1, TMNT 2, and TMNT 2007). And box office? <P> TMNT 1 - $13.5 mil budget, $202 mil box - 14x profit<P> TMNT 2 - $25 mil budget, $78 mil box - 2x profit<P> TMNT 3 - $21 mil budget, $42 mil box - 1x profit<P> TMNT 2007 - $34 mil budget, $95 mil box - 1.8x profit<P> BayMNT 1 - $150 mil budget, $493 mil box - 2.3x profit<P> BayMNT 2 - $135 mil budget, $245 mil box - >1x profit <P> In short, there's just not that much of a visible market (from a movie studio's perspective) to justify making a sequel to the first movie, 'cuz the franchise as a whole hasn't been all that valuable, and thus, not worth the effort. Mind you, this is movie studio logic, not my perspective (from those numbers, obviously they SHOULD continue the original franchise and just stop making stupid executive meddling decisions . . . the reviews and money improved when they got a bit MORE mature in TMNT 2007, they just needed to lean into it), but yeah . . . not a lot of incentive there. The TMNT fandom is just "too small" to warrant a more considered approach than "well, let's just throw a new guy at it, throw whatever against the wall, and see what sticks." If we had Marvel/Disney's numbers? Things would be WAY different. *LOL*
  10. You know, I've found this to be true here in the US too (at least my neck of the woods): I walk into Walmart or Target, and there's Marvel Legends from six months ago, no new product. I walk into Gamestop (which causes me physical pain, mind you, I HATE the company with a PASSION), and I find the latest ML releases, and collectors figures I can't get anywhere else. On the subject of TMNT, the "Batman Vs TMNT" 2-packs that came out recently, I was able to literally walk in and grab them off the shelf on release day, didn't even have to pre-order, THAT'S how good my local Gamestop has been about stocking in-demand collectible toys. <P> Target? There isn't a local target within a 75 mile radius that stocks the TMNT Cartoon figures AT ALL. Not just out of stock, they simply don't have NECA sections PERIOD at their stores. None. Within 75 miles in every direction. <P> @#$%in' insane, man. *SMDH*
  11. This is actually 100% incorrect. Both NECA and Target have repeatedly stated that the NECA Collectibles section is stocked and maintained exclusively by NECA. Back when Toys R Us was still around, they had specific local NECA reps that worked in the region and stocked the NECA section . . . and it was a notorious problem, as many stores' NECA sections would go untouched for MONTHS at a stretch. Now, with the deal with Target, Target employees DO usually do the stocking (although some areas still have a NECA rep), but NECA delivers their product on THEIR terms, distributing whatever product they deem suitable to the stores with NECA sections . . . and not every store HAS a NECA collectibles section. They don't even come on the usual Target trucks, NECA has them delivered directly via FedEx or UPS. It's kinda crazy, and a LOT of collectors, Target workers and management, and other toy websites have been rather frustrated by the situation. NECA has REALLY bad distribution, and it is ENTIRELY on them. As noted, I'm slightly more tolerant of the after-market situation, but I wholeheartedly agree that this is annoying AF.
  12. Well, my thoughts: <P> 1) Thank GOD I built my own excellent custom April and Casey, 'cuz I am NOT digging either of these sculpts, and I am DEFINITELY NOT digging that they went the "lame reused pack-in Foot Soldier" route YET AGAIN. Even if they ARE battle-damaged retools and not the exact same figures . . . it just ain't worth it. Not for the price these things run, and CERTAINLY not for the aftermarket price 'cuz you CAN'T @#$%ING FIND THEM IN STORES!! <P> 2) That Leatherhead BETTER be out of scale with that Slash, because Slash should be about the same size as the Turtles, about 75% reused parts, and thus should be almost HALF as tall as Leatherhead. I seem to recall from the ToyFair and SDCC photos that he IS properly massive, but then I'd also heard he was supposed to be released solo as some kind of "deluxe" class figure. If they shrank him down to go alongside Slash, we should riot. (Still, they've at least been good about scale with this line thus far, not too worried.) <P> 3) "Not all accessories shown here." *LOL* I should certainly HOPE not! Then again, given the abysmal showing of accessories with Bebop and Rocksteady (no helmet, non-removable combat knife, no old-skool figure accessories, no character specific pieces, not even the actual guns they used in the cartoon, just the same generic weapons as the Foot Soldiers), it wouldn't surprise me if this WAS all the stuff they came with. *eyeroll* <P> 4) As everyone else notes: sure, I'm still excited for the continuation of this line, but if distribution doesn't improve, what's the @#$%in' point? Not like you can buy them anywhere! (Although I will note, at $52, plus tax, plus shipping, plus a small finder's fee, $75-$80 on ebay isn't AWFUL. I don't regret getting B&R that way, but the lack of distribution is still completely unacceptable.) <P> Anyway, someone wake me up when Metalhead and the Triceraton and the Roadkill Rodneys go on sale. 'Til then, I can (mostly) pass on this wave. (Got a perfect custom Slash, but I want me that Leatherhead.)
  13. The exclusion of Rocksteady's helmet AND his combat knife is damn-near a criminal offense, as far as I'm concerned. No, he didn't wear the helmet in most episodes, nor did he often pull the knife (if ever), but he DID wear the helmet in most of the first season, and the knife was ALWAYS on his back. Both have been mainstays of every action figure of the character, ever. The Playmates collector series figures had both, and while the knife didn't have a sheath (for some reason), they still included it, and they made the helmet a removable piece to boot! The fact that these guys' accessories are all straight reused pieces just adds insult to injury. I mean . . . I get it, so we're not gonna get a sewer cover shield or trash can lid shield or Bebop's drill-gun, those are all specific to the old figures. But his helmet and knife, at LEAST, c'mon NECA! . . . I'll still buy them, but that's a pretty solid ding. They're charging $50+ per pack of these guys. At least give us their iconic, relevant parts!
  14. RIGHT?! *LMAO* Like, you can buy an ACTUAL miniature Playstation Classic, fully functional, RIGHT NOW on Amazon FOR THE SAME @#$%ING PRICE!!
  15. Well, look at that! At least SOMEONE can get almost a complete line of Thundercats figures on the shelves. *grumble-mumble-razz'em-frazz'em* All we need is Vultureman, Kit & Kat 2-pack, Snarf & Ma-Mutt 2-pack, and Mummy-Ra, and we got the entire core team and villains! Hell, Pumyra, Bengali, Lynx-O, Jaga, Grune, Rataro, and MAYBE a Ro-Bear Berbil, and you basically got everything most fans really want IN TOTAL! Seriously, why is it so hard for anyone else to produce a small line like this? Funko could have the core cast done in one more wave, and meanwhile, Super7 is re-releasing the same figures Mattel already botched! *SMDH*
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