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  1. Well, on the first point, every preorder I've ever placed with them has been fulfilled. Maybe not in a super timely fashion, but I've gotten everything I ordered, so they've earned my trust. Plus, I'm one of those people that prefers the money to be out of my account when I order, so I don't forget and get blind-sided by it six months to a year from now. But that's me. <P> On the second point . . . I must be lucky, 'cuz I've had problems with exactly two NECA figures in my entire life. The first was the original Kratos, one of NECA's earliest "poseable" figures, and the were only
  2. And it doesn't bother me for a third reason: <P> Based on NECA's track record and the history of this line, I'm betting that sooner or later, these figures will end up on the NECA Store with a week-long preorder window, just like pretty much EVERY other cartoon figure has It just might take a while. <P> All the newly announced releases that just went up in April, rumor has it THOSE are because something about the deal with Target changed, and NECA is now allowed to put them on the NECA Store first. But everything that was released or announced in 2020 and before, that al
  3. Might be "fat." Personally, I think they aged him JUST a bit too much, and he doesn't look nearly "determined" enough. Even resting, even SMILING, Patrick Stewart ALWAYS has a stern, resolved look on his face.
  4. No, you guys aren't fake fans, and though you MAY have "checked out by then" since these guys were season 7 characters, that still isn't necessarily to blame for not knowing these two. No, the real reason you've never heard of them is because these guys are one-shot cameo characters only SLIGHTLY less obscure than . . . well, than Ace Duck. *LOL, sigh* <P> "Night of the Rogues" was the 6th episode of season 7, wherein Shredder - totally done with being humiliated on the daily by the TMNT - rebuilds Chrome Dome, and then hires several of the Turtles' worst enemies to work together to
  5. That is a BEAUTIFUL lookin' piece. It would go PERFECTLY next to my Sword of Omens, my Final Fantasy Gunblades and Buster Sword, my Master Sword, and my custom Soul Reaver! ESPECIALLY with that shield plaque, I would LOVE to be able to justify buying it . . . . <P> . . . But for $600, I'll stick to my unlicensed replica based on the cartoon version of the sword. It ain't perfect, but it cost me less than 1/10 of the price. *LOL* <P> Boy, do I wish though . . . . *sigh*
  6. I suppose that's where my disconnect is: the toys weren't actually based on the cartoon. Like, almost AT ALL. That's why the Super7 TMNT figure line exists, it's all about toy nostalgia, so I'd absolutely expect Ace to appear in that series. The NECA one is about CARTOON nostalgia, however, and I just personally can't compute having nostalgia for the cartoon version when he barely exists. *LOL* <P> But obviously, other people DO compute that, there is crossover nostalgia between the two, so NECA knows best in this case. <P> In any case, I'm glad you're getting a charac
  7. And that's fair, I'm not surprised most fans aren't interested in the TMNT's version of Wesley Crusher. *LMAO* <P> I will say, I will be SHOCKED if we see any Red Sky figures . . . but hey, it's NECA, just look at their Predator line, ANYTHING'S possible!
  8. I mean, "problem" is a bit of a stretch? I'm a long-time toy collector and former marketing professional, but at the end of the day, I'm just a guy spouting opinions on the internet, same as the rest of us. *LOL* Obviously, toy company's gonna do what toy company's gonna do. I find it baffling and I don't actually see the marketing sense behind the decision . . . but then it's not ACTUALLY any skin off my neck. *shrug* <P> I guess from a personal perspective, my big thing is that I can see a number of more prominent characters they could be focusing on, characters that actually had
  9. . . . Weeelll, I hope they at LEAST bring the four principle plot threads to a satisfying conclusion. Gonna be tight in only 10 episodes. *sigh* <P> As for a new show with new characters in the same universe . . . I mean, they've got centuries of follow-up continuity to work with. We can only hope they stick to the basic story laid out. Simon next, maybe??
  10. I've said it before, I'll say it again, Ace Duck never "actually" appeared in the series, he was a TV character WITHIN the show, and he was spotted on the TMNT's TV maybe twice. I just . . . I don't get it. Why?? But whatever. **shrug** <P> Mutagen Man, I understand sorta, VERY Iconic character. But . . . can someone tell me why NECA CANNOT get the proportions on these figures right?? Baxter's head, April's whole body, the Stone Warriors' legs, and now this dude. Yes, he's a short and stumpy character. But I poured over numerous screenshots, his legs and arms are the same leng
  11. . . . I mean, "not the way I heard it" goes both ways. <P> Yes, I'm aware that inventory control and layout are (supposed to be) dictated by "NECA Ambassadors." I'm also aware that NECA is not all that great at maintaining sufficient ambassadors in less-than-metropolitan areas, which has historically led to shortages at SO MANY of their stores (in particular, this was a big problem while Toys 'R' Us was still around). And IF that is a contributing factor to shortages still, I will totally acknowledge that. <P> HOWEVER . . . it was my understanding of the TMNT situation
  12. You DO know that Target decides which stores to put these in, right? It doesn't matter HOW MANY NECA ships, Target refuses to have a NECA section in every store. <P> Seriously, look at the numbers and aftermarket prices on many of the most recent sets. They sellin stores for $50-$55, and scalpers on eBay can only sell them for $60-65. Like, you can get a Splinter/Baxter or a Tric/Rodney set or an Android Krang for COST on the aftermarket right now. That means they are oversaturated, meaning they ARE getting distributed in greater numbers. They just keep getting sent to ONLY the
  13. The big head is the head of Alpha One, a super-intelligent Foot robot from the episode "The Foot Soldiers Are Revolting." <P> Other new parts include: <P> - A tessen (Japanese war fan), which was used by The Foot in the first episode "Turtle Tracks" to fire a sonic wave beam. - An orange throwing star, also used in the first episode, glows with energy and can fly and track targets around corners. - A "security officer" hat, also from the first episode, worn by the Foot robots who were posing as "Manhattan Security Services." - A second design of hand blaster, not sure
  14. I just purchased Edward and Alphonse Elric from this line, and the store I got them from requested a review. Shared below: <P> <P> NOW, WITH ALL THAT OUT OF THE WAY . . . I will reiterate, I DO think they have potential. Notably, I am a customizer, and with some RELATIVELY simple mods, I did rework THE HELL out of Ed and Al, and now they're actually some of the best FullMetal Alchemist figures you can get in the US. I plan to share some pics here once I'm completely finished. Point being, there are definitely GOOD FIGURES hidden in the BST AXN line . . . but Loyal Su
  15. Okay, I thought I sniffed the faint whiff of bull$#!+ off of this set, but I wasn't entirely certain, so I Googled. Yep. That is, indeed, BULL$#!+ I smelt! <P> This isn't just the same old "Playmates milking the old molds" garbage. This is EXTRA SPECIAL GRADE A PREMIUM garbage. <P> THAT is not Movie Splinter. THAT is just a shite repaint of the Splinter figure from the regular line. THIS IS MOVIE STAR SPLINTER. Original flocked release, or unflocked painted rerelease. <P> Also, note how Movie Splinter has a full robe, with sleeves, while $#!+ Poser Box Set S
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