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  1. Oh hey, look! It's those Ghostbusters toys that Hasbro isn't making because they don't market kids to toys! **LMAO** <P> But in all seriousness, I want that Ecto-1. I think I can customize it into a great ride for the Mattel figures ('cuz they're a little smaller, should be close enough).
  2. While I completely agree that the 4Kids '03 TMNT animated series is tied for the very best TMNT series yet made (side by side with Nick's 2012 TMNT, and yes, I will fight and die on this hill! *LOL*) . . . you're probably NEVER going to see any new toys from it EVER again. <P> Why? Well, four reasons. <P> 1) Playmates, as a toy company, is pretty stagnant anymore, and only seems to know how to do two things: - Make kids toys on the cheap for the limited (and rapidly dwindling) number of IPs they still have the license to milk. - Play on the nostalgic goodwill of people who played with the toys they made years ago from their most popular IPs. That means any time a new iteration of TMNT or Ben 10 or Godzilla or . . . uh, I mean, that's all they really got anymore . . . or whatever, any time a new show or movie comes out, the all their effort goes into those new toys and nothing else. And when there IS no new show or movie . . . well, let's just re-release some old classic figures from 30 years ago! NOTHING in between. They don't have a tendency to revisit anything in the middle, just the stuff that was a major hit way back in their "glory" days. Hence, all the constant '87 TMNT re-release figures. This is why you're also unlikely to see them revisit the '07 movie, the 2012 cartoon, the BayMNT movies, or Rise ever again as well. <P> 2) Nickelodeon is the current rights-holder for the TMNT overall, and while they do apparently have the master rights over the '87 series, they do NOT seem to have the rights to the '03 series. This means they would understandably not want anyone emphasize the existence of a show they can't make money off of by putting out figures based on that property. And since Playmates do what Nickelodeon say . . . no '03 toys. <P> 3) Tying into the previous point, the specifics of the buy-out deal Nickelodeon made with Peter Laird when they purchased TMNT in '09 are . . . complicated? Of note, Peter Laird still retains certain rights to produce TMNT comics, and hold additional rights over legacy content he created. Again, this is predominantly so he can continue making royalties off of reprints of TMNT comic collections from Vol. 1, 2, and 4. BUT . . . Laird was ALSO heavily involved in the '03 cartoon (which is why it held so close to the comics), and (while I DO NOT know this for certain) he may still have some ownership rights attached to that series. If that's the case, the navigation through legal complexities involved in making new '03-based toys would likely be too labyrinthine for Playmates to bother, and as noted, Nickelodeon wouldn't be thrilled with them trying in the first place. <P> And 4) The simple fact is, as good as the 4kids show was, most of the fandom still sees the '87 series as THE definitive TMNT. Nostalgia sells. That's why NECA focuses on that show (with a secondary focus on the '90 movie, probably tied as the second most popular iteration, next to the comics), that's why Super7 focuses on that toyline, that's why a new side-scroller beat-em-up game called "Shredder's Revenge" is coming out based on that series, that's why merch based on that old cartoon is produced by Nickelodeon to this day even though they had NOTHING to do with it originally. '87 is the cash cow, '03 is the smarter, cooler, but way less popular little brother. <P> I am right there with you, I'd love to see some "Marvel Legends"-esque faithful recreations of the '03 TMNT designs, it's pretty much purely a pipe dream, sadly.
  3. The four Turtles and Bebop and Rocksteady are all re-releases of the TMNT Classic Collection figures that Playmates released circa . . . 2012 I believe? Even at the time, the Turtles were too big and had some . . . odd choices for articulation (those fingers, man), and Bebop and Rocksteady (while they ARE good figures, sorta, mostly, I guess) had a slew of problems: missing key joints (no ankles, limited hips), missing paint applications, improper assembly (Rocksteady's calf segments are on wrong), completely new sculpts and deco that (again, while pretty cool) weren't accurate to either the cartoons OR the classic figures, and of course, they were ABSURDLY undersized compared to the TMNT. <P> Shredder and the Triceraton are the only new figures in this line. And they seem to be following the trend of Bebop and Rocksteady. The Triceraton is WAY off the original toy and the cartoon model, Shredder's head seems . . . very strange, and while both seem to be reasonably good figures in and of themselves, the paint looks limited and flat, they just look dated compared to modern toys, and of course, the are WAY too small compared to the TMNT. <P> Plus . . . SERIOUSLY, why a @#$%ing TRICERATON, FFS?? *LMAO* Like, of ALL the iconic villains of the '87 cartoon or the classic toy line, the Triceratons were iconic . . . to the COMICS ONLY. Baxter Stockman, Krang, Slash, Rat King, SO MANY options . . . but a Triceraton?? *SMDH* <P> And of course, as noted in my first comment, the weapons aren't even new, they're just re-molds of the same weapons from the '80s figures. <P> So yeah, Playmates continues to baffle and facepalm with their absurd and/or cheap decisions. BUT . . . I still think the two new figures would at least be worth checking out.
  4. Ooooooo-kaaaayyy . . . been waiting for pics of the new Shredder and . . . uh, Triceraton, I guess, for months now. Let's have a look. Hmmmm. <P> . . . First impression? <P> KID: I want NECA Triceraton and Shredder!<P> MOM: We have NECA Triceraton and Shredder at home. *LOL* <P> Oh, and let's not overlook the awesome accessories for these figures, which are once again just direct reissues of the weapons from the figures that came out over 30 years ago. Granted, the Triceraton weapons look crisp, they haven't been reissued seven thousand times, but Shredder? Yeah, those molds need to be retired STAT. <P> That said . . . they . . . don't look BAD. Just undersized and not as good as other pieces already on the market. <P> Then again . . . I DO wonder if Shredder will actually be in scale with the BST AXN TMNT figures ('cuz he should be at least an inch to an inch and a half taller than the Turtles, canonically). Hmmm . . . worth picking one up. Maybe.
  5. I . . . get the comic aesthetic that LS is going for with these figures. It just looks kinda . . . jarring and out of place on unaltered '87 cartoon bodies. <P> I still want a set of these in the normal colors, but I'm definitely not sold on these at all.
  6. That said, I do like the idea of "newb He-Man, veteran Battle Cat," that's a neat take on the material.
  7. I'ma be honest, looking at the guy's EXTREMELY hit or miss track record (and mind you, I don't know that the scripts were the primary weak link in most of the misses, but none of them particularly stand out as memorable or strong in terms of writing either), frankly, I don't want him near ANY of my pop culture movie projects. *LOL*
  8. I'm going to assume the intended number was $149.99. That would put it in the same general price range as the "Turtles in Disguise" 4-pack, which is $124.99 (but of course, all four figures in that set and several of their accessories are identical molds, with lots of reused parts and duplicate soft-goods outfits, which would explain the lower price). <P> I . . . REALLY want to be a near-completionist with the cartoon line. I've ordered every figure that's released on their site so far (even Ace Duck, a character I'm on the record as HATING, but I support the line! *LOL*). The only ones I haven't bought are the TiD set ('cuz I don't want to drop a Ben-and-a-quarter plus tax for an accessory kit and a bunch of "emotion heads" that aren't even compatible with my original SDCC TMNT box set, like WTF NECA?! ) and the Loot Crate exclusives ('cuz I just don't need Bebop and Rocksteady and Donatello in goofy costumes . . . I AM getting that Scrag figure though! *LOL*). And once they open preorders for Chrome Dome, Muckman, Mondo Gecko, Napoleon/Atilla, and of course the newly announced Wingnut/Screwloose, Groundchuck/Dirtbag, and Tokka/Rahzar sets, I'll grab them too! <P> But Channel 6? . . . Eeeeehhhhhyyeeeaahh . . . NECA, I sure as @#$% HOPE this isn't the ONLY way you're releasing Irma and Burne, because you released both Vernon and April in other sets, and I am NOT interested in double-dipping on those two . . . ESPECIALLY given how sub-par your April figure is (no, not sorry, she's too damn small and you guys KNOW IT, this was your opportunity to make an updated sized-up version, you've been constantly updating your Predators with remold rereleases for years, you could have done it here, and you blew it). <P> . . . I dunno. MAYBE. But while I do get the price point, that's a LOT to ask for set of two repeat figures that don't even have their original heads (or Vernon's original mutant accessories).
  9. RIGHT?! <P> $250. That's the limit here. The NECA figures are released in $50-$55 two-packs, which makes them around $25-$27 apiece. Super7, by contrast, can't seem to release a figure for less than friggin' $45. (And lately, seems like they can't release their figures AT ALL. *LOL*) If that's the ratio we're looking at here, NECA should be able to mass-produce a good Party Wagon for around $250. I think that's COMPLETELY reasonable.
  10. So let me get this straight: <P> Mattel (yes, the famously inept, slow-to-change, "tone-deaf to their consumers" Mattel) can release MOTU Origins, essentially remakes of their toyline from 35 years ago, but with updated , fully poseable articulation, for $15 each. <P> Playmates, meanwhile, can rerelease (for, like, the 12th time or something like that) the EXACT SAME FIGURES YET AGAIN, with exactly ZERO updates . . . and justify charging $13 apiece. <P> . . . Sure, makes sense. *LOL*
  11. TF FANS: Can we have G1 back please? HASBRO/NETFLIX: Here ya go! "War For Cybertron" Trilogy!! BAM!!! MOTU FANS: Can we get some love? <P> MATTEL/NETFLIX: @#$% YEAH, you can! "She-Ra & The Princesses of Power," "Revelations," "MOTU-CGI" all just for you!! <P> SILVERHAWKS FANS: Uh . . . how about us, maybe? <P> SUPER7/NACELLE (THUS, PROBABLY NETFLIX): You know what? Sure! Let's give it a whirl! <P> TMNT FANS: We still good? <P> NICKELODEON: New show in the works, new movie in 2023, Seth Rogan producing and "Gravity Falls" guy directing! <P> THUNDERCATS FANS: Hey, uh . . . can we get some faithful modern adaptations here? Or $#!+, just finish TC2011 maybe? We're not picky. <P> WARNER BROS/CARTOON NETWORK: *LOL* Nah bro. <P> TC FANS: . . . Seriously? <P> WB/CN: Tell you what, we'll crap in a hat and call it "ROAR!" How's that? *LOL*
  12. No worries! Like I said, I took it as such! <P> As for Twitter, I've never signed up and I never will. I try my best to avoid the hellscape that is MOST social media. *LOL* But by all means, anyone else is free to drop them a line and cite this post about their little math error! <P> Personally, I'm PRETTY sure that the guy who wrote the original tweet ad image . . . thing (?) was just making up stuff as they typed, i.e. "I was told 1792 French Revolution, and it's some guy named Belmont, must be their kid, right? Dur-hur!" and that's NOT actually the route they're taking with the adaptation. Assuming it's just a communication error combined with some dope who never actually watched the show writing the press release. I HOPE, anyway!
  13. . . . Not sure if that was meant honestly or mockingly, but you know what, I'ma take it as a positive! *LOL* <P> For what it's worth (but also, avoiding spoilers), there obviously IS an in-universe way that Richter could still be their kid (that rhymes with "intimate toreador"), but that would be SUCH a cop-out cheap solution, and it would negate the victory at the end of the series, AND would specifically preclude the existence of all the intermediate Belmonts of the game canon (particularly a little-known guy named SIMON), so I find it absurd that they'd decide to go THAT route. <P> So, I can only hope the Netflix Geeked OP was just plain stupid wrong about this, and it's not actually some timey-wimey bull$#!+. *sigh*
  14. . . . Whomever it was who wrote this press copy is a complete moron. (The OP, not the TNI poster) <P> The original Castlevania series says, quite specifically in the VERY FIRST EPISODE, that it takes place in 1476. (Lisa met Dracula in 1455, she was burned in 1475, and Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard killed Dracula a year later.) <P> If this new series takes place in 1792, during the French Revolution, there is ZERO @#$%ING WAY ON GOD'S EARTH Richter is Trevor and Sypha's son. *LMAO*
  15. Well, on the first point, every preorder I've ever placed with them has been fulfilled. Maybe not in a super timely fashion, but I've gotten everything I ordered, so they've earned my trust. Plus, I'm one of those people that prefers the money to be out of my account when I order, so I don't forget and get blind-sided by it six months to a year from now. But that's me. <P> On the second point . . . I must be lucky, 'cuz I've had problems with exactly two NECA figures in my entire life. The first was the original Kratos, one of NECA's earliest "poseable" figures, and the were only just learning and improved quickly, so I give that one a pass. The second was the Ninja Gaiden Ryu Hyabusa, mine was missing his kunai throwing knives. I called them, and they shipped me new ones with no fuss. Didn't even ask for proof of purchase. <P> But all that said, I won't defend NECA for it's actual problems. I have seen all the stories and memes and message boards about NECA figures being fragile, and complaints that their customer service is crappy (though those seem to be much older, I feel like they've gotten better with that), and I certainly understand where there would be a lot of frustration if NECA - even with better customer service - can't replace damaged TMNT figures because of their limited run. <P> So, yeah, I can definitely appreciate where you're coming from, and how the preorders might not be for everyone. Just saying, there WILL be options, if you still want the toys and can't find them in stores.
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