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  1. In terms of purchases, I probably bought five or ten Marvel Legends last year for any/every McFarlane figure, much less DCM specifically. Finally got around to opening my Arkham Batman and Deathstroke figures from McFarlane the other day, and I was so disappointed with the pretty extreme limitations on pose options, the ridiculous/warped half-scabbard on Deathstroke's sword, the fact that the angle of Batman's legs quite literally prevent him standing fully upright on his stand (leans to the side a bit), the area of blatantly missing silver paint on one side of the Deathstroke, and those blasted ankle joints that they should have replaced years ago that I was shocked to find myself wishing McFarlane would have taken whatever money went into the articulation, tossed that out the window, and just put the money into better paint apps and made these the "statue" type figures he used to make. But keep in mind this is coming from someone who collected in McFarlane's absolute golden age of SportsPicks, Military figs, Dragons and Spawn figures, when they were doing killer sculpts and ridiculously detailed paint apps, like bits of grass stain on football players' uniforms or dirt stains on the baseball players' pants or the absurdly detailed helmets of NHL goalies. Or look at the recent release of Mandarin Spawn, which is good, but then compare it to the incredible work of art by the same name with insanely detailed paint apps from a decade ago. Today, with many of their figs, McFarlane has gone the route of Hasbro with colored, molded plastic and not a hint of paint or even a wash, etc., even on parts that just scream for that kind of treatment. So, yes, McFarlane for me is like on ex with whom I had a bad break-up, and I'm still nursing a grudge.
  2. What is the deal with all the McFarlane figs with the "side-eye" thing? I've passed on a couple now due to that alone. I know some people like it, but, to me, it is a strangely random choice to make, unless a character is consistently drawn looking to the side or something, like a "signature look" or something.
  3. If this no-mask biker "Bruce Wayne" figure were simply some guy's custom fig up for bid on Ebay, I wonder how many bids it would get.
  4. Maybe the actual figure that hits the shelves will look better, but the head on this is hideous, too small for the body by quite a bit and looks overall like some of the crappier attempts at a "custom" figure I've seen on Ebay over the years.
  5. Seems like on some of these - mostly thinking Raven Spawn and Redeemer - we're gaining articulation but losing something that makes them seem not as good as the originals. Raven Spawn: Looks like it is all molded plastic colors - little or no paint - and seemingly random colors for the various plastics used, almost as if they were pulled from leftover pieces and parts that weren't necessarily made to go together. Redeemer - almost looks like the wings and the figure came from two different visions of the what the figure should look like. Wings have a realistic weathered "wash" to them, which is great. Figure is ridiculously "clean" in comparison, with no wash, shadows, details, etc. Just some really odd choices that prevent me from wanting to order figures that would otherwise be an immediate buy.
  6. I have been a toy collector for nearly 30 years. I started with several lines, two of which were the very first series of ToyBiz Marvel Legends and McFarlane's SportsPicks. Long story short, I and others fought like hell to keep full-blown scalping out of the discussion boards where fellow collectors and I had a genuine interest in helping each other. It was about getting what you wanted AND helping others get what they wanted, without anyone unduly profiting from it. It was a passion for the hobby and the items for their own sake. We understood when there were super-rare items that warranted some special consideration, but overall it was people helping people and enjoying our shared passion for the hobby. We succeeded for a while, but enough people were willing to give in to the scalpers that "market value" based trading and selling eventually took over and became more of the norm. Even then, there were many who at least tried to keep things within reason, so it wasn't a pure profiteering arena. Regardless, even after years of that becoming more the norm, anyone with ANY sense knew that unless you wanted your head handed to you or your rear in a sling, the one thing you did NOT do is go buy ten or twenty of a highly-sought-after-but-hard-to-find item then rub it in everyone else's face by saying, "Hey, look at what I have so many of that I know the rest of you wish you had! Oh, as a special gesture of my awesomeness, I'm willing to help you have one of these if you pay me many times what I paid for it!" And that was especially true when things were first hitting the shelves for the first time. So, I'm not sure if the OP is naive, someone with sociopathic tendencies (unable to empathize with others), or someone with a victim mentality, but the idea of this being a "cancel culture" thing and posting a lengthy op-ed on it in a space like this seems highly "tone deaf" and absurd. As someone else said, this is not that far removed from someone feeling like they are being criticized unjustly, when they are knowingly engaged in price gouging. In fact, I'd say that the OP's op-ed could be seen as his own attempt at "cancel culture", attempting to silence all his critics, because they are saying something he doesn't want to hear. Distaste for blatant scalping practices has been a part of the collecting culture for the three decades I've been involved, and the idea that it is going to go away is about as sensible as thinking that the desire to scratch an itch is going to go away just because you say it should.
  7. Did these ever go up for pre-order? Checked several times, several places and either missed them entirely, or they haven't been listed yet(?).
  8. Was really hoping McFarlane would hit a homerun with their DC stuff, but I have yet to buy a single fig from them, pretty much entirely due to three things: (1) odd proportions (e.g., had too small for body); (2) other sculpt issues like the weird mid-section joint; and (3) the bizarre departures they've taken from the artwork on which they are based. Some have been close, but several have made me wonder if the artist got more than a moment's glance at the artwork or if whomever approved the sculpt even knew what they were based on. Had really high hopes for this particular Batman fig, but can't get past the fact that he looks awfully top heavy, due to the combo of a heavily armored upper body, sitting on top of legs with ankles so skinny that they appear to match the size of those on the Flash figure, rather than belonging to a guy in heavy armor.
  9. Was so excited to see what McFarlane would do with the DC figs, but so far this stuff has been very underwhelming. Likenesses are iffy. Proportions are often odd or inaccurate. And with some of the comic-based figs, there are some really significant differences between the appearance of the character in the reference art and the fig supposedly inspired by it. (Hellbat is probably the most extreme. Body of the character in the artwork is way more sleek and streamlined than the fig they made, which is far more chunky and "thick" in appearance.)
  10. "Okay" is definitely a good description of these. Based on detail and visual "interest", I'd sooner buy the Fortnite figs McFarlane is making than these. Saw the Superman in person, and it's got a solid head sculpt (which many Supes figs have not had), and the downright weird decisions McFarlane made on the articulation don't look too bad with the blue/red suit. Haven't seen the Batman yet, but if the figs are consistent with the pics.....hard pass. Looks like a hybrid between a "real" Batman figure and one from the Animated Series, without being faithful to either. WTH happened to my beloved McFarlane. While they had little articulation, their figures were the KINGS of detail at one point (examples: Spawn figs, earlier SportsPicks, a lot of the earlier Halo stuff, etc.). Now? I'm not sure what is going on.
  11. Thanks for posting this. I've been collecting for about 20 years, and there is no question that there has been a decline in the "fun" factor, especially with the loss of Toys R Us. Biggest issue I and some friend run into is simply availability of product. Yes, there are scalpers, etc., but the stores just don't manage the product well. For example, we saw multiple cases of the first Avengers (Marvel Legends) wave from earlier this year but have yet to see a single case from what I can tell at any retailer near me. And this past holiday season was bizarre. Usually that's the one time of year you can guarantee that product will be hitting the shelves, but the three stores nearest me ALL got old product from earlier in the year and even last year. So they get multiple cases of product for a market that is essentially saturated. In the last 12 - 18 months, I can't tell you how many series of figures seem to have skipped this city entirely. Everyone gripes about brick-and-mortar stores going away, but the stores are doing it to themselves. (Example: Walmart and Target randomly not getting even their own exclusives into their physical stores.) I used to know that my stores would get product. Now it's 50/50 at best, so I'm forced to pre-order from online stores, which is something I NEVER did (except for online exclusives) until the last two years. I will say that price must play a big role in sales though as well. Walmart near me knocked all the Marvel Legends on the pegs down to about half price in the last week or so, and most of them disappeared in a flash.
  12. Totally mixed on these. Some look good (Arrow and Superman), others are "meh" (Nightwing) and the Batgirl (face) is downright silly. Been waiting quite a while for some good Batman fig(s), but the Batman in this series isn't going to end the drought. Bummer.
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