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  1. I think in general I like this line. The added articulation is a plus, I think the size and price are good too. With how many characters are in MOTU, if you collect everything at that Classics 7" scale, you're gonna end up with a huge amount of space taken up by MOTU, so this scale makes it a little easier to justify getting more than just a few characters. I especially like that we can get steeds and vehicles at this scale for the same reasons. Less real estate and lower prices. If these actually show up at retail in decent amounts, that'll be the real deal maker. I've only seen Classics at comic shops or cons, but being able to walk into a Walmart at buy MOTU figures will really add to my enjoyment of the line overall. If they rerelease these characters with the animation aesthetic, then I'd be all in, but as is I'll still pick some up if I can find them.
  2. What are people even saying they'd want from the Classics line at this point? Repaints or rereleased figures? What's left to still make?
  3. To be honest, I couldn't imagine the possibility of another TMNT line starting that would catch my interest in the slightest, but basing these designs on the vintage toys is a really cool take and I'm loving it. I'm going to have to redirect some toy budget to make sure I can collect both the Thundercats and the TMNT stuff from Super7. Those TMNT touch a nostalgia nerve for me that's really unexpected and that I never really felt about the Neca stuff. I could never find the Neca at retail anyway so I've never even seen those figures in person, but I'm all in with this line of figures. It's very good to get a verbal confirmation of what Brian had already said about committing to finishing the main Thundercats team. It'll be really neat if this line does well and they go as deep as they did with MOTU. It was interesting to hear that they already have a sculpted Mumm-ra in the 5.5 scale. The short lived line that Funko did I had a lot of fun with, so if Super7 made Thundercats in 5.5 I'd be interested in those as well. The Conan figures really look amazing. The sculpting work is fantastic. I probably won't be able to add another line to collect, but maybe I'll try and get a Conan figure at least. Really cool showing from Super7 here. Lots of interesting stuff and fun reveals, makes me wish I was at PowerCon so I could see them in person.
  4. I like this figure and I don't usually like these egg attack figures. This looks like a joker toy a kid would have in the animated universe, or a homemade toy Joker or Harley would leave at a crime scene as a calling card. I dig it, if I can find some space in the budget to squeeze him in, I'll try and pick him up.
  5. I wish they sharpened up their sculpts a bit. Everything looks a little soft. This line is most exciting when we get the characters we haven't got from the Figuarts line yet. SSJ4 Vegeta fits that bill, but I think SSJ4 figures will be coming from Figuarts soon enough. It would be cool to see something a bit more niche that we know Figuarts won't be getting for a long time, but I get why they'd want to make more SSJ4 figures here.
  6. It seems like seamless bodies are just the inevitable way of the future for 1/6 and 1/12. I'm not a fan of them though, I hate seeing the rubber bend and distort the joint the closer you get to a 90 degree angle. The rest of the figures here look good though. I like the soft goods and accessories. The denim especially looks very convincing at this scale.
  7. I haven't seen the movie, but it looks like he's got a barrel chest and little toothpick arms! haha! This is definitely cooler than the other release, but I think the 1000 Toys version has a better aesthetic in my opinion. Plus, I heard the movie is bad so I'm not about to spend this much cash on a figure of a character from a movie I probably won't care for. Mezco did a good job though, I guess if the movie was a hit, this would be selling like crazy, but now. . .
  8. One of the greatest blockbuster movies of all time in my opinion! Still holds up as an entertaining and funny movie. The likeness in the unmasked head sculpt here is very good. Hopefully the finished product matches these shots. What's really impressive is how they duplicated all the little details of his outfit. Really tempting figure, it would be cool if they made an Elena figure with the same quality.
  9. The mouth on the suit in the cartoon looks fine and isn't something you really think about, but when you see it in a realistic look like this statue, you realize how odd of a thing that is. I'd like someone to make a figure of the new design in the comics for BB. Bigger red bat on the chest and large red eyes. It's a striking look and would make for a really cool looking figure.
  10. I was hoping they'd retool a few things on these figures as an incentive to buy them again. Maybe they did and it's very subtle, but just by these pictures it looks like the same we've had before with a few new accessories. I still preordered the wave. I'm hoping we'll get the full team so gotta support it now. It'd be cool if they released a more cartoon-style Lion-O head sculpt to go with this body. The detailed hair is fine, but it looks more like a realistically skewed styling of Lion-O. The head sculpt for the Funko Savage Lion-O that recently released is beautiful and for what it is, I think does a better job than the Mattel sculpt at giving Lion-O's hair that ever flowing feel to it. If they release a head sculpt that has that smoother, more cartoon styled look to it, I'll buy this figure twice just to get it. The Mezco Lion-O also has a great sculpt to it. BBTS has these up for a dollar less than Super7 and with their flat rate shipping, you might as well preorder there. I guess these toy companies have conditioned me to get used to the price hikes, because these prices don't surprise me. If this brand is as niche as people on here keep suggesting then that'll mean lower production numbers which usually means higher production costs. Super7 isn't the giant Mattel is and Thundercats isn't MOTU either, apparently. Then if you account for the extra accessories, this price seems to be expected I'd say.
  11. I'm not sure there's a sitcom type show that I like so much and I'd also like to see in Lego form. Did Lego already do The Office?
  12. I think the likeness isn't quite right. He looks a little young. Maybe it's the hair, it seems a little poofy compared to how it's actually supposed to be. That horse is dope, I've got a lot of fantasy themed Figma characters now and this could be a nice match for them. It looks like there are two stands included, but that's probably just for the promo shots. I wonder if it's because the horse is a little iffy to stand on it's own.
  13. I can only remember MMPR and the NInja Storm series. Those are the figures I'm looking for the most. There's a lot of PR stuff I have no clue about. I think I prefer the new Kamen Rider aesthetics over the Sentai stuff personally. It'll never happen, but I'd love for Hasbro to do Kamen Rider like this.
  14. Looks cool for sure! Pretty pricey though. For the price, I'd kind of hope they would include some props or some effects too.
  15. For me, an ideal first wave would include a Cheetara. But I assume they'll keep all of the main team members spread out in different waves.
  16. Can't believe I didn't think of that. Matty Collector was a nightmare, good riddance. I've never had a problem preordering from Super7, that is a big plus for me.
  17. Funnily enough, I'd be interested in a One:12 version of this figure. Could be pretty cool.
  18. Super7 have been pretty hit or miss with their QC. I guess I'm glad that we're getting Thundercats stuff from anyone at all rather than getting nothing, which is what we have now. Super7 has made some good stuff, maybe they aren't ideal, but I'm optimistic.
  19. I'm really hoping that if they do 7" scale they do go back and start with a Lion-O instead of picking up where Mattel left off. I'd rather not wait a year into the line before getting a Lion-O figure from Super7.
  20. YESSSSSSS! When they were talking about this in the Pixel Dan interview I got SUPER excited and now that it's officially teased, I'm ready to go! Awesome awesome awesome! Can't wait! Hopefully we get to see some protos at Power Con. HOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  21. Stuff like this and the Peanuts line makes you wonder if Super7 is trying to get the non collector crowd in on this. People who don't buy toys or action figures, but do like baseball or Peanuts in general. If you're of a certain age that you'd feel nostalgic about the original of the original Peanuts or Babe Ruth, are collectibles really the way that you'd want to express that passion or nostalgia? Anything's possible. Just seems a pretty niche thing to focus on in an already niche community. I don't know if I'm communicating my thoughts clearly enough, it's just an odd choice.
  22. I got the whole line of the Mafex DOJ figures and I picked up the Tactical Batman and Superman from JL. The DOJ figures you can get for a good price these days, but the JL figures are pricey. They definitely look good though. Your mileage may vary on whether or not they're worth the price. If you got them on an import site they were cheaper, but that $90 price is a tough pill to swallow.
  23. AWESOME! When they did that poll a few weeks ago this is one of the characters that I voted for and was hoping they'd release. Very cool! Even though they now have all 7 dragon balls, I hope they keep making figures from Dragon Ball. We still need a Launch at least and there are so many characters and villains and heroes to make from that show. Remember when we only had a few releases a year! Now we had a release a month it seemed like this year! I love it, this is my favorite line and we still have some cool releases coming before the end of the year. That fused Zamasu looks like a really cool figure. That's the one I'm most excited for coming up.
  24. Heck no! This is some nightmare fuel!
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