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  1. I'm excited for 7" Baleman but is it true that the Keaton-Bats was just as bad as the Reeve Superman figure? I'm thinking of buying Keaton-Bats as a present for someone and I really wouldn't it to break right out of the packaging when they open it.
  2. Woops silly me, didn't even check the prices at Super7's store. Though I guess in my case it's more out of convenience with how much I use BBTS's bulk shipping for a lot of figures I have on order.
  3. They're also up at BBTS if anyone's wondering (that's where I ordered mine anyway).
  4. I would have to respectfully disagree. I've practically lived and experienced Chinese knock offs through a lot of my collecting life (all the way back as a child when my dad bought me some, up to being an adult who would check certain knock offs in the market) and these figures feel anything but. More than anything, it's a very similar method/feel to how NECA has also been producing their figures with molded flesh tones.
  5. Nearly done with my Black Manta custom. The figure is pretty much done and all that's left is for me to create a makeshift "heat ray" blast effect for his diver helmet. While the process is excruciating, it's definitely been a rewarding experience.

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    2. ronriii


      That sounds great. I'm curious though, which version of Rogue are you going for?

    3. yojoebro82


      HA. Rogue in her bikini from X-Men #8. I favorite from back in the day. Pretty obscure and highly nerdy.

    4. ronriii


      Haha that's fair enough, nothing wrong with that.

  6. Haha I'm with you there! The only difference being that I did collect MOTU figures in general but somehow I just never bought three of the core characters (Skeletor, He-Man and Teela specifically) because I could never decide which version I wanted. If anything, this is my biggest chance to get them with the exact mix of parts I had wanted to kitbash. That said, so far though there doesn't seem to be any indication where we can order these. They've just put out preview pics of the first lineup so far.
  7. Very nice. I really love the recipe you put together and how, despite being sourced from so many figures, it all came together naturally. Of course, the various cloth/fabric wrapped around really completes the overall look.
  8. I think I'll wait for the director's/extended edition for Suicide Squad. I didn't watch BvS in the cinemas but watched the extended edition on blu-ray and I simply cannot imagine some of the deleted scenes being left out of the film so I'll be doing the same for Suicide Squad.
  9. I definitely agree with you there. It's a little disheartening to see so many announced figures suddenly getting canceled, and I hope that they don't get discouraged from expanding their lines or redoing certain characters because their products have really been such a pleasure to collect.
  10. Wow, I can't believe I found someone else who enjoyed this. I thought the first film was good, and while the second one was okay it didn't hold up well with rewatches. I really liked this third one because it felt like it actually remembered that Kirk was a character, while the main villain's motivation and goals actually fit perfectly as a parallel to what Kirk was going through in the film. It wasn't as spectacularly showy as the previous but it definitely had a little more heart put into the writing.
  11. Agreed. It's just great to see how far she's come and I can't help but find that they've done such a great job with her. I actually really liked Morgan in "Clear" so I was cautious when he finally joined Rick's group. I was worried because I happen to like a lot of characters that have a "no-kill" mantra and I know how writers can easily screw that up. That is, until we got that episode detailing how his thought process came to be during his stay at the cabin with that man (Eastman), which really convinced me of his plight as someone who's been tortured by so many deaths (be it from the loss of his loved ones or the innocents he terrorized in his delusion/paranoia). It's funny in its own way, because I came to like Carol and Morgan independently and yet now their stories have basically intertwined, be it negatively (last season) or even positively (as with the case of the latest episode). It's something that I really miss in this show, the whole conflict of interest and how their beliefs come into play with their actions, especially considering how much everyone just follows Rick like a flock with very little disagreement.
  12. In retrospect, I think what would have worked better is if they actually put in Abraham's death in the cliffhanger while putting Glenn's death in the premiere. Some people might have complained that they didn't go for the comic death but I think it works better from a storytelling point of view. That said, I agree about Negan and Rick's interaction and it was probably the highlight of the episode. Admittedly my favorites would have to be Morgan and Carol at the moment, and how the show gave them their own spin compared to their disappointing counterparts in the comics. Here's hoping they keep doing what they're doing because I can't help but find that some of the strongest writing treatments they've done almost always involve those two.
  13. I can't help but notice how a lot of the "lost toys" mentioned here happen to be Star Wars figures. Damn tiny things always made them easier to lose.
  14. ronriii

    DC Hauls

    Pardon the double-post but I recently got the DCUC Black Manta and decided to post it here since I didn't think it deserved its own thread in the custom section. While this isn't my actual full-fledged Black Manta custom (that one is still being worked), I've always wanted to get this guy so I finally decided to hunt him down along with the 2-pack that came with Aquaman. That said, I was never the biggest fan of artists depicting Black Manta with a literal trident especially since I prefer the idea of him using his own technology as a sea fairing pirate/treasure hunter, while only ever using an actual trident when he steals Aquaman's during special encounters. Personally I always favored Alex Ross's concept of the handheld technological trident he used, which carried over to his modern design (though not nearly featured or given as much respect as it used to). In this regard I ended up modding his trident into a handheld one that can be placed in his right hand. Though it's not in the pictures, I also kept the staff part of the trident and flipped it around so he can use it as a makeshift harpoon since the tail end literally looks like one anyway. As for the rest of the figure, I repainted his helmet to have simulated "shadows" while giving his eyes a meaner look through the use of sharper/vibrant reds.
  15. Funnily enough I haven't finished it myself but I'm planning to backtrack it since I've been more carefully following his Rebirth ongoing. I basically stopped right after the second arc just as the third one was coming in. Didn't help that Manta was only primarily featured in the second one which made me a bit lazy to check out the rest, haha!
  16. Hmm kinda hard because some of my currently favorite DC figures happen to be modded or outright customs I made for myself, haha! Well I tried my best but in terms of untouched/non-modded favorite vanilla figures, here it goes: 1) DCC Talon (Greg Capullo Designer Series) 2) DCUC Deathstroke 3) Mafex Batman 2.0 (TDKR) 4) DCC Batman and Phantasm 2-pack (BTAS) 5) Total Heroes Black Manta DCC has really been going strong but I can't help but feel that the hype all started during the time when the Greg Capullo designer series hit, and their rendition of the William Cobb Talon just turned out so great especially with it being the first figure of a new character. While Mattel hasn't been as strong recently, DCUC was still great for its time and we got standout figures like the DCUC Deathstroke that has basically remained as the definitive figure for his classic design (until maybe DCC puts out their Icons version?). Mafex Batman 2.0 is probably the best available Baleman right now though I'm curious to see how the upcoming Figuarts will turn out. Number 4 is kind of a cheat but honestly it's such a great pack and basically gives you a proper BTAS Batman along with Phantasm. From the kid-friendly Total Heroes line by Mattel, there's the deluxe set Black Manta which doubles as a Young Justice and New 52 amalgam of the character. Admittedly if I were to finish my Black Manta custom, I can easily see it ranking top 1 (lol). That said, I'm definitely looking forward to a lot of DCC's upcoming figures, especially the TV shows, Icons and movie stuff.
  17. I think it's a shame too in that First Class went through all the work of establishing more comic-inspired designs. From the yellow outfits to the more striking design of the Magneto helmet through Sebastian Shaw's black/silver version until it was finally recolored with the classic red and purple, only for DOFP to bring it back to the muted red/maroon. Don't get me wrong I love the DOFP costume and DOFP the movie itself (probably a little more than First Class to some degree), but given how First Class set up for a more comic-savvy look for Magneto, you'd think they'd have gone all the way given the current climate of superhero movies instead of shying away from it (again, probably because of Singer).
  18. Never done this before but I thought it seemed pretty neat. Progress on my modern-styled Black Manta custom has been going really great. Everything is just about finished except all I have to do is wait for my extra milliput to arrive so I can finally sculpt his gill slits. The wait is excruciating though, I just want to finish this guy!

    1. JoeRhyno


      Cant wait to see it, :)


  19. Well so far I'm loving what they're doing with Aquaman Rebirth, especially with how they're setting up Black Manta for a much bigger role which has been long overdue since his encounter with Arthur during the New 52.
  20. Huh that's weird. The photos were working last time.
  21. I used to play both indoors and outdoors, sometimes even during car rides if we go to the mall. That is, until I lost some of the lightsabers from my Star Wars figures which really depressed me for a long time. After that point, I said to myself "Never again."
  22. When I saw your previous Constantine custom with Swamp-Thing in the back, it really caught my eye so I'm glad you posted it here separately. Absolutely stunning work. The use of ML Man-Thing as a base seems so simple yet effective and combined with the repainted head, it really looks seamless. Job well done!
  23. This is great. I remember AVP: Extinction from way back, and I absolutely love the Carrier Alien and how it carried spare facehuggers for your hive. Any plans on making a Ravager Alien in the future?
  24. Oh I remember that DCD figure and yeah, it had a great headsculpt for Orion. Your custom looks really nicely painted though, I like it.
  25. Thought I'd share my Ultron collection as a longtime fan of the character, including some customs I made way back when the MCU barely even existed. I should mention that these aren't normally displayed together like this (most are currently in storage) since I don't have enough space to literally create my desired Ultron "shrine" yet, haha! It doesn't help that this photo hasn't been updated with some of the newer figures in my collection (which includes a number of import figures and even two new customs based on the Rage of Ultron comic). As an aside, I'm hoping to slowly build a similar collection for Black Manta but given his obscurity as a character, it makes it kinda hard (not that I favor quantity over quality of course). Maybe the upcoming Aquaman movie might give him that extra merchandising push he's been needing.
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