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  1. When it comes to Shortpacked, It stops being funny when you have to try and find the joke. Because it's Shortpacked, It was never funny because there wasn't one.
  2. I can't speak for Jay, but I can tell you that it's not as difficult or dangerous as some would have you believe. I'll go over a list of fragile points and tell you how to carefully avoid them. (NOTE: Pictures from Remy's collection will be used, they are the property of him, folks. I also used some pictures from Invincible Robot Factory. I modified them to point out the potential trouble spots.) First picture, Megatron from the front: 1.) Pink arrows point to panels that are connected via ball joint. These come off easily and should be removed during the first transformation. (Once transformed, they'll pop right back on. These are mentioned because they're a hindrance and you have to learn the core robot first and foremost. Once you've got the hang of it, those panels will be no problem.) 2.) The blue circled part is the arm connector/shoulder/ratchet. There is a tab that holds the arms in that's just a tad too big and makes it quite difficult to remove his arms, perhaps to the point of breakage if you're not careful. Carefully shave off some of the tab (shown in the third pic) but not all of it. Use a set of nail clippers and literally just trim a little (I must emphasize little) plastic off of the tab, but not the entire tab (because the arm won't stay in place if you do.) If you trim the tab just enough, the arms will lock in place and disconnect with ease and no stress on the arms. It's literally just enough to hold him rock solid without breaking him. 3.) The thigh panels circled in red/magenta could break easily because they'll swing up like a car hood, and when you collapse the leg in on itself to create the butt of the gun, they could get caught on the surrounding black and red plastic of the legs and snap off. Just make sure they're lined up just right (guide it by finger if need be) and they'll slide in just fine without any problem. 4.) The releases circled in yellow are held in place by a strong spring, plus the assembly of the legs has a lot of tight space for everything to work in. I recommend sticking a toothpick, or Jeweler's Screwdriver into them to depress the spring with one hand, and start pushing the top half of the leg down with the other hand. Once you've made it past the notch, you'll be able to remove the tool and the leg will slide easily the rest of the way. (I recommend this tactic for robot to gun, and vice versa.) 5.) The hinges circled in blue could break easily, so follow this method: 1.) Pull the trigger from the leg and straighten it out towards the the other leg. 2.) With the trigger straight out, swing the rest of the hinge up in place. Don't swing it from the back hinge and then move the trigger, because that could lead to breakage. You'll see what I mean once you try it. 6.) The panels on his feet (circled in orange) can be swung up under the leg to give more support and stability so he'll stand up straight. (This is especially useful for when his cannon is attached to his arm. It's so heavy, he will topple over. Those panels will help avoid that.) The tabs circled in green should be sitting on either side of the leg when you pull the panel up. If those tabs aren't on the sides of the legs, he won't have stability, and might even break. (NOTE: His ankle is balljointed and you can do some dynamic poses (so long as you don't have the cannon attached) and if you wish to pose, close those panels down so they're not in the way. Second picture, Megatron from the back: 1.) The pink/orangish circle shows a piece of his spine (I know, it's hard to see, but you'll see it in hand) that attaches his head to the rest of the body. The black bar snaps into the back of the chest to hold the head/neck in place. On the sides of that bar, you'll see small nubs of plastic (these are the pieces that hold it in place) and you'll instantly notice that they're too big. They don't look it, but believe me...when you're pulling that head away and you have to *yank* it because it's so tight...you'll see. Take a nail file (or any file) or sandpaper and carefully and gently sand those nubs down. Just enough that his head will hold in place, but easily removable with no stress. 2.) The orange circled piece with the black arrow pointing to it, shows a part of the spine assembly. This part you *must* be careful with. In the crude picture I added, you can see the orange part (the spine) running vertically, and it slides backward and forward along the black part. The spine is die-cast metal. The black piece is plastic. Thick plastic, but still breakable if given enough stress. Hold Megatron by the crotch with one hand, and with the other hand, put your fingers on the sides of the die-cast piece (where the pin runs through) and carefully pull it back straight 'til it stops. (you'll feel it stop, don't make it go any further) Don't push or pull at it in an angle, no wiggling back and forth, just pull it straight back. (Use this handling method for transformation, both ways.) 3.) The parts circled in blue are very tight hinges on the same order as Masterpiece Starscream's wings. (which have been breaking) just sand down the catch spots, just enough to allow free movement, and you won't have to worry about the hinges causing breakage. Third picture, Megatron in mid-transformation: 1.) The yellow circled part will show you the spine piece I mentioned. Fourth and fifth picture, Megatron's shoulder and tab: 1.) The red circle and arrow shows how it works. As you can see, the tab is excessively large, and it has to slide in and out, under the silver area that the arrow is pointing to. 2.) The square piece (circled in red where the barrel is swung back from the chest, you can see it, barely) holds the arm in place, along with the tab. So you can't slide down on the arm to get it to release. You have to wiggle it so the tab will clear and you can pop off of that square piece. This is why I say trim the tab. That way it'll still sit on the square and the tab will hold it in. Not pictured: On the legs, you'll notice everything is extremely tight, which is fine and all...but you're going to be transforming this guy and you want him moving fluidly. Simply loosen the screws on the knees and hips (under the side waist panels) a little bit. Not enough to remove the leg of course, but with that extra little bit of play, the joints will still hold a pose, and he'll move easily without fear of breakage. Overall: Megatron is an intricate design, and some care will be needed during transformation. I realize my modifications sound excessive or too risky, but they're easier done than said. (Yes, I worded that correctly.) You might say "Well that's a lot of crap to go through just to enjoy a collectible" well, yeah, I guess...but it only takes a couple of hours to do everything needed, and once it's done...you can fully enjoy him for hours on end. Isn't it worth a tiny bit of your time just to make him better? I'd say so. Just be careful, and he'll be one of the best pieces of your collection. (He's definitely leaps and bounds better than 'Screamer.) Hope this helps!
  3. From all accounts I've seen....Canada is lax when it comes to this kind of stuff. And I can honestly say (after getting Masterpiece Megatron in the mail today) that he is quite possibly the best Masterpiece figure so far. He's so cool, he'll make Starcream rip off one of his skirt pieces and beat himself to death with it. If you get Megs (and you're careful, let me stress that CAREFUL) you'll enjoy him a lot. He's definitely a great figure.
  4. You, sir....have just won the internets. Finally, someone has transformed him correctly! The chest is movie styled, for once! I'm so sick and tired of seeing half done transformations. It makes me wonder if people are just stupid.
  5. It could go several ways. 1.) Since it's destined to fail, Fox will cancel it before it has a chance to breathe and spread it's wings. 2.) She died from Cancer (I can't remember if she sought treatment or not...) they might be able to go back in time and let her know she has it, before it kills her. Maybe change the future for her as well. 3.) It's gonna be a hit, and then Fox will cancel it. (Notice a trend here? lol)
  6. I'd say sad is the correct word for that. I'm really sorry to hear that. And my sincerest regrets to TRUESTYLE, we pretty much threadjacked the crap out of this for him.
  7. I had forgotten about that show coming up. Ive been working over on a game news site (see sig) so my time on other sites has gone down a bit. Got married so that takes some time too. I'm still here though. But yeah it's definitely the terminator's eyes. Makes perfect sense for the new show coming out. TransFormers? No. The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Terminator)? Yes.
  8. I heard a Q-Tip with the following will work: WD-40 Goo Gone Alcohol Nail Polish Remover But you must thoroughly wash it off or their harsh chemicals could eat through the plastic.
  9. I have no problem with working in retail. It's actually been my favorite out of all of the jobs I've had. In fact, aside from one or two bad apples, I like the customers and dealing with people in general. I've had good times and bad and I can say the biggest problem in retail is the people that run the store. Management and employees. If you could work on your own without talking to anyone, getting involved in internal politics, etc...yes it would be a boring job, but at least you'd do it, couldn't blame the problems on anyone else, or have them blamed on you. The only person it would affect is you and you alone, not everyone in a chain. Or you can make friends, be a chatty Kathy doll, and watch the dominoes fall when one person screws up. I tried to find a solid mix between the two, I really did. That didn't work. I tried the "let's hang out and be friends, let's have a great time on and off the clock!" thing. That didn't work. I tried the "off to myself, work my butt off, do my own thing. When asked, assist and offer to assist when necessary." and it worked. It was the smarter thing to do. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with making friends out of your co-workers (I did that at a carwash/gas station I worked at) and sometimes it works (like the CW/GS setting, where everyone's a bit of an everyman and just wants to have a good day.) and others it doesn't (like a retail setting or convenience store setting where there's more than one person, or a restaurant). Obi-Wan Kenobi's line fits here "You won't find a more retched hive of villainy and scum" and it's true. My co-workers would gossip, they would cut shifts to go party with one another, they'd talk crap behind the manager's back and vice versa (wow...she should have never been a manager...she was a terrible loud mouth and always misconstrued what was said, sometime on purpose...) and it just wasn't worth it. Oh yes, I got caught up in that crap too, I ended up gossipping without even thinking about it and I regret it every day. I ended up covering shifts for idiots who didn't deserve it, etc. My last job, the human resources head said "It wouldn't hurt for you to work on your interpersonal skills. I never see you really conversing with any of your co-workers or the management. You keep it strictly business in a business about people (what a load of bull that last part was) and while that's good for you, it kinda kills morale. You alienate yourself." I said "My job is my main focus. I have bills to pay, clothing to put on my back, and food to put on my table. All else pales in comparison. However, I have one question. How's my job performance?" The HR head said "Oh it's been good. You were only out for two sick days, you haven't been late, you haven't left early, and the customers have rated you one of our nicest and fastest cashiers. In fact, other than the one foul up you had with the customer's groceries back when you were training....you've been well...as close to impeccable as one could get." I said "Well, I fail to see the problem then. I do my job, I'm courteous to the customers, I'm patient with them, I'm quick with a register, I'm dependable, and the only problem is I don't fraternize with my co-workers? I'm sorry. I just don't think business and pleasure should mix. If you choose to do so after you're off the clock, then by all means." She was floored but reluctantly agreed with me. I was never curt to my co-workers, I just wasn't open to them, and it worked out a lot better than I had thought it would. Might make me a prick in someone's book, but oh well.
  10. It's Seibertron.com actually. (Don't worry, there's cyber everything these days.) And yeah, that calling you a liar thing was not one of our best moments. Even with S250's pictures (and everyone knows his track record is proven to be 100% up and up) and you following suit...it still wasn't enough. I'm sorry you were treated like that, but I can promise you that not all Seibertronians are like that. Honest and true.
  11. *BUMP* Twenty, ready to ship, in hand. From Taiwan.... http://search.ebay.com/Masterpiece-Starscr...rdsreturnedZ300
  12. Oh when I get mine, I'm gonna transform him. After spending $100.00+....you better believe he'll be transformed. lol i hear ya! hehe, better get 2 cause i heard these mp megs snap easy, but dammit, it's gonna be really hard not to transform him. Can't afford more than one. But, I will modify him, just like I did Movie Dropkick. I'll cut down some of the stress on those "ratchets" so he moves more smoothly. Less pressure means less breakage. Beyond that, if he breaks...I'll string him together with baling wire if need be. lol
  13. http://www.action-hq.com/store/product_inf...&language=1 Pay no attention to their release date though, because their first one was a bust, I have no doubt this one will be too.
  14. Will do. I have to agree here. At least, this is what I'm hoping for. lol
  15. Other than paint changes, the figure is exactly the same as the 20th. Anniversary Optimus and the Masterpiece Convoy. Die-Cast included. The paint's done so well, that it does look like he's completely plasticized from a distance. I'd love for him to be 100% plastic, the D-C is so heavy, it sometimes makes him cumbersome to deal with.
  16. Oh they specifically asked her to stay on because they were shorthanded. One night she finally said she couldn't because she was so sore and they begrudgingly let her go home. And that management/employee thing...ridiculous. Whatever a person does on their own personal time, off the clock (minus drugs, etc) is their own business and the company should have no right to say one way or the other what they're supposed to do together. That's some ignorant bull right there. I'd laugh in their faces and walk off, holding hands with one of the cashiers, just to screw with their heads. Don't get me wrong, I realize they write the paychecks, but when they want to control your personal life, that's pushing it too far.
  17. Take a baseball bat to his testicles. We don't want that kind of stupid to procreate. We have enough problems with this generation and a shallow gene pool, let's not skim the surface scum for the next one.
  18. Oh when I get mine, I'm gonna transform him. After spending $100.00+....you better believe he'll be transformed. lol
  19. January, actually. A Hasbro rep had a binder with paperwork and release dates in it. Allspark Power line is due in mid January.
  20. A year ago last February our team of 4 people cleaned out our fixture room and other leftover stuff from construction of the store. The day before we started, I hit some ice on my front porch and flew half way, bounced the other half down the stairs. (that's about 10 concrete stairs if you're wondering) I was in a ton of pain and wearing a splint for the entire fixture room party we had. Well, all we did was spend about 4 days filling 4 dumpsters full un-needed materials, fixtures and all kinds of crap. Heavy...HEAVY crap. TONS of it. 2 of my team members were women who hardly spoke or understood any English. Then there was me and a guy who was 2 hours late every day, and always following someone else around the store. So that pretty much left just me doing a large portion of heavy work with my broke-ass middle finger! At the end, we had a sparkling fixture room that was immaculately organized. We each got a whole $5 gift card!!! A few weeks ago, the current plano team had a little fixture room party. It was ugly, but nothing even close to what we had to deal with. They spent a little over a day cleaning it....they each got a $50 gift card. #WTF# I've busted my ass constantly doing things I didn't have to do. I've still only ever gotten that one $5 gift card. There's people I know who have gotten $50 cards for blowing their noses. People who have gotten them on 3,4,5 or more occasions for little more than just doing their job. As miserable as the job makes me, it fuels something in me. Partly a rage, but not a bad one. I'm not a crusader or anything, but there is a cause to be fought here and damn it all I want is other people who are just as sick of it to finally want to do something too! Individually we have no power at all. They know that. What they fear the most, is having workers who are unhappy with their jobs and they KNOW that it's a legitimate beef. That's why they're so quick to label you a "whiner" and basically kill any good rep you might hope to have. Keep 'em stupid, keep 'em working. That should be the motto. Look guys, let me apologize again for all this. Please understand, all this is basically coming out of me like a tidal wave. I'm venting on instinct. Thanks to everyone for being cool about this and not getting all judgmental about it. I know there's a lot of Target guys here and it interests me a lot to find out how much of this goes around throughout the company or if I just ended up at a store of total freaks. Don't feel bad. You just saved me a lot of trouble. My girlfriend laid the groundwork, you just helped to finish the job. She works at Target and she's absolutely friggin' miserable. They work her like a dog one day, barely anything the next, then she'll be off for 2-3 days in a row, and when she does come back, she works hard enough to make up for the days she had off. No benefits, no raises (she's been there about 102 days now) etc. They'll work her for 40-45 hours one week, and screw her to the point she'll only get 15 the next. She was hired as a cashier, but she ends up working in the food department (including the restaurant), the Customer Service area, the floor, carts, etc. (The carts literally hurt her, she's 5'3" and not a muscular woman, poor thing is expected to pull an entire things of carts with a rope!) That's just asinine and beyond ridiculous. I won't be applying at Target anytime soon. (this is now the third complaint I've heard about Target from one of it's employees) I'll be going back to Wal-Mart. Yeah, they're scummy too, but what you're hired for, you hired for. None of this "Do this here, then go there, then go here" crap. I worked at Wal-Mart during Thanksgiving one year and it wasn't even close to the perfect job, but at least you know what crap they're gonna sling your way. Heck, I prefer working at convenience stores more than I do regular retail like the big box giants. Ugh. I hate to even give Target any more of my money. Wal-Mart's no better, but at least their employees will *try* to help you. I've had Target employees literally walk by me, and when I called them on it, the one said "I'm getting someone who will help you, because I'm not doing it. I have other store concerns to deal with, you'll just have to be patient. Someone will assist you." I just looked at her like a deer in the headlights. Called her an expletive under my breath and stormed out of the store after they finally sent someone, just to tell me "Yep, it's in stock. Nope, we're not going to pull the case for you. Yes, we realize there's room on the shelves for the item and it's supposed to be out now, but if we pull the case and give you one of the figures, we'd be giving you first dibs. We're not in the business of doing that. Have a nice day." ....and she walked off! So yeah...I stormed out of the store, and as I was leaving, one of the managers said "Have a nice day" and I said "Get a better group of employees, you people deny the customers of product, but you have it in stock....why?" He just walked away. I can't stand Target. I've heard too many bad things about them to last me a lifetime. The whole retail industry is a joke. All about profits, never about the people, and it'll continue to degrade into some semblance of sludge you'd find on the bottom of a septic tank, with a fancy logo slapped on it.
  21. Excellent job. I do wonder though...why did Megatron have to have such a bland color scheme to begin with? I think that's why I prefer Hasbro's original with the pinks and blues. Breaks up the monotony. All the fans that repaint him make him a bland, boring mix of silver, gray, black and gold....and there's not zest to it. Or they use too much gold all over. Your's is a nice mix of the paints, I could deal with that just fine, but some of these other fan repaints are just so...boring.
  22. That's odd. The Target I saw about a month ago was carrying The Fallen and War Within Ultra Magnus. I guess they could've dropped them at the last moment, but it'd be a stupid move, considering it's one of the only items Target can sell. First they couldn't get Movie items in stock (not their fault, Hasbro underestimated demand) Then TF anything sold Now, we're being flooded by the toys. It would be stupid of them to not include Titaniums in this.
  23. It's a beast of a movie isn't it? Definitely the underdog that came out on top. No one expected it to do this well in the box office, including some fans. (Guilty as charged.) I'm glad it went beyond our expectations, but sometimes getting too big for your britches is a bad thing.
  24. All signs point to it being a 2007 release, so them waiting 'til January seems (at least at this point) to be rather moot. I'd love to see him come out this coming week, I'd be a happy camper. However, once I saw the A-HQ problem (and they get items 2-4 weeks before we do)...I'm pretty sure the 24/25th (I heard 24th) thing is now debunked. (We'll find out in a couple of days though) Problem is...you'd think he'd be showing up in computers by now...and he's not. I was told BFB (Black Friday Blitz) items aren't accessible by the computer until a week before the sale, which gives more credence to the idea he could be a possible BFB item. If he is (let me clearly state IF people) I loathe the idea of standing around like a moron for 2.5 hours, but I'll do it. I just won't like it, and I really hope I don't have to.
  25. I hate to bump a dead thread, but I thought you might be interested in this info (and I did a search, I haven't found anything recent on this, so I figured I might as well post it. If anyone feels it was wrong of me to bump the thread, lock it.) Anywho, I'm Autobot032 from Seibertron and I've been doing some checking on Starscream...hit a few bumps in the road. 1.) BBTS has removed their preorder completely. (The page is gone, not just simply edited.) 2.) Action-H-Q was supposed to receive their shipment of him on October 18th (which they claim they did) but the next morning, they updated their page and it now says October 30th. 3.) He's not registering in any Wal-Mart computer (either in store, home office, or Telzone gun), he's not on any Fall mod, yet he's shipping to Wal-Mart stores as we speak (confirmed several times by Hasbro themselves), and he's due in November....all of that points to the possibility that he could be a Black Friday Blitz exclusive. It's not confirmed, but a lot of things point in that direction. Here's the thread with all of the info: http://www.seibertron.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=20919 And for those of you who wish to have your local WMs with the UPC, here it is: 6 53569 27551 0
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