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  1. 1. G1 Brawn 2. G1 Soundwave 3. G1 Slag (actually, all the Dinobots -- but Slag's mold was the best, IMO) I still like the G1 series over all the others (even though the Beast Wars tv episodes really kicked @ss visually).
  2. Can I buy some pot from you? This guy NEEDS some pot! Or maybe some quaaludes? From the looks of his post, he's been taking acid or something... if he really wants to see some crap, he should watch some re-runs of Armada. @smilepunch@
  3. Are the toy gun laws the same in Canada as they are in the US? Just wondering if Hasbro could put out Megs up there so we might see an English language version (hopefully with G1 styled packaging).
  4. Why would you even consider voting for a robot that didn't transform??? Go @optimus@ !!!
  5. That's very true, I forgot Habro had said that. I just hope that if the Headmasters are released in Universe that they won't repaint them...although they likely will. I wonder what Hasbro has against solid, quality diecast parts? What do you mean ? The Headmasters have always been made of plastic. I was talking "in general" -- not about Headmasters. I was more thinking about the current (new) stuff like Alternators. Also, the statement that anything not made of die-cast parts is a possibility for reissue. Does this mean we won't get a quality G1 devastator reissue?
  6. That's very true, I forgot Habro had said that. I just hope that if the Headmasters are released in Universe that they won't repaint them...although they likely will. I wonder what Hasbro has against solid, quality diecast parts?
  7. I thought the mini figures included were pretty neat. It's the main reason I got the game. I agree. Kind of like Armada PVC figures.... at a low price. I like how they made the figures size appropriate -- Red Alert is smaller than Optimus, Hot Shot is smaller than Red Alert, etc...
  8. Anybody else play the Armada board game? I just picked it up at KB Toy outlet (for $8.88) and played a few games with my son. I was surprised with it and I actually had fun with it. In fact, it was more exciting than the Armada cartoon.... @lol@ Having 8 characters to play also makes it more fun when you switch to a different TF. I'm glad I didn't pay $20 for it, but IMO it was well worth the $9 (after sales tax) I paid.
  9. Definitely Dinobots. Wheeljack and Mirage would be really nice. Don't forget Kup, Blurr, Blaster (w/tapes), Galvatron, Broadside, the rest of the Minibots, and Sky Lynx -- along with all the others in the thread. Wouldn't it kick ars if someone (Takara) did a G1 Arcee mold?
  10. It's hard to believe his has an opened (original) VSX giftset.... let alone MISB! Maybe he has the WST VSX? Or, maybe a repro? @loll@
  11. Grondeur


    It's too bad that they can't just do this stuff from the beginning. I just hope that everyone feels the same way you do once all the OTFCC loose ends are dealt with. Dinner exclusive plates seem to be on the minds of all that attended last year. I've never had a bad experience with them so, in some ways, I feel sorry for Glen... but, on the other hand, fans deserve the stuff they paid for. BTW, congrats on the goodies!
  12. Maybe Takara will give the US fans something we all want... Grimlock!! Hey, how about a full size VSX giftset reissue?! @jump#
  13. Is there any idea of how much this will cost?
  14. Grondeur


    So you got my Sunstreaker! @smilepunch@ Just joking... last year was my first TF convention but I did enter the suggestion contest. But, it seems obvious that the suggestions weren't taken to heart.
  15. Here's Ricochet if anyone hasn't seen him yet: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...5905340002&rd=1 I like the box art
  16. Grondeur


    I can't believe that someone (on ebay) has bid over $300 for that Breakdown toy...
  17. I liked a lot of Armada. Armada Prime, IMO, is way better than Energon "fatty, fatty, fat, fat" Prime. Armada PL Hot Shot is a great repaint. Tidal Wave, Starscream, Red Alert, Overload, AND Unicron are all great toys. The Armada cartoon sucked balls though.
  18. I bought a Megs knock-off for my son last year. He is 4 now. He's never pointed it at ANYBODY and the only thing he ever "shot" at someone is water while playing. I also told him that if he ever takes Megatron outside, it would be destroyed -- after explaining why it should not ever leave the house. It doesn't take a lot to be responsible and teach responsibility. @pow@ And I always keep reminding him (whenever I see him play with Megs) why we don't point guns at people... @rambo@ @faint@ He actually doesn't like it too much because it is a lot harder to transform than most of his other (Armada & Energon) TFs.
  19. Did the jumpstarters ever appear in any cartoon episodes or comics? (or anything at all??)
  20. I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait (for Sideswipe and Skids). The biggest question I have about them is their official reissue names -- will it be "Skids" or "Autobot Skids". I think, since Hasbro used the name Sideswipe in the Armada series, they won't have to use the name "Autobot Sideswipe". Ya know, these (Hasbro) reissues just aren't complete without Megatron. BTW, does anybody think that Hasbro will re-reissue Optimus with the Dreamwave art since he was such a hit the first time around? And, do you think Takara will re-reissue Ultra Magnus in their TFC line?
  21. If you look carefully, on the right hand edge of the picture there is a really big robot foot -- well, compared to these insecticons. I would bet that these are WST. It would be very nice if these were reissues though... @orko@
  22. I really liked Skids until all his joints became really loose -- which wasn't too long after I got him. The new reissue Prime was a littel bit of a disappointment as well. My son transformed it so much that the legs don't stay put in robot mode. They (the legs) keep wanting to go back into vehicle mode.
  23. I agree with SS49. Thrust has the best color scheme and stands out from the rest of the jets. Dirge would be my second pick.
  24. They definitely took the overall look at feel of G1, mixed it with the Energon theme, and put it into this new packaging. I should probably wait until I actually see it before I make final judgement. I agree about repaints... if it doesn't do anything for the character, why bother. A few exceptions would be most of the G1 repaints (because they were actually new characters...), Armada Hotshot, and some of the Universe toys.
  25. Anybody see this the next wave of Energon packaging? It reminds me of the "good ol' days"! Not too shabby, IMO. #party#
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