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  1. FYI- You can pre-order WST Snarl here: http://www.tfsource.com/Reissues/WST%20Sna.../wst-snarl1.htm A great price, IMO -- but still a hard pill to swallow for such a small figure.
  2. What is the reason to not go with Walmart? My thinking is to get them out to a lot of stores and at a good price. Would a Target exclusive be better?
  3. I hope they don't go to KB Toys. Those bastards closed too many stores -- including the store that was close to me. Now, in order to get to a KB, I will need to drive 65+ miles. Why can't Hasbro make G1 reissues a Walmart exclusive? Seems like there is a Walmart store on every other street corner (next to the Star Bucks)
  4. Mine are all MISB and I plan on keeping Pepsi Prime (and Anime Galvatron) the same way. However, I do buy some of the reissues for my son and "help him" transform them and have battles and stuff. So far, my son has G1 reissues: Hasbro Optimus Prime, Hasbro Hot Rod, Hasbro Sideswipe, Hasbro Red Alert, Hasbro Inferno, Hasbro Dirge, Hasbro Rodimus Prime, Hasbro Prowl, Hasbro Tracks, Takara Minibots, Takara Soundwave (purchased really cheap at OTFCC 04), Both sets of keychain minibots (Bumblebee, Cliffjumper, Windcharger, Brawn) Not too bad for a 6 year old. He wants a Pepsi Prime and a Galvatron reissue but they are just too expensive to have him open and break them. If, for some reason, there is a big price drop I will purchase one for him -- I doubt this will happen, however.
  5. Anybody know how long it's going to be before Astrotrain is out? I've been checking the Hasbro toyshop website ever since I heard the news from the Transformers Club about it being released on 10/24/05. Takara seems to be so much better and will release a statement if a figure is cancelled or postponed (that is my perception) -- and this normally does not happen.
  6. I pre-ordered mine last night from Digital-Toys.com. They have a good deal -- pre-order P. Prime and Anime Galvatron for only $125. I have a few Hasbro reissue primes but this one is quite unique. I love the box art for both Galvatron and P. Prime. It's gonna be a good Christmas this year!!
  7. I can tell that there are some die-hard fans in my area because all the newest stuff goes really quick but I'm expecting some really low prices because of major shelf warming. Supreme Starscream, Megatron and Optimus are highly abundant in my area. This is good and bad news -- I'll probably be able to pickup quite a few figures really cheap but who knows what will happen in the next series (I predict some major crap or a long wait until the next series is out -- too bad the movie wasn't out to promote the toy line) @smurf@
  8. I didn't find any TF deals in my area and didn't hear of any special releases or reissues either. Just wondering if Transformers aren't as popular with the kids this year like they have been? I blame the cartoon if this is the case.
  9. Just got back from KB today (about an hour drive from my house after the local KB closed) and found a shelf full. It was buy one, get one for 50% off. I snagged 6. They aren't blemish free but for $13.88 regular price and $6.94 for the next, I couldn't pass up getting quite a few of them. I ended up spending a little over $60 for all 6. I should've asked if they had an unopened case and bought that instead. (Oh well -- at least I found a few)
  10. Um, wrong. Transformers will still be around one way or the other. Worse comes to worse, even if the movie tanks box-office wise, the franchise will still carry on. Despite what many consider a disastrous movie, Street Fighter continues to flourish. At least two different animated series, (American and Japanese) a whole bunch of additional fighting games (Most recently teaming up with titatns such as Marvel and SNK) and a metric buttload of action figures. Two different lines on American shelves right this moment, with characters shoing up soon in Microman. After the Dolph Lundgren flick, the Punisher still had more than one book series and miniseries, and guest starred in countless others. Now he has a new movie. Did Mortal Kombat stop after Mortal Kombat Annihilation? The cartoon, live action TV series and the five or so various games in arcades, then consoles seem to suggest otherwise. Last I checked a dead property doesnt spawn two different action figure lines. Halle Berry's dismal Catwoman movie probably means doom only for THAT version of her. Selina Kyle still continues to show up in her own book and in other spots in the DCU comics and cartoons One less than successful movie killing Transformers? Only a fool would believe that. The the absolutely WORST case scenario possible of TF movie tanking means only that. The movie was not a hit. We might not get a sequel, tops. But no way will Hasbro ever let one of its premire in-house brands go just like that. Toys will still be made regardless, so you can just get over that stupid train of thought right here and now. Im starting to think some of you secretly WANT the movie to fail so you can have a justifiable excuse to complain. It hasnt even started any real filming and already some of you are just chomping at the bit to convict the thing without benefit of a trial. My only concern with the movie is that Hasbro/Takara will be starting yet ANOTHER line of Transformers toys now. It's too bad that they aren't using the Alternator line for this movie. I hope everyone involved with the movie settles on something so Takara can start working on prototypes for the toys -- if they haven't done so already. Was there any news about what kind of music will be used for the soundtrack?
  11. Anyone hear anything new about the location of next year's convention?
  12. 1. A dinobot giftset would be nice (if they can do it for the insecticons, they can do it for the dinos) 2. Combiner VS set - Stunticons VS Arielbots 3. More movie characters - Galvatron, Kup, Cyclonus, Scourge, Blurr, Perceptor 4. More minibots and cassettes 5. Jetfire/Skyfire 6. Blaster 7. Sky Lynx 8. Twin Twist/Top Spin 9. Omnibot Overdrive How about some NEW G1 figures? - Arcee - Pre-earth versions of the bots (Autobots looked kick-ass in "vehicle" mode)
  13. You can still get an e-hobby purple astrotrain. The price is a bit steep but probably not as pricey as an original G1 misb Astrotrain. http://www.toywiz.com/trtaesh48as.html
  14. Is Energon Bonecrusher a RID (Landfill) repaint?
  15. There are two TRU stores near me and one has Rodimus Prime priced at $18.98 and the other has him at full price. Lots of Energon toys were half price (Unicron and Scorpinok were the most notable) in both stores.
  16. Anyone know what new items are going to be available on the day after Thanksgiving? Could the black Omega Supreme at TRU be the first? Last year it was the redeco RID Landfill set at Walmart and the Armada PL Optimus/Jetfire set at K-Mart.
  17. G1 Re-issues: All but Series 1 and 2 No Side Swipe yet!? @grumpy@ RID: A few Landfill sets still sitting on the top shelf at Walmart. Alternators: Smokescreen, and lots of him. The Alternators don't "spark" the interest of young children. Armada: (50% off) Unicron Galore Mini-cons Galore Some Optimus Prime Some misc others Energon: Unicron Galore (50% off) Ironhide Inferno Scorponok Universe: You name it, it's probably on the shelf
  18. For TF's? They couldn't even if they wanted to, because the US is Hasbro's territory. The deal they original cut with Hasbro gave Takara Japan only (and sometimes Korea), and gave Hasbro exclusive rights to the rest of the world, even when Hasbro is using Takara's molds. I thought these were physically made in a Takara factory. Am I mistaken?
  19. I don't think many (if any) have seen G1 Sideswipe yet in the US. If there are so many in Canadian TRU stores, why aren't you guys getting them on ebay? (So I can get one.) I may just get the Takara reissue if Hasbro waits too long.
  20. This may be the reason why Takara was unwilling to go with small production runs of toys for 3H (OTFCC).
  21. I saw a few at Meijer. Are you sure this is a Target exclusive?
  22. I actually feel much better now that Hasbro has the figures. Hopefully it doesn't take too long for the packaging to be printed and assembled. Kudos to Hasbro for taking care of 3H's "loose ends". @bananna@ BTW, has anyone heard anything more about who will be doing OTFCC next year?
  23. I met the guy (James McDonough) at OTFCC and he said that Brad Mick was his "pen name"? I really dunno if he was BS'ing me or what... but he signed a War and Peace Vol 2 trade mag. along with Pat Lee. Signed it as James "Brad Mick" McDonough.
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