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  1. I totally agree... I just want the MP's to look like their tv counterparts incl the weapon they most used on the show. All those extra accessories only make it extra expensive. Most collectors probably don't showcase them with all those added stuff anyway?? (they just pick the weapon of choice and leave the rest in the box)
  2. We all know FansToys for their fantastic 3rd party masterpieces... But, every now and then I also come across Perfect Fusion, who so far seem to only focus on making the Dinobots. When you look at how Perfect Fusion builds their Dinobots, you can't deny they look A LOT like FansToys. They might actually be one and the same company?? (although different development teams maybe) - Anyway, what would the added value of Perfect Fusion over FansToys be?? And are they planning more than just Dinobots? So far I'm not too convinced... however they do look interesting enough to keep in mind. So what do you guys think... what are their plans?
  3. Let's just say I'm ONLY interested in collecting Masterpiece figures... would Reprolabels add any extra cartoon accuracy??
  4. Simple question... what are they for, to get more toy- or cartoon accuracy??
  5. Just wondering, since all the Masterpieces come with individual collector cards of the figure... where do you guys keep them? Are there any good card holders available??
  6. Most of us are probably familiar with the names such as DNA Design, Perfect Effect, and Fan Style... - I'm just wondering, are there any other 3rd party add-on manufacturers worth mentioning?
  7. Yes I know there was an official Tigertracks made my Takara, but I was always under the impression that it was their official take on Sunstreaker... which wasn't the case. So I delete it from the list, since it's not an official Sunstreaker, but merely a Sideswipe repaint.
  8. Thanks man, I were always under the impression that it was an official TT...
  9. As most of us are aware, their are quite a few 3rd party add-ons out there, in order to upgrade our Masterpiece figures. Now I would like this thread to become somewhat of a guideline to what add-ons would be recommended in order to recreate the most cartoon accurate figure possible. The main target of the figures in this thread is to get them as cartoon accurate as possible... to match their cartoon-counterparts. (to keep this thread as close to the subject as possible, I would kindly request to stick to the subject - which is cartoon accurate add-ons - and start a toy accurate discussion in another thread if needed) The list of Transformers in this guide, will be used as a base and I will update them with recommended add-ons on a regular base. So please reply to this thread with your personal recommendations on what cartoon accurate add-on you would recommend other people, and I will update the list with the best add-ons. (all this, to help out fellow Transformers Masterpiece collectors, to pursue the most cartoon accurate figures) * Some characters, such as; Megatron, Blitzwing, Inferno, Grapple, Galvatron etc. I left out on purpose, since at the moment there are a few different manufacturers that haven't released their figures yet... making it difficult to determine the best version at this moment. These figures WILL be added to the list later on. --------------------------------------------------- Optimus Prime ( MP-10 | Hasbro ) * KP-06 ( hands ) | KFC Soundwave & Laserbeak ( MP-13 | Takara TOMY ) * KP-07 ( hands ) | KFC Frenzy & Ravage ( MP-15 | Takara TOMY ) Rumble & Buzzsaw ( MP-16 | Takara TOMY ) Soundblaster & Ratbat ( MP-13B | Takara TOMY ) * KP-07B ( hands ) | KFC Skywarp ( MP-11SW | Takara TOMY ) * KP-14SW ( hands ) | KFC Starscream ( MP-07 | Hasbro ) * KP-14S ( hands ) | KFC Thundercracker ( MP-11T | Takara TOMY ) * KP-14B ( hands ) | KFC Prowl ( MP-17 | Takara TOMY ) * PH-02 ( hands ) | Fan Style Bluestreak ( MP-06 | Hasbro ) * PH-03 ( hands ) | Fan Style Wheeljack ( MP-20 | Takara TOMY ) Thrust ( MP-11NT | Takara TOMY ) * KP-14B ( hands ) | KFC Ramjet ( MP-11NR | Takara TOMY ) * KP-14B ( hands ) | KFC Dirge ( MP-11D | Takara TOMY ) Shockwave ( MP-29 | Takara TOMY ) * KP-16 ( hands ) | KFC Sideswipe ( MP-12 | Takara TOMY ) * KP-10 ( hands ) | KFC Red Alert ( MP-14+ | Takara TOMY) * KP-10 ( hands ) | KFC Tracks ( MP-25 | Takara TOMY ) * KP-11 ( hands ) | KFC Smokescreen ( MP-19 | Takara TOMY ) * PH-01 ( hands ) | Fan Style Ironhide ( MP-27 | Takara TOMY ) * KP-12 ( hands ) | KFC Ratchet ( MP-30 | Takara TOMY ) * KP-12R ( hands ) | KFC Bumblebee & Spike ( MP-21 | Takara TOMY ) Rodimus Prime ( MP-9 | Takara TOMY ) * KP-13 ( hands ) | KFC Ultra Magnus ( MP-22 | Takara TOMY ) * KP-08 ( hands ) | KFC Devastator ( UW-04 | Takara TOMY ) * DK-01 ( head, forearm, hands ) | DNA Design Bruticus ( UW-07 | Takara TOMY ) * Perfect Combiner PC-09 ( hands, feet ) | Perfect Effect Superion ( UW-01 | Takara TOMY ) * Perfect Combiner PC-05 ( hands, feet ) | Perfect Effect * Perfect Combiner PC-03 ( chest plate ) | Perfect Effect Menasor ( UW-02 | Takara TOMY ) * Perfect Combiner PC-02 ( hands, feet ) | Perfect Effect * Perfect Combiner PC-04 ( head, shoulder blocks, chest plate, sword ) | Perfect Effect Defensor ( UW-03 | Takara TOMY ) * Perfect Combiner PC-01 ( hands, feet ) | Perfect Effect Computron ( UW-08 | Takara TOMY ) * Perfect Combiner PC-12 ( hands, feet ) | Perfect Effect * Perfect Combiner PC-11 ( gun ) | Perfect Effect Metroplex ( Generations | Takara TOMY ) * DK-02M ( hands) | DNA Design Fortress Maximus ( Legends | Takara TOMY ) * DK-02 ( hands, chest cannons, headmaster armor ) | DNA Design * DK-04 ( TBA ) | DNA Design * Perfect Combiner PC-13 ( sword ) | Perfect Effect * Perfect Combiner PC-14 ( gun ) | Perfect Effect Optimus Primal ( MP-32 | Takara TOMY ) Cheetor ( MP-34 | Takara TOMY ) ------- Hound ( FT-15 | Fans Toys ) Grimlock ( FT-08 | Fans Toys ) Swoop ( FT-05 | Fans Toys ) Snarl ( FT-06 | Fans Toys ) Slag ( FT-04 | Fans Toys ) Sludge ( FT-07 | Fans Toys ) Trailbreaker ( FT-25 | Fans Toys ) Bombshell ( FT-12 / grey chest | Fans Toys ) Shrapnel ( FT-13 | Fans Toys ) Kickback ( FT-14 | Fans Toys ) Perceptor ( FT-09 | Fans Toys ) Skyfire ( FT-10 | Fans Toys ) Reflector ( FT-11 | Fans Toys ) Springer ( FT-19 | Fans Toys ) Weirdwolf ( FT-18 | Fans Toys ) ------- Astrotrain ( D05 | DX9 ) ------- Blaster ( E.A.V.I Metal / pure red | KFC ) Wreck-Gar ( E.A.V.I Metal | KFC ) Octane ( E.A.V.I Metal | KFC ) ------- Hot Spot ( MX-VII | X-Transbots ) Huffer ( MM-I | X-Transbots ) Beachcomber ( MM-VIII | X-Transbots ) Windcharger ( MM-VI / toon version | X-Transbots ) Tailgate ( MM-VII | X-Transbots ) Cyclonus ( MX-III | X-Transbots ) Scourge ( MX-II | X-Transbots ) Wheelie ( MM-IV | X-Transbots ) ------- Optimus Prime (oversized) ( MPP10 | Wei Jiang ) * (Metal Autobot shoulder symbol) | Unknown
  10. I hope this was meant to be a sarcastic question?? @yipee@ Up to date G1 and Beast Wars are the only ones I ever liked... Imo these are the only ones worthy of the title 'Transformers'. I can't stand the way Transformers look these days; with all those happy faces on the robots (makes them look soft/kiddy, less robotic)... and the fact that humans have much bigger parts takes away the essence of the whole subject Transformers. And last but not least, for some odd reason Transformers these days need to make jokes, which makes them lose their credibility of being robots imo. * It's a disgrace to the Transformers franchise imo... but ok, that's just me.
  11. Well, if you look closely to the original G1 cartoon renders, you'll notice that Megatron IS pretty lean... and not at all as bulky as some of the recent Megatrons have turned out.
  12. Cartoon all the way... and still agree on that at age 34! * Talking cartoons; Up to date G1 and Beast Wars are the only ones I ever like. I can't stand the way Transformers look these days; with all those happy faces on the robots (makes them look soft/kiddy, less robotic)... and the fact that humans have much bigger parts takes away the essence of the whole subject Transformers. And last but not least, for some odd reason Transformers these days need to make jokes, which makes them lose their credibility of being robots imo. (but that's a different subject I guess)
  13. You probably mean Fans Toys Willis?? He's on my list as well...
  14. The pics show the Hasbro version, yet the title says Takara...
  15. So far I have Prowl, Bluestreak, Wheeljack and Thundercracker
  16. Thanks for the advise guys! I will definitely go for the UW version, since it's more cartoon accurate.
  17. I just came across 2 different Devastators; Combiner Wars http://www.robotkingdom.com/gen2015t001.html and Unite Warriors http://www.robotkingdom.com/tuwuw04.html I'm wondering, what's the difference between the 2, and which one is most cartoon accurate??
  18. I'm curious who do you find the best YouTube TF toy reviewers? These are my favourites so far; 1) optibotimus 2) darthdevious 3) peagh 4) Rob A 5) KNERDOUT (great atmosphere and enjoyable to watch, although less detailed reviewers than the above) * Although some might disagree, I personally find emgo316 HIGHLY annoying... due to his constant 'funny voices', which I find anything but funny to be honest. He seems to find himself quite funny. @hammerhead# So who do you find good reviewers?? (voice has to be nice to listen to, need to be informative, and a bit humor may be included but not over the top)
  19. Here in The Netherlands we don't have too many stores with TF, so I have to rely on online buying. Anyway, I was leaning towards either MP-13 or MP11-SW, but neither were available... So I just bought the following 3 (yes 3) characters; MP-06 Bluestreak MP-17 Prowl MP-20 Wheeljack * IMO not too bad a start for my Masterpiece collection.
  20. Guys, I could use some advise... I'm about to get my first Masterpiece (after I got the Wei Jiang Optimus Prime last month), but I'm not sure which one to get. I would like to make sure I get my hands on the rare ones first, before they become hard to get at a later stage. - Which do you recommend me?? (money isn't much of an issue at this moment) MP-06 Bluestreak MP-07 Starscream MP-8 Grimlock MP-9 Rodimus Convoy MP-10 Optimus Prime MP-11SW Skywarp MP-11T Thundercracker MP-11NR Ramjet MP-12 Lambor MP-12T Tigertrack MP-13 Soundwave MP-13B Soundblaster MP-14+ Alert MP-15 Rumble & Jaguar MP-16 Frenzy & Buzzsaw MP-17 Prowl MP-19 Smokescreen MP-20 Wheeljack MP-21 Bumble MP-22 Ultra Magnus MP-25 Tracks MP-27 Ironhide MP-28 Hot Rodimus MP-29 Laserwave MP-30 Ratchet
  21. IMO in general they're an insult to the Transformers brand name... however, I recently got my hands on the Wei Jiang MPP10 Optimus Prime, and it looks and feels absolutely quality!
  22. I'm not sure if I understood correctly, but it SEEMS that Amazon sometimes releases exclusive Masterpiece versions. Prowl/Bluestreak having shoulder cannons for example... - Is this correct, and are there indeed Amazon exclusive features to some of the Masterpieces?? Any other Masterpieces that Amazon have released that come with exclusive features, other than Prowl/Bluestreak?? * And what about exclusive TRU editions??
  23. Nope... it's the Wei Jiang knock-off of Optimus. Not a bad start though, nevertheless it not being an official one
  24. I actually just made my very first masterpiece purchase... and it's a sweet one if I say so myself. Although not an official masterpiece, but 'only' a simple KO. Wei Jiang MPP10 Optimus Prime * This will probably be the first of many more to come... as I intend to start collecting masterpiece figures from now on.
  25. I haven't really been in to collecting Transformers as of lately, due to other priorities... but of course we all know Takara/Hasbro are the main manufacturers. But, who of the 3rd party manufacturers make good masterpieces?? I'm only interested in masterpieces that mix well with the official Takara/Hasbro masterpieces. ------------------- So far I found; X-Transbots DX9 Fans Toys Keith's Fantasy Club - KFC Cloud 9 (for Shockwave) Daca Toys (for Jetfire) MakeToys (not even close to the masterpiece standard imo) FansProject (not even close to the masterpiece standard imo) Mastermind Creations (not even close to the masterpiece standard imo) * Any other good ones out there??
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