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  1. I'm in the midst of creating a Fumbles of my very own!
  2. I always used them as different forces. The troopers were baseline pawns. Recruit them off the streets, give them some blue pajamas and cheap gear, give them minimal training, and set them loose on the world. Where as Vipers would be composed mainly of mercenaries, disgruntled soldiers from all over the world, and troopers who had proven themselves on the battlefield.
  3. I use a customized convention Pimp Daddy Destro. Yeah... I used a PDD for a custom, now THAT is pimpin'.
  4. I realize I'm bordering on blasphemy here, but from a costume design standpoint, I prefer the VVV wave 7 Viper. I have 50 of these figures and was worried I'd have to replace them when the inevitable better version of them would come out from the 25th line. Viewing this new 25th version, that worry has subsided.
  5. Hey folks, Anybody heard of this toy line? They were a Walgreens exclusive in late 2006 and went for something ridiculous, like a buck a piece. They stood about 4" tall and had interchangeable parts, I'm hoping to get some more to bulk up my army of BAATs. If anyone has any for sale or can tell me of a place that has them for sale I'd be most appreciative.
  6. What are these and how are they useful?
  7. my top ten Cobras Blackout CLAWS VVV wave 7 Vipers Bat v. 3.2 Neo Viper Neo Viper Commander Scalpel Iron Grenadiers VVV Single pack Night Creepers Torch Top Ten Joes Barell Roll v.1 Major Barrage Sgt. Mutt Sgt. Stalker (JVC) Bombstrike Snake Eyes (JvC Wave 4) (Another Snake Eyes, heresy I know, but this is my definitive Snake Eyes) Cross Hairs Hi Tech (Sigma Six) Long Range (Sigma Six) Faces
  8. Legs: The legs are replaced in the same manor as always, just don't lose the little rubber piece on that makes contact with the ball on the t-hook. The Balls on the T-hooks are a little larger than a normal t-hook, so there me be a little sanding involved to get old legs to fit on there. I've also gotten around the much maligned design flaw of "diaper crotches" by dremeling the groins to look like our much beloved classic crotches. It's really overwhelmingly simple to do, I don't understand why so many people are crying about it. That's why I started customizing, if you don't like it, fix it. Chest: As far as the chest yeah, best solution so far is to crack them open with pliers, or perhaps drill a minute hole at the seam and crack it with a nail. Arms: As far as lower arms go, I had to take a page out of my Marvel Legends customizing book and use my hair dryer to soften the plastic of the upper arm and pop out the lower arm and then pop in a lower arm of my choosing. This works best, obviously between 25th anniversary figs, but I find VVV wave 7 and some DTC figures, as well as Star Wars Figures lower arms work well. If the peg is too big for the arm, all you have to do is sand it down. I'm making a Sigma Six style duke out of a Snake Eyes, and I swapped the lower arms of a VVV 7 Gung Ho, looks great. Head: The heads all swap easy between the 25th anniversary figures, however the heads from other neck ball based figure designs (Barrage, Mutt, Venomous Maximus, Star Wars, select heads from Alyosha and Good to Go Customs) will work as well, with a little help. Basically you need green stuff (epoxy putty). You put a small amount of the putty in the head. Push the head down on the neck peg until it is in a nice centralized location. There should be some putty coming out at the bottom of the head. Let the putty set until dry. Once dry, gently wiggle the head back and forth, until the head is turning on this newly formed neck ball. After that, just pull the head head off the neck ball and cut the putty that is hanging off of the neck ball. That'll leave a nicely fitted neck and head. Are customizing these Joes going to be as easy as customizing Joes of yesteryear? No, but I think it'll force us as customizers to become more creative and hopefully come up with new techniques. Keep in mind the old methods of customizing Joes was cultivated of 25 years of the hobby. The race is on ladies and gentlemen, let's see some great customs!
  9. X3R0

    GI Joe RPG

    I've been toying around with the idea for some time now. Right now I've only got the setting nailed down. Mine's a little bit different than an actual GI Joe RPG would be. First off, the events of Joe history happened in real time, therefore all of our favorite Joes and many of the Cobras we know are Old/dead, I feel this allows the players to be the star... and not constantly be overshadowed by the big guns of the Joeverse. When game mastering I delight in throwing little twists at the player. The catch here, none of my players know they're playing a GI Joe rpg. When describing this to them I describe it like: "It's a covert black ops rpg... think splinter cell with some sci fi elements." Then I throw in clues about what they're playing throughout the game. This is just kinda fun for me, I like seeing how many clues I can pepper in before the players catch on. I'm a sadistic GM. Anyhoo here's the setting. The government shut down the GI Joe team in 1994. The vast majority of the public has no clue that a shadow war was waged throughout the 80's and most of the nineties with a terrorist organization named Cobra. But recently things have been changing. Intelligence communities are abuzz about a new shady threat. The players know about this looming threat, but know nothing about cobra, Joe, or any of the events of their conflict. The US government in a desperate attempt to stop this threat before it happens has dashed together a team of military specialists, in several cells. Each of these cells is unwittingly part of a larger reinstated GI Joe team. I divided the team into cells because the Joe team eventually became too large for my liking, and it goes well with a small gaming group. The players' characters are rising stars in the military, but due to their strong personalities, or strange character quirks (Wild Bill anyone?) they've been held back in their careers. That's when they get a visit from Agent Conrad Hauser offering them an invitation into one of these new cells, called "Steel Brigade". Once again, it was important to me make the players the stars... They're the next generation of GI Joe. I had planned to work my favorite Joes into the new team as instructors and trainers to the new team. For instance if a player wanted their character to train in more non-conventional military techniques, This new team has the last 4 masters of Arashikage-do Ninjitsu on the payroll as instructors. "The silent master", an eerie figure clad entirely in black, could teach the player about stealth and use of edged weapons to get the silent drop on your opponent. "The Blind Master" a woman in a red blindfold, could teach the players techniques that would allow them to fight without the use of their eyes. "The Crimson Master", an apprentice of the Silent Master, would teach the players how modern warfare and ninjitsu can work hand in hand, he also has an intimate knowledge of a mysterious network of corrupt politicians and lawyers that are controlled by this new terrorist threat. Finally, if the characters want the truest experience of Arashikage-do, they would train with "The Young Master", called that because he was the youngest man ever to reach mastery of the esoteric principals of his art. Not so young anymore, The Young Master would teach any character interested in becoming an Arashikage ninja. I'd more than likely use D20 modern with some elements of D20 future as the base system for the game. There are some great books on weapons and gear out there, more to keep any joe fan happy.
  10. X3R0


    I'm the guy who actually paid 72 plus shipping for Bazooka and Torch. But I'm a huge dreadnok fan and when my area got no wave 6, I was disappointed to say the least. Then came this auction, and I had some money to blow, so I said what the heck...
  11. DTC: $302 Small Joes: $35 None of this includes shipping... Some of those orders I had to pay for shipping on, some I didn't, And I honestly can't recall what I paid on those.
  12. Though it wasn't for Christmas (My family is still a little weirded out that their 26 year old son still collects action figures), The December DTC sale was very good to me. 1 Rhino 4 BAT Attack packs 2 Hiss Tanks 1 ROCC 1 Range Viper (I've got a weird idea for a CC custom) any hoo, HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL!
  13. I like to keep my troop builders in proportion to how I feel their numbers are in the cobra organization. I generally army build in multiples of 5, but I've been thinking of upping that that number to 7 since that's how many the new Hiss holds, and I've been customizing those in ridiculously interesting ways, as the troop type requires (Crimson Hiss', Urban camo Hiss' with ablative armor for the Alley Vipers, hey, maybe if the mood strikes me I might even make a Hiss that makes sense for a Night Creeper to be driving it). Any ways, this is how I see the troop numbers in order from most to least numerous. Cobra Troopers - Bar none the most numerous rank and file trooper Cobra has. Find some thugs on the streets, give 'em a gun, a blue outfit, and some basic military training. BATs - Now, at this point in the Joe time line I'd place these guys as being as numerous or maybe more numerous than the Troopers. That all depends on how much credence you lend to the Robot Rebellion theme, or whether or not you believe Sigma Six is where 3 3/4" continuity was headed. Vipers - Cobra's true military might, these are the troops that actually pose a threat on the battle field. Plentiful, but due to their better equipment and military expertise, smaller in number than the troopers. Crimson Guards - This is where we see a sharp drop off in numbers. Siegies shouldn't be a huge army... more a security force. These guys are supposed to be special, and all too often we forget that. Like if your troopers and vipers number 24 each, and your specialty vipers number 4 or 5 each, then you should have about 8 - 12. I couldn't resist getting a few too many Siegies, 12 to be exact... so I customized 4 into officers so that I can break them into four security teams of 3. Specialty Vipers - This is a hard one, because, certain specialties are going to allow for more troops than others... Some like the Alley Viper, Range Viper, and SAW Viper just require some specialized training and some gear that doesn't go too far outside the scope of what the modern military uses... so those would more than likely see larger troop numbers. While others would be OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive to outfit like the CLAWS, Neo-Vipers, and Sand Vipers... so they would probably be relatively small in number. And still others would be limited in number due to bizarre or esoteric training... who in their right mind would go from the viper corps into Ninja Viper training, and how many who started that training would see it to completion? The rule of thumb on specialty vipers? Anything goes. Iron Grenadiers - I see these guys as being the absolute best soldiers that money can buy, Destro has spared no expense, but he is funding them out of his own pocket and as such they are much fewer in number than any one of Cobra's forces. Besides if these guys were more numerous, Destro might have fared a little bit better in the Cobra Civil War. However, I bend the proportion rules a little in my collection (I have a lot of IG's) by reasoning that Destro doesn't trust Cobra in the least and has a heavy security contingent with him (so the number of IG's in my collection does not reflect porportions troops) Crimson Shadow Guard - I like to think of these guys as a rumor siegies use to scare each other loyal. In my joeverse, they're a covert siegie division, but also serve as a sort of internal affairs division, wiping out threats within Cobra. I may put one or two of these guys hiding somewhere in a diorama. Like I said, these guys are supposed to be covert.
  14. yeah, I ordered 2 Hiss', A RHINO, 2 BAT packs, and a range viper and saved more than thirty bucks, and whatever shipping would have been, which on that order, I'm sure couldn't have been cheap.
  15. Don't know if this is old news or not, but I figured out what that GI-MONGOUS hole on Overkill's back is for... it's one of those weapon hard points like on the RHINO or the ROCC... you can put any of the weapons from those vehicles in that hole, or the arms of the defense mech as well... some of the weapons are big and ridiculous... but hey, he's a robot...
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