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  1. It would be awesome if the Snake Eyes turns out to be Cobra Mortal
  2. It would be cool at the con if they had a match between Slaughter and Piper
  3. Battle of Endor: Wicket (new mold) AT-ST Driver (Han Solo in AT-ST Driver Disguise w/new head) Stormtrooper (VOTC) Ewok Warrior (Teebo Repaint) Ewok Catapult Battle Above the Death Star II: Wedge Antilles A-Wing Pilot Tie Fighter Pilot x2 Admiral Ackbar Capture on Bespin: Darth Vader Han Solo w/Torture Rack Leia C-3P0 Bespin Guard Purchase of the Droids: Owen Lars (new mold) Luke Jawa X2 w/Cloth Robe New Droid New Droid Escape from the Death Star: Han Solo in Stormtrooper Disguise Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise Ben Kenobi w/With Tractor Beam Console Chewbacca w/Cuffs
  4. Here's what I hope we get: Deluxe: Ironhide-Van Prowl-Police Cruiser Brawn-Humvee Trailbreaker-Pick Up Truck Cliffjumper- Car Ratchet-Ambulance Jazz-Sports Car Hoist-Tow Truck Grimlock-T-Rex Snarl-Stegasaurus Slag-Triceratops Swoop-Pteratacdyl Sludge-Brachosaurus Thundercracker-Starscream Repaint Skywarp-Starscream Repaint Sideswipe-Sports Car Combiner Two-Packs Devastator Voyager Reflector-Three Bots Transform into Digital Camera Ultra Magnus- Car Carrier
  5. Check out Megatrons Bio on the Titanium Series: http://club.tfclub.com/viewthread.php?tid=3267
  6. sunshine

    Mos Eisley Wave

    I wonder if will eventually see Green and Purple Holos to match the rest of the lightsaber colors.
  7. Hey probably next he'll set up a Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Gurrero match for the World Heavy Weight Title. @grumpy@
  8. All I can say is WWE has finally hit bottom. I'm not sure if I'm going to watch next week. The storylines have become to far fetched.
  9. Here's my Wishlist: Wave 5: Duke (Sigma Six) Anthony "Flash" Gambello Hit & Run Cobra Commander (Sigma Six) Alley Viper (Version 1 Homage) Dreadnok Grunt Wave 6: Flint Hi-Tech (Sigma Six) Blizzard Copperhead Techno-Viper Swamp-Viper Comic Packs: Wave 5: Issue 11: Doc, Snow Job, Wild Bill Issue 15: Kwinn, Dr. Venom, Major Bludd Wave 6: Issue 37: Tomax, Xomat, Rip Cord Issue 46: Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Quick Kick
  10. sunshine


    I also plan to go check out Toys R Us, the one on McRae this weekend.
  11. Update: Duke battles Hannibal in a fight to the death. During the battle Hannibal reveals he is the son of Serpentor. Grand Slam and Torpedo make their way to the machine to plant the bombs, but before they can they are pinned down by heavy fire from Cobra Troopers. The Leader decides to use Barrage as an example to keep control over Eden City, by making a public execution. The night before his execution Barrage manages to escape. Before escaping the building however, he comes face to face with Zartan and Scarlett. Storm Shadow knocks Interragator out then makes way to the medical lab to save bomb strike after Barrel Roll informs him of what is happening. A injured Barrel Roll is then left to rescue Footloose from his cell. Lifeline and Salvo wait at the village for Storm Shadow to return with their captured allies. Attempting to rescue Flint, Snake Eyes comes across zombie Cobra Troopers and must fight his way through them. Flint is attacked by Serpentor and Fred VII. While fighting they try to talk him into joining them by saying they will revive Lady Jaye and let them live happily ever after. Destro awaits for Duke's team to destroy the machine so he can activate the Weather Dominator.
  12. Duke, Low-Light, Med-Alert, Grandslam, Nunchuck, Switch Gears, Torpedo, and Rollbar attack the Lab to stop the machine. Nunchuck, Switch Gears, and Rollbar are quickly injured when Scrap Iron hits their Humvee with a rocket. Low-Light hits Vypra in the chest with a bullet as he could see her through a window. Barrage tries to break his daughter free of the brainwashing as she brings dinner to his cell. Zartan and Scarlett stare down into the streets with a blank face from a balcony in the center of Eden City. Barrel Roll is beaten by Interrogator as two Medi-Vipers place Bombstrike unto a metal table. Storm Shadow secretly enters the Cobra base. Lifeline treats Salvo's wounds. Using a grenade Snake Eyes destroys the rotorblades of the Helicopter, sending it into a ball of flames. An injured Breaker comes out of the flames attacking Snake Eyes, but is quickly knocked out. Flint attempt to bring the Lady Jaye back to life as Serpentor and Fred VII hunt him down. Jinx and Kamakura arrive in New Orleans awaiting reassignment and decided to spend the night together. US Congress grants Destro amnesty. Shortly after Destro begins to activate the new Weather Dominator and adds a special formula that will help plants grow faster. Roadblock is let go. Stalker is taken to a Military Medical Facility in Colorado.
  13. With the wildlife and food supply now dying quickly, Duke learns of Hannibal's betrayal and gathers several Joes to attack the lab and destroy the machine. Meanwhile General Hawk gathers US forces around several warehouses of food as riots begin. Injured Spirit is tormented by Vypra as she awaits the arrival of Scrap Iron. Locked in a cell Barrage looks out in hopes G.I. Joe is on its way. Eden City is now populated by 45,000 as Zartan and Scarlett are brainwashed into thinking they are the true Adam and Eve. Barrel Roll tries to protect his sister Bombstrike after he learns Cobra Commander plans to revive the sleeping Nano Bugs in her body to revive Overkill. Meanwhile Footloose tries to contact G.I. Joe by using a homing becon in his right boot. Storm Shadow and Lifeline arrive in the village to help Salvo. Hoping to be rescued Snake Eyes and Tunnel Rat are attacked by a Night Attack Chopper after Breaker knocked Wild Bill unconscious. Flint breaks free of his bonds and hides in a room where he learns the secret behind Project Rising, the last project by Dr. Mindbender was to reanimate dead Cobra's and G.I. Joe's. In one tube he finds his dead wife Lady Jaye. About to be raped by Firefly, Zarana is rescued by Kamakura and Jinx. Firefly escapes on his motorcycle. Jinx knocks Zarana out then uses a cellphone to call HQ. Zarana is placed under arrest. After contacting the US President, Destro awaits his amnesty as Congress discusses the situation. Exhausted and near death Stalker is rescued by a couple in their truck. Stalker learns he is near Las Vegas.
  14. Update: After defeating the SAW Vipers, Duke interrogates Rollbar and learns a dark secret about an old government project. Rollbar was one of several clones used by DNA from Sgt. Savage and Krieger. When the project failed the government scraped the project and left the clones to die. Feeling betrayed by the government most of the clones turned against the government. Rollbar however knew it was wrong and joined the US Military while the others joined Cobra. Learning Vypra entered the complex, Spirit confronts her only to be shot in the back by Hannibal. Hannibal thens turns on his machine which begins to kill the remaining plant and wildlife in the United States. Barrage breaks free of his cell and finds himself in zero population city in the Atlantic Ocean. Barrage then confronts Leader of the Red Shadows who welcomes him to Eden City. Barrage is surprised to find his daughter standing behind him wearing a red robe. Hours later a helicopter arrives in Eden City with Scarlett and Zartan inside cyrotubes. Leader orders his men to place them in the Genesis Device. Soon after Leader activates the device where several thousand men and women begin to be molded into loyal citizens of the Red Shadows. Barrel Roll, Bombstrike, and Footloose are taken to the main audience chamber of the Cobra Base where they are greeted by Cobra Commander. Meanwhile Salvo contacts G.I. Joe. Chained to a wall Flint screams as Serpentor slashes him across the face with a knife. As Serpentor tortures his prisoner Fred VII cloats about how he forced the greatest ninja to retreat. Outside the facility the injured Tunnel Rat is thrown in the trash and later rescued by Snake Eyes. Zarana wakes up and finds herself tied to a bed wearing only a pink bikini. Next to her in a chair is Firefly who threatens to rape her if she doesn't tell him where to find Zartan. Roadblock wakes up to learn Destro and his Iron Grenadiers are now inside the facility. Roadblock then learns the the shields from the Pandora Project are protecting the building and wildlife around the facility from Hannibals Machine. Roadblock then learns that Destro is building a new weather dominator in hopes of getting amnesty from the United States. Exhausted and barely breathing from the torture Hi-Tech and Hacker are dumped and left for dead in the swamps surrounding Eden City.
  15. Update: After the assassination of the Senator, Duke forms a team of Joes (Lowlight, Med-Alert, Short Fuze, Rollbar) to investigate the destroyed warehouse. Shortly after arriving they are attacked by Cobra SAW Vipers. While fighting a SAW Viper in hand to hand combat Duke knock of his helmet. Duke is surprised to find he looks exactly like Rollbar and begins to question his loyalty. While Hannibal works on his project late at night Cover Girl is left to guard him. Annoyed by him she slugs him after making sexual remarks about a poster of her, he has in his room. She is quickly arrested by two MP's who she finds out are Cobra agents as she is thrown in the back of a truck with Mutt. Spirit is left at the facility unaware Vypra has entered the scene. Barrage wakes up to learn his daughter is being tortured by an old brainwave scanner, where the leader plans to turn her into their first loyal civilian for their new movement. Scarlett wakes up in a old Dreadnok compound where she learns that the Red Shadows are planning a Project called Genesis and their leader as declared her the Eve Device of the project. Salvo wakes up in African village where he learns Cobra left him for dead and the villagers found him. Barrel Roll, Bombstrike, and Footloose find themselves in the back of a hot truck heading towards a secret Cobra Facility. Snake Eyes is forced to retreat when he is unable to stop Fred VII due to the newest enhancements in his suit, which give him the ability of super strength, a chamelon technology. Enrage at Serpentor for killing his wife Flint beats Serpentor and leaves him in a pool of his own blood. Before Flint can deliver the final blow Tunnel Rat pushes him away and is forced to knock him unconscious. When Tunnel Rat turns around he his shot in the chest by Raptor, a Cobra also thought to be long dead. Scrap Iron finds Zarana and procedes to blow up the club with her in it. When Zartan arrives he comes to believe Zarana was killed as he watches it burn to the ground. Several Red Shadows come out of the surrounding bushes and capture him. Roadblock arrives at the secret Texas facility with Baroness in disguise as a Major. Inside the facility he is knocked unconscious as Baroness begins to operate the Pandora Project. Hi-Tech and Hacker are tortured under the brainwave scanner and forced to reveal Classified Information on Joe Technology. Stalker wakes up to find himself left for dead in the middle of desert without any gear.
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