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  1. Congrats! Great to hear some good stories from the hasbrotoyshop.com sale. I wish my story was as good as yours... unfortunately... lol
  2. I was on hasbrotoyshop.com all morning (starting at 8am here in NC) and was refreshing all day until the exclusives finally showed up. I don't need them, but I was trying to get some for trades and for other collectors who could use them... Anyway, they were listed early this morning as "Out of Stock", and were that way for about 10 minutes before changing to "In Stock", but the "add to Cart" button didn't show up until about 5 minutes later. Then, even though it was slow, I was able to add 2 of each: Obi-Wan, unmasked Kylo Ren, and Jyn Erso to my cart. I proceeded to check out (which again took forever), then finally got to the log in page. I made sure to check all of info last night so today would be smooth sailing, so I signed in with no problem. Then I clicked the checkout button, but it took me straight back to the sign in page. I did this about 4 more times and got the same result. Figuring something was screwy with my laptop, I closed my browser and then opened it back up... and signed back into my hasbrotoyshop account. My figures were still there, but it did the exact same thing... over and over and over... Needless to say, no luck for me with the figures. Next time I tried, my cart was now empty. Did anyone else out there experience any sort of problem like this? I have ordered extras of the SDCC exclusives every year since the 6" Black Series started and have never run into anything like this before.
  3. If you are really wanting a Jyn, I could possibly work out a deal for another set of droids. I could always use another set for my loose collection. Let me know. I would like to help out as many fellow collectors as I can.
  4. GuitarDevil scored me a set today. I hope I saved you a trip. Thanks so much for offering your help.
  5. Right now I have an extra Obi Wan and an extra Jyn Erso. I also have duplicates of every retail 6" figure to date.
  6. The above offer I made to GuitarDevil also goes for anyone else out there that can find that droid 3 pack. I need it mib if possible. Thanks.
  7. I've gotta ask... where did you get that droid set? They are sold out on TRU.com and I told my SDCC hook-up to skip them because I figured they would be as easy to find as the Han / Greedo set. If you found them at a store, I have SDCC exclusives I would be willing to trade for a set, if you can find another one. I also think I read that you were looking for some figures earlier that I have multiples of. PM me if you might be interested. I have doubles and triples of almost every 6" Black Series figure made so far!
  8. Your going old school man....I really need to get my stuff an re-inventory it....I have some gems from the last few years, even an Rancor from SOTE? it has weird tattoos on it....I really wanted an AT-AT but I missed out...they'll be out again if we know toy collecting...I'm kinda bummed I was trying to track down an SW black 6" Luke in Bespin or Jedi evening gown attire but all the ones I saw at retail had sad droopy eyes....in other words they weren't worth $20 bucks to me...so I missed out on them...I was looking at the Figarts Jedi Luke but $80 is steep....wish they had better QC on these figs sometimes.....they knock so many out of the park but I just couldn't take the droopy eyes....hopefully they'll put Luke out again as the only version I have of him is Pilot gear, the Luke's w/Wampa never made it here at retail anywhere....I mean Luke's their Bread & Nutella & I feel like they rushed him out I think that Rancor was from The Force Unleashed. I really wanted that thing.
  9. THIS! And he needs 2 gold arms! Or at least an interchangeable gold one so you can have either an original trilogy or Episode VII version. IDC- I hope they do this ^ & don't go the cheap route & stiff us an arm ((((no pun) or maybe?) if it works for you.)...no then) either way I wonder if we'll get an hetero life mate for my R2D2 before the next comet apocalypse....by the way did anyone here ever get General Hux?? Was he worth it? I have Hux... and he's not the greatest figure, that's for sure. He's starting to ship again in cases with Asty... two of the hardest for me to find in this line.
  10. THIS! And he needs 2 gold arms! Or at least an interchangeable gold one so you can have either an original trilogy or Episode VII version.
  11. I would love to see Bib Fortuna Gamorrean Guard to have a few more members of Jabba's court to go with Jabba. Mine NEEDS Bib Fortuna standing with him! lol
  12. ANH Leia is supposed to be in the next wave with Sabine and Darth Revan.
  13. I've always found Walmart depressing. My Walmart isn't depressing... it's downright suicidal! lol They have restocked 6" Black Series figures (only thing I collect now other than those Titanium mini helmets) twice since Christmas, and even then it was only one new case each time.
  14. I lucked out and found the 6" Rey with lightsaber and Asty variant (with gun packed at his side instead of in his hand) today. I also found the latest wave of the Black Series Titanium mini helmet 2-packs... First Order Elite TIE Pilot & black Poe Dameron X-Wing, and Darth Vader & original trilogy Stormtrooper. Not a bad day at all.
  15. I never saw the articulated one, so I wouldn't know about that. But, yeah, I think that the hood from the unmasked figure looks pretty good on the helmet only deluxe figure. Star checking your local Walmarts. I have been in 2 over the past week that have been stocked to the gills with the older Black 3 3/4" figures. The one I was in today had 20 Han Solos, 22 Poe Damerons, 17 Leias, 18 Finns, 6 Reys, 23 Jedi Lukes, 8 Chewbaccas, 12 Stomrtroopers, and 13 Kylo Rens. Same Walmart had a crapload of older 6" as well. 12 Kylo Rens (2nd version with textured cape and painted lightsaber hilt), 8 Resistance Troopers, 10 Guavian Enforcers, 8 Poe Damerons, 15 Constable Zuvios, 6 Captain Phasmas, and of course... around 16 or 17 Finns. I know Phasma was pretty hard to find for a while. The other Walmart I went to last Saturday had almost as many of each one as well. Just a heads up for collectors looking for any of these. Oh, the Walmarts I found all of these in were the stores in Morganton, NC (the one I was in today) and the one in Weaverville, NC... for anyone near them here in Western NC.
  16. Well, in the past week I was able to pick up another Ahsoka, Asty and Jango Fett... and my Kmart Starkiller Base Reys arrived today, so I now have at least one MIB and one loose of every single 6" Black figure made! Today's Reys caught me up! I will say though that the delivery really pissed me off. UPS Tracking showed a delivery date of today and my package was "On truck for delivery" this morning at 5:15 am, so I figured they'd be here around lunchtime. Anyway, I waited around home all day until around 6:30 when I stepped out to grab some dinner and hit Walmart with the family. When we got home and pulled into my driveway, I noticed something lying in my yard near the road. I got out and it was my package in a clear plastic bag tied at the end. Just lying there in the grass at the end of my driveway... as far away from my house as you can get. I have a pretty long driveway that goes up a hill to my house, and there was my package lying at the end of it near the highway. What the hell? I have a fairly large enclosed front and back porch and have had deliveries laid on my picnic table, but never just thrown in my yard like that. ANYONE just passing by on the highway could have pulled over and grabbed my delivery. That's service for you, huh? They had even taped a little "Sorry we missed you" note to the bag, so what had they done?... Drove up my driveway, knocked on the door, saw I wasn't home, took the package with them and then dropped it in the yard on their way out? Why didn't they just leave it on the porch after they figured out no one was home? The more I think about it, the less sense it makes... and the madder I get!
  17. Well, my old man Han story gets even stranger. I told the tale of finding and buying Han at Walmart, but I had to open him because his box had been destroyed.... well, I decided to purchase one on eBay as well. I was able to get a mint in box one for $28 plus $7 shipping, and even though I know I overpaid, I just feel it in my bones I will never see him at retail again. Anyway, I paid immediately and received a notification last Sunday that my figure had shipped. Now I know it hadn't actually shipped on Sunday, so I figured that meant the seller had created a shipping label and would ship Monday. Well, tomorrow marks one week since the shipping label was created and the figure STILL has not made it to the carrier! The seller has great (and a lot of) feedback, so I guess I am a little confused by all of this. I have contacted the seller 3 times since Sunday, but I have not gotten any sort of response. According to the listing, my figure should be here Monday, but it still has not been dropped off, or picked up by, the USPS. It just looks like I will never have this figure MIB. There are NONE in stores anywhere near me, and I can't even get the one I overpaid for on eBay!
  18. I found "Old Man Han" at my local Walmart tonight. It looks like I am up against an old foe... It seems like every 6" Black figure I find nowadays has their packaging all beat to hell... EXACTLY like the same kind of incidence I ran into during the original "Power of the Force" line... Some old lady was buying what MOC or MIB she could afford, and then leaving the rest all beat to hell and dying (at her own hand so anyone wanting MOC or MIB would have to buy at her flea market booth) on the shelf. My Han Solo's box was ripped and crushed to the point almost no one would buy it. I buy one to keep in box and one loose, so I was quick to add Han to my loose collection... I guess I will have to wait.. when, and IF, I see it on the pegs again to add a MIB to my collection.
  19. I, personally, would advise against Hot Toys figures. Don't get me wrong, Hot Toys figures are incredible to look at, but they are not very durable. I have owned MANY 12" Hot Toys figures throughout the years and have had a lot of quality control issues. Everything from buttons falling off, guns snapping, hand and foot pegs breaking, rings inside the necks coming out... etc. I have made a vow to never buy another one after so many problems. I have sold all of mine except my '89 Keaton Batman, but I don't touch him because I just know that after a while, that rubber body suit is going to rip. I just think that figures that cost anywhere from $200 to $400 should be much more durable. If you ever do buy any, handle them with kid gloves and treat them more like a piece of art than an action figure.
  20. I was going by eBay sellers mostly to get wave breakdowns... There are quite a few sellers there with listings for wave 3 consisting of General Hux, TIE Pilot, Asty, Resistance Trooper and Snow Trooper. Thanks for clearing it up for me. There had been no restocks since Wave 2 in October at my store and then, BAM! lol
  21. What are new case breakdowns looking like?... Anyone know? I went to Walmart the other day and one Constable Zuvio was on the pegs. I go back the very next day and find the same Zuvio, 4 Reys, 6 Finns, 4 Stormtroopers, 4 Kylo Rens, 3 Resistance Troopers, 3 TIE Fighter Pilots, and I General Hux, No Snow Trooper or Asty. Just seemed like some really odd numbers.
  22. Where'd you find these? What state? My Walmart has only stocked wave 2 once and nothing else. Absolutely no new stock since the week of Halloween.
  23. I would LOVE to have a set of those Elites... if anyone would like to help a fella out! lol I am probably 3 hours or more away from the nearest Disney Store. There used to be 2 within an hours drive, but that was many MANY years ago. Question though. How much do those figures weigh and exactly what parts of them are made of die-cast?
  24. I actually went to Walmart at around 11:20 and they had a display set up with all the new toys in the middle of the aisle. Funny, because my Walmart never hs squat except a few Hans, Obi Wans, and Bespin Lukes. Anyway, there were 4 other collectors there, and we each got a complete set of the 6" Black figures and everyone was able to grab a few extras. The display was three rows, 1 deep. The display broke don like this... 4 Chewbaccas 4 Stormtroopers 9 Kylo Rens 9 Finns 9 Reys Seemed like a funny ratio, but the display was still wrapped up and none had been taken. Needless to say the 6" figures were gone in under 3 minutes. I was able to score a complete set along with an extra Stormtrooper, Kyloe Ren and Chewbacca to open. A few of the guys only bought a couple, so I lucked out with their picking and choosing. Great figures, BTW...
  25. Welcome to the forums BTW... I am fairly new as well. I have read the forums for many, MANY years, but just started posting.
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