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  1. Female Thor! She was done long before Marvel announced their new female Thor, I just never got around to painting her until now. The idea for the design was to end up with something that would be a mix of the movie Thor costume and Comic Thor. In the end, there's a lot more movie Thor in her with some Comic Thor accents. The cape pegs into her back and can be removed. She was 3D printed at 7.36 inches so she'd be as tall as her Marvel Select counterpart. I don't know if the issue was scaling paired with the printing inaccuracy when you scale things up, but the hands pegs came out sorta loose and I had to glue them in place. The rest was fine. I tried a few new paints on her. Got tired of the bad coverage of some of the cheap acrylic metallics and purchased some citadel paints for the hammer, gold and skin, too. The quality turned out to be worth the price.
  2. Thanks Mer-Man! It would be doable but there's too many downsides to it right now for me to do it. Some of the thinner joints and areas like the wrists would have to be tweaked to be strong enough and the current (cheaper) plastic wouldn't be able to retain all the detail, you'd have to use one of the more expensive plastics, which would put the price to around $30 or so per figure. The current plastic is also very easy to paint, its not water tight by default so it absorbs paint nicely giving a great coverage and eventually becomes very scratch resistant whereas the more expensive plastics would be harder to paint too. I may do some tests down the road, but for now it's too much trouble
  3. Render of the 3D model with some of the other gear not used here and an open top version.
  4. Another 3D printed figure. Printed through Shapeways: http://www.shapeways.com/shops/Strangefate I made different kinds of gear that i can mix and match andshould allow me to create other agent-ish characters down the road. Painted with Acrylics with a Krylon Finish.
  5. Hey guys, I finished another custom last week. She was made again all in 3D and printed online through shapeways... then assembled and painted with acrylics. The sword was 3D printed too, was just an old sword I had lying around made years ago. I did learn that I need to make blades slightly thicker
  6. Another 3D printed figure (the 3rd!), using my base mesh. Dr. Fate has always been one of my favorite characters so ever since I decided to give 3D printing figures a try, I've been looking to do my own version of a Dr. Fate. Since it required more time modeling etc I had to postpone her until my action figure base was more robust and tested. She was painted with cheap acrylics and sealed with a Krylon finish. I used finger nail polish and a brush on glossy finish to bring some gloss back into the gold parts. -For the cape I tried a new elastic material. The upside is that it is very flexible, and the downside is that the prints are not as clean or sharp as the regular plastics and the surface is a bit rougher, which I didn't mind much for something like a cape. Another upside of the material is that it's even less watertight than the regular one, which lets it absorb more paint, bonding better with it and making it literally unscratchable. So far she's the figure I'm the most happy with, in part because she didn't have eyes for me to mess up while painting, thank god for helmets.
  7. completely forgot about this thread! AFR, the texture comes from the figure parts being printed with the wrong orientation... a problem that has been fixed since then (my bad). The new figures come out all smooth:
  8. I think she looks the same way she always looked again now. I imagine DC didn't get much love for the new look, even tho I think she's not the regular PG but a different one stranded on earth 2 ? Comics have gotten so much more confusing since that reboot... I suppose I could have given her bigger... friends yes, just wasn't worth it for me as I just wanted a new figure to test prints. If I do a proper PG in the future, I'll make sure to put more weight in the right places.
  9. Finished my second custom. Was done using the same base I created for Songbird with a slightly tweaked face and 3D printed. She's 6.5 inches tall but also prints well at 6.2 to go with the 6 inch lines... I just prefer the 7 inch quality lines better myself. I picked powergirl because I still had some joints left to tweak on my base, and powergirl was quick and easy to do, plus gave the chance to also try out capes. Painted with cheap acrylics and coated with Krylon. I noticed from the earlier songbird figure that the paint becomes unscratchable on this plastic. It's not watertight until coated so it absorbs the paint and coat and after a while you can't damage it at all with fingernails and you don't have to worry about paint rubbing and scratching.
  10. They turned out really great, instantly recognizable. Some of the shots work really well too
  11. Thanks captain! I painted and assembled the second print. This one was closer to 7 inch lines. First custom I painted so there were some things to learn... but after many painting accidents I got her done and coated. The eyes I ruined and had to redo, don't look as good anymore :/ Having all details sculpted in, made it rather easy to paint otherwise, which of course did nothing to prevent my many, many painting accidents. Some pictures below. There's some stepping artefacts here and there from the printing orientation which I hope will be fixed when I upload the (hopefully) last version to shapeways with some further joint tweaks, 1-2 small fixes to prevent paint rub and the print orientation thing... I just haven't been paying much attention to that one. I've also updated the shapeways entries: http://www.shapeways.com/shops/Strangefate
  12. Glad you like it Joe! I forgot to mention that the figure is on shapeways too: http://www.shapeways.com/shops/Strangefate I need 1 last print to tweak some joints that were too hard to plug in (had to use a small drill to widen the wholes slightly) and after that I'll make some simple instructions about the assembly (don't plug left arm in right shoulder etc) and let people order their own prints, so everybody can have their own custom!.
  13. The final version, got a second one that I'll paint before assembling.
  14. Update! All joints done and working. Some of them need minor tweaks (takes too much strength to plug them in etc). She has a decent range of motion matching what I saw in 3D, the torso and neck were the only ones I couldn't really test out. Neck has a pretty decent range in all directions but the torso is rather limited, I'll have to see what I can tweak there now that I can see what the issues are. I'm overall happy with the posed results, she has a decent range without sacrificing looks. And that's it for now, I'll do tweaks over the next few days and order another print next week...
  15. Thanks! It's all being done in modo ( www.luxology.com ) and printed through www.shapeways.com Don't have much to update right now, I've done some more stuff on Songbird fixing shoulder rotations with those pads and added some detail on the shoes but the rest needs to wait until all the joints work properly on the base figure or I'll be doing some things twice. Takes anywhere between 2-4 weeks to get a print back so it's a bit of a waiting game. These are all the pieces that make up the base figure and how they get printed: And in the meantime I figured I'd start on Skadi while I wait, she'll probably need slightly longer legs to give the right image, but that has to wait until all joints are confirmed working too.
  16. Almost done with Songbird... New hair should allow enough head movement. Costume has been broken down to work with articulation. Shoulder pads still need tweaks to not block shoulder rotations... legs and feet are still missing some details. Waiting for second print to see which/if joints need more work.
  17. And Songbird so far, leg detail still missing and everything was modeled for the rigged version originally, so the costume details flow over the joints atm, I'll fix that at the end. Her hair was done but was limiting head movement too much so I have to redo that after the remaining joints are done. That's all for now I think... I'll update if there's anything interesting to see, which may not be that soon.
  18. UPDATE: Final images now at the bottom! ------------------------- Hey all, New here and working on my first action figure custom (exciting times)... I picked songbird because her costume is simple and tight with a few simple additional elements on top which seemed like a good and easy choice for a start. I'm trying a bit of a different approach using 3d printing in the hope to get more options and flexibility down the road. I've printed some of my work before like http://dl.dropbox.co...d292db757_c.jpg but doing an articulated action figure always seemed rather daunting. I'm in the middle of some vacations so I happen to have time to try things out!. Resins seem to be getting better with different types and properties to pick from so I think it should be doable. I don't have a print with all the joints I've done so far, only from the first test with a knee joint. I didn't bother printing head and arms as there was nothing there to see yet. I'm still trying out different materials seeing which one will work best. This print one was done with the default resin, not the best detail fidelity and smoothness but slightly cheaper than others. Turned out better than I thought it would. Since it was just a test it was all printed as 1 piece. Later, things like the Belt would be separate with a peg to attach it to the body, that way it should bend up when needed rather than restrict leg movement, plus I like the idea of separate layers and depth to make the figure look more 3d. I was worried about the joints (still am about some). I wanted to create the same type of joints regular figures have (without the holes on the sides) and the pieces had to pop all in place, stay there and be tight. To my own surprise it worked, joint popped in well (used some hot water just in case) and is as tight as they are on your average new figure. Her height will be around 17cm / 6.7 inches with hair which felt about right to work with DC, MOTU, Marvel Select and the old larger Marvel legends (not a big fan of the shorter and spindly newer ones). Since her parts are just printed, she can be scaled to any size, as long as the joints are still strong enough. After Songbird I'd like to do some larger ones like Skadi from Marvel's Fear and Titania, that would be anywhere around 18-20cm or 7.3'' - 7.87'' that would look proper with other larger Marvel Select figures. I took some time today and gave her a quick paint job with regular acrylics to see what I was getting into and how the resin took on the idea of getting painted. Didn't wait for the paint to dry so coverage is meh. That aside, paint adheres to it better than it does on regular plastics so far. So, by now the joints are all almost done, currently working on shoulders, then neck and wrists will be next. Hands are not posed yet. The goal with the figure is to have a base on top of which I can model and sculpt any hero or figure of my design that I want, and then just print it out without much fuss. Also I'm trying to find a good balance between articulation and body outline, I'd rather be closer to MOTU than the current marvel legends where the human form is simplified and disregarded too much. The original model I made is rigged so I'll have different posed, swappable hands and premade hair styles that can be pegged on her head. Also, I sculpted an additional version with pronounced musculature that I can gradually turn on or off to get the physique I want for the current character. I can also transfer any gear/chothes etc to the rigged version and print out a posed bust... if I wanted that, takes some minor work and faces would need more than a neutral expression.
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