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  1. Fisher is only 5 feet tall. I'm actually pleased as punch that her action figure is appropriately sized. As a entire-line Marvel Legends collector, it is super-rare for any female character to be smaller than Captain America. And they should be. It's great to see Hasbro really trying to make the Black Series accurate. Great to see in-hand pics of Greedo. He just looks awesome. Not very excited to see the Ep 3 Anakin Skywalker. Sure, he looks like a good figure, but the design of the guy itself is kinda boring. It's not that I hate prequel characters in the line, it's just that young O
  2. It's because MP-01 got so many releases including a few in the US, that makes me hopeful that MP-10 will come around again. Oh sure, I know it just got a re-release by Takara in Japan, but $300??? Pass.
  3. Prince Xizor would actually be a cool toy. I don't know if I wanna get into the whole Expanded Universe thing. Do we really think that'll happen? I guess if they sell well and the line goes on for 20 series who knows what we'll see. Mara Jade? Grand Admiral Thrawn? Jacen and Jania? Winter? I'd be happy to see a Spacetrooper. I'm buying mostly droids, bounty hunters and troopers, and a Spacetrooper would be awesome. Maybe sometime around 2018?
  4. Well I've never seen these on the shelves, which is nice. I want them to sell out and for the stores to feel good about ordering more.
  5. I am loving the cars for Menasor. I just love the idea that Transformers are the hottest, sexiest cars on the road or in the concept showroom. I'm not nuts about Menasor in general but man I love those cars. I like modern cars and I think it's cool to make them modern cars instead of their G1 old counterparts.
  6. Still think it's neat that this is what started this thread. And I didn't pay any attention to it. I adore my MP-01 Convoy (Optimus Prime) and my MP-03 Walmart Starscream, but nothing was really happening with Masterpiece. Then... MP-10 Oh I had heard they were doing a new Optimus Prime - smaller, with no die-cast, no light up Matrix in the chest - pass. MP-11 Another Starscream, a lot like the last one. Pass. MP-12 I just didn't really pay attention. It was MP-13 - SOUNDWAVE that really got me to stand up and take notice. Man that thing is awesome. But I went back and picked up
  7. The ones I really wanted for years were Boba Fett and Sandtrooper, and they show up in the first 2 waves, so I'm pretty happy about everything. And now that those are taken care of: IG-88 Bossk 4-LOM Zuckuss Dengar That would be heaven, although just IG-88 and Bossk would be ok. Darth Vader Snowtrooper Captain Rex General Grievous - what an awesome toy that could be Ashoka Tano - don't laugh! That would be such a cool-looking toy.
  8. Oh c'mon. Making a Rebel Blockade Runner in scale for the 3 3/4 line would be 50 feet long. For a 6-inch line? No way. I mean, I have a crazy dream of an in-scale Dewback to put that Sandtrooper on , because if a Stormtrooper riding around on a giant lizard isn't awesome, then nothing is awesome, but at least that's a kinda do-able dream.
  9. Those are nice carded images, and for a guy like me who always throws out his packaging, even I am sorely temped to keep these boxes around. That's just some sharp looking packaging right there. I just got hold of my first, the Sandtrooper, and it's a hell of a figure. I hope this series lasts a long, long time.
  10. In less than 10 years the US Masterpiece Starscream that was $50 has gone up to the US Masterpiece Acidstorm for $90. But I guess that's not that different than what has happened with most toys. For instance, Marvel Legends.
  11. Hey, that Skyfire/Jetfire looks pretty good! At 12 inches tall he'd be right in line with the newer Masterpieces. Keeping my eye on that one for sure.
  12. That would be nice. I always say, wait till you see it in person, but that is getting so much harder these days. I hardly see anything in person and order from online sellers almost exclusively. Not by choice, I just haven't seen anything on the shelves here in years, except Heroic Age Iron Man.
  13. OK, I am totally in for: Moonstone Radioactive Man AIM goon NOW! Cap movie Widow Black Cat Venom Rescue IM3 War Machine and that's a LOT for a cherry-picker like me who already has a ton of awesome Marvel superarticulated toys. The NOW! Captain America looks amazing, could turn out to be a highlight of the line, and might replace my current Cap, although I agree with Cobra Officer that the paint leaves a bit to be desired. I can fix that. Black Cat looks to be the best-looking superarticulated female-shaped superhero toy ever. Will have to wait till I have her in hand but MA
  14. Ah.... nice. Thanks for the link. I have a thing for Bespin Luke. Just always liked that look. Only really interested in droids, bounty hunters and troopers from this line, but I will need that Luke. Greedo is surprisingly one of the best-looking figures in the line, and having a little gang of crazy SW aliens might be cool. GAH! I don't wanna want them all, but man, they are looking pretty swank.
  15. These are fantastic pics. Loving the FOTNS stuff. Great shots of Cap with Masked Rider. Love all the Wolverine pics.
  16. The additions to Smokescreen look pretty cool, and I like the extra bulk it gives him. I still like Prowl the best though, and I only need one of any given mold.* I didn't know about his shoulder cannons being an Amazon.jp exclusive. I hope some enterprising 3rd party makes cool shoulder cannon snap-ons for Prowl - those little things I've been seeing on him and Bluestreak are not very exciting. *plus, I really really like the Binaltech Smokescreen. A lot. Cartoon accuracy be damned.
  17. I loved the Simonson runs on Thor and FF. I'm just happy we got a really nice Beta Ray Bill from ToyBiz. It'd be nice to see Thor get a line like X-men and Iron Man, although I'm not sure his character is on par with those guys in term of popularity. Still, I'd be loving one just to get Hela. Hela has such a cool design and I'd love to get a figure of her. Unlikely I know. Sif would be a welcome addition too.
  18. Well now there's this: Posted at USA Today online. Thanks Captain Vold for pointing this out. Couldn't be happier with how it came out. Really, it's gorgeous. It's sorta a dream come true for a guy like me. I had to change my underpants. Now I just have to wait for news of its regular release without Han, which I have no interest in.
  19. As someone who has dreamed about great, articulated Star Wars action figures in the 6-inch scale for years... you don't wanna know what I would pay for something like that. But I'm not gonna. Boba Fett will get released without Han in carbonite, right? Well I have no use for Han in carbonite. Neat accessory? Sure. But will I pay an extra $25 for a neat accessory and nice package, both of which I will throw away? Nope. I just want some sort of confirmation that this same Fett with the same weapons will be released as a regular figure. A regular figure I will gladly wait for.
  20. I just started watching Headmasters, and it's just a straight-up continuation of G1. There are more differences between pre-movie G1 and post-movie G1 than there are between post-movie G1 and Headmasters. So somehow both Soundwave and Blaster died in a huge climactic battle, so they both get reborn. And Soundblaster is born. And there's all his cassette warriors, the same 5 we got Masterpieces of... Plus Ratbat. Man, I want a Ratbat Masterpiece now. He was all over post-movie G1 and he's still there for Soundblaster. But to stay on topic, I held off on the Classics Kup for a
  21. Man, that MkXVII is badass. I'd love to get an action figure of that in my (ML, 6inch) scale. I wish this was the 90s sometimes, when movies would get figures of everybody. Mary Jane? Sure. J Jonah Jameson? Sure. Bob the Goon? Sure. If there was ever a movie made to sell toys it's Iron Man 3.
  22. That sounds like a good time. I love that stuff. First bunch of Spider-mans, first bunch of Fantastic Four and first 25 issues or so of Avengers are some of my fave comics. I seldon buy comics anymore. They are just too expensive. But I'll go by the library and pick up trades. I just got through reading the first 5 or 6 trades of the new X-Factor, which is pretty rad, I love that Peter David.
  23. Destroyah looks amazing. Always liked that guy. I still haven't heard anything about the Evangelion line of figures they were looking to put out in the S.H. MonsterArts line. They were shown at ToyFair a while back but no conformation so far about them actually gettig made. Anyone heard anything about them?
  24. The real question to me is how tall they S.H. Figuarts Iron Man figures are gonna come out. S.H. Figuarts are generally ML-sized, which is taller than the Figma ones put out a while back, whihc were shorter than the 6-inch scale Iron Man movie II figures that came out, whihc were already too small for ML almost. So if the new S.H. Figuarts Iron Man movie figures are a bit taller than the Figmas, then I'm so on board. Only time till tell I guess.
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