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  1. Kids frikken LOVE Cars. I love me some Star Wars, but this sounds like it may very well dilute the brand. We'll see. That Star Tours ride I took (several times) at Disneyland Tokyo (because trust me, the Japanese one is WAY better) was one of the coolest things ever, so there's certainly possibilites.
  2. "Dark Horse revolutionized the treatment of comics based on films." Damn right they did. Their work with Predator, Alien and Terminator in the early 90s was fantastic, and I have been pretty hip to their work on Star Wars. I hope they go balls-crazy with their last year. You done good, Dark Horse. Take a bow.
  3. Just happy that Wheeljack is confirmed. Him and Ironhide are my 2 biggest wants out of Masterpiece.
  4. If that leaked list is true, I'd be psyched to get Darth Vader. I know he's a lock, but I'm still way psyched to get him. The Clone Trooper could be cool, there are so many variations of that I wonder what it'll be? I hope it's one of the Commander uniforms. Like Lady Jaye, I'm still looking forward to a Snowtrooper. And if that really does turn out to be a Dewback under Deluxe - Sandtrooper, I will be in heaven. Nothing says badass like a Stormtrooper riding a giant lizard.
  5. This is basically the same as the DCSH series 1 Batman, but with the cloth cape. And I always liked a lot of things about it, including the slimmer build. Nice movce with replacing the head - it needs it. If this thing had decent hip articulation, it could be a realy winner for me. As it is, I took many parts of this one to build my own best Batman figure.
  6. Finally got ahold of a Boba Fett. And it's pretty fantastic. Been wanting him since May, no wait, make that since 1998, and finally getting him, having a nice, superarticulated Boba Fett in the 6-inch scale, it's kinda a dream come true. These figs are practically non-existent on shelves out here (Vegas) which I'll take as a good sign. With Fett and the Sandtrooper, this is really one hell of a line. Just having those two is pure toy joy. (I'm not getting human characters so getting the faces right with limited paint apps is not a problem for me.) The only realy problem with Bob
  7. I know trying to get any sense of scale in the Transformers world is a sure way to madness. Yeah, there's a cartoon reference scale chart out there, but even in the toon itself it's so all over the place.... But yeah, I am trying to have a little Transformers collection that is in scale with each other. At least relative scale. And it's tough. I must be crazy. Talking to Transformers fans about size and scale is almost impossible. "That looks cool - how big is that?" "It's Voyager size." What the hell does that mean??!! And according to the head designer, after and including the rebo
  8. It does make sense. It's a smart move by Hasbro to keep comic-based MLs out there on the shelves. I imagine if these are anything like the huge amount of Superman Returns figures out there right now, they should be distributed pretty well, and somewhat decent to find. Except Black Cat. No way anyone is finding Black Cat except the people who devote WAY too much time to it.
  9. I never got MP-10 Convoy/Optimus, because I had MP-01, and wtf, why bother getting a smaller crappier one? But now I totally want one to be in scale with my other MPs, and this YOTH reissue is a great idea, a way to find one cheap... but I'd have to paint way too much of it to get a 'normal' Optimus out of it. If it was just paint the gold to silver, no problem. Instant buy. But it's way more than that. I'm still waiting on the knock-off, improved one that we've seen news and pics of unless some other option comes up. That KO is coming along nicely.
  10. Well, yeah, insanely popular as far as TF goes. I was just over in Japan and went to Akihabara and everything, and man, I saw NO Transformers. A lot of Gundam and a lot of Kamen Rider, but no TFs. As far as the Star Saber Masterpiece, I'll just have to see how it comes out. I'm not a collector driven by nostalgia at all. I have no real connection to Transformers from my youth ( I was too old for that) and I certainly have no connection to Sideswipe as a character, but man, that is one cool-ass toy, and I love it. If Star Saber is a really great toy, I may very well get it.
  11. Apparently Armada was insanely popular in Japan.
  12. Brilliant move on their part. MP Grimlock is too small now with the new MP10 and above scale, so make the new Dinos at the right size and throw in extensions for Grimlock. The real question is if they will do a whole new Grimlock down the road. I'm psyched to see Swoop as a silhouette in there, because I kinda love that guy, and even more excited to see Skyfire as a silhouette. Skyfire seems unlikely for Takara to make in the MP line, because he'd be so big and expensive for such a b-list character. I always thought Skyfire was cool as hell though, and I think this is the 4th Skyfire being
  13. Very nice. Y'know, I don't do repaints or re-decos, in TF or any line. Just one of any sculpt, thanks. I've made my choice with Prowl, he is awesome, but all the pics of the Streak here really are tempting. I'm sure it'll just get worse once Smokescreen comes along.
  14. Obi-Wan always looked bad. Boring design, boring toy, didn't come out very well anyway. But Bespin Luke kinda breaks my heart a little. Hey, no one knows better than me that there's a difference between prototype and final production model, but MAN, that took a huge dip. It just looked SO nice before, and now, not so much. How much can I fix witha repaint? I dunno - like always, I'll have to wait and see how it actually comes out.
  15. It's kinda exciting to think of where this line could be in 3 years, and how much fun parts swapping and accessory trading could be going on.
  16. Hard to quantify. Been a huge DD fan in the comics for years, and really wanted to like it. I wanted it to have the same kind of impact that many of those comic stories had on me. But it just wasn't quite there. It was OK and Affleck was OK, but that's about it.
  17. Well I'm not on board with Hot Toys stuff, and partly that's because I don't want my toys that big, and partly price. But if anything I think I'm like a lot of toy enthusiasts in that I will pay for nicer stuff, and I realize the days of $8 Marvel Legends with stands and comic books are way over. But a look at how Masterpiece Transformers, SH Figuarts, Figmas, new Marvel Legends and the Star Wars Black Series are hot items, not just to me, but to a lot of folks, I'd say if the quality is there we'll pony up the dough. That's just us "collectors" though (gah, I hate that term) and when
  18. Well it looks like they will get out those last few reveals. Hook-hand Aquaman, Ice and such. Then that's all she wrote. I remember the original plan was 25 waves of 5 figures a wave. An ambitious plan that didn't quite make iut through, but I think with the sub figures, the Batman unlimiteds and everything else, they still made 125 figures easy. It was a good run. Made some of my favorite toys. Heck, I bought 2 Deathstroke the Terminators, just so that when I wreck one in 20 years from now from messing with it too much, I'll be able to open a replacement. But much like Marvel Legend
  19. Actually, the very best Superman stories I ever read were the Supreme comics by Alan Moore. (and All-Star Superman) I like the idea of him going vegetarian. (not crazy about soul-vision) I like when they focus on how this god-like person interacts with the world in a realistic way. I can't imagine how he can even look at us humans. He can see all the little bugs crawling all over our faces and living in our eyelashes. He can see that clear as day. We must be so gross to him.
  20. I have no way of watching this show, but that clip looks really fun and for the first time, I wanna see this show. Too bad I can't oh well.
  21. I know it's a big draw to get everyone on board with the smaller figures. Like, FINALLY, here's your Keaton Bats, your Reeve Supes! C'mon over!! BAH! Of no use to me and my exclusively 6-inch collection. I'd buy them in 6-inch in a New York minute. I'm with Major Bludd on this one.
  22. We'll see. I'll remain optimistic for now. Clone Wars started off really weak but eventually it got pretty good. Some very neat stuff going on in there. Not all of it, but some neat stuff. I remember in the old Marvel Comics they were STILL meeting Jedis who escaped the Purge after the destruction of the Death Star. And then there's the Purge itself. All that stuff in between Ep 3 and 4. There's some neat stories in there if that's where they're going.
  23. forgot about lando, needs me a lando from this line Although I'm not really interested in getting normal humanoids (besides that excellent Bespin Luke - I have a thing about that), a Lando could add so much fun play value to my collection. Who's gonna teach the rest of my toys about how to be smooth a silk? Who's gonna show how a pimp hat is worn with flair? Who's gonna extoll the virtues of Colt 45!? It works ever time! Yeah, I can put a Lando to good use. Must have cape as it brings him halfway to pimpville already.
  24. That is cute as hell. Not $50 cute, but a very neat little idea. I wonder if, now that Disney owns Star Wars, if these kind of things are going to be a thing of the past. Lucas has always been very cool about people using his intellectual property in their own, fun, creative ways. But Disney has historically not been very cool about that kind of thing.
  25. Alright! Takara must be really paying attention to how much this line is taking off. Seems almost everybody is getting a re-release. I won't spend $300 on Optimus but $200 for Grimlock?? Maybe. People speak very highly of it.
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