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  1. I really do think that photo of Wheeljack isn't doing him any favors. Japanese publications love to shoot toys at just that angle, with the puffed out chest and from below. I see it all the time, but it just exagerates Wheeljack's barrel-chested, bowlegged qualities. I'm super happy with the colors. Of the 3 companies involved with doing that - Takara, Lancia and Alitlaia, it was Alitlaia that I thought would be the most trouble if you look at the history. SO happy that racecar livery was nailed. And red wheels and everything!!! That is super awesome. In this case, car mode accuracy is a
  2. Goldbug is really really angular, unlike the curves of Bumblebee. Same alt mode, very very different robot mode. I don't think they'd save much by having to make the entire robot mode different. Might as well just make an entire unique mold. But if they can use some of Bumblebee, more power to them. Cliffjumper is kinda similar in robot mode, but completely different in alt mode. That fan-made digibash shows how a robot mode might look, but everything about the car would have to be different. May as well make a completely unique mold. The G1 Bumblebee and the G1 Cliffjumper were completely
  3. Thanks for the review. I am not crazy about that toy at its basic design level, but what do you want from the Jedi? They're not the most exciting characters visually. I'll hope that #1 - The Stormtrooper will eventually be easier to find. How can they not re-release the Stormtrooper?? Han Solo gets a re-release and I gotta think the Stormtrooper will get at least another release. #2, that Clonetrooper will come back out but in a more fun deco and with some more elements to his costume, like a Captain Rex or an ARC Trooper or something.
  4. Now I just need to see a comparison picture witrh Bublebee and some of the other cars. Looking at the 'holy scale chart', Bee can come out really small. I imagine around 5 inches tall would be about right for me, but that's because I am enjoying the Classics Bumblebee in my MP display and he's about 5 inches tall. I already know a lot of people who are not getting MP Bubmlebee because he's not chibi in vehivle mode just like his G1 Penny Racer self, and I know a lot of people are bitching that if he comes out too small they won't buy him too, but I still am gonna say this MP will sell ver
  5. OK, well there we go. Looks like a 1302 Super beetle from 1971 or 1972 (Wide front, flat windshield), real-world not chibi, which I was hoping for. BBTS already dropping the price. Added fully-transforming exo-suit w/ Spike or Daniel. I guess that does kinda make up for the small size, or what I'm assuming is a small size. Not that I want the exo-suit at all, but I know a lot of people that do. I like the tire on his back. That's nice. The thing does look good. I may wait to see if Hasbro brings it over to the US, because how can they not?? It's nice to see a removable faceplat
  6. That's the one I really want too. That Agent Venom would be quite welcome in my collection. I just hope they end up putting out Moonstone somehow too. They may very well not though, since she was already released in the box set, but the single release would be really helpful. You know how much those Moonstones go for on Ebay?? Over $50. I want one, or SOME figure of the new female body, but right now the cheapest option is Black Cat, but c'mon, that one will require a lot of modification to get back to a blank state that Moonstone is already in. Sigh. This friggen hobby tests my patien
  7. Some neat stuff there! I ended up using a soft good coat for my ML4 Punisher too. I used the ML4 Gambit coat and I like how it takes that already great toy and makes it even cooler. Nice job!
  8. That looks pretty good so far. Still a lot of questions. Is this gonna be like his G1 toy and toon and be all chibi-fied? And if the car will be more in real-world proportions, which kind of VW bug are we talkin about? What year? The older ones were much longer, while the newer and more common ones were shorter and starting to be closer to BB's toon look. And how much is this really gonna cost anyway. They can't just make this little bitty MP (and how big IS this?) and charge the same as the cars, although the price in Japan went up between Streak and Smokescreen. And if it's still a larg
  9. Biker Scout. I'm psyched for Vader, that's a lock, but I really had no interest in a Biker Scout or a speeder bike, but holy crap that looks amazing. Mind changed.
  10. Y'know, I'll just be happy to get that Batman and Catwoman, but I couldn't help but think who else we might get* in animated style if they sell well. But sure enough, DCC will want to put out a few more Batmans too, and this is a good list of how to go about that. *I'd love to see an animated Mr. Freeze
  11. Damn! AFSoundwave - I LOVE your Lantern pics. Uncanny FigReview - you take some nice shots. That last pic cracke me up! Pooda - you have a really great sense of lighting. Those are super cool and I love the Hellblazer pic.
  12. http://toynewsi.com/...10&itemid=21906 Holy cr@p! DC Direct, I mean Collectibles, you guys are really stepping up your game. I've always appreciated your sculpts and paint, but you have usually been too pricey and badly articulated to take seriously. I've have very few of your figures from the last 15 years. But your prices are now in line with the rest of the industry, and you are actually articulating your toys for the modern world (and to be honest, my tastes) Holy mother! I want a LOT of these. Nu52 Batgirl - bought Nu52 Supergirl - bought Animated Batman!!??
  13. I really liked the X-Men: First Class comics. Set in the 60s, early Marvel universe, the students actually acting like kids. It was great fun. Sorry to hear the comics of the kids in the modern era are not so great. Still love the idea of this boxset. Really like the original X-Men. But I'm not big on repaints and redecos. It's a thing w/ me. I just don't want any 2 characters on the same body unless they are identical twins. That's the nice thing about the ToyBiz MLs - unique sculpts (often). The SMC Mysterio for example - not perfect, flawed for sure, but on a unique sculpt made f
  14. It does take up an MP spot for the year... You mean for a Hasbro release? Yes, but if I honestly thought they were smart enough to think, "Golly, let's dump this Sunstorm fellow and instead sell a fan-demaned, beloved character" then it would make a difference.
  15. 12 years of waiting for 6-inch Star Wars, and now 2 LINES!!???? One domestic and one import? Sweeeeeeet. MAFEX does good work. If they scale well with the Hasbro stuff, that's all kinds of win. I kinda expect only huge major characters from them, but still.\ Very excited.
  16. There are 2 modes of thought on a US MP Starscream: A) Hasbro already put out an MP Starscream almost 10 years ago. Wal-mart sold them for $50 each and they still went on clearance. They will not put one out again. Only new characters. B ) Hasbro would be stupid not to put out a US MP Starscream on the new mold because everybody wants one and they'll make a killing. They're smart, educated and informed professionals. Nobody is gonna buy guys like Acidstorm and Sunstorm because who the hell are these guys? Sadly, this news lends creedence to the A) theory.
  17. Go take a close look at your G1 toys, The two of them are completely different. And if the G1 toys got entirely different molds*, I would really hope the Masterpiece toys would be completely different molds. *although both Cliffjumper and Bumblebee were released in both yellow and red, so there's some confusion there I'm sure.
  18. Yeah, seeing Scoria stand next to MP Grimlock with the extensions, that looks fine. Smart move.
  19. Not to me it doesn't make sense. Cliffjumper turns into a Porsche 924, and his robot mode is very different from Bumblebee's as well as being taller. I can't imagine re-using very many parts from Bumblebee to make CJ unless you do a crappy job at it, and BB certainly does not repaint into CJ in any way, unless you make a super crappy one. That crap may fly with Classics, but it would be a sad sad Masterpiece. Once we see Bumblebee it'll answer a lot of questions, like just how big he's gonna be, and if the alt mode will be his super-deformed style like the toy and toon, or if it will
  20. I always thought Wheeljack was a bit taller than the other cars! I know I can find pics of him being taller from the cartoon, but you can find anything like that, including that there are 2 Starsceams. But it was just more of a general overall feeling. That he was a bit taller. So I was a little sad when I saw the Holy Scale Chart, and that he is depicted as exactly as tall as prowl, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker and the rest, although he does have his legs bent, in 'Wheeljack' pose, so I guess even according to the Holy Scale Chart, he is a little bigger.
  21. http://tformers.com/...22236/news.html They were thinking the same thing... Thank you Dr. Wu! There's that wrench I wanted. Bought. And here's somebody looking into making that cannon that blows up in his face that I want, the Shockblast Cannon: http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/transformers-3rd-party-discussion/971127-mp-wheeljack-dino-brain-shockblast-cannon.html cool.
  22. Whoo, that's a lot of new pictiures to look at! Damn sexy ones too. OK, the anti-hypnosis device is cool, and maybe I can pick one up. Gotta say, if Wheeljack isn't the guy who is screaming for 3rd party guys to make wild accessories for, nobody is. He's got all kinds of stuff he could use, like the Immobilizer, that wild cannon he trys to shoot at Megatron that blows up in his face, all kinds of wrenches and torches. It's a veritible cornocopia of stuff. Some 3rd party like Dr Wu could make out like a bandit.
  23. Wheeljack looks amazing. Haven't been this excited since I saw Soundwave's grey prototype back in 2012. Really hyped, and a bit sad his date got pushed back, but that happens all the time. Kinda expected it. We'll see what the deco looks like, and if we will likely get a set of stickers from Reprolabels to hit stuff like the Alitalia logos and such. Looks amazing so far.
  24. Hasui and Kobayshi both came in around the same time and both are bigtime Transformers G1 fans, and they both have a big love of the characters and want to do this right. Now that the line has been revamped, and then proven to be a huge success, with many of the MP-10 and higher toys going into second runs after selling out, and even inspiring some of the pre MP-10 toys to go into second runs, nobody is gonna change the way things are done now. We still have Wheeljack, Bumblebee and Ultra Magnus (if the preorders prove true) to get through and those are by Hasui, and I suspect the directio
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