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  1. So Hasbro is wrong for what they charge for 6" figures, but S.H. Figuarts, who charge several times more for the same scale, are in the right? My, that's an impressive double-standard you've built yourself. Import costs + much smaller production runs + many more moving parts = higher price No, I get WHY they cost what they cost, and I don't fault them for it. They're not my cup o' tea, but some amazing workmanship and creativity goes into those figuarts figures (their TMNT Donatello still cracks me up). I just think its a little silly to complain about paying 20+ for a Hasb
  2. Coneheads, huh? So just a redeco of the MP-11 seeker mold instead of a new mold, but looks nice. Certainly the head looks nicer than the iGear coneheads, which are so crazy expensive on the after market. There's a LOT of demand for the coneheads and not nearly enough supply of iGears'. But if these are all gonna be weird exclusives and cost $200 like the Mp-11 Skywarp does, then it's not much help. ToyMecha is still carrying on with their own 3P coneheads based off the MP-11 mold, and they will sell them at half that price. One could wait to see of Hasbro picks this mold up and offers in th
  3. Must be tough on the guys who dig the old 3 3/4 scale. From what I hear the 5 POA things they are doing now are ridiculous. And overpriced. Heck, even buying a 6-inch super-articulated figure at $20 is a tough pill to swallow. Luckily I do not get the 3 3/4 figures, and haven't since I was 10. I'm all about the 6-inch scale and I'm one of those guys who was hoping that some day we'd see Star Wars figs at that scale. But for you guys, it's gotta be like they haven't made anything decent in a long time. And even for guys like me, we are starting to look at Hasbro's Black series as the bott
  4. MP Shockwave and MP Hot Rod are both really exciting announcements - and so quickly shown as color protos due in the next few months to boot! (Feb and March 2016, though I'll believe that when I have them) Huge fan of the MP line in general, but have not gotten one since Wheeljack, and not impressed with Tracks or Ironhide, so to see 2 big ones from my want list, and both of which are looking really sweet, I am all kinds of pumped up for the Masterpiece line. Takara has never been able to put out any more than 3 new molds per year. I remember at one point Hasui saying he'd like to see
  5. Ironhide is still up in the air for me. Right now I am still leaning on the Voodoo version. Truth be told, 3P is doing it for me way more than official right now. Passed on Bumble, Saber and Tracks, might pass on Ironhide. Meanwhile 3P has got me for a Hound, an Inferno (both MakeToys), a Megatron (that'd be Bold Form Gladius), a Galvatron (DX9), a Shockwave (Cloud 9), maybe an insecticon or 2, and likely an Ironhide (Voodoo). Don't make no difference to me if it's official or off-brand - if it's that good I'll get it. 3P just making way more stuff that I'm into right now but I hope Takara
  6. Well that's pretty cool. A better take on Chewie, who I never got, and while I don't know if I'm really gonna want much from the new films, I'll jump on that Stormtrooper. I am loving all the Stormtroopers.
  7. I'm warming up to Ironhide, although I still think the headsculpt is hideous. But I kinda think things may change when we get some pics of the thing further along in its development, and just plain better pics. And Kill Solo, I am done waiting for Takara to make Hound, my fave character. Both FansToys and MakeToys are making a 3rd party version of MP Hound, and they're both known for good products. Not everyone goes the 3P route but I am on board from a nice MP Hound.
  8. 4-LOM Zuckuss Shaak-ti General Grievous Snow Trooper
  9. So, what's the thoughts on recently revealed Ironhide??
  10. Rat King is right about Prime Miko - she was the worst human being ever. A huge discredit to our race. So amazing shallow and vapid and was an honest to god danger to everyone around her - and for what? So she could get a pic on her cellphone?? What a piece of human garbage. But I still think the original Spike was just awful. You know what his catch phrase was? "Optimus, heeeeeeelp!" Godamn it kid, Optimus is in a pitched battle to the death with Megatron on top of a dam. He really doesn't have time for your crap, and aren't there about a dozen other Autobots in shouting distance
  11. And on the topic of Not-so-cheap-and-easy repaints: Road Rage! http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product.aspx?product=TAK12132&mode=retail As far as taking a regular release and modifying it with new parts, this is the most extensive we've seen, with new biceps, hips,crotch, thighs and head. And I think the very slim Tracks mold actually looks better as a female. But the most exciting thing about Road Rage is that the same TaoBao listing that said Tracks was MP-25 and Road Rage was MP-26, also said Ironhide was MP-27. A new company called Voodoo is making a MP Ironhide an
  12. Still here. And still checking in with Masterpiece Transformers, Marvel Legends, Star Wars Black 6-inch line, and the like.
  13. Is that how that happened? The only time someone wrote something about time travel that was seriously thought-provoking and not just a stunt was when Ultron conquered Earth and Kang broke time, and someone asked Iron Man why he didn't have a time machine. Certainly he could build one. And Tony said that's what super-villains do. You change time to suit what you think is right. To change the world to better suit you. That's what super-villains do. And now you too, Beast.
  14. Well, that answers the question of Expanded Universe characters in SWB. Is it me, or is Ashoka EU? All that Clone Wars is to me, and Rebels too. Don't get me wrong, I like her look and I'm getting that toy, but she's certainly the first from outside the movies. Do I want others?? Maybe, but just a select few. Like Ashoka.
  15. And as far as Goldbug goes, I'll be surprised if we don't see one using the MP Bumble as a base, with remolds on certain parts. I also will be surprised if we don't see a red Bumblebee at some point, much like the red Bumblebee in G1 toys often mistaken for Cliffjumper.
  16. Ah, Skywarp is one of those released in limited quantities through Hasbro Asia in markets like China. So, much like the recent re-issue of MP11 Starscream - $200. Pass. No way. Any other outlet than Hasbro Asia. Those seekers should not cost more than Optimus and trailer, not more than Star Saber, not more than Ultra Magnus. Maybe Takara will put one out or, heaven forbid, Hasbro USA, for considerably less. If not then oh well.
  17. I guess you could say the same about this: http://tformers.com/...sid=25017&ss=as But in that case, all those logos for MP Wheeljack would have cost a ton of $$ to license. Goodyear, Pirelli, Campagnolo, Champion, heck even Marlboro is in there!! This is listed as official, but official Hasbro Asia means what, exactly? Because in China, the laws are nowhere for intellectual property. And yeah, I agree, I'd rather not spend a bunch of $ to get MP Wheeljack where he should be, but the stickerset up there should be cheap. Uncle Billy has the Prowl set up for sale already and i
  18. I think Ultra Magnus is gonna be a hell of a toy once we get to play with it. But I'm just as happy to see how Wheeljack is coming along. The latest prototype they're showing has got some changes in materials and deco. Wheeljack is still my most highly anticipated. He is looking awesome.
  19. I'll try to remember that the last SDCC exclusive the did for the 6-inch line was Boba Fett with Han in Carbonite. Passed on it. I had to wait, a long time too, but I got that Boba Fett. It was eventually released as a standard figure, and I got it for $20. I didn't get that Carbonite Han but I didn't want him. Might it be possible that Jabba will get released as a standard deluxe figure later one? Probably without Salacious Crumb and definitely without the big fancy box, but maybe there's an easy way to pass on the SDCC one and get a normal one.
  20. Basically it's this: MP-1 to MP-9: Kobayashi MP-10 to MP-22: Hasui MP-23 to ???: Kobayashi from tfwiki: (http://tfwiki.net/wiki/The_Transformers:_Masterpiece) Hironori Kobayashi was the designer on the first nine Masterpieces that Takara/TakaraTomy released, from MP-01 Convoy/20th Anniversary Optimus Prime to MP-09 Rodimus Convoy. Shogo Hasui took over the reigns from MP-10 Convoy up to 2014, when it was reported[1] that Kobayashi would retake the design role that year. Masterpiece Star Saber was designed by Hisashi Yuki in order for the other Masterpieces to be released on schedul
  21. Since Shogo Hasui has been moved off Masterpiece to go make movie toys and Hironori Kobayashi is back on MP, I kinda hope we can take a break from all the cars we've been getting, and Kobayashi can do some other types of things, like Galvatron, Blitzwing, Shrapnel or even Inferno. Seems like the guy who made MP Starscream, Rodimus Prime and Grimlock might be suited to some other types of things besides cars, and I'd like the break, much as I want Jazz eventually.
  22. I do appreciate how he comes with that snake, just like the one I had as a kid. I'm not as sucker for nostalgia, but that is a nice little shout-out to the old school fans.
  23. See, that's why I can't get Bespin Luke, despite me really wanting one and it being my fave version of Luke.... I hate his head. The prototype has such a gorgeous head and they changed it to THAT thing. Massive improvement to swap on the Pilot Luke's head. But I aint gonna buy 2 toys to get one good one.
  24. Thanks for saying its a nice picture. If you feel this issue is not important to you I'm not sure why you even bothered to replied. Whatever that sentence means, I didn't reply because I think it's important what other people think about Transformers scale. It's highly subjective. I was saying that other people's opinions can be valid. Nevermind. I mean, if the point of my post was that scale charts don't really matter, then someone who comes back with, like, a dozen more scale charts… that person doesn't get it. So.. I'm out. bye.
  25. as I already posted a few pages back, asides from animation errors,Bumblebee and Cliffjumper were the same hight That's a nice picture. Take a look at the one attached. Notice the difference? See how Bumblebee has his own line to indicate that he is a bit shorter than the other minibots, including Cliffjumper right there? Truth is these scale charts don't mean much of anything. If they really were used as guides for the animation, then isn't the animation the real thing you should judge things on? Unless you liked the comics, then maybe you'd use that as a guide.
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