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  1. I understand wanting to make the line more high-end. These are much more robust, deluxe items than they were 5 years ago, so you'd expect higher prices. But now it's starting to look like padding. All the accessories, the stand it comes with, light up features - all of this is fluff. It's stuff I don't need and it is driving the price up, and it is an easy way to not spend a lot more on tooling or paint apps but be able to increase your price because of "deluxe features". If I want something bad enough I'll get it but are these really worth it now? Are people otherwise interested just not gonna buy a $200 toy?? I can understand that. Hell, people were saying the MP line was overpriced 5 years ago.
  2. OK, so the new Hot Rod has the same target master as the Hasbro release did 6 years ago. That's too bad. I hear the new one made for Artfire is wayyy better. Oh well. That's about ok. it looks like only 3 new molds this year not counting Artfire's Targetmaster, Nightstick. That's right in line with what we've been doing, only I was hoping that last years push up to 4 new molds might hold over for this year too. I guess not. 2011 MP-10 Convoy 2012 MP-12 Lambor MP-13 Soundwave (delayed until 2013) 2013 MP-15 Rumble and Jaguar MP-17 Prowl 2014 MP-20 Wheeljack MP-21 Bumble MP-22 Ultra Magnus 2015 MP-24 Star Saber MP-25 Tracks MP-27 Ironhide (delayed until 2016) 2016 MP-28 Hot Rodimus MP-29 Laserwave MP-32 Optimus Primal MP-33 Inferno 2017 MP-34 Cheetus MP-36 Megatron MP-39 Sunstreaker (delayed until 2017)
  3. I don't know what's going on in that trailer, but comic Cloak and Dagger were a pair of homeless kids keeping each other alive on the streets. These just look like moody schoolchildren. I hope they don't take all the bite out of them and their backstory.
  4. Also, is it just me or is anyone else sometimes a bit weirded out that there have been lots of toys of a serial child molester on the shelves? Yes, you, Freddie Kruger from Nightmare on Elm Street. I know your backstory.
  5. I dunno, I just saw that the zombie taxi driver from Ghostbusters is getting a figure, and the version of Death from Bill and Teb's Bogus Journey is getting a figure, so, whatever, everybody's getting one, as long as you stir the nostalgia for some Gen X-er, you'll get a figure. So what's with you anyway, Gen X? Being nostalgic is one thing, but.. geez. Move on already! I appreciate how easy it is these days to walk into Walmart and buy a Star Wars t-shirt or an AC/DC shirt, but c'mon. Movies have been made since the 80s. Music has been made since the 90s. Move on! (I'm a Gen X and it boggles me. How many Howdy Doody toys did you see on the shelves when you were a kid. That's right - none. His time had come and gone and everyone had moved on.) OK, crazy old man rant over. Boy I can't wait to get ahold of those Figuarts Street Fighter toys.
  6. As an ex-avid hunter, I'm not out in the field as much these days, but when I find myself at Wallys or Targs, I still find a way to peel off and go check what's on the pegs. Pegwarners in Vegas that I've noticed are ML Cottonmouth from the Captain America Civil War wave from quite some time ago ML Red Guardian from the other Captain america Civil War wave from even longer ago ago ML Machine Man from the Avengers 2015 wave. Yeah, he's still around. ML Mordo from the Dr Strange movie wave. Astral Dr Strange makes an appearance too. and ML Nico from that same Dr. Strange wave is starting to pile up, which is a really too bad because it's a fantastic figure, a real gem in the line, but nobody knows who she is. Shame.
  7. Looks like all the silver is gone and made white. Face and gun included. A lot of the black details on car mode are gone. Not a major change. Red Alert was at least legitimately different.
  8. Hot diggity! That looks pretty good.
  9. I don't think we get to say things like MP are from the cartoon considering how many homages to Diaclone just like those that Takara has made for the MP line. Or the comicbook version of Grimlock. Or Wheeljack.
  10. the SH Figuarts Rogue One figures are starting to come out, and it's real hard not to pick them up, since they are so nice and such higher quality than the Black series figures, like the Hovertank Driver, that thing looks rad, but I just gotta tell myself they cost too damn much, they cost too damn much.....
  11. I'd love to see Hot Rod, MP-28 in black. What does that reference? What character is that?? Who cares!! That car looks rad in black. MP-9 got a black repaint for some reason and it looks boss. I want one for Hot Rod.
  12. I just do 6-inch figs, and of the Rogue One figures out, I really really liked the TRU Hovertank Pilot, and the K-2SO. Those are just cool cool figures and I'd be happy to have them even if I never saw the movie.
  13. Still think thee's a market for a nice new Psylocke on the Moonstone body. Still don't think they've made a decent Emma Frost. We need a new Domino too. Then we've never seen Megan, Multiple Man, Rahne or Sunspot or most of the New Mutants still need to be done, Strong Guy and maybe a Lila Cheney to go with him, and for christ's sake, somebody make a decent Storm, classic Bryne/Cockrum please.
  14. Nice! Good use of parts, and the manhole and lightning effects are really cool.
  15. Invisible Woman is exciting because it suggests the rest of the FF are coming. That's a set of updates I can get down with. I'm excited to get Angela - that whole thing is a neat story and she's a character I've been into since... 1998? The Warlock wave is full of characters I'm excited to see - Polaris, Dazzler, a decent Sunfire, even the Jim Lee Cyclops (dumb design in real life; will make a great toy) As for someone not revealed yet - I always said that Enchantress and Executioner are SO important to the Avengers early history. Well we got one, other one's gotta be close behind, right?? Then whatever comes comes. i certainly didn't think I'd upgrade the excellent ToyBiz hobgoblin, but I did. What other surprises will be in store?
  16. I may have an interesting insight into this, because I am NOT a GIJoe fan. That is, when Real American Hero was on TV, I was too old for it. Tried to watch it, hated it. HOWEVER I live in the US and GIJoe:RAH had an impact on our culture, and I know the characters - I just do. Can't help it. So here's a list of essential characters as seen from an outsider. And you need us on board to do well. Scarlett Snake Eyes Duke Cobra Commander Destro Baroness There. that leaves some for later like Storm Shadow, Lady Jaye, Dr. Mindbender, Serpentor, Zartan, Xamot and Tomax, Flint, Roadblock, etc. They have some good characters and some good character designs. Make good toys and even somebody like me will get some.
  17. Geez-louise, that's a lot of figures! And incredibly hard to choose the best ones, although you guys have some great choices in here. Pizza Spidey Despite having to fix the hips' range of motion for splits, and even without sculpted weblines, it is such a strong piece, that looks great, poses great, and loads of needed extra hands. Tough and infinitely playable. Does not have the articulation and posability of the 'McFarlane' Spidey, which is one of the best MLs ever made, but I actually like Pizza more. That's saying something. Rogue Everything about it screams Top 10 MLs made ever. I know it's just some new stuff slapped on the Moonstone body, but it's all done so well, even the overlay pieces for the boot and glove cuffs work really well. Excellent headsculpt, superb paint. Like watching one of the best ML customs from years ago come to life as a production piece. Extra bare hand is a nice touch too. Nico Minoru This almost went to Jessica Drew Spider-Woman, who is awesome, but mostly just a great head on the Moonstone body, but Nico is all kinds of new, with some really great sculpts, interchangeable parts and paint apps on a really fun cool design - it's hard not to love her. They really put in the effort. You don't need to know who she is to know that's a great figure, but what a cool character selection.
  18. Agree. I've been a megafan of ML since day one, and the line has never been as good as it is right now. That's crazy when you think about how good a lot of the old ToyBiz figures were, and how terrible Hasbro's early work was, and how ML practically disappeared for a while. But I look at it now and it's amazing in character selection, aesthetics, articulation and sheer volume. Sometimes the quality can be really crappy, with floppy soft plastic, but then another one will come out really solid. Nico is a fantastic exceptional figure of a real d-lister, but I love that Hasbro are bringing out new modern characters (loved the Avengers Arena stuff). And she comes alongside a really nice Enchantress, who is about as classic an Avengers villain as you can get. Yeah, there's a lot of repaints and reuse, and I do miss a lot of the dedicated unique sculpts that ToyBiz did, and how ToyBiz was so dedicated to advancing articulation with a lot of experimentation that sometimes worked, sometimes didn't, but even holy, untouchable figures like the 'McFarlane' Spider-man are getting replaced by Hasbro's Pizza Spidey, and for good reason. I only worry about how fast and how much is coming out. Can the market support so many MLs?
  19. Heavy Metal War. It's the last show of the first series, which was actually an ongoing story. So yeah, a final resolution, with the Decepticons all being dumped into a pool of lava and being defeated and gone forever. How cruel. But the best part was Devastator. Who was ready to kick some serious Autobot ass, but then a giant hologram appears, and Optimus says "Now, while he's distracted", and then Optimus shoots Devastator right in the dick, which is apparently his weak spot because he immediately breaks apart into his individual bots and is easily defeated. Lesson learned - play dirty.
  20. I enjoy how Maz over at the TFSourceblog does his thing. But part of that is that I prefer words and pictures, so I can absorb the info at my (much faster) rate, and I abhor almost all video reviews.
  21. I'm hearing a lot of folks say this is Shockwave all over again - the MP is small, frail, delicate, with long thin legs but certainly a very refined design. This is a lot of speculation based on an early prototype, and I always try to judge things by how the turn out as final production pieces. Early photos can be so deceiving. So far MP-36 looks like it could turn out spectacular. I'm only concerned if it'll be like Shockwave and have a lackluster paint and finish in the name of cartoon accuracy, because that part of Shockwave really sucked.
  22. Both, with lots and LOTS of outside play. As a kid, I was full-on Star Wars for several years, and Star Wars loves to go to exotic locations. Outside was the best. All those old toys got beat to hell, destroyed and/or lost - as they should.
  23. I did. It's fun because it's basically populated with Tranformers toys. Generations Leader Megatron, DOTM Bludgeon and so on. I don't know about the Autobots because you can only play one side, but that's clearly Generation Jetfire in there. That's kinda lame. It's like a card game. You build up your team, you upgrade your guys, battle on and on until you're just sick of it.
  24. True, New Mutants have not gotten much love. I'd really go for a Magik. Yeah one was in a exclusive boxset with Dr. Strange of all people. i aint buying that. And it certainly not the version I want. How about a yellow and black uniform with a cyber arm? Maybe an alt. head with the big horns?? And of course, the fact that there has never been a decent Storm, nor one to tackle her classic Byrne/Cockrum costume is a crime.
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