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  1. Last night's episode was pretty cool. My only gripe is with the cast. I don't have an issue with their age, but a few of the main characters seem so cold and robotic... Colsen is too, but he pulls it off way better with his cynical smiles. The other guys need to lighten up and crack a smile once in a while. FitzSimmons are a bunch of goof balls and you really have to pay attention to understand them through their heavy accents, but I like them.
  2. Excellent, that was my intention all along.
  3. Well this sucks... I was hoping there wouldn't be any crossovers with movies. I like the show so far... but It isn't developing fast enough IMO. The stories severely need to improve and become more original. The lack of a new episode last Tuesday has actually made my interest decline.
  4. Umm! What the hell happened? I thought we were getting a new episode tonight.
  5. I was banned everywhere else... I know, shocker.
  6. Agreed. This show will not appeal to the CGI, explosions of epic proportions, eye candy addicted folks.
  7. I was under the impression that the character from the first Iron Man movie... (the one who held Stark captive and forced him to build a missile) was the Mandarin. Wasn't there a scene in the first film that showed him wearing rings on all ten fingers? Perhaps they were originally setting him up to be the Mandarin... but then later decided to make a mockery of the character instead.
  8. I just don't get why Joss Whedon can get it right but everyone else can't.
  9. - Black Widow looks like crap... she was so much hotter in Avengers and Iron Man 2. - Captain America's new Christopher Nolan inspired suit looks ridiculous. - And what's a movie like this without a huge ship/vessel being totally destroyed while crashing into the ocean... it just adds so much epicness... NOT! Overall, this movie looks like another attempt to make superheroes "more grounded" and will be a fail IMO.
  10. Not interested in seeing this... It's just another cash cow money maker like everything else these days.
  11. I think most people are expecting WAY too much from this show. It's just an hour of simple entertainment... that just so happens to be based on a Marvel property. People really just want to see non stop action and explosions with no story I guess. I think we are off to a slow start with the show... but I sense it's leading up to a big season finale. They keep finding bits and pieces of seemingly alien tech and info. Something cool is coming I think.
  12. All I know is... this movie better not blow. I liked the first one a lot... this sequel better top it.
  13. Tonight's episode was pretty good. It's continuing to shape into a really good series. So... any guesses as to who the guy is who seems to have the ability to make fire? @firedevil@
  14. I guess, I just don't like actors that act the same way in every movie. Even Harrison Ford, who I think is one of the best actors ever... has never really deviated from his comfort zone, although we see a unique side to him when he's pretending to be a Scottish guy in Last Crusade... but mostly, He looks like Jack Ryan in every movie he does IMO. I like actors who can jump into any role and pull it off. Johnny Depp could be a prime example of this.
  15. I don't have a problem with Affleck as an actor, but he's limited. I think he was perfect for Daredevil... and the movie wasn't too bad. With this said, I think he will make a fine Batman, even though the film in which his character will be in will totally blow. I actually think he's a better choice for Batman than Bale. Affleck as Bruce Wayne should also be pretty good, so long as Affleck brings a wiser, more mature theme to the character. It would be interesting to see audition footage of Affleck playing Batman. Back to Daredevil, I thought it was executed well. I like how they showed us how he sees things... instead of images based on vision, we see how he formulated images in his brain based on his enhanced sense of touch, hearing , and smell. I thought the costume was done well too. My real gripe is Electra. She should have been played by another actress. Jennifer Garner also seems limited in her acting abilities.
  16. Perhaps the geekdom of Marvel fans alone (myself included) will be enough to keep this show alive for a few seasons. The chemistry between the characters needs to improve though... so far I'm only seeing mediocre acting from everyone except for Coulson and Skye. The character Grant isn't doing it for me. I think they should replace him with Howard the Duck, who would make a great SHIELD agent since he knows quack-fu. Melinda... may as well have Vulcan ears she's so cold.
  17. I'm very interested to see what exactly the situation is with Coulson.
  18. Tonight's episode was pretty good... starting to feel like mini-movies now. Next weeks episode looks lame, but we shall see.
  19. Amazing Spider-Man 2 is going to suck... big time.
  20. I like the show so far... but it needs to pick up the pace a little. I'm not connecting with the characters, although I think Skye is hot. This show needs to be more Mission Imposible-ish IMO... with a hint of marvel flavor. If the stories and character development don't get better, I fear the show will flop. I can totally see an episode where someone finds a piece of Stark Tech and causes havoc with it, like maybe a piece of Iron Man's armor... since all 42 of his suits were pretty much destroyed in IM3... there has to be a repulsor glove laying around somewhere. Same goes for Chitauri tech too. I really want to see the Hulk make an appearance, at least during the season finale.
  21. I'm a bit skeptical because Christopher Nolan is involved. Also because Zack Snyder is directing it. I didn't like Watchmen and I think the last 2 Nolan Batman movies sucked beyond sucking. So... I don't have too much faith that Man of Steel will be as epic as it should be. I'm still not too happy that they got rid of his red underpants.
  22. I honestly thought I was the only one who LIKED this movie. I'm glad there are a few others that appreciated the movie for what it is... a popcorn thriller. That's what George Lucas has always been about, going to the movies on a Saturday afternoon to watch a FUN movie. He grew up watching old serials and B movies. Even Star Wars stems from this. KOTCS takes place in the atomic age. The movie was written to reflect the era. No more Nazis... bring on the Russians. George clearly made it a point to add every element of what he loves into KOTCS. The movie starts off with a friggin drag race... Can we say American Graffiti?? Giant Ants!!! Totally a B Movie element. Martians and telekinetic abilities... totally 50's sci fi stuff. The fridge scene was cool IMO... Only thing that was far fetched is the fridge was blasted completely free and clear of the shock wave zone... and Indy didn't get roasted alive inside of the fridge. LOL! But great fun to watch. The prairie dogs were a little stupid... but hey, It was cute and funny. Regarding a new Indy movie... I don't think they should do it. I think Harrison Ford is too old to continue this role. Rebooting the franchise with a new actor playing Indy is OUT OF THE QUESTION and would be a sin... IMO. Now the cartoon concept is brilliant and I hope they move forward with that instead.
  23. Wow! This has the potential to be very cool. If this had good writers, It could last for many seasons. As much as I wouldn't want to see an "educational" element in this, it's the perfect venue to be an educational cartoon as well as an adult themed story driven adventure cartoon. Man, I hope this happens... and done right if it does.
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