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  1. For someone who doesn't care, you do an awful lot of posting to defend your stance on the subject. I can see that my point is being missed in favor of passionate Nolan and prime time show fan boy white knighting... and I expected as much. I'll try again though: It was obviously a conscious decision for the story writers of BB episode #44 "Out of the past" to have Talia officially clear the air on how the name is pronounced. They wouldn't have done it if they didn't think it was something that needed to be rectified. And no, it wasn't done for comedy... talk about a stretch. So this is why there IS ONLY ONE CORRECT way to pronounce it. The creative teams that did those animated series back then probably cared while nowadays, people like Nolan don't. Clearly DC doesn't give a #$## either... because if they did, it wouldn't be pronounced wrong in modern media. Like I said, To argue that there is no right or wrong way to pronounce it is just a cop out. Arguing that maybe BTAS and BB had it wrong is more of a stretch than any of my so called "weak" arguments. It would be interesting to see what Dennis O'Neil (the creator of the character) has to say... http://www.comicgeek...eek_speak-3.php Check out the above link... This should put it to rest, but I'm sure it wont.
  2. There's an episode of Batman Beyond where Terry meets who is seemingly Talia, Ra's Al Ghul's daughter. Terry mispronounces the name and Talia corrects him, saying it's 'Raish" not "Roz" For them to specifically put that in the script of that episode, I'd say there is a right way and a wrong way to pronounce the name... the right way being "Raish" In Arrow's case, It means the producers or whatever creative team behind the show didn't do their homework. If by "didn't do their homework" you mean, they missed one throw away line in one episode of a cartoon spin-off of another cartoon of a hero who isn't Green Arrow, then yes. You're right. Lazy bums! Batman Animated predates that cartoon and they pronounced it Raas. So your argument is weak. And by the by, DC has a very heavy hand in producing Gotham, so I'm pretty sure they know what they are doing. No, Batman called him "Raish" in BTAS... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4p9MwsUo7Us. Is my argument still weak? GOTHAM? LOL! I'm sure they will call him "Roz" in that one too... doesn't mean it's right.
  3. Actually, I remember that BB episode to. That was put in the script as a joke, a comedy beat. It means nothing. There is no right or wrong way to say Ra's. Its a made up word. More of a nod than a joke since there was nothing humorous about the dialog or the scene. A nod to the fact that so many people clearly mispronounce the name. Anyone who says there is no right or wrong way obviously has been saying it wrong but can't admit it.
  4. No. The point that is being unsurprisingly missed is... if they are willing to add such a fact into the dialog of a cartoon endorsed by DC Comics, which is also produced by people who are no doubt the authority on how the name is pronounced... Then I'd say DC has it on record that it is in fact pronounced "Raish". So the creative people behind Arrow should have consulted DC to verify it's pronunciation instead of just assuming it's pronounced "Roz" just because it's spelled that way.
  5. There's an episode of Batman Beyond where Terry meets who is seemingly Talia, Ra's Al Ghul's daughter. Terry mispronounces the name and Talia corrects him, saying it's 'Raish" not "Roz" For them to specifically put that in the script of that episode, I'd say there is a right way and a wrong way to pronounce the name... the right way being "Raish" In Arrow's case, It means the producers or whatever creative team behind the show didn't do their homework.
  6. And as I recall they mispronounced it in the Nolan Batman films too, typical.
  7. Anyone notice that everyone in Arrow is mispronouncing Ras Al Ghul. Ras is pronounced "Raish"
  8. Batman: Brave and the bold was a homage to the campy days of comic books and superhero TV shows. The series was actually executed well, I look forward to getting them all on DVD.
  9. It will do well just because it's a superhero show and the fanboys/girls will support it no matter what. But ultimately... it will just be another drawn out, never ending, unoriginal series.
  10. I wish Bruce Timm would go back to his roots, and make some more BTAS/STAS style work. Too bad Shirley Walker isn't around anymore either... her music is what made those old cartoons awesome. Even the 2001 Justice League series lost that feel, mostly because of the music... but because the animation is noticeably generic with lower quality. Batman Beyond was the last of the true old style Timm-verse animation IMO.
  11. It's called speculation... No one is getting worked up about anything. Your absolutely right... we don't know for sure. What we do know for sure is the brand manger is deceitful and he's already been proven to be a compulsive liar, that IS a fact ... so knowing that only reinforces the possibility of shenanigans across the board.
  12. On a similar note: I don't buy what has been constantly said about needing 12-24 months in advance (or whatever time it is) to make changes to figures and other similar excuses. It seems to me that many explanations are given, then contradicted all too often when it suits the company. For those MOTUC fans, do you remember Moss Man's flocked ears?... and the last minute change to unflocked ears? They didn't need too much time to make that switch among other examples that escape me at the moment. Sure it was only a deco change, but still... there were a few tooling changes made to some figures in the past that didn't take 6 months much less 12-24 months.
  13. "Funny" really is the word. If you love the toys Mattel puts out and realize the crap they pull and are still willing to play along, fine, your choice. But if, at this point, you're still sitting back shocked and appalled when they pull something like this, there's no helping you. Playing games has been their MO for years! How much do you want to bet this figure ends up being at least $10 more than the SDCC version? It's the principle of the thing. Yeah, we are toy lovers and enjoy collecting them... but we also don't like being tricked and manipulated by a shifty brand manager (at least I don't). There are some who would have skipped (suited) Doomsday all together if they knew (regular) Doomsday was infact going to be released, and Scott knows this. Should most fans revel at the fact that they now can have both versions? Yes... but they also have a valid reason to be pissed for being manipulated into buying the version which was advertised as being the ONLY version fans will get. Another reason why fans are complaining is because all of this is happening in conjunction with the MOTUC sub drive. Scott has gone against what he said regarding Doomsday... so that is making people wonder about the alleged "falling short" of the 2015 sub.
  14. Misconception: Huge box office earnings mean the movies are good. Fact: Modern movie goers are mindless drones who don't mind paying through the nose to sit in an AC filled theatre, stuff their faces with junk food, and watch visual effects and T & A. Hollywood knows this, Michael Bay knows this.
  15. They are just trying to jump on the retro market bandwagon, starting with going the cheapest route possible... REPAINTS! Mattel is so friggin cheap. If they really want this last incarnation of their DCU figures to be awesome, they would have done some of the original Super Powers prototype characters that never made it, like Man-Bat, Supergirl, Quadrex, etc. No... just more tooling reuse with different paint and packaging. I hope another toy company creates a continuation of the Super Powers line with REAL retro figures, in the tradition of RE Action figures or Zica's Six MIllion Dollar Man figures. They can get the original tooling and make a Gold Superman too.
  16. What they should do, is make all 4 of them black and have Samuel L. Jackson play Dr. Doom. "The Fantastic Muthaf__in' Four" On a serious note, this move is another FAIL to add to the growing list.
  17. Wow, this show didn't get cancelled yet?
  18. I don't see how Walker is at fault in any way. The guy was a passenger... He was not in control of the car. If it was him driving I would agree that it was Walker's fault.
  19. I'm glad I gave the show a chance. I'm sad that it turned out to be so terrible.
  20. I personally never saw the appeal of Dukes of Hazzard. I loved "CHiP's" though. LOL!
  21. Watching Mission Impossible from the 60's on Netflix... much more entertaining.
  22. It's official, I'm tired of the show. There's no chemistry between the characters and everyone is way too serious... and the stories are severely dull.
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