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  1. The Predator of Byzantium (First Crusade, 1098-1099)



    "The atrocities encountered by Muslim traders in the weeks preceding the fall of Jerusalem July 15th 1099) are often attributed to the invading Frankish armies on Crusade. However, accounts discovered in a Byzantine monastery (c.1098) describe a demon that stalked the trade routes along the Mediterranean. These accounts culminate in 1098 with the massacre of Jerusalem y the invading Frankish army. Historians have explained the grotesque dismemberments, and display of Jewish and Muslim civilian’s corpses as driven by "isolation, alienation and fear" felt by the Crusading army so far from home. This fails to explain the presence of skinned corpses, hung from unreachable archways throughout the city."



    -UFC figure (torso, dremeled down & heavily resculpted)

    -McFarlane Predator (partial head)

    -NECA Predators Tracker (partial head / dreads)

    -NECA 'battle damaged' Predators P1 Predator (partial mask, resculpted, partial neck-fan)

    -NECA Dante's Inferno figure (legs, partial flexible hip-skirt, Crosses/Rosary x2)

    *+ inset joint from Dantae figure, spliced into UFC figure's torso/ab crunch area.

    -NECA AvP2 Predator (x2 cross straps, gun, partial right hand, left hand, duplicate forearms/resculpted)

    *NECA 'Predators' arms spliced into x2 left AvP2 gauntlets. Left hand NECA balljoint spliced into AvP2 pred hand/resculpted.

    *AvP2 Predator feet spliced into HML Iron Man wrists & inset inside Dante's Inferno leg to add swivel/rocker articulation to the ankles.

    -McFarlane Prince of Persia figure (swords, carved down handles)

    -Pirates of the Caribbean cutlass belt + Jack Sparrow hair beads

    -Mezco Necromonger shoulder pads (resculpted/modified)

    -Assorted NECA Predator and McFarlane accessories (bones, back pouch, upper-back armor, etc.)


    All sculpting done using Aves Apoxie Sculpt, and Kneadatite. Painted with Mr. Hobby lacquer paints/leveling thinner, Vallejo acrylic, and Citadel inks/washes. Sealed with Mr. Hobby Super Clear Flat spray & Citadel Gloss varnish.



    -Double ball joint head/neck

    -Swivel/hinge shoulders inset

    -Back/forward assembly for shoulders

    -swivel/hinge elbows

    -balljoint left hand

    -swivel joint right hand

    -ab crunch

    -waist swivel

    -T-hinge hips (NECA/DCUC style)

    -Swivel/Hinge knees and ankles.


    To check out all the posted pictures of this figure, check out the Procustomizers.com contest entry.<br style="color: rgb(28, 40, 55); font-size: 13px; line-height: 19px; background-color: rgb(250, 251, 252);">For more discussion on this figure, check out its Figurerealm posting.<br style="color: rgb(28, 40, 55); font-size: 13px; line-height: 19px; background-color: rgb(250, 251, 252);"><br style="color: rgb(28, 40, 55); font-size: 13px; line-height: 19px; background-color: rgb(250, 251, 252);">For other custom figures I've made, visit my website's gallery: http://blayne.dark-w...v2/Gallery.html













  2. God of Bones: Druidic Predator Chieftain (1100 AD)


    The Predator of the Emerald Isles finds mention only in a burnt page from the 'Leabhar na hUidhri' (pronc. 'yower no hoodra'), or "The Book of Dun Cow". Compiled c. 1100 A.D by a thousand Catholic monks, it records myths, legends, customs and events dating back to the 7th century - including the arrival, rule, and departure of the 'God of Bones'.

    It describes the arrival of a single creature, it's life among a small group of Celts, minor skirmishes, and it's rule as de-facto Chieftain over the course of 3 generations. When word reached it's enclave of a 'beast' slaughtering Norse settlements on the Western continent (modern day North America), the 'God of Bones' departed, and was never seen again.

    Once considered an aprophrical tale by historians, mention of a unique oak throne aided in the story's validation when an Wayland Industries excavation team uncovered it in a cave on the Isle of Man. Initially thought to be adorned with a modified dinosaur skull, advanced DNA testing of the ornament revealed exterrestrial origins. Furthermore, the human skulls contained within the throne predated the wood it was carved from by 500 years.



    :: Throne

    -Marvel Select Mephisto Throne (resculpted)

    -McFarlane Zodiac figure helmet (Dragon Skull - with fodder horns attached/resculpted)

    -NECA Raziel figures fingers (Dragon bone spine-horns inset in Aves)

    -NECA Clash of the Titan's Shield (Throne 'dragon hide'

    -Misc fodder bones

    -Misc Skulls (Animal skulls from various Predator necklaces. Human skulls are McFarlane, etc. Some recast with a temp. mold using 'Mori-Mori' putty + Aves)



    -NECA Shaman Predator staff

    -Assorted string from Predator necklaces + Animal Skull

    -Skull is a recast of McFarlane Terminator 2 Judgment Day Skull-base stand piece


    ::Main figure:

    Figure fully resculpted with black Aves Apoxie Sculpt. Textured using a NECA Predators figure fodder torso.

    -UFC Figure spliced with parts from a Mcfarlane Spawn figure (forearms/hands)

    -UFC wrist joints spliced with Spawn parts

    -NECA Raziel (shoulder hood/'sitting' shoulder clothing)

    -McFarlane Predator skirt (back/sides)

    -NECA Predators - skirt pieces/chest ornaments/straps, feet

    -McFarlane AvP Celtic Predator (mask + partial lower leg, spliced with UFC)

    -Fodder horns + Aves (for rams horns on mask)

    -NECA AvP2 (partial head/dreads)

    -Fodder beads/decoration

    -Final Fantasy: Play Arts figure shin-armor

    -McFarlane Spawn figure (shield & Axe, 'standing' cloak)

    -Mezco Hellboy Alien (Shoulder armor on cloak, bicep armor)

    :: Head is magnetic (copper penny inside + x2 magnet stack on top of ball joint assembly. , Allows interchangeable shoulder-clothing, and (potentially) interchangeable heads later on.

    ::Penny section embeded inside shield + magnets inside left forearm helps keep shield on. Same system used in a clasp on the 'standing' cloak (see WIP shot).


    All sculpting done using Aves Apoxie Sculpt. Painted with Mr. Hobby lacquer paints/leveling thinner (armor), Vallejo acrylic, and Citadel inks/washes. Sealed with Mr. Hobby Super Clear Flat spray.



    -Swivel/Ball jointed neck/head

    -Balljoint/swivel shoulders/bicep

    -Hinge joint elbows

    -swivel/hinge wrists

    -An crunch

    -Waist swivel

    -Balljoint hips/swivel

    -Double jointed knees

    -hinge ankles

    To check out all the posted pictures of this figure, check out the Procustomizers.com contest entry, or the Figurerealm posting for more discussion.


    For other custom figures I've made, visit my website's gallery: http://blayne.dark-w...v2/Gallery.html














  3. The Predator of Antioch (First Crusade, 1098)

    On 28 June 1098, the crusaders defeated the Muslim commander Kerbogha's forces in a pitched battle outside the city. According to Christian eye-witnesses, an army of Christian saints came to the aid of the crusaders during the battle and crippled Kerbogha's army.

    While it is impossible to determine the number of entities eye-witnesses saw, one was described as emerging during a crusader's charge, 'with holy light from heaven', wielding an immense broadsword. The savagery that the 'saint' of Antioch displayed may help explain the particularly intense level of atrocities committed by Christian soldiers. In particularly, the decapitated, skinned bodies of the Muslim army's division commanders.



    -UFC figure (partial torso/ab crunch/pelvis/upper thighs

    -SOTA Street Fighter figure knees

    -McFarlane AvP lower legs (partial - spliced with UFC lower leg/ankle articuation)

    -NECA Predator toes/claws spliced on to resculpted feet

    -Fodder bone/claws inset/resculpted for heel-claws

    -NECA Predators Tracker (Neck, head, partial skirt/back leather pieces, resculpted)

    -McFarlane Zodiac figure (partial skirt

    -NECA Stan Winston's Blood Wolves: Vereticus (partial upper torso, shoulders, arms, loin cloth, display base)

    -NECA Gears of War Locust figure (right hand spliced with rocker joint to give up/down & swivel, left hand only swivels, buckles)

    -McFarlane Predator (kneepads)

    -LOTR Orc figure (shield, shin armor

    -DC Direct Knight figure (straps, crossbow bolts inside shield)

    -HML Ares BAF Sword


    All sculpting done using Aves Apoxie Sculpt, and Kneadatite. Painted with Mr. Hobby lacquer paints/leveling thinner, Vallejo acrylic, and Citadel inks/washes. Sealed with Mr. Hobby Super Clear Flat spray.



    -Swivel/Ball joint head/neck

    -Swivel/and swing jointed shoulders

    -Bicep swivels

    -Hinge elbows

    -Left hand: rocker/swivel. Right hand: swivel

    -Ab Crunch (solid front, flexible plastic back allows some range of motion)

    -Waist swivel

    -Ball jointed UFC hips + swivel

    -Double jointed knee

    -Rocker/swivel ankles


    To check out all the posted pictures of this figure, check out the Procustomizers.com contest entry. This guy won 1st place!

    For more discussion on this figure, check out its Figurerealm posting.


    For other custom figures I've made, visit my website's gallery: http://blayne.dark-w...v2/Gallery.html











  4. Here's a custom figure I created for myself recently - made from a resculpted TRANSFORMERS Classics (Hasbro) Bumblebee + the Beelzeboss "Growing Pains" Custom Kit (head + guns).





    I used Aves apoxie sculpt to redo the bumper, headlights (Q.C issue on the original - jagged edge/misaligned), roof and back half to remove the spoiler and chest tech. Also added magnets in place of the rotating screw-peg on each forearm. Added styrene piece on the front of his thighs + aves resculpt to help differentiate him further from the stock Bumblebee mold. I replaced the wheels using WFC Optimus wheels (reattached with cold-heat soldering tool + resculpted hubcaps). Windshield (inside and out) was overlaid with a piece of thin styrene, cut from a pattern created using masking tape. The original windshield's surface suffered a mishap (FYI: Krylon black paint + Mr. Sprays sealant react very badly!), so this was the only real solution without scraping a 99% complete figure. The end result turned out really well despite this setback.


    The original figure was disassembled and painted with Testor Gold spray. The rest was brush work using Mr. Hobby lacquer paint (thinned with leveling thinner) for the blues, blacks, and silvers . Sealed with Mr. Spray Gloss Super Clear UV cut sealant. Large/very flat metallic autobot sticker came from a KO Takara sticker sheet I recieved from (the now defunct) KOTOYS.com site years back. They're very thin, and have less edge height vs. some Reprolabel metallic stickers.



    For more of my work, feel free to visit my site:



    For a quick glance at what I've posted to FigureRealm over the years: http://www.figurerea...hp?op=4&id=4073






  5. Hey everyone,


    Here's a custom I finished last week based on the DC/Vertigo character John Constantine from the HELLBLAZER comic series. While he's always had the trenchcoat, his actual style and look has varied alot over the years between artists. I really loved the gritty, strung-out look used by the cover artist Simon Bisley. It also influenced the books interior art, although not quite as extreme.






    Constantine lives in the DC universe, although on the fringes (which is usually limited to offhand references to men in tights 'over in America'. Constantine's character is an almost archtypical trickster-mage, set in an urban fantasy context. John Constantine strives for the good of mankind in his own manipulative way against the dark beings and machinery of the universe.


    So, that preface out of the way for those who don't know the character, here's how I made this rendition of John.


    -DC Universe 'Signature' series John Constantine figure.


    Yep. Crazy long monkey arms (+ hands with long wrists, making him nearly reach his knees), overly long pelvis, legs, & shins, huge seamlines running along the figure's head... the factory version was in serious need of an overhaul. It was also strange that they tried to walk the line between the clean-cut version from the 1980's (he was modeled to look like musician 'Sting') - but tossed in newer developments like the facial scar, and loose tie.


    I switched the pelvis/upper legs with a Movie Masters 'Joker Goon'. The lower legs are modified DC Universe 'Star Man' pant legs, resculpted/modified to accept a ball-socket foot joint rather than an O-ring/cross bar version.

    Shoes/ankles came from a MEZCO Heroes figure (the homeless guy who can turn invisible, played by Eckleson).

    Forearms were cut off, and sliced with metal rebar into the forearms from DC Direct's Constantine figure (made back in the 1990s - the one looked like Mr. Bean!).


    Trimmed off the molded in hands from that, dremmeled that out, and replaced them with fist-hands (inset) from another MEZO Heroes figure. I wanted John to have more of a brawler/rough look about him, so the dual fists worked well here. Resculpted the head with Kneadite (Citadel Green Stuff), and painted the figure head to toe (including the flexable trenchcoat) using Mr. Hobby Lacquer paint + thinner. Zero paint rub or cracking on the coat - the paint flexes along with the soft-plastic trenchcoat.


    I did some additional work on Constantine's face with skintones (Mr. Hobby), and later with Vallejo Acrylics and Citadel Inks (black, Red, + combinations of these) to create a seriously strung out looking anti-hero, as Bisley drew him on the covers.


    I've been customizing for about 5 years, but really haven't gotten around to posting here at ToyNewInternational before - so hi. :)


    If you'd like to check out more of my work, I have my own website which includes a Work In Progress blog, a gallery, and other things. I also post regularly over at FigureRealm.



    Blayne's Custom Toys & Action Figures













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