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  1. *sits and cries* Yup... not even Peter Cullen can save this mess. I think I'd actually prefer his good name not be associated with it now. And where do they have 4WD Off-Road SUV ambulances??
  2. lol.. especially when it turns out that "Optimus Prime" was just a placeholder, too, and he's actually Ultra Magnus. @loll@ @loll@ @loll@
  3. Well, since none of my whining will change how big of a crap-pile the movie is shaping up to be, I think I'll just whine about how nobody can freakin' spell "whining". @smilepunch@
  4. I like it. I may just do that, and rip the stupid cyber key gimmick out while I'm at it! (I might do THAT to Megatron, just because I slaggin' HATE the cyber keys...)
  5. I suppose I could do Megatron in black/silver(or grey)/red, Galvatron in black/purple/blue (and maybe some dark orange accents--say, the arm-cannon and possibly his windshield, if I can find clear orange or clear yellow to mix with my clear red) and call the combined form Gigatron.. It could play on the old Marvel(UK?) idea of Megatron and Galvatron being two seperate entities...
  6. heh... I voted for Megaplex + Megastorm = Megatron, but I'm starting to lean toward Megatron + Megaplex = Galvatron, 'cause I like the idea of doing the two of them up like their G1 namesakes: http://tfu.info/1984/Decepticon/Megatron/megatron.htm http://tfu.info/2003/Destron/Megaplex/megaplex.htm Since 'Plex is supposed to be an unstable clone of Megs, these two color schemes would make them nearly identical except for the red/blue inner arms and legs, and the obvious mold differences between them, then the combined form (Galvatron) would have a uniform color-scheme. Of course, I suppose I could use those color schemes regardless of which names I go with. *shrug*
  7. That was helpful.. @smilepunch@ Why does your brain hurt? My concept for the three bot-modes? The four possible naming combinations? Your seriously-oversized sig? @loll@
  8. I'm planning to make a nemesis to go with the Armada Hoist I turned into Optimus Prime (see my sig). I've decided to use Energon Inferno and Roadblock as seperate Decepticons that combine into a single enemy to combat Prime by Powerlinking vertically: Yeah, he's got a pretty bad kibble backpack, but it's no worse than any of the Autobots' Powerlinx kibble, and it looks a hell of a lot better, IMO.. Also, I'll be adding pegs to their windshields and holes on their drivers' sides, as well as their left arms. They'll be able to "Verti-link" either way (i.e. either one can be either side of the combined bot), and either windshield will be able to peg in as the chest while the other becomes a left arm-mounted shield. The combined bot's head will have to be a seperate piece--it will be mounted on a ball-joint on the end of a flat plastic stick that will mount into the slot at the top of whichever windshield is the chest. Now, my names for the three bots are thus: Megaplex + Megastorm (each is one half of a badly-split personality) = Megatron Megatron + Megaplex (Megatron had himself cloned, to double his offensive power, but Megaplex is highly-unstable and unpredictable) = Megastorm Megatron + Megastorm (probably same as above) = Megaplex Megatron + Megaplex/Megastorm (same as above) = Galvatron *doh* I left out the "Other (Please elaborate in a post!)" option, so if you have some other suggestion besides the 4 I'm considering, please add a reply and tell us about it!
  9. Because filling both components (cab and trailer) with electronic crap in order to make the trailer transform by itself when you transform the cab was a FAR better idea, you silly. @smilepunch@
  10. The second vehicle looks to me like the trailer for said Optimus cab.
  11. What you saw were pics of two different prototypes: the first one had anime-accurate legs, with the rear wings/stabilizers being part of his calves, and this remolded thing. There were also pics showing a comparison of the changes shortly after the remold was revealed. I thought the point of the Masterpiece series was to give us anime/comic-book-accurate robot modes, not uber-realistic alt-modes. And there's really no reason they couldn't have just given us proper Starscream coloring, instead of the "realistic" eye-sore paintjob he's got.
  12. I plan to buy all the Classics. Megatron will probably immediately checked into my customizin' lab.
  13. All I know is, the more I see of him, the more I think I'll be repainting his car shell to all-yellow. Also, his head will be mighty handy when I finally start my Alt BB.
  14. I could see that... or maybe just something we see inbetween the transformation from cybertron to earth mode Or maybe they should've just stuck with the "unrealistic" mass-shifting and blocky kibble-bots, instead of the HIGHLY-realistic concept of the apparently-near-infinite "panel-folding" this and the Starscream concept design would have to do to go from their alt-modes to these Terminator-wannabe bot-modes. @smilepunch@ Having ALL the original VA's doing the voices wouldn't be enough to save what is shaping up to be a seriously crappy rape of the franchise. Also... they can't seriously expect to make toys that can do anything CLOSE to what would be needed to turn that bot into a Camaro, or that freaky Starscream design into a workable jet, unless it's almost completely a shell-former along the lines of a Pretender...?
  15. When I first saw those pics, the first thing that went through my mind was a review that was posted at tformers.com that talked about how the first Megatron's colors clashed (and my first thought when I read that was, "how the hell do black and multiple shades of purple clash?!")... This thing is a prime example of "clashing," if there ever was one. @loll@ As for Primal.. I've hated that mold since it was revealed at BotCon (or whichever, I can never keep those things straight), and this color scheme does nothing to help it. Lucky for me we're getting Takara's re-releases as a TRU 2-pack.
  16. I display all my Primes/Primals/Convoys together, and all my Megatrons/Galvatrons together. They rest are arranged together randomly, 'cause it doesn't really matter much. Oh, and Synch: seek help for that unhealthy "MISB" problem, and OPEN YOUR FRIGGIN' TOYS!! @smilepunch@ @smilepunch@ @loll@ @loll@
  17. Since I'll either be throwing that crappy head away or selling it on eBay, it really doesn't matter which one I find. *shrug*
  18. MP Starscream's alt-mode isn't in scale with the Alts, either. "Mass-shifting" didn't come from the cartoon or comics. The fans came up with it to explain how the Transformers changed size when going between their modes. Also, it's a cartoon. They don't HAVE to explain it.
  19. Dark_Lord_Prime


    I have a similar problem, all of a sudden. After about 4 - 6 messages in a thread, they stop having Quote, Reply and Edit buttons, so I can't quote them, and I can't even edit my own. [EDIT]Check that: it's every post after anything posted by Mike. I think it's because of his new sig--right above the "Badger" thing, there's a block of JavaScript code.
  20. Do you ever stop to think before trying to be a smart-ass? (for that matter, do you ever join in a conversation WITHOUT being a sarcastic git? If you do, I have yet to witness it.) MP Starscream's robot mode is 4 inches taller than any of the Alternators, which means he is WAY out of scale with the Alts. MP Convoy's bot mode may well be in-scale with the Alts; unfortunately, his ALT mode is too small to be in scale with them. (something like 1:25 or 1:26, as I recall)
  21. Just one problem with that: Starscream is a Masterpiece, which likely means he's 12 (or more) inches tall. The Alts are, generally, about 8 inches tall.
  22. Hasbro said at their SDCC panel that they're thinking about bringing MP-04's trailer over here, but don't know if it's gonna be Prime + Trailer or just the trailer yet.
  23. Well, I have yet to see Wing Saber here, and I just found the Gigantia cement mixer last week. That's cool with me, since I never take his trailer/backpack out of the box anyway.
  24. I own him, and he doesn't suck.
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