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  1. Funniest. Post. EVAAAAAH! @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ Sadly, it's also the TRUEST post ever.. @titanic@ @cry@
  2. from the pictures I've seen, a lot of the parts, like the bumper, are painted silver instead of chrome-plated. Yeah, that too. hehehe.. Good point, especially since it's supposed to be commemorating the 20th anniversary of the movie.
  3. *doh* yeah.. I thought I was forgetting about something.. The base does quote lines from the animated movie, but it isn't Peter Cullen's voice (no idea why, since all they had to do was lift his lines from the movie itself.. *shrug*).
  4. The new one is identical to the first release as far as plastic/die-cast and accessories. The new one has no "battle damage" paint apps (the grey splotches), and he has new yellow paint apps on his helmet. His box is different, and he's called "Movie Edition" because he's being re-released to commemorate the 20th anniversary movie DVD that's due out soon.
  5. Speaking of half-assed... I've cut down half of Prime's posterior! The gap above the fender will be filled in with epoxy putty and sanded smooth and eventually painted along with the rest of him.
  6. eh.. I never intended to use those stupid drones, and I didn't like the pics of any of his other super-modes, so no big loss there. You are correct about Cybertron Prime, but half-assed (Armada PLX) + crappy (Energon Super) = decent figure. Synch: Oh, ye of little faith..
  7. Just to catch you all up on what I've been doing on this project: http://www.tfmaster.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5584 I'll be posting further updates here as well.
  8. Aaaaand, for those who would like a direct link to the original article at AICN.... http://www.aintitcool.com/display.cgi?id=24366
  9. It said the Autobots arrive on Earth to find that we already have robots here, who are basically slaves. The Transformers are from another planet, not made here.
  10. Well, when I was 18, I got this yellow Camaro.... @loll@ @loll@ @loll@ I think my first TF was either Tracks or Bluestreak (whom I was very confused about, 'cause he was all silver, with no blue at all..). Teh wha..? The board game people??
  11. "that's lots of effects around that are real effects, so that's how we make it realistic." o_O Bwuh.....? This is the brilliant man in charge of bringing us realistic and believable Transformers, eh?
  12. BB is a 2007 Camaro. Jazz is probably a little sports car. *shrug* And didn't Bay say something about the reason they went with a long-nose cab for Optimus was because Op was supposed to be 40 - 50 feet tall, and the COE just "didn't have enough mass" to be believable? *eyeroll* And again, another bit of movie info is revealed and drives my faith in and desire to see the movie down another notch or three.
  13. I, too, thought it looked like Waspinator, for whatever cracked-out reason, but after seeing it multiple times and looking closer, I finally saw the slightly-yellow eyes, right above what seem to be Waspy's bug eyes. Since I saw that, I cannot see Waspinator anymore. Here's my Photoshop-enhancement, so you can see what I'm seeing: If you look closely at the original pic, you can just make out the yellow tinge that the eyes have, which leads me to believe they're light-piped. I'm still not real fond of the bot design, but it does look a lot better somehow, since I don't see Waspinator anymore when I look at it.
  14. http://cgi.ebay.com/Transformers-Gen-1-Dev...1QQcmdZViewItem http://cgi.ebay.com/Transformers-Gen-2-Dev...1QQcmdZViewItem Teh WHA....?!
  15. I haven't seen anything, so I'm curious as to whether anyone has paid attention to/noticed/commented on MP Screamer's tail-fin call letters & numbers yet? If you haven't, they're "SS" and "22 DT". Unless I miss my guess, that's "Starscream" and G1's Takara designation number is D-22. I'm not sure what the T would be, other than "Takara," though.
  16. That is correct. The "trailer" slides off his legs.
  17. No, he's deluxe-sized, but they had to use a Voyager-sized box to accommodate him and his smokestack gun. @hmmm@ @smilepunch@
  18. *suddenly remembers that Arcee (or "RC") was in the script at one point* Oh, man... *shudder*
  19. *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* Totally. Huggin'. Amazing. o_o I LOVE the shot of Classics Prime kickin' back in the bed of Kiss Play Convoy! One question, though.. who is the G1 Prime/Convoy in the middle, with "anime-style" light blue windshield in this pic? http://tfkenkon.com/g/?mode=view&album...00&start=25
  20. The only TransTech designs I can remember that come CLOSE those those crappy movie designs are Shockwave and Megatron, and I never liked THOSE two designs, either.
  21. They were thinking, "We need to bring in EVERYBODY, young, old, male, female, fan and non-fan." "We got robots that turn into flashy, late-model cars and trucks? Great! Run with it!" Then, they apparently forgot to include any sort of focuse beyond "Transformers," "Autobots," "Decepticons," and "robots in disguise." Strict adherence to G1 look and story? Not believable or "realistic." Well, duh. Nobody wanted or expected to see 80s cartoon robots interacting with real people and objects. We -did-, however, expect to see something uniquely-recognizable as Transformers, not generic-looking mishmashes of American and Japanese robot design asthetic. Yes, they're robots. However, they are NOT -human-built Earth robots-! They are mechanical lifeforms. Technology that is MILLENNIA older and more-advanced than ours. They do not necessarily have to resemble what we think of as "robots" here on Earth because, quite simply, THEY AREN'T. And how about what's apparently acceptable as "realistic" and "believable? Mass-shifting? Not believable. The ability to scan nearby objects and vehicles and INSTANTANEOUSLY MORPH YOUR ENTIRE PHYSICAL STRUCTURE to mimic one of them, then being able to transform between the two forms via near-infinite PANEL FOLDING AND SHIFTING? Perfectly reasonable and believable. Fans already hate the robot designs. Kids are gonna go in expecting to see something they've been playing with for the past 4 series, and they're gonna ask mommy and daddy where the Transformers are. They -might- recognize Optimus Prime's head. Mommy and Daddy, who have a vague (or maybe not-so-vague) idea of what "Transformers" are aren't going to know what to tell their kids beyond "Um.. those ARE the Transformers, honey!" and may even be thinking, "These aren't Transformers!" And Average Joe is gonna love it 'cause it's giant robots blasting the tar out of each other, or hate it because there's too much human story going on and not enough mindless destruction and flashy explosions, or just sit and wonder "WTF??" Unless some sort of miracle happens between now and July 4, I think I've lost just about all interest in this movie, and I certainly won't be spending MY money on it.
  22. geez.. I just realized: Scorponok looks like a freakin' rip-off of the Replicators from Stargate SG-1!!
  23. Yeah, these designs are SO much better than the old "blocky" Transformers, and FAR more believable than a little mass-shifting, eh? And not at all "jar-you-out-of-the-fantasy" prone... jeebus crimony.... *waits for Classics, then sits with them and cries*
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