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  1. eh, big deal. What're the "Cyber Slammers" mentioned in the blurb on the left, though?
  2. "Automorph Technology" sounds an awful lot like BW Bat Primal and Robot Masters Mirage (RM-03). Of course, better than than Armada Side Swipe... @hmmm@
  3. Hammer and precision screwdriver. You just have to get one end of the pin out far enough to get hold of it with some pliers.
  4. THEY MUST BE MINE!!!!!! I LOVE that they're wearing the shoes they turn into, too! @loll@ @loll@
  5. http://forums.toynewsi.com/index.php?showtopic=2030381
  6. The tail lights are held in by the same long pin that holds the trailer hitch (it goes all the way across the car). I couldn't get the stripes off, so I just painted over them with Krylon Fusion Sunbeam Yellow spray paint.
  7. Looks more like your building him a ice penis. Yer just jealous 'cause his is bigger than yours! @smilepunch@
  8. Or, you could just open the one you have... @hmmm@
  9. And here's bot-mode! You can't really tell here, but I did the shoulder-swap thing, so the screws are now on the backs of his shoulders. And a few details on his sword/gun: I removed his stupid "chin" (I mean, really.. it's one thing to give bots with actual faces a huge chin, but why do they keep doing it to Grimlock's faceplate??) and painted his mask gold. I also coated his light-piping and the jewel in his chest with clear red paint, which looks a lot better to me than the peachy color they were molded in). And speaking of his chest jewel... You already saw this detail in the beast-mode pics, but here are the molded "screw" hinge connectors again:
  10. So I picked up Classics Grimmy and, as usual, I couldn't resist doing some modding... First, various paint additions to beast-mode. I painted all the molded joint details silver (elbows, knees, etc): And the plates down his spine: His eyes are now metallic blue, the red spot in the top of his head is silver with a colorized version of the new movie's Autobot symbol, and he's had a manicure, and his teeth and the big "screw" detail where his head attaches to his neck are silver:
  11. Grimlock, Hot Rod and Mirage do. Bumblebee does, except they didn't bother to put in the actual piping. Megatron, I believe, has green light-piped eyes, and I don't remember on Optimus or Astrotrain (I don't have either of them yet), and haven't seen Jetfire anywhere yet. I'd imagine the other Seekers don't.
  12. Behold, Starscream, in all his red-glowy-eyed glory!! And here's a shot of his spankin' new light-piping from the back:
  13. I made one more change--now, he has a 'Bot symbol on his hood. I'm sorry; I said I was gonna post pics of the inside of his head, but I forgot and it's glued together now (no more screw hole, 'cause the light-pipe went down directly in the way). But, here's a shot of the back of his head, showing where the pipe went in, and the total lack of screw hole.
  14. I'm rebuilding Screamer's head right now, but it's at a point where I can give you some progress pics! This is the second try at putting his head back together; the first attempt ended up with glue leaking into his eye-sockets and obscuring the eye piece. I tried to remove the glue, but made it worse, so I had to tear the whole thing back apart and start again. The eye holes are slightly larger than they were in my previous post, but the effect is way better now. The first time, I used epoxy putty to rejoin the two halves, but that didn't work very well. This time, I've joined the halves with Testors contour putty and am currently filling the gap between them with clear-parts glue. When that's fully cured, I'll smooth things out with more contour putty. This should give me pretty decent joint strength, so the head won't fall apart when I try to turn it for posing later. Also, prompted by a post in TFans.com's KB forum, I've started considering ways to add a proper landing gear to the jet's nose but, so far, the only thing I can think of is to drill a hole up inside the space that folds against the hinge bar to make his chest in bot mode, and plugging a seperate piece in, like the G1 Seekers did.
  15. BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! (the white bits on the black tape are debris from drilling and sanding and cutting--it's a piece of tape I was using to test the light-piping I was installing in Bumblebee's head, and discarded on the table top) Once again, I'm using a bit of sprue from the clear-parts tree from of my model kits. I cut Starscream's head in half at the visible seam line (I'm gonna have to pad it out when I put the head back together, 'cause I ended up cutting a 1/16" space between the halves), then used a combination of my smallest precision flat-head screwdriver, a hammer, and a cylindrical engraving/shaping bit in my rotary-tool to cut out his old eyes and the triangular space behind them. I dipped the new eye piece in a bottle of clear red model paint and brushed off the excess with a small paintbrush, dabbing the brush dry on a piece of newspaper, until the eye piece was coated nice and even. I heated up the end of the remaining sprue and smashed it with needle-nose pliers. I think all that's left is to finish fitting the light-pipe to the space I cut, then put the head back together and repaint.
  16. And here's bot-mode! I've given him a proper Autobot symbol on his chest, and relocated the rub-sign to the inside of his roof. And here, again, Hasbro molded his eyes in clear plastic, but didn't do anything with that. I've painted them clear blue and installed my own light-pipe into the back of his head. (I'll add a couple pics of the inside later.) As a bonus, here are a couple pics of my modded Waverunner! I sanded the sides of the top-half's nose narrow, and the point below the nubs that lock it into the bottom-half, so it's hinged and can swing up. I'm trying to come up with a simple way to turn the water-ski into a weapon that he can hold now. And there you have it. This light-piping project has given me ideas for adding piping to both my Super Starscream project and my Classics Starscream (though the latter is gonna be a little tougher, since the head is a single piece)!
  17. I decided to just make a new topic for this, since it went a tad beyond just painting his eyes clear blue. First, alt-mode! I really didn't care for the metallic-white paint they put on him, so that's gone, and I added black accents. I also painted the headlight wells silver. Yet again, Hasbro molds pieces in clear plastic, then paints them; in this case, BB's tail lights. They're the same clear plastic as the windows, but for whatever reason, they were painted opaque red. I cleaned that paint off, painted the wells silver and the lights clear red. Behold, teh shiny new side mirrors! I'm gonna print up a license plate for him later; I'm thinking something like "BMBL B". Next post: bot-mode!
  18. Not to mention the fact that Takara decided to paint him BLUE. Apparently, they couldn't make up their minds on whether they wanted to make Starscream or Thundercracker. @smilepunch@ He's "seafoam green"
  19. 2 inches? That is it?? MP screamer is that small? MP Starscream is about 8 inches tall. You do the math.
  20. Peter Cullen saying Prime's quote? That's part of the official trailer posted at the official movie site. And the music score is awesome! Especially the original theme reprise at the end. Did you overlay the G1 transforming sound on the "The only lead we have is this sound." bit?
  21. The clear-parts sprue works!! Just one eye done so far, but it works! *insert mad scientist laughter here* "It's alive! ALIIIIIIIIVE!!!"
  22. Touch-ups complete! And jet mode; not much changed here, just black landing gear and the backs of the intakes are red.
  23. I took his arms off (just a screw through the back of his shoulder), marked the spot for the new hole, then used my drill with a 16/34" bit. It's less than a hair larger than the launchers' posts, so they were slightly loose, but a little clear nail polish on the posts and the holes fixed that right up. There's actually a circle on the inside of his forearm, which is what I was aiming for, but the drill bit slipped on the first try, so the hole ended up slightly lower than I'd intended. Luckily, it turned out to be exactly where the hole needed to be to make the launcher match up evenly with the top and bottom edges of his forearms. All I had to do after that was hold the arms together (backs of fists facing each other) with the help of a piece of scotch tape and mark the other other through the new hole. After that, I just had to drill the matching hole.
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