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  1. Because the figures are what were reported as the prototypes, and the package pics are what were supposed to be the final molds: http://spiderbaz.proboards101.com/index.cg...ad=7&page=1 No clue why, though, but I'm a bit disappointed, as the supposedly-final molds looked far superior.
  2. Yes.. yes! YES!!! Can you feel that?? That's quality fan-wank, right there!!
  3. Yeah he'll probably be a futuristic garbage truck or something. Still, that would be better than Megs epilady alt mode. So you think he'll be a repaint of Wreck-Gar?
  4. It's some sort of Cybertronian jet and, judging from the 3-minute preview on CartoonNetwork.com, the toy is upside down, 'cause the cannon is supposed to be on the bottom.
  5. At least 2. One of the VA's mentioned in an interview that they were already recording for season 2.
  6. Hot damn, the G1 love just keeps rollin'.. Here's hopin' he's a white Prime with red, white and blue armor. @smilepunch@ @loll@
  7. Didn't Hasbro specifically say at SDCC(?) that characters wouldn't be getting used in two main lines at the same time? o.O
  8. If you mean Bulkhead, you're right: http://imdb.com/name/nm0265067/ #50, 51, 52, 56 and 58. Also, Assistant Coach Dauber on "Coach". And mentally-challenged Tom Cullen on "Stephen King's The Stand".
  9. I love all my Energon figs. I despise those frakkin' Energon chips/stars and the stupid Autobot Powerlinking and most of the Decepticon "Super Modes". AND THAT DAMNED YODELING, SKIING FREAK!!! *breathes slowly* *ahem* I also loathe Cyber Keys, and I'm not a big fan of 99% of the Minicons. @hmmm@ On topic... Can't say I recall hating on any particular toys, then finding I actually like them after I've seen them/played with them. I hated all the Energon basics but Arcee, and still do. I hated Energon Prime, and still do, though I have both the deluxe and big one. I love my Energon Bendy Prime since I modded him (bye-bye Super-##$%$#-Mode Helmet and fugly legs!), and I will love my big E-Prime once similar modding is finished on it (legs replaced, helmet gone, slimmed own to heroic, rather than hero-sandwich, proportions). I hate Energon Galvatron AND that fugly purple G1 re-issue. I guess the only ones that come close to the topic would be Beast Wars, which I never hated; more that I just had a "wtf?" reaction. I didn't get my first BW toy till well after RiD had come and gone.
  10. *calls upon the power of the Allspark to smite the blasphemer* Sari is voiced by Teen Titans' Raven. She cannot POSSIBLY suck! Also.. hot DAMN! Prowl's VA voiced Johnny Bravo!! Transformers animation has finally stopped sucking again! All is right with the world. *sighs happily*
  11. I think it's pretty good so far and, except for the reversed speech balloons, the last panel of #3 was the awesomest twist yet; took me completely by surprise!
  12. He's about 8 inches tall from feet to head; 8.5 inches if you go to the wingtips. The jet is a hair over 12" long
  13. I dunno. I used Testors Brush Cleaner. The "carbon scoring" paint apps came off pretty easily with that, but the silver on the engine flaps and nosecone took considerable effort. So did the flaming Xes on Skids, for that matter.. stupid stuff leaked between panels and mucked up the paint on his crotch and thighs, too, which I had to touch up afterward. @hmmm@ I may have to look into this wax and grease remover... where would I find it?
  14. Before I even got MP SS, I was planning to paint the nosecone blue and remove some of the "carbon scoring" and the silver paint on his engine cover flaps. Shortly before he showed up here, someone posted at TFans that he'd discovered the nosecone is ALREADY BLUE (same as the tail fins) under that silver paint! So, I finally got my Starscream and proceeded to dismantle his legs so as to remove the silver and black paint apps, as well as the nosecone. Leg pieces came clean with a minimum of fuss, but the paint on the nosecone was pretty stubborn, and I ended up scuffing the blue plastic in the process, so I ended up going over it with Testors Transparent Blue Gloss spray-paint. The tip of the cone has a ring that I couldn't get the silver out of, but it ended up having a nice effect after the transparent blue dried. And now, teh pics! First, this was the first pic I took of him after taking him out of his box. I much prefer keeping the tail pieces attached to his calves, so that's how they'll stay. And here's jet mode, all cleaned up with a gorgeous blue nosecone, and repainted jamming dish assembly (which I damaged the paint on slightly while reattaching the cone).
  15. O_O Holy slag! ...now that begs the question: is it going to continue to air from there, or are they gonna make us wait a month or two for the series proper to start running? @hmmm@
  16. And now, definitive proof that the US is not getting MP Starscream! @smilepunch@ @bounce@ @bounce@ @bounce@ ^_^
  17. Yup. Definitely not getting Starscream in the States, as the one sitting under the desk by my foot will attest. @smilepunch@ Pics later, when I get home from work. (hence the reason he's under my desk. )
  18. I thought you'd like a progress report: I've had to scrap the leg part of the mock-up, 'cause I didn't think to take into consideration the shape of the left side (the speaker corner), so I'm re-building that part and re-working the positioning of the legs. I've also decided the parts of the case with the d-pad and buttons will be attached to the bots' forearms, 'cause putting them on his thighs just won't work. After that comes the hard part--building the internals of his chest and figuring out how to mount the arms and head, while accomodating the screen(s) and cartridge slot, so they can carry their minion-bots. I say "screen(s)" 'cause I'm considering making them interchangable, so I can change what's displayed on them, but that'll come after the main bot stuff is worked out.
  19. Heh.. funny you should say that. A couple guys over at Transtopia had the same idea, and now I'm thinking about making Game Pak minions for my bots. Anybody got some old 1st gen Gameboy games I could get for cheap? (or even free? ) Doesn't really matter if they work, since they'll be carved up and relieved of their game function; just so long as the casing is intact. I'd check the selection at my comic shop, but I think they still want, like, $12 for a GB cartridge, which would just be silly, considering I paid $6 for the two GameBoys.
  20. (We can only include 5 pics per post?) After I tweak the positioning on those parts a bit, I'll move on to mounting the middle of the shell on his thighs. Then it's on to working on his arms and head! I'm planning to make one an Autobot and the other a Decepticon, and my current backstory idea involves them being brothers. They were two of a series, and a single Spark accidentally got split between them. I'm not sure yet what that means for their minds/personalities, other than their disparate faction allegiences are a direct result.
  21. My local comic shop also sells video games and consoles, among other things like DVDs and books. One day, I was there to get my weekly comics, and noticed they had two first-generation GameBoys for $3 each, and I was suddenly struck with a Real Gears inspiration, so I bought 'em both. My first step was to measure one of the GB's, then create a cardboard mock-up, so I can work out the transformation and positioning of parts. Next, I had to figure out what to use for various parts, such as legs and arms, etc. Bionicles to the rescue! After some experimentation, I've decided my best bet for his legs are "beast-type" (hey, it worked for Dropkick!), as shown here: His feet are what I originally created for my project to re-shell an Alt Tracks with a G1-ish Corvette Stingray, but I determined that using an actual Alt Tracks was gonna end up being far more trouble than it was worth, so I reset my sights on an extra Side Swipe. That project is one of many currently on back burners. I may end up using some other Bionicle feet, though, as these seem a bit small. Anyway...my original GameBoy mock-up was made with printer card-stock, but that's too flimsy for this, so I've started re-doing it with some thin cardboard, instead. I've used hot glue to "spot-weld" the green pieces in place inside the GB shell pieces, and it's turning out pretty good so far. I'm gonna have to fiddle with the placement of the green bits though, 'cause the bottom of the GB is ending up slightly out of alignment with the top half. I have no idea how the mock-up ended up so much taller than the real GB case, since I measured and re-measured at least twice, but there you go. *shrug* It looks like I can just shorten the top a little when I remake it with the cardboard, though, without affecting anything else. (continued in next post...)
  22. I've seen people say it's a 74, 76, 77 and 79. As I recall, it's supposed to be a 76.
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