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  1. Now, THAT is the way to revamp Harley's look without making her look like a painter's apprentice. I'm so excited for this. They say Cena is actually hilarious in this movie. Between him and Batista, I think Gunn has found a crop of unexpected talent. Of course, they can both thank the Rock for opening that door.
  2. This one is crazy. Maybe 30 years ago this woulda been perfect, but at this time it seems like there's something to be said about how WB feels about the longevity of the DCEU. By the time this thing hits Pierce is gonna be pushing 70. He looks great for his age, but how many more is he gonna have in him after that? I just hope the DCEU somehow gets on track with one of these projects, but with the somewhat catty announcement that there is no way in hell that the Snyder Cut will not become DCEU cannon, it pretty much looks like they intend to start from scratch (again).
  3. That's a pretty odd comment coming from a director who saw the project all the way through from the beginning and was allowed to do his entire vision from the start. Though that comment is a little outta place, I must agree with the entirety of it. I too was expecting some kind of 3 hour epic, so I was a little disappointed to hear about the less than 2 hour run time, but hey, if the the movie is knock down, drag out full of giant CGI monsters kicking ayass with a minimum of boring dialogue, sign me up. There are places and times for movies that have a deep message and delve into humanity and questions about life and love and relationships, but this ain't that. I just wanna see some cool looking special effects and some awesome fight scenes.
  4. This looks really good. That was actually a really cool cartoon series and I'd always wished the toy line had been much better. The only thing that sucks about this is that NECA is really hard to get ahold of at any regularity, at least where I live. If I were to even consider getting deep into these it would have to be with some kind of pre-order thing like they've started to do with the Turtles. Even then, the bots usually get most of the pre-orders.
  5. Why does the Al Simmons sculpt look like Batista? That's not what he looked like in the comics. Why would Todd change his own characters face to be so different from the source art material?
  6. it's pretty cool. Nothing I'm gonna spend my time or money on, but it's a fun character who I never expected to see an articulated release. If it's your thing, good on you.
  7. And by that, it looks like they try to get as many of those lesser knowns in as possible. We've all seen the Scorpion's and Ryu's from various studios, so it is nice to see the deeper roster.
  8. I mean, it makes sense, someone so clever as Kate Kane woulda been smart enough to pack a Bat-Chute. I mean, it's not just anyone who can steal.....errr.....I mean discover someone else's ingenuity and make it "perfect" and use everything that other person created to run around playing superhero. It's not like that kinda magic lightning can strike twice. What....oh, it did....ohh. Uhhh....nevermind. As far as the plot, typical 5th grad juvenile writing. Er.....she uhh...crashed but she totally go out, and uhhh...she fell on her face, and then uhhh...she's totally unrecognizable now, but then uhhh...her hair will change color and she'll be more pleasing to look at than she was before. Total explanation, total fix, total score! Slap hands!!!! If there was more bottom than rocks, this is it.
  9. Exactly. Huge. Variety is the spice of life, but I would just like to see them concentrate on one roster at a time. You're right though, the ones they do do (heh!) are damn near perfect.
  10. Love Storm Collectables figures, but they just have a reaaaaaally slow and sporadic roll out rate. I'm pretty sure they have a license of some sort for all major fighting games and it's fun to see Street Fighter next to King of Fighters next to Tekken and now Samurai Showdown but it's like they don't even really get to a buncha characters people want before they're on to the next license. It's like their resources are spread too thin. I do like them, though. Are they worth the price? That's all relative, I suppose.
  11. I'd forgotten all about these things till now. They were hideous and odd feeling and gross, and totally freakin' cool. Again, I have enough bad addictions to start collecting these things, but I wouldn't mind getting my hands on them to see if they still have that old gummy, mushy feel.
  12. It just seems like McFarlane has a lot of leftover Gold/Bronze plastic laying around that he musta bought in bulk from a liquidation sale or something. I do pick up the occasional McFarlane figure from time to time as well. Did you buy the Devistator figure? I bought it. I'd been chewing over it for a while and it finally broke me down. It looked awesome, and though I didn't expect max poseability from a figure that large and detailed it was still a major letdown. The biggest issue I had with it is that it was just too damn small. Based on art and data, that thing shoulda been about 10" tall, especially in that 7" scale McFarlane insists on. The thing is very small compared to even an average Marvel Legends BAF or "large" figure. Even compare it to the recent Bane Collect to Build figure it's just not right. Bane should not be bigger than Doomsday in an universe, alternate or otherwise. McFarlane did wisen up by picking up the BAF concept (kicking and screaming, I assume), but if he would just concede that the 6" scale is the better option, he could make those larger scale figures and BAFs look more accurate. That is my major reason for not falling in with McFarlane. That, and the fact that he's pretty much ignored 90 percent of the DCM to this point. Maybe by the time he breaks down to adopt the 6" model he will have delved into the richer roster that DC has to offer.
  13. I think the fact that NECA keeps a business model just under the typical mass retail strategy makes them able to do things like this. The fact that they don't have to have a He-Man or Wolverine or Batman in every wave gives them the freedom to do a characters like these. They actually get a pretty good response to them.
  14. I know it would be a licensing nightmare to line up, but how cool would it be if he came with a bottle of Mountain Dew?
  15. I'm hoping these pics are out of scale. I'm pretty sure Donovan isn't supposed to be like a foot taller than Randy Orton. All in all, it's about typical fare for Mattel. I'm hoping they'll see the quality Jazzwares is doing with the AEW figures and up their game, but don't count on it. They coulda tried to step up to Marvel Legends with the DCM license, but never did. Now all we get from DCM is Batman, Batman, Batman, then Batman, some more Batman, some other guy, Batman, another Batman, oh, and Batman.
  16. I was iffy about this line on it's inset, but seeing them in person, they're actually pretty unique. Not something I'm gonna spend my money on, mostly for spatial reasons, but they aren't that bad at all. I do like the extra care they gave to this set so that Quint actually fits in his mouth.
  17. Lol. I'm gonna just bow outta this argument cuz it's pointless and boring. Nothing in my original comments is worthy of locking this thread. The only one trying to lock it is you by being enraged by my honest thoughts. You obviously don't like my opinions and I frankly don't care, so if you're gonna be triggered by everything I say you might as well block me now. The sooner you realize that the entire world doesn't have to share your opinion the sooner you will stop being disappointed by the world, kid. You have a fabulous day, Good Doctor.
  18. Lol. Nor does it revolve around you. Your opinions aren't the only ones allowed here. I'm a comic and superhero fan thru and thru so I did give the show a shot and watched a few episodes. That's why I don't anymore. I wasn't insulting you or anyone in particular or given any reason to lock this thread. From the looks of it, there's only been very little activity at all and you're only here to complain about my complaining. You haven't contributed to the quality of the show one way or another. I think the show is bad, whether you like my opinions or not. Deal with it.
  19. I was thinking the exact same thing. I hope they learned something after loosing the DCM line, as far as articulation and sculpt, and I hope they learned something from the cancellation of the Masters of the Universe 200X line. No one wants a thousand different variations of He-Man and Skeletor packed at a ratio of 4 to 1 clogging up the shelves. I won't hold my breath cuz it's already happening with the Origins line, if anyone else has taken notice. We want variety, and you have a ton of source material from the original 80's line to the characters in the MOTUC line, to characters in comics and cartoon. There's no reason whatsoever we should have to endure the frustration of digging through pegs 6 to 8 deep with He-Man and Skeletor to look for a Man-At-Arms or Tri-Klops only to be disappointed because they only came one to a case. Get this old "Barbie Has a New Hat" marketing mentality out of your heads here and now Mattel, or this line is dead before launch.
  20. Don't count on it. This is just another Star Wars nosedive in the making. RIP Star Trek. We'll always have the Wrath of Khan.
  21. Yeaaaah.....I think it's best they stop digging for reasons to keep this train wreck on air.
  22. Uhm...is it just me or is McFarlane actually getting worse at this stuff. I like the Snyder designs, but this ain't them. Whoever is wearing that Superman costume, it ain't Henry Cavill. Throw Momoa and Miller in there as well. Don't get me wrong, I don't expect toys to have the actor's exact likeness on them, but damn, Mattel was doing better than that. As far as face sculpts go.
  23. Looks to me that Hasbro is attempting another hostile takeover of a much smaller company with a superior business model and superior product. I don't foresee Hasbro being able to out do Jazzwares at this point. Hasbro's pretty much peaked with Marvel Legends and G.I. Joe Classified and Jazzwares seems to just be getting better and better and getting recognized more and more in the industry. I think Hasbro notices as well and rather than trying to improve to compete with a serious competitor they'd rather just try and take their stuff. Nothing like throwing a ton of money at a property to edge out the competition. Hasbro's got enough money to burn and take a loss for a few years in order to ultimately eliminate a potential threat to their lockdown on the toy market. Ask Toybiz how hard it is to stay afloat once Big Daddy Deep Pockets decides they've had quite enough of your little "better product, better prices" act. Oh yeah, most of them work at Jazzwares now, so they already know.
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