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  1. I was discussing this toyline with my cousins not but a few days ago and was wondering if any toy companies were gonna try to cash in on the nostalgia market with it. I hope these things are done as awesomely well as the Masters of the Universe Origins line with a perfect mix of old school stylings with upgraded articulation. Can't wait to see the first update.
  2. Wish they'd given Snake Eyes an alternate crying head sculpt for Henry Golding reportedly being reduced to tears by the trainers getting him into "fighting shape" for the movie. In all seriousness though, they do actually look pretty good. I feel like these movie might look just as good along side the classic designs. The images of the Scarlet figure actually look better than the classic release.
  3. Huge fan of He-Man. Not a huge fan of Kevin Smith. He does seem like a nice guy, but his films and direction are hit and miss at best. And lately they're mostly miss. He can make the hell outta some low budget, average schmo, low expectations type flick like Mallrats and Chasing Amy and do better than expected, but give him a credit card and a highly anticipated property with great production value, not so much. It looks great, it hits the nostalgia spot right on the head and it makes me pretty damn excited, but something tells me, and yes, I'll admit I've been listening to all the naysayers of Youtube, that this is another Bait-N-Switch. I feel like the first episode(s) are gonna give us the impression of picking up right where they left off, like Smith says, but then it will change to He-Man being put on the sideline by either losing his powers or being imprisoned and it will all be up to Teela and her crew to either rescue him or restore him. At the end he will declare her as the better leader and the future will be Teela leading the Masters of the Universe. There's probably a very specific reason it's no longer called He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. If I'm wrong, and I truly hope I am, I will be the first to admit it, but you gotta know by now this kinda stuff is right of Smith's ally. Still hoping for the best, but being accustomed to the fact that the rug has been pulled out so many times in the past I'm not even surprised anymore.
  4. I did not read the comics before I saw the show, but enjoyed it enough that I then read the comics. Netflix pimped this as basically the anti-Boys comic adaptation and it was clear that they tried too hard which resulted in pretty much an over the top cheezy effort. I'm not too upset it's been cancelled and I can't imagine that too many of the fans are either.
  5. I'm almost of a mind to wait and see if the suits are smart enough to dump the "must be a He-Man and Skeletor in every wave and short pack any new characters" game plan before I get into this line. Something tells me, and judging by the way the Origins line is being distributed, that some things will never change. Still, I'll get these. I got no problem starting with the main two characters in the first wave, but having to include both in every wave and then having to rummage through layers and layers of them to find the new character is gonna get you cancelled in record time. How bout this, maybe you just include just one of the Big Two in each wave, and then make the other 3 character a mix of the characters we never got in the 200X waves and ones that did get made in the 200X, MOTUC, and Vintage lines, and maybe, just hear me out, just maybe you make the new characters as available (or dare I say it, even more available) as the main character. Now, one will say the new characters will depend on when they appear on the new show, but technically, if the show is just a continuation of the old Filmation series (which we've already seen that it isn't) then all characters should be fair game. I've said it once, and I'll say it again, this "Barbie has a new hat" strategy is not gonna work in todays market.
  6. I stopped watching Supergirl after season 3 began so I'm not sure when and where Kelly Olsen entered the picture. This is a pretty cool look though and I'm glad they actually created a new character and just didn't gender swap Jimmy. Kinda giving off that Gamora vibe.
  7. In the grand scheme of things, a lot. According to Hasbro's own statements, the cost for a company to commission an exclusive is a minimum 100k. That's on the low end, using preexisting parts and molds. So yes, assuming Target, who has money to burn, has covered that cost, Hasbro's losses would be minimal and the burden of making profit goes to Target. The thing is that Bludd looks to be, at least in part, new product, so one would assume Target footed that bill. This would mean that Hasbro basically made a new figure free of cost and with probably a smaller profit from Target. The thing is, we all know Hasbro is not in the business of doing anything for small profit. Would they not make a lot more money selling a lot more of them (perhaps with a different color scheme) to a lot more retailers where a lot more people have access to them? Hasbro sells product to retailers, so they really don't care what strategy the retailers use to sell that product. G.I. Joe is a proven profitable property and judging by how quickly the shelves empty when product is put out, even with half of each wave being reissues, it looks to be for the near future so the retailers will be buying. Just ask any hardcore or even casual Joe fan how many of them want a Major Bludd. The 100k made from the exclusive would be just a fraction of what they could make by selling to multiple retailers or even through Hasbro Pulse. Supplying demand is always better for business.
  8. Yeah, I don't see what Hasbro's possible end game here is. What is the point of making all these characters that people want and using the resources to make them with almost all new tooling and sculpting if not to make them available to the mass market. Firefly and Cobra Viper were sold out before I could even log onto the site and I know the scalpers in my area who don't have day jobs will be on all the Target exclusives before I even catch a wiff of them. I know people with Pulse Premium who didn't even get them. I suspect they'll all be available in future waves once regular production and distribution practices get leveled out again, and the scheduled movie figures get rescheduled, but most likely with alternate paint schemes, which is fine by me. I just want a fair crack at these things. The fact that they sell out so quickly under limited qualities should show Hasbro how much money they're leaving on the table by not giving them general release. If they keep this up and just keep giving us "regular" shoppers re-releases of figures that we already have I'm probably gonna bail out on the Classified line altogether. That'll be one less consumer that everyone else has to compete with though. It's really sad, cuz these figures are awesome.
  9. That Redeemer is insane. Not a fan of McFarlane and his entire manufactured "I'm a Rebel" bit, but his work is solid. Not a collector of the 7" scale, mostly because I have so much invested in the 6" scale, but these Spawn figs are hitting the nostalgia bone in a way that those Super7 5 POA's can't. I'll probably have to pick up some of this line (if it actually goes to mass market).
  10. Personally, I don't see the appeal in these, though they do strike a distinct nostalgia bone, especially with characters we thought would most likely never get the action figure treatment. I use the word action in it's loosest sense though, and I think that's where the issue is with me. There's pretty much nothing to do with these things but display them in an unopened box. Good on those MIMB collectors though.
  11. Wow, to think there was a time when giant robots with actual spring loaded firing fists were $18, and even that was expensive for the times. This is nothing close to my cup of tea, but good luck with that.
  12. Love LL. She makes any project better. She's been in some floaters, but it's never been due to her. She's got that dry, mean streak that makes her a great villain base. I'm hopeful for this movie, but wouldn't be a bit surprised if it turned South and heads in the direction of Wonder Woman '84 or Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn (y'know, just in case you didn't get the gist of what it was all supposed to be about). Uggghhhh! Just don't put her in a pair of fishing waders, okay?
  13. Well, another one bites the dust. Seems like Kennedy has set out to single handedly destroy Harrison Ford's legacy in any and all iconic movie roles he's had. I'd feel bad for him, but he seems to be all onboard for it as well. Then again, he might be at that point in life where he just doesn't care anymore and is just in it for a money grab. They'll probably kill of Indy, make Waller-Bridge's character the new Indy, but of course she won't use his name, she'll be better than Indy, and she'll make her own way. And then that franchise will die on the vine cuz no one is going watch this movie, and all the true Indiana Jones fans are going to turn away.
  14. Yeah....no. I think you're giving them too much credit. What happened when Batwoman introduced Hush into the mix to boost ratings? It did give them a sizeable boost and then they more or less dumped the story to continue their woke politics. Of course, comparing one creative team to another is like comparing apples to a slightly older apple, but I don't expect story to take precedence over "everything" else any time soon. This is another bait and switch just to get some interest. As a long time Trekkie, I will have high hopes but little expectation. It pains me to see this franchise start to turn in the direction that Star Wars did.
  15. Great....another Target exclusive for a much wanted character. I'm still holding my breath that Beach Head will see a mass release (and I'm sure it will eventually), but now we're stacking up more characters that people are gonna be running around trying to beat out the scalpers for.
  16. While I was a huge advocate for Jazzwares' Fortnite figures and was extremely disappointed to hear Hasbro got the 6" license (I guess deep pockets will get you anything), I must say it's not all that bad. Now, what remains to be seen is what the accessories situation looks like, cuz Jazzwares did not skimp on that department. Assuming they do not do a BAF with this line, I'm gonna predict the accessory game will be about the same as it is with GI Joe Classified. Not that bad, but really not that good either. Luckily I have most or the Fortnite Legendary figures so I have a lot of weapons to go around.
  17. Now, THAT is the way to revamp Harley's look without making her look like a painter's apprentice. I'm so excited for this. They say Cena is actually hilarious in this movie. Between him and Batista, I think Gunn has found a crop of unexpected talent. Of course, they can both thank the Rock for opening that door.
  18. This one is crazy. Maybe 30 years ago this woulda been perfect, but at this time it seems like there's something to be said about how WB feels about the longevity of the DCEU. By the time this thing hits Pierce is gonna be pushing 70. He looks great for his age, but how many more is he gonna have in him after that? I just hope the DCEU somehow gets on track with one of these projects, but with the somewhat catty announcement that there is no way in hell that the Snyder Cut will not become DCEU cannon, it pretty much looks like they intend to start from scratch (again).
  19. That's a pretty odd comment coming from a director who saw the project all the way through from the beginning and was allowed to do his entire vision from the start. Though that comment is a little outta place, I must agree with the entirety of it. I too was expecting some kind of 3 hour epic, so I was a little disappointed to hear about the less than 2 hour run time, but hey, if the the movie is knock down, drag out full of giant CGI monsters kicking ayass with a minimum of boring dialogue, sign me up. There are places and times for movies that have a deep message and delve into humanity and questions about life and love and relationships, but this ain't that. I just wanna see some cool looking special effects and some awesome fight scenes.
  20. This looks really good. That was actually a really cool cartoon series and I'd always wished the toy line had been much better. The only thing that sucks about this is that NECA is really hard to get ahold of at any regularity, at least where I live. If I were to even consider getting deep into these it would have to be with some kind of pre-order thing like they've started to do with the Turtles. Even then, the bots usually get most of the pre-orders.
  21. Why does the Al Simmons sculpt look like Batista? That's not what he looked like in the comics. Why would Todd change his own characters face to be so different from the source art material?
  22. it's pretty cool. Nothing I'm gonna spend my time or money on, but it's a fun character who I never expected to see an articulated release. If it's your thing, good on you.
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