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  1. This design looks every bit as ridiculous in action figure form as it did in cinema form.
  2. Finally, I'm tired of searching the same old WM's for all my Origins figures. After what Kevin Smith did with Masters of the Universe my only interest is in the Origins line. I was fortunate enough to get Man-E-Faces, Scareglow, Trap-Jaw and Orko (RIP), but that's cuz I was literally there when they put them out. And for any of you wondering what the crate ratio is on these guys, it's the same old Mattel BS, 1 "other" character to every 3 (or even 4) He-Man or Skeletor in each wave. At least they've changed it to including only He-Man or Skeletor per wave instead of both (I think). Still, that's not saying much. Get 'em while you can guys, cuz from the looks of things they're headed in the same direction as He-Man 200X.
  3. There are some cool character designs, but He-Man's dead, they turned Teela into some self centered, irrational, angry jerk and Orko was the blood sacrifice for Kevin Smith. If this is really what Mattel had in mind then I'm glad I passed on the first wave. RIP Masters of the Universe as we knew it. Anyway, Origins have become what we always wished they were as a kid, I'll stick with them where He-Man lives, Teela is still cool, and Orko is still the adorable loser that everyone loves to hate.
  4. Still not worth my time until they get their ankle articulation lined out. Add swivels or hinges to arms, elbows, wrists, thighs, whatever. The only unforgivable these days is the lack of ankle pivot. Not the only reason they don't get my money, but one of the main ones.
  5. They are being made more available at the WM in my area as well, but they are still selling pretty well. Haven't seen any legit peg warmers yet.
  6. Might be old news, but Firefly went back up on Target website, if anyone is still looking.
  7. Hurry up guys. I finally got my Baroness. Only Firefly continues to evade me. Damn, this has been freakin' exhausting. It used to be one of my go to stores, but now I'm really starting to hate Target.
  8. Looks like ole Tri-Clops got a pretty significant overhaul. But I guess that's the entire point of a "Masterverse" where they can basically pull any version of a character or alternate version of a character and turn it into action figure goodness. It's good for the longevity of a toy line. That is assuming Mattel can manage to avoid the same mistake of packing He-Man, Skeletor, and now Teela (I guess) at a rate of 4 to 1 over any new characters, which is what ruined the 200X line. From the looks of the way the Origins line is being distributed I'm not gonna hold my breath. This is such a hard line not to get into, but I'm gonna have to resist picking it up. Had it been in scale with at least the MOTUC line I woulda been sold.
  9. That's great for all the people in the cool club. Any news for when us normies are gonna get a shot? So true. They saw us coming before we even woke up this morning.
  10. Damnit! Got Beachhead, but Firefly still escapes my grasp. This isht is freakin' killing me.
  11. It never went up for sale that I could see and I was on the site refreshing at 9 am sharp. Is there a difference when the site says it's "sold out" (TM Kevin Smith) or if it still lists but says it "unavailable at this time", cuz I've seen both? Guess I'll continue to check till the damn thing comes off the site. Maybe lightning will strike and I'll get mine.
  12. I saw that too in my area. It's weird. It's almost like they went right off of Walmart shelves straight to Target's clearance section.
  13. Damn, that's a lot of pictures of a dog. Are they making a calendar? Hopefully that movie based Snake Eyes is a lot taller than the regular version. If not, Breaker's gonna be even smaller than the Flint figure. I thought Marvel Legend's scale was all over the place. This line doesn't even know wher it's scale starts or ends. Otherwise these guys look pretty cool. Got lucky enough to land both Breaker and Barbeque on pre-order, but didn't bother with Snake Eyes as I won't be partaking in what looks to be another box office bomb anyway.
  14. I'm living for the day that those figures from G.I. Joe Classified: Cobra Island are no longer Target exclusives.
  15. Not surprising that Dougray isn't a fan either. This is turning out to look like a mad scramble to save a show that wasn't any good to start with. Let it go and start putting effort back into building up the DCEU again with shows like Stargirl and Supeman & Lois, though I think it's more likely that instead of doing more shows like that they'll just end up making those two shows more like this.
  16. Mine too. Even though I'd heard it being spotted on several occasions, this thing just popped up outta nowhere in an unrelated endcap and caught my by surprise, even though there was a specific Masters area. Alas, even though it looked cool, and it actually was priced at $30, I had to pass. Seeing reviews of the other figures, these things look fantastic, but they are at a strange scale that's even out of most 7" scales. I was more hoping they'd fit in with my 6" collections or at least the MOTUC or Ultimates lines. Good on Mattel for the added value though, cuz these things are massive and that Skelegod even more so. I just don't see myself starting a collection in yet another scale. Won't be watching the show cuz Kevin Smith screws up EVERYTHING that isn't his own creation and he proves it once again, but this is looking to be a solid toyline. I hope Mattel doesn't screw it up again by insisting to include at least one version of the main characters in each series and then go on to pack them at a 4 to 1 rate like they did to the 200X line. That was a great line and it was so heartbreaking to see the droves and droves and droves of He-Man and Skeletor clogging up the shelves until the line died, never having gotten those versions of Clawful and Clamp Champ and soo many others
  17. If it's as good as his most recent outings I'm all in. While I do think McFarlane has made some pretty strange (and damn repetitive) decisions regarding the DC Multiverse toyline, I will say he does a fine job with his own comics. Good story, good art, leaving all the other BS that's ruining Marvel and DC at the door.
  18. Yes I was already getting there. I've never said anything believing I was gonna change someone's mind. I let myself get drawn in. It's just so tiring when you give an opinion and another persons first instinct is to lash out by calling you some form of "ist". That's where I felt honor bound to defend my stance. Then he started throwing out a buncha convoluted stuff like Fox News and Trump that had nothing to do with anything. It's just such a formulaic and redundant structure when someone feels the need to call you out cuz you don't agree. I'm glad you intervened.
  19. Holy crap dude, you are all over the map. It's like your so intent on being angry at something you're not absorbing a thing I said. We are arguing virtually the same thing. First of, I'm a fan of the female form, a big fan. I do like the way Cardi and Nicki and Shasha Calle look. I'm not a fan of some of Cardi's work because it's a bit vulgar for my taste, but whatever gets her paid. I only mentioned her in particular because she one of the standouts in the current Zeitgeist. You're a fan, I get it, you take personal offense, I'm sure she'd do the same for you. My bad, I just needed a point of reference. As far as the "Frumpy" remark, dude read a dictionary. Frumpy is a description that's most often applied to the way one is dressed. The topic on deck was about the way the suit looked on the actor. Sasha Calle is a very attractive woman with very womanly features in her own right, but they put her in a ridiculous costume that flattened her out and made her look like a pre-pubescent boy. What's the point of casting an attractive actress only to make her less attractive? Finally, and please read all of this before you jump to a conclusion, I'm asking why do they find it necessary to make our comic book females, in comics and movies/TV, as flat as a board, as you so eloquently put it, and tone down the traditional looks and redesign costumes to cover more area as to no longer objectify women, but then find it okay to objectify attractive and curvy women in things like music videos. Yes, they are absolutely 2 different mediums, I'm just using them as examples. To simplify it more so. They will call us perverted fanboys when we complain about the lack of curves (boobies) on women in our comic books and toys, but then turn around and say look at (insert name of attractive female here), so strong and empowering, walking around shaking her thang and using what she's got (again, I'm a fan). It can't be both ways. Either it's all objectifying or it's all empowering, but they can't be both. That's the double speak.
  20. Hey man, don't get me wrong, I'm not crapping on Cardi B's hustle. It's nothing new. I get it. I've been watching female musicians and comedians do their thing since way before Amy Schumer and Gaga made it cool. What I'm pointing out is how can they head one way in one form of media and then head the other way in another and then sell them both as progression. They speak out of both sides of their mouths. At one time Captain Marvel's sexy outfit was considered empowering but now it's objectifying. How can they tell you you're a pig for wanting your superheroes to look like actual women rather than 14 year old boys and then throw a curvy woman like Cardi or Nicki at us and tell us it's okay to look and then tell us both ways are the right way. I'm just saying the rules should be applied evenly through all avenues. My kids watch music videos and my kids read comics, yet on one side (the comics) they will tell you how it's up to the comic makers to protect everyone from perceptions, but on the other (music videos) everything is freeform and it becomes the individuals responsibility. As far a the money issue, that's always such a ridiculous argument. That's just a cheap way of trying to say someone is better than you. I do fine and have no problem people using whatever advantages they have to make their money. If you don't take your shots there's always someone ready to step up and take them for you. As far as the name calling, which incidentally was your first go to. Thank you for proving my point. That's just an easy way for the less thoughtful person to try to shut someone down who's opinion they happen to disagree with but can't manage to put together a cognizant argument as to why past their standard groupthink stance. As far as the Barefoot & Pregnant thing, that's just tired and uninspired and just out of context altogether. Nothing I said was in an attempt to "put women in their place". My wife is as independent as anyone and she has been since we met in high school. You wanna put labels on people you can call her a front line medical worker, kidney transplant donor, personal trainer, licensed nutritionist, trained martial artist, mother of two who less than 6 months ago fought off a gunman at her job with her bare hands while the so called men stood by and watched and then had to testify in court to his face. I'm what you'd refer to as a multiracial POC, with LGBT brothers and sisters, both bio and foster, whose single mother wanted to make a better life for me and my siblings by working 2 jobs and who put me through both aviation mechanic and real estate school because I was a stupid kid that didn't know what he wanted to do yet. Believe me, both paid well through the "Rona" so I can do the best to repay her sacrifice though I know I never can. I had an appreciation for strong women long before it became socially mandatory so don't even come at me with that BS. All I was trying to do is point out the double standards and cancel culture that is running and ruining good entertainment for social credit and blame everyone but themselves when bad plans don't work out. You decided to take it to some weird political SJW rant that had little or nothing to do with the point other than fulfilling your desire to be just another outraged internet crusader. Trust me, those people are a dime a dozen, my friend.
  21. LOL. Frumpy, party of one....Frumpy, part of one. This is ridiculous. Not so much cuz it looks bad, but it's a stupid idea born of stupid, convoluted, over complicated idealism. We live in a world where we have to empower women by toning down a more "sexy" style by covering them from chin to toe tip because it's substance that's supposed to matter, yet it's also empowering to have people like Cardi B running around in clothing that covers up less than 10 square inches of their body and singing about the sheer acreage of sausage they intake and also make entire movies about 12 year old girls on a Twerking Vision Quest. Don't come crying to or about Zach Snyder when this thing takes a major depth charge to the bottom of the deep blue sea. And the day of blaming the "Rona" should be long gone by the time this abomination hits the screen. This is all on WB and DC. And for the love of all that's holy, don't you dare show a gun in a film, especially involving characters who are faster than bullets or are totally bullet proof. Don't worry, I'm sure knife and bat fights will look just as good in theatres. Aww....screw it. Just go back to calling everyone who doesn't like the movie an "ist" and move on to tank the next property.
  22. While Elijah was surprisingly creepy and scary in Sin City, I'm not getting a good vibe from anything else in this film. All it's gonna be is a total realignment of what was a good cult classic which they're just gonna fill with a lot of mainstream social/political crap. They'll probably do the Child's Play thing and just change the entire premise of the movie and make it all about Male Toxicity.
  23. I've really enjoyed this line from the onset. I like Jazzware's quality and commitment to putting out great products, and understands what accessories are. Sucks that they simply lost this license to the big dog with deep pockets, but I think they've got a big future on their hands. Here's hoping McFarlane looses the DC Multiverse license to them.
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