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  1. The problem with this show is that it just basically took the concept of Cowboy Bebop and really left very little intact from the source material. Had this been my only exposure to the CB and had not seen any of the anime I suppose this would have been an okay show, but to anyone who is a fan of this show it was CB in name only. Don't need or want a second season. Best to leave the legend of the anime to it's own. Over 20 years later and it's still one of the most popular anime of all time. Nothing will ever top it.
  2. Yep, I was done with Super7 a long time ago. The products are good for the most part, but this pseudo crowd funding approach is getting tiresome. I finished out my MOTUC collection and was pretty okay with the long waits as they got their feet under them and I waited and waited for the first wave of Thundercats, but that was the last straw. They should have it down by now and all they do is keep putting out more pre-orders and pushing existing orders farther and farther down the line. I've since cancelled all the other pre-orders I've put in with them
  3. Well I'm a bit caught off guard, but I can say I'm really not all that surprised. I can honestly say I was initially just holding back to see how it was gonna pan out, but once I started to really look at the thing I realized how awful the thing looked, especially compared to it's predecessor, I bailed altogether. I'm a sucker for retro, but not a sucker for just anything Retro. Retro is the IT factor going on right now, but retro quality is taking it too literal. The Skystriker was a different thing. I fully expected that thing to get funded, especially when you roll in the entire Army Builder aspect. I woulda thought a lot of Retro Joe fans would have bought at least two. I for one am not a huge fan of the 3/4 Joe line and the more I notice it seems like, though the "O" Ring crowd is strong and loyal, it seems like it's just not quite large enough to push the line into the future. I was a massive fan of the Joe cartoon, but even back in the 80's the toys were a major let down. I think it's just a concept that time just caught up with and passed by.
  4. Yes, NECA had much friendlier pricing, but they have some major articulation (or lack of) issues. I love this thing but nothing I've ever seen come out of SHF has ever justified their prices IMO. Accessories are their strong point, but even these are just too much. To top it all off, as good as it looks it doesn't even look scale accurate even to the other figures in the MonsterArts line. As I recall, know actually, Hedorah is supposed to stand quite a bit taller than Godzilla, and this doesn't look like it fits the bill.
  5. This ain't doing nuthin' for me. The whole hot/cold design was stupid. Why they couldn't redo a formula that was easy enough in the '80 is nonsensical, but....Hasbro. I got my Zartan. There's nothing about this that makes me wanna "upgrade".
  6. Still not a fan of McFarlanes (in)action figure line, but cool is cool and these look cool. If your a fan of aesthetics and you're not too picky about the amount of action is actually in your action figures, these are gonna look nice in your display.
  7. I actually picked this up on a whim and it really is a well done figure. I agree with G about the articulation, but it's McFarlane and articulation is pretty much just a tolerance, if not a nuisance, in his world, so you know what you're gonna get by now. Not a collector of DCM (Batverse), but it was just refreshing to see a different character in the line up. McFarlane has this strange affinity towards all these alternate universes or specific story lines that really confounds me. I just wish he would just start doing some core characters in their standard looks before going into these very distinct and short lived versions.
  8. Bleeeegh. These things keep getting worse and worse. One day Mattel will learn how the female form works. The renders usually look pretty decent, but something gets lost in the translation to plastic.
  9. These things look so cool, but I must stay strong in my resolve to not collect them. Firstly, the scale is just so out of whack from anything else I have and secondly, I just know this is just another like that Mattel is gonna screw up and get shut down before all the cool characters that I want come out. I just know it. A leopard can't change it's spots and Mattel can't change it's distribution practices.
  10. That chest hair on Razor Ramon is hilarious, but not nearly as glorious as the real thing was back in the day.
  11. Lol, that Skeletor in his purple crop top sure gets those memories flowing. Back then I was mowing lawns to make money to support my He-Man and then Transformers habit. Back then the figures were barely $5 and I really don't remember having to pay a premium for figures like FF He-Man or TC Skeletor, but I may be wrong. On a separate note, does anyone else remember that the re-issues of characters like He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Teela, Skeletor, Beast Man and Stratos came in a single clear bag similar to a bread bag and were significantly marked down (maybe like $3.50)? I had missed out on the first wave of figures, cuz I think it's break-out success caught many people by surprise. The closest retail store was literally within walking distance from my house (TG&Y) at the time and I found them in a wire bin on the bottom shelf. Totally new, no cardboard, no blister, just a plain clear bag with a bread bag type twist on the top. It might as well have been a pot of gold. I bought all but Zodac just because I didn't have enough money and I regretted it at the time. I ended up finding him later on a trip to the West Coast and my parents fronted the money to get it. And before anyone calls me out, yes it was not uncommon for an 9 year old to walk to the store or even be sent to the grocery store by their mom in those days. There were a couple of creeps, some bullies and one time my bike got stolen while I was in the store, but it was a different time. Wow, things have really gone off a cliff since then.
  12. This is one of the few times where Mattel out did McFarlane. I know it's movie design vs. comic design, but this thing is just hideous.
  13. Damn, guess McFarlane found it's way into the Hasbro lane after all. Look a ALL these accessories guys. Just look at 'em. All these guns and knives and dangerous objects. I know all the weaponry is part of her bit and everything and for those of you who know her, she's really not She-Spawn without them, but c'mon, just look at 'em. Definitely worth the extra $20 tac on, right? Just look at 'em. Looks good, but not $40 good.
  14. You mistake my intentions, old friend. I'm not looking to lure anyone into anything. It's simply my opinion, you can agree or disagree. I know you've become accustomed to being attacked when you have an opinion that doesn't perfectly align with certain people on this forum, but that ain't me. I understand that you, unlike many others on this forum, understand that other people are allowed to have a different stand point that is all thier own, and without malice.
  15. These look so damn good. Unfortunately I decided against collecting these. First off, they're in some freaky -8" scale that matches absolutely nothing else in any of my collection and second, I just don't think I can bare another MOTU line that ends prematurely before all the characters i want come out.
  16. Not "freeze". How 'bout just STOP?! For that matter so is Javicia. That poor girl is gonna get pigeon holed into this series for life. She's a better actress and, from what I hear, a much better person (and better looking, to boot) than Ruby Rose ever was. Her only hope is that this thing gets canned ASAP so she can move on to bigger and better things.
  17. Errrr.....Who knows? Something? Anything? After I was finally able to track down all the Target exclusives (worth it), they haven't said a damn thing about G.I. Joe. Something tells me they had a lot invested in the movie tie-in, but since it was a major flop, I think they probably had an "emergency" re-alignment. If you're gonna do movie stuff at least have a sense if the movie, which had a very poor outlook from the jump, is at least watchable. Which it was not. I promise, we didn't need to see Henry's face that damn much. Everything that was cool about Snake Eyes in the first place, the mask, the quiet demeanor, the cool back story, it was all thrown out the window to appease the twits on Twitter, who were never gonna see the movie anyway, and the results were apparent. Next time go back to the roots, hire some young, hungry actor who doesn't have to make sure his face is shown 90 percent of the time and who isn't gonna cry about having to get in shape for a role and just do a good movie. On a better note, the Scarlett figure from this wave was actually better than the "Classic" version.
  18. No surprise here. As long as both companies are making ayss loads of money with sub par product with as little effort as possible why would they make any change at all?
  19. She's completely sending out mixed messages. First she tries to make it clear that her departure due to the rating and terrible writing that destroyed Batwoman (agree), but now she's angry because she it was NOT her decision to quit and she was just following orders. So where does your virtue lie? Were you happy to depart with the show because they ruined Kate Kane and destroyed Batwoman or were you happy to do as you were told and bitter because they let you go anyway? You can't have it both ways. In all honesty it was much better that you abandoned this sinking ship early on. There are much better roles and characters for strong and powerful women out there for you to continue to be a role model. Getting shoe horned into this train wreck would have only helped to damage your career. Put this thing behind you and focus on your future projects. I hear they're doing a John Wick prequel based on the Continental Hotel. I'm sure more than a few fans would be interested in seeing some back stories for Ares.
  20. Err....I kinda feel like the roles should be reversed. If you'd have told me that between the two, one would be cast as an experienced BA Indiana Jones type explorer and one was the partner (i.e. sidekick) I woulda totally got it wrong.
  21. Okay, so quit. That is still an option. But no, I'll endure it cuz I'm trying to get my solid foothold in Hollywood, then I'll cry crocodile tears on a big soapbox out in the public eye once people really know who I am. It's funny how so many people are cool with all the problems in showbiz when they're trying to make it big and future paychecks are on the line. But then you wake up one day on a bed full of cash and have a few extra hundreds to wipe your ayass with and you're pretty much set for life, suddenly you've become a victim, and a famous one at that. I'm no advocate for Hollywood, but these people know what they want and understand what they need to be prepared to endure going into the fire. Only when they have nothing to lose do they decide to speak out about the "injustice". Cry me a river, then go blow your nose with a couple more hundies.
  22. Lol, when are we gonna stop letting these directors use the Plague as a convenient excuse and have them take ownership of crappy work? First Wonder Woman was good, but that was directed as if someone was trying to do a good story to get recognition, and she did. Wonder Woman 84 was clearly directed as someone who's gotten a big head about themselves and decided to start a crusade rather than tell a good story. I hope we can turn back to what seemed to start off pretty well. Just tell a good story, have decent acting and leave your baggage at the door.
  23. I didn't appreciate the deviation of the 3rd movie until I got much older. On it's own it's not a half bad movie and a bit more creative than the regular Halloween formula. The one problem is, I have a real hard time believing they could trance the entire public into a choice of only 3 costumes, through hypnosis or otherwise.
  24. Well, at least that means people will be able to watch the good Cowboy Bebop on Netflix.
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