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  1. So if they know it will "soften" sales, why would they do it? Is that what they want? That's ridiculous. True, it might benefit us adult collectors as parents might not be so quick to buy a more expensive product, but what company, in it's right mind doesn't want to reach as many people as it can young or old. This is just putting lipstick on a freaking pig. The suits are lining their own pockets and I don't think they really care if lines like ML and Joe take the fall because of it.
  2. I still have high hopes for this. I've never been one to let the critics and naysayers effect my opinion until I actually see for myself, but I also call out bad when it's bad. That being said, I legit thought, for the first 10 seconds or so, this was one of those parody commercials they do a lot of during the Super Bowl. Those guys running around with the moose horns on their back? WTF?! I'm sure there's some history or some lore to it, but LOL. And I did LOL. Still gonna watch. Still gonna make up my own mind, but for what they say the budget was for this show, it looks cheap. Not CW level cheap, but close.
  3. Yeah, not buying it either. Where I'm at, anyway. I can walk in any Walmart in my area and find any number of DCU right now. The Doctor Strange wave just released near me this weekend and there is not one to be found. And that's pretty much the way it's been all year. By the time I realized the Armadillo wave released there was nothing but a couple of Shriek's and a Morlun left. I suspect misfire waves like The Eternals and Disney+ and MCU offerings that didn't quite burn up the sales charts like Odin, Quicksilver and multi-packs like Captain Marvel & Rescue and Happy Hogun & Worther's Original Iron Man and even Iron Man & Thanos, all of which I can still go out and find at a decent price, have something to do with those numbers. From what I can see most retailers went all in with those waves and they are still festering on the shelves. It has nothing to do with the popularity of the brand. And though I know the MCU figure fans won't agree, but the obligation MCU is part of the problem. Now hear me out, it has nothing to do with the figures and characters themselves, but just the repetition and redundancy, and that weird thing Hasbro does with not releasing the characters we want until a point where nobody even cares anymore. It took them like 5 years to do a Quicksilver and almost 10 years to do an Odin. Still no Destroyer in sight, or Whiplash/Crimson Dynamo.
  4. Oh, I'm all about the Origins line. Those things are moving and they're putting out some good stuff. I have more faith in that line lasting, but the Masterverse is just not looking too strong. Now, they have only concentrated on Revelations to this point and the new Classic Teela does look good. I think if they can transition from the Revelations to the Classics or even just start to mix it up a little more it might get stronger. I think they had a much higher expectation for Revelations than what was the reality. The second season just didn't perform as well as the first. One can argue the reasoning if you like. I watched, it was OK, the designs were cool, the art was fantastic, but it just wasn't all that great. I think the faster they can move on from that the better the line will do. In that argument I think I might just have convinced myself to start collecting them today.
  5. I dunno, man. I think we can agree to disagree on this one. I think you and I might be remembering the demise of the 200X line distinctly differently. I would argue that show was cancelled due to the failure of the toy line. I think most people still consider the Mike Young Productions' Masters of the Universe the most highly regarded series and a true sequel to the original, and was still going strong and even attracting new viewership at the time of it's cancellation, but when Mattel was packing 4 He-Man and Skeletor to every 1 Trap-Jaw or Man-E-Faces there was nothing but waves and waves of unwanted figures on the pegs. I lived in a much larger city than the one I live in today and I made a friend in a manager at the WM closest to me. He would give me the heads up when the new figures arrived and he was the only reason I was able to get figures like Roboto and Whiplash and Sy-Clone (and the only way I was able to complete the WM exclusive ML Giant Man BAF, for that matter). They were literally packed one per case. It was ridiculous. By the time wave 6 came around his store manager had bailed on the line for the sheer fact that there were nothing but droves and droves of unsellable He-Man and Skeletor product that he could do nothing with. I'm pretty sure the toy line failed first and the cancellation of the show was an unfortunate consequence. This is the thing I see with this line. At my local WM, nothing but He-Man and Skeletor. At my local Target, shelves full of Skelegod and Faker. If they can't move this product, even at discounted prices, I don't see much hope for the future of this line
  6. This one looks just as good as the rest. Every time I see a new reveal I fight the urge to start collecting these things while they're all relatively easy to find. Had I any faith that the wouldn't meet with another untimely cancellation like all the previous lines I would have started collecting them a long time ago. Buuut.........bwah, waaah, waaaaaaah..............!
  7. The Masterverse line is the one I'm concerned about. When they were pimping it they called it the "Masterverse" is because the line would encompass the entirety of the MOTU, meaning the Original series, the 200X series, the MOTU Classics updates and the Revelations series. The way Mattel sounded is they were gonna do what they did with MOTUC, but better, but all I've seen from the line so far is Revelations. One's opinions about the series aside, the designs are cool and the toys looked amazing, of that there is no doubt, but what is also not in doubt is that they've been clogging up the aisles since before Christmas and they don't look to be going anywhere anytime soon. If I had a dollar for every Skelegod and Faker on the shelves at my local Target I'd honestly have about $70, without exaggeration. I think a major concern here is the same one I have. They look cool, and I want to pull the trigger and get them so bad, but resist basically on the fact that I am fairly certain they will fall into the same old distribution and ratio practices Mattel has always fallen into with MOTU and the line will prematurely get cancelled. I won't do it again.
  8. Looks really awesome, but from the obvious Drax clone to the controlled arrows this thing better tread lightly. Marvel isn't going to be none too happy to have their IP ripped off. I'll watch it, but I won't get too attached, lest they find themselves on the wrong side of a cease and desist order.
  9. To quote the great Butthead, "Uuuugh.....OK! Catwoman? Sure, in general I suppose. And if you dim the lights and squint your eyes really hard and you don't really care what Zoe Kravitz looks like I suppose you could pass it off as the The Batman version. This is as good as McFarlane gets, my friends. Much like his artwork, if you over saturate the eyesight with textures and lines and folds and scratches and shading and wild anatomy you can fake it for a while, but eventually all the shortcomings all get exposed when you have to tone it down back to a more simplistic design, much like the Drifter Bruce Wayne, and you actually get to see it in three dimensions, well...it just don't work.
  10. No matter what alley this cat is gonna be stalking down, he's gonna stick out like a sore thumb. Cool look, but completely impractical. Might pick him up if I see him in the wild (doubt it), but I'm not gonna go outta my way.
  11. Ugh, what's wrong with this guy? I wanna say the head sculpt is too small, which it is, but I don't think a bigger head would fix the problem. Maybe McFarlane was right. Maybe this whole "articulated" game is just not for him. There have been some good, and there's certainly been some bad, but there's basically nothing I've seen from McFarlane's run on the DC Batverse that would really bother me that bad if he just went back to doing 7" statues and leaving the Multiverse to another more capable outfit.
  12. This guy is one of my all time favorites. I remember thinking he was one of the coolest concepts when I was a kid and I really dug his look. Plus, he had some bad ayass episode long knock down, drag outs with Storm Shadow. Can't wait till I get mine.
  13. Not collecting this line because, based on everything I've seen from Mattel regarding MOTU, I don't think they'll correct the entire 3 to 1 packing ratios of He-Man and Skeletor over other characters habits that killed all the 200X line. I recently came across no less than 40 Skelegods on an end cap in my local Target, with the only other available characters being about 5 each He-Man and Skeletor. I think this line is a great concept and the figures so far have looked really good, but it's ultimately destined for a very short life due to Mattel's standard and very outdated practices. I just can't take the disappointment that I got from the cancellation of the 200X line again.
  14. I know these are very preliminary, but these are just bad. Especially that Titan Joker. Wow.
  15. Glad to see COPs getting some kind of recognition, but I was really hoping someone would revive the 6" (or was it 5") line. My luck, when they do finally get around to doing it, it'll probably be Super7 and we get to wait 3 years for wave one.
  16. Finally an Alexa Bliss figure that actually kinda looks like Alexa Bliss. Not going to pre order this figure but I'm interested to see how it turns out. Might pick it up if it looks as good as this render.
  17. Yes, and I remember thinking the same thing as a child when I had the figure.
  18. I like how they kept Sun Man's facial sculpt true to the original. I did have the original and even though it fit well with the Masters line, the figures from that line were just a step down from quality, especially in detail in the face sculpts. I'm sure Mattel could have boosted the detail a little but I'm glad they didn't try to do too much and end up changing the look of the character altogether. He and Clawful are the must haves in this wave.
  19. Greeeeeat......Another WM exclusive. As I assume these versions of the characters will be little more than repaints of the previous Classified versions with new paint deco and possible portrait tweeks, I'm gonna rest that I will be happy to avoid the hunt altogether because I was able to get both the current Lady Jaye and Baroness (with COIL) already. Between Target's Blink-And-Miss'em and Walmart's No Call/No Show exclusives, this line is getting very hard to be a fan of.
  20. This is another case of "Too Much" from McFarlane, as funny as that might sound. By now we know what to expect from McFarlane so it's not a huge surprise. Ducks are gonna swim, playa's gonna play and McFarlane is gonna be extra. This looks okay and I'm sure it's a lot of plastic for the buck but, much like his art, it's just too busy for my taste. This is one of those characters where artist take huge liberties so I understand it's just another take on it but it just looks weird and wonky. As bad as Mattel screwed up the DCU and DCM licences I must say their version was the definitive action figure of this character. This actually looks kinda like what Hasbro's Rankor shoulda looked like.
  21. I mean, really, this was the most logical next step. That's basically the process they're doing with the Masters Origins line. Doing the original figures in their basic original looks and incorporating the new articulation (and prices). This is the basic premise that most people with the funds to support it want, though the line is almost certain doomed to fail due to Mattel's typical 3 to 1 packing ratio for He-Man and Skeletor figures over "other" characters. If Hasbro can get that aspect right for Joe, and they can, it should be an easy hit.
  22. Got a few of these figures on sale because I wasn't sure about the quality and was pleasantly surprised. They're actually pretty well done and they fit okay with both Joe and Legends. The accessories packs are great and pretty reasonably priced. I'm more likely to pay full price for ones that really appeal to me. The biggest weak point of these figures are the facial sculpts.
  23. Something about that Aquaman just misses the mark. This is one of those figures where the McFarlane formula just makes the arms and legs look really scrawny. In all actuality, it's probably more anatomically accurate than lines like Marvel Legends, but it just doesn't translate well to comics or comic based toys. Again, anything other than Batman from McFarlane has a decent chance of being picked up by me though.
  24. I glad to see anything from McFarlane that isn't Batman related, but there's just something not right about this figure. I understand it's based on specific art, like most of McFarlane's stuff, but it would have been good to see something with more mass appeal. Then again, it is the only MM so far, and possibly the only one they'll ever get, so I suppose the masses should jump on this when they can. Can't say I won't pick it up if I see it.
  25. The distribution on these things are so strange. I saw and bought the 3 figures that they are calling Wave 8 like 2 months ago at my local WM.
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