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  1. I hadda pull the trigger on this one, and of course, it was literally days before the Joe Classified reveal, so now instead of one Sarge in my collection I'll have two. This is a great figure with great accessories and I really dig the Valaverse lines. My only problem, being that "Scale Guy", is that he's pretty much the same size as all the other Action Force figures, when he should be a bit larger. Hopefully when the Joe version comes out he will scale correctly with the rest of the team.

  2. These look great, and if they'd had the articulation they gave the Masters of the Universe Origins line I'd be all over it just for the fact that they could intermingle, but this is true throwback with throwback articulation. Nice nostalgia and they look like something I'd have loved back in the 80's. Cool, but not for me now.

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  3. My daughter and friends loved these things and I got her every new character that came out. Typical Mattel logic. Take a property, make it wildly popular, make movies and cartoons and books and video games and take it to the peak.........and then drop it like 3rd period French class. Makes no sense. Then again, DC Super Hero Girls was a major hit. Oh, that's right, it wasn't at all. Way to tow the line Mattel. And what did you get playing ball? They let Ole Mackey Far snatch that license right out from under your noses.

  4. Bout time CW does something that makes sense. Sad thing is with all the shows that have been cancelled it'll just give them more time to concentrate on tanking Superman & Lois.

    The really sad thing is it wasn't that bad a show, but the history of terrible shows like Batwoman and Supergirl really had this show fighting for it's life before it even began.

  5. On 5/10/2022 at 9:52 AM, Frozentenderloin said:

    While I realize these are designed for 7in scale figures, do you think they would be too big for GI Joe Classified or other 6in scale figures? 


    On 5/10/2022 at 10:56 AM, interoceptive said:

    I've tried to use Mcfarlane 7in weapons for Classified before and they were noticeable too large. Specifically I tried out the pistols that came with one of the batman figures and the GI Joe figures couldn't even hold them well the were too large. BUT I'm still curious as well to give these a shot despite that.

    I've tried it as well, with the same result. Its almost like the McFarlane weapons are even a bit to large for it's own scale. If you need some great extra weapons for 6 or 6.5 scale that won't break the bank I'd suggest the weapons packs from the Valaverse Action Force line which sell for a bit cheaper than these. They work especially well with Joe figures.

  6. I dunno, something tells me the world police that runs things at a few of the companies who's licenses he holds might be none to happy about this. While I respect it and I like it and I definitely plan on getting a few of them I recommend you tread very lightly Mr. McFarlane. Some of those weapons look oddly trademarkish and if history shows us anything a company like WB is a pretty petty organization that probably wouldn't think twice about pulling a license for what they may perceive as guidelines violations.

  7. Not a fan of the 7 inch format and I think McFarlane's scale issues are much worse than Marvel Legends, but I gotta admit they look great. I love that Atrocitus, but there's something wonky about Kyle's color scheme. I know it's supposed to be a little different than other Lanterns, but this is bordering on neon green. And that ain't cool.

    On another good note, hey look, the boxes have these big plastic windows where you can actually see the product you're purchasing. That's a pretty good idea. Maybe some other companies should pick up on that idea. Of course none of DCM box windows will show or even contain any kind of gun or gun type accessories, even for characters who have guns, so there's that. Well whadayagonnado? Guess you just gotta take the good with the bad sometimes.

  8. Sucks that we gotta get figures like Recondo and Bazooka in this exclusive format but at least Target is doing better with its availability and limitation process and i love their prices. Plus they force Amazon to adjust their prices. Let's see how long they can hang on to that.

    The Patrol Officer I could take or leave but it actually looked pretty cool so I hadda snatch one up too. Glad to see Sarge back. I pulled the trigger on the Action Force one and though it's a bit on the short side it's detail is superb, and his accessories are top notch. Hopefully the head sculpts will be compatible, but I doubt it. Is the Fridge next?

  9. On 4/9/2022 at 4:43 AM, ghostbogey said:



    No extra "Fig Dough" to spare for them....

    Will watch the show tho...

    This is me right now. I have so much pre-order out right now and so many late or no-shows it's like an every day adventure. I'll sit back and see how they turn out.

    I loved this line as a kid. Unfortunately these hit around the time my interests were switching from toys to girls, so I had them but they more or less just sat in my closet. Wish I knew where they were at today.

  10. 3 hours ago, Atlantis said:

    I own a firearm, but I am not a "gun guy". I have no burning need to have action figures with guns, unless its ACCURATE TO THE CHARACTER. There is zero sense to a company making a "no gun" policy for their action figure characters, and at the exact same time making movies and television shows showcasing those exact characters, firing these weapons off, soaked in blood, wreaking havoc, slow mo montages, etc. This is irrational on the part of the WB, and just another reason for me not to buy this line.

    Exactly. I'm not expecting every figure to have a gun but if it pertains to the character's design or abilities it should. You shouldn't have to be a "Gun Guy" to appreciate simple character accuracy. WB just keeps shooting (pun intended) itself in the foot. Not a huge fan of McFarlane figures but I've been know to pick up a few when they tickle my fancy, such as Deadshot and Bloodsport, but this stupidity has lead me to create my own "No McFarlane" policy and I suspect many people will follow suit. Be sure to thank WB for cutting your legs out from under you Todd. Then again, it's not like Batman carries any guns anyway. Nevermind. Carry on as usual Todd.

  11. These guys sure love making and showing off new product, but they have a helluva time actually producing and shipping it out. Love the stuff they do, but I gave up on everything Super7 after all the Thundercats delays. They just keep showing more and more product but that stuff's gotta be at least 2 years out.

  12. Not really all that impressed. There is not much more going on with these that they weren't able to accomplish with the Mattel versions. I know the designs are limited and very specific so it's understandable that there's only so much McFarlane could do to be unique to Mattel's product. This is one time where McFarlane takes the "L". Not only has Mattel done it, but they did it with better articulation, they did it in better scale, they did it win better face sculpts and they included an alternate Joker portrait with a Batarang in his eye socket.

    At least the horse is new.

  13. Makes sense to me. Technically, they are not competitors, but simply similar products. ML is a 6" line and has been top of the heap for a long time now. DCM is a 7" line and they are more statue than "action" figure. Part of me thinks, though we all hoped McFarlane would delve into the 6" market, that he did the line at 7" a) because he had just recently had articulation experience with only a 7" format and b) he really didn't want to compete with ML as they had consistently trounced Mattel's DCM on a regular yearly basis.

    I'm not a fan of the McFarlane toys as per their "playability", scale issues even within it's own line and facial likeness, but they look good for the most part and the detail is top notch. I do hope they do fairly well as I still hold out hope that a good performance by McFarlane at 7" it might convince the top dogs a Warner (now Paramount) to award a license to a company such as Jazzwares or Spinmaster to do a true 6" scale line to compete with ML.

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