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  1. Massive Cudlitz fan, but........HUUUUGH?! I guess in recent times Lex has been portrayed as a more "manly" guy, but It's just so far from the the Ayass Kicker MC is mostly portrayed as. Whatever, I'm glad to see him get a new gig, and maybe this means they'll finally do him in some kickass armor getup that actually looks cool.
  2. While I can feel a bit of appeal for the cartoon classics figures, I just don't see it for these movie figs. They are just plain looking, flat out. But I've been wrong before, actually plenty, but with things like this my gut is usually pretty spot on. I do have high hopes for the movie still. Big Chris Pine fan.
  3. Yes, Page Punchers are by far, the best thing McFarlane is doing right now. Not only do they (finally) showcase the other non-Batman DC heroes and their villains, but they're also done in amore modern styling that does a (slightly) better job or disguising the trademark diapers. I almost bit with the Flash wave, I really did, but I'd been bitten by far too many of McFarlane's products and swore them off late last year. I'm fighting the desire to pre-order these now. They look good. They look real good, but I gotta resist. Maybe I'll just wait and see how they turn out and pick up the winners, I dunno. McFarlane has got me twisted. Now, if they were to carry over the Collect-To-Build process into these Page Punchers and we got to build another character, and not necessarily a larger character, but maybe one of the more obscure ones, I might be forced to submit. Till then, I'll be a little bit more cautious.
  4. Nice Pamper, Kyle. Whelp, it is what it is, McFarlane once again opens the repaint floodgate. Nothing new, no surprise. I was done with McFarlane a month ago. I was also in the same mind set as @glhshelbyfor a minute. Mac had me under the spell with the prices and some well done figures and when he started doing "other" characters, but after a couple of really bad figures I have no faith on the consistency of the line other than in it's Batman related figures.
  5. Yeah....no. These are a bad idea. Aside from Indie these things are flat out boring. Between these things and those godawful Dungeons & Dragons figures, Hasbro is in for a rough year. Another year to be carried by Marvel Legends, G.I. Joe and Transformers. I suppose Power Rangers are no slouch, either. As far as face sculpts these are 1000x better than the D&D figs.
  6. Two Bad is one of the last Masters that I bought as a kid with my own money. He was in either the last series or 2nd to the last series when the toy line started it's decline. It was awesome and it was colorful and it was flat out cool. This does the same thing with modern toy technology. This is a must have for me.
  7. Yep, I believe they were carried by Walmart up until recently. Now they carry a similar property, maybe in house designed. Whatever the case, this seems like a risky one to me. I mean how much articulation can you put into these things and still have them look like the source material? Just wierd.
  8. Love this line in the 80's, it just came around at the wrong time, just as the heyday of the 80's toy and cartoon regulations started cracking down. Glad to see the toys with a modern update. Have to check out how the show turns out.
  9. Production requirement and minimums? From a place who probably puts out 10 solicitations for every one line they actually produce? Since when has that been a concern for them? I'm betting it has a lot more to do with the mighty WWE and Mattel than any of the identified factors. Sad thing is Mattel will get these things designed and put out before Super7 gets out their next set of Ultimates Anything into production.
  10. Generally I like Gunn, but more and more he's got me thinking he's outta his damn mind. He wants to create an MCU like success, but MCU didn't start doing TV shows until after they made all their money with movies, establishing timelines, characters and cannon, and then they had the capital to take a gamble on those shows. Television is only gonna pollute the pond before it even starts to produce. Bad idea and bad move. The more and more Gunn keeps blabbing on Twitter, the less and less faith I have in his plan.
  11. Yikes! Just another case of McFarlane proving the only thing they're good at is Batman. I take back all my questioning and gripes about his character selection, or more so, the lack thereof. Turns out Mac just understands his limitations and is staying in his lane. I suppose better figures like Lobo and Shazam are just happy little mistakes. What's this guy supposed to be doing anyway? Is he doing his best Lamprey impression, cuz he nailed it. Rubbish like this only enforces that I made the right decision to abandon this latest iteration of the DCM line.
  12. Are you sure that isn't a photoshop of the movie poster from Smile? I haven't looked to see who that woman is but she looks almost exactly like girl from that movie. Either way I'm excited to see some new material from the Evil Dead franchise. Thing is they'll probably do the same thing they've done when they "modernize" every other classic property. I'll give it a shot, though.
  13. Yeah, these are just terrible. Aside from Marvel Legends and G.I. Joe, and Power Rangers, Hasbro's been on one hell of a losing streak for a while. D&D has maybe as large a fanbase as Marvel and Joe, probably larger, and I believe, if done right, they could support a successful toy line, but this, this is not what they want to see. Let's start with classic characters first and then move onto cartoons and movies. You gotta draw them in first. I know the classic characters didn't have specific characters assigned but that's the beauty of it. Make a theif, fighter, mage , etc in a few different colors and face sculpts (male and female) and let the customer make the back story. That's where the base lies. You can't use the same cut and paste strategy on every toy line. You gotta play to the fanbase. Personally it's not my thing but i so understand D&D guys and though they may bite a little on these this ain't what they want. Yes, and I know, I know, the movie license is what the toy manufacturers want the most, but if this movie bombs, and my money says it does, the toys will also bomb and they could possibly implode this goldmine before it ever produces a single good product.
  14. Facts. I feel like he lets himself get drawn in too easy with petty arguments and with disagreements with "the help" or the former help, stuff that should be taking place behind closed doors. Just shut up, do what you're gonna do and let your work speak for itself. Then again, if you've ever followed Gunn, and I assume you do, you know that Twitter is probably his biggest weakness, like a lot of celebrities, and he isn't likely to shut that soapbox down anytime soon.
  15. So Dwayne, we're really supposed to swallow the excuse that the 39 year old Cavill had aged out of the role (I agree, and not his fault they didn't utilize him properly) and Gunn and What'sHisName want to go with a younger cast, yet he's fully open to bringing a 50+ year old Rock back to play Black Adam again? This was your shot, you took it, you tried to throw your weight around, you got your movie, it was supposed to ignite the world, it didn't, now you're done. Dude, take the L. It's not like you're the only one who got left out in the cold here. You're not gonna be able to muscle your way back in and call your own shots if they expect Gunn to get this train moving like they want him to.
  16. Hey, whatever, good on Gunn for not letting the talent push him around. Guy's making the hard decisions. I'm sure it's nothing personal. It makes no sense to leave them in the movie if there are no plans to continue with them as the characters. It's just facts. Ezra's gone after this. Mamoa was talking a mess and acting like they were gonna beg him to stay, but see yaaaaaa. Pattinson's in. One clean slate, coming right up. Sad to see the familiars go, but WB/DC was taking too long to proceed further with any particular reason or direction and the actors aged out of their roles, it happens. Black Adam was good IMO, but Dwayne is no spring chicken either. I'm guessing he's gotta go too, and it doesn't look like Gunn is too happy with him trying to strongarm the company into doing things his way anyway, so byeeeeeeee. Seriously, recast the cat, he's not irreplaceable, recast every damn one of them. Let James Gunn and whoever that other guy is do whatever the hell they need to do to, not right the ship, but to get the damn thing outta port altogether, because it was never right to begin with. Had they let Snyder do his thing it mighta been something, but up to this point it's been nothing but a confusing, messy, convoluted, noncohesive cluster eff. Let's give the dude a chance to do his thing. If he fails I'll be the first to say it sucks. Oh, and good riddance to Patty Jenkins, too. Don't let the screen door hit ya on the ayass on the way out. You don't get to make all the calls and change the entire mood of a franchise just cuz you had one moderately entertaining and well done not-failure. Good luck in your next endeavors and with life, just stay the hell away from DC.
  17. Yup, I'm about done with McFarlane. After initially swearing off the DCM product after he went with the 7" scale after he more or less hinted that they would be 6" to compete with Marvel Legends, I eventually gave in and started picking up every non-Batman I could find, but this is the last straw. These figure's scale is no just off, but they're waaaaaay off. Sure, they look good, but after first seeing how Superboy came out taller than Eradicator and then seeing how Batman towers over Mister Freeze, even with the dome, I'm out. Yes, Batman is technically taller than Freeze, but only by an inch or two, not by half a foot, and most certainly not taller than his helmet. I'm not gonna spend any more time or money on this line if they can't even get the simplest of details right.
  18. Stratos looks amazing. It's just so crazy to see how much bigger these Masterverse figures are than the MOTU Classics and at almost half the price. Mattel is making some good strides with their properties to get back out of the red. I'm in on this one. That Frosta is about 90 percent there, but man, that face sculpt is hard to take. If there's one thing you can complain about these Masterverse figures it is the less than stellar face sculpts, on both male and female figures, but particularly the females. I do like the figure, and I'll pick it up, but what a bummer.
  19. Yes, and as producer maybe he'll have more control and not let Netflix change the direction of the show to appease certain influences, ultimately alienating the original audience. If I had a nickel for ever Netflix show I watched the first season only to drop off halfway through the second I'd have like $3.75. Not a lot of cash, but that's a hell a lotta nickels.
  20. This was something that was making circulation on a lot of online sites. Supposedly he's an actual big fan of the Witcher property, which was part of the reason he took the role, and he was not happy with the the typical Netflixification they were putting onto the show, which is basically what they do with every show after a great first season. He does have other projects, including negotiations to be the next 007, and even though the perception was there due to the timing of the entire thing, he has stated that he did not quit Geralt for Clark, but for a number of reasons. I loved Cavill and Affleck and especially Gadot in their respective roles, but I, for one, am not about to write off Gunn and his plans for the future unless or until they do fail decisively, but he has to be given the chance. The DCU has been in need of a major direction change and unification for a long long time now, and with the floundering of the current MCU I'm willing to give him a chance to try and make it work. The truth is, for any long term future in the DCU there does have to be a change to a younger bunch of actors to carry it out in the long run.
  21. Wow, that Catwoman has a serious case of Grandma butt going on. Not that every female character is expected to be perfect but based on the artwork this figure is supposed to be inspired from I'd call it a distinct failure. Jim Balent would be rolling over in his grave if he weren't still alive today. This is coming from a guy who was once so concerned about being so true to the artwork that he barely put any, if any articulation in his product at all. Maybe he had a point cuz this thing looks like a lawn biscuit. I know part of it has to do with the obligatory "toning down" of the WB environment and I know a lot of it has to do with the way McFarlane prefers to do his hip articulation with a layover piece, but wow, I can't believe he, of all people, looked at it and thought it looked good and let if through looking like she's got Depends on under her skin tight leather.
  22. Love Storm Collectibles. They seem to have picked up where SOTA fell off. I just wish they had similar affordable pricing.
  23. Uuuughhh, kill me now. Prime is primed to take another beloved property destroy it through alternate media. Hopefully the game creators maintain some sort of control over the creative process as to not let if succumb to the typical failings of other Prime shows. You never know, I'm sure the new show based on the Last of Us will be a smash.
  24. While I will miss Cavill as the Man of Steel, I totally understand where they're going with wanting to get some younger talent in the rotation to carry these franchises for years into the future. That is something I am constantly critical of with some of the castings in the MCU. A successful franchise should have an actor who can carry it for at least 10 years. I didn't like the casting of Mahershala Ali as Blade because he'll be damn near 50 or over when/if it comes out and I can't imagine he'll be able to maintain the image of an immortal vampire for too much longer after that, so I get it. I have the same concerns with the casting of a 50 year old Dwayne Johnson and the 70 year old Pierce Brosnan and their ability to play their parts into the future, though they both did amazing jobs in Black Adam. Brosnan, in particular, knocked it outta the park, but it was about 30 years too late. A lot of people don't like it and we'll definitely have a little trouble adjusting to new actors taking the place of the actors we are familiar with in those roles, but if DC wants to create a greater cohesive DCU to continue into the future for any amount of notable time it is a necessary evil.
  25. Wonder if they're gonna go that extra step deeper and do Fruit Brute or Fruity Yummy Mummy. I suppose they are changeable mascots for the same product. I think Fruit Brute came first and sometime during the late 80's/early 90's they changed it to Fruity Yummy Mummy, but recently I've seen that Fruit Brute has made a comeback. Ahhhhh......cereal politics. Who gets the call, if either of them does? edit: Just found out, Fruit Brute came with cherry flavored marshmallows and Fruity Yummy Mummy came with orange flavored. Otherwise they were essentially the same. But they were still different, so I suppose they could both still make the cut.
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