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  1. I think it's probably just a fancier name for what is commonly known in the Marvel Legends world as "Premium" figures or sets.
  2. So basically the broke people. Great tactic. About as good as Starbucks appealing to the young college crowd who has little to no cash and only use their stores to drink free coffee and use the free WiFi to work on their screenplays. I agree with you on who they are aiming these shows towards. I just don't understand how they think it's a financially sound game plan.
  3. Oh, it's powerful alright. It sure gave me a powerful desire to regurgitate my breakfast. I'd say this was a troll, but I said that about the first one. Aaaand.....I was mistaken. These people really think this is what we wanna see.
  4. In short.....no. At length, the only way to learn from ML Target exclusives is to, quite simply stop giving Target exclusives. Problem solved.
  5. Total bait and switch just so they can work in their social agenda. How CW continues to stand on the same soapbox after the Batwoman fiasco and certain eventual cancellation, and the cancellation of the once promising Supergirl is beyond logic. I guess they think they can take elements from Stargirl and camouflage this clearly agenda driven crusade and think they're fooling someone. Here's a tip CW. Just make good shows. Nobody wants to tune into entertainment television and listen to the same garbage being pushed on CNN. This whole damn thing arrived in a pine box. It's certain cancellation serves you right. I turned you off years ago, but looks like you're well on the way to get rid of what little bit of audience you have left. Good riddance.
  6. LOL...wonder how long it will be before McFarlane gets his panties in a wad because we all continue to insist to call this process a Build-A-Figure instead of calling it his personalized totally different, totally unique, rebranded terminology of....what was it again...Collect-To-Build. That aside, I said in an earlier post that got deleted for some reason (I think because I might've used the incorrect pronoun), It seems to me that these figures have been scaled down a bit by the way they fit into the window of the McFarlane packaging. It would make sense as to save materials for what is basically adding a large sized "extra" figure into a 4 figure wave, and it would also be well within McFarlane's wheelhouse to do so without acknowledging it as not to admit that he might be succumbing to the 6" scale (which would be the smartest move), but these figures do look on the small size based on how past figures have looked in the packaging. Now some might say the packaging has been upsized a bit to accomodate the extra BAF piece, but while making the package wider would make sense, it doesn't necessarily mean they are making it taller. Maybe it's just a pipe dream, but if he did try to sneak that past us without saying anything I wouldn't even be mad. I just want a time when Batman and Superman can square off with Captain America and Thor at a shared scale. Whatever you have to do, whoever you have to lie to, however often you've gotta deny or look the other way to act like it's being done without your knowledge. Whatever it takes McFarlane, just make it happen.
  7. Eh....won't get my hopes up too much. MAFEX's 6" scale is more like 5.5" scale, and needless to say I could care less about NECA's 7" scale products. Jazzwares is somewhere in the mix though, so maybe there's a chance they get a license for a domestic 6" line of The Boys.
  8. Preach brothers (or sisters, I don't know you). I'm still not over the fact that McFarlane couldn't find a path to the 6" world where (most) everyone expected him to go, but I've decided to, first not collect these figures, then cherry pick them, as I had to see how well the Devistator figure came out (a bit underwhelming TBH but, I looked soooo good), but how the hell can't they even get the figures into scale with each other? I too noticed Harley's height. Check the new Wonder Woman's height as well, though she is an Amazon so it can kind of be explained away, but even all the different Batman (Batmen?) are not consistent with each other and some of the head sculpts are teeny tiny pin heads on massive bodies. I know McFarlane is all about the art and elegance of the figures and staying true to the source material, but damn bro, it took you 15 years to figure out people wanted articulation in their action figures, don't take another 15 to realize people want their figures to stand accurate to each other, and lastly don't wait 15 years to realize the 6" scale is where you're gonna make your biggest impact. I do appreciate DC comics, but I'm a professed Marvel fan. No problem, I made time and money for both, but whether you like to acknowledge it or not Marvel Legends is who set the standard for super hero action figures. Like it or not, it is what it is. Now McFarlane can sit on that and pout and refuse to conform and push to do it's own thing or it can meet Hasbro at the 6" (more like 6.5") scale battlefield and set a new standard of quality and price at that scale. That's where McFarlane is gonna be able to show out their biggest competitor. In turn Hasbro will up it's game, or lower it's prices, or bow out. McFarlane is a creative genius and visionary, but man, somebody's gotta teach this guy about business sense. He's done the right thing by adopting the Collect to Build (BAF) process, that's a big deal. He finally listened to the fans. Also, and I don't want to be too optimistic, but by the way those figures look in the standard McFarlane packaging it looks like he might have quietly scaled down to the 6.5" and didn't make a big deal about it. That would be totally typical and understandable based on McFarlane's MO. I wouldn't even care. If he did go to that 6" scale to meet ML, me (and all the toy friend I know) would be fans tomorrow, yesterday even. I don't think I'd be exaggerating if I predicted his sales would go up over 100 percent. I base that on the fact that not only would they retain all the DC fans but they would gain back all those Marvel Legends fans that used to collect Mattel's DCM just because they were (kinda) in scale with ML and Batman could (kinda) stand toe-to-toe with Captain America, but always pissed 'n' moaned (guilty) that they wished Mattel would do better....just better. McFarlane can do better. You wanna be the trend setter Todd, you wanna be the standard setter, you wanna be the Big Dog in super hero action figures, that's the path for the future. And no......I'm not calling out for the DC/McFarlane fans to circle the wagons. I know, for the most part, most of them say they are happy with DCM as it is, but what it....just what if we could have both lines interchangeable with each other and have the two brands square off with each other and look pretty damn good doing it? I don't see the downside. I think both brands would benefit and excel. From a business point alone it just makes so much more sense.
  9. Uuuuuugh......please stop! I'm bout to start a Kickstarter just to hand over straight cash (homie) to McFarlane to stop this Bronze/Gold nonsense. I got five on it. Anyone else?
  10. I really do love the villains in this line. Those wacky and over the top designs are part of what made the show so fun to begin with. I still think Hasbro is missing out by not employing the BAF process in this line. They could pick up a lot of interest by making a different villain as the BAF in every wave. I realize it would probably require they boost the figures in each wave to at least 6 figures and the villain may not have as many accessories as a Deluxe figure, but as a casual fan and Cherry Picker of this line myself, I can tell you I'd be much more compelled to buy complete sets in order to get some of those super cool and crazy villains on my shelf.
  11. This is just so random and awkward. I may buy it for the sheer quirkiness about it. I say they should go after an entire Hollywood Squares theme. We could get a Joan Rivers, Bruce Vallance, Jim J. Bullock, Charo, Nell Carter, Alf. The possibilities are endless. I think a much wanted Vincent Price could be a big seller.
  12. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that. Looking at all the care and detail that have been put in all the Batman figures to this point, it kinda seems this John Stewart was a rushed project. Looks like an afterthought, almost like Todd said "Oh no guys, people are getting fed up with all the Bat-Product, better get some other personalities in there.....and put a rush on it!". And, isn't Johh Stewart supposed to be bigger? As in more muscular than average? Not sure if that's actually part of his character design, but it is usually how he's portrayed. Am I the only one?
  13. Seriously.....? Just looks like someone invested too much money in gold colored plastic. Time to shed some stock materials. It's like, "Hey guys, how many other Bat-Verse figures can we bronze?" On the bright side, all the DC Bat-Verse figures lingering on the shelves at my local WM's have caused them to be marked down to $15, just as they restocked Azreal and Devastator. Picked them both up, my very first since McFarlane nonsensically took them to 7", and I must say the sculpt and paint aside, they are as bad as I thought they would be. They do look amazing, that's something I've always given McFarlane credit for, but even with all the added articulation they somehow still seem as rigid and pre-posed as 10 years ago McFarlane. Don't believe me, watch the review videos of the Rebirth Flash figure, where no matter how hard they try, no matter how good they are at the art, no matter how good the effects pieces are done, they still can't get the damn thing into a natural looking running pose.
  14. He's one of those "skinny fit" guys. My wife is a Fitness Trainer (yeah, that's what they call them these days). We had the pleasure of viewing this guys obligatory shirtless selfies online and she sees these kinda people all the time. They limit their caloric intact to less than 1200 a day and do isolation movements like knee lifts and exercise bands. Sure, it's effective and it looks kind of impressive until you realize that his head looks so massive cuz the rest of his body is emaciated and in all reality this kid probably couldn't punch his way out of a wet cardboard box. I guarantee the reason that suit look like it's melting off him is because he has zero muscle tone (or muscle) in his legs or lower half. Everyone could have a sixpack if they forced themselves to live on a diet with such a wide variety from raw kale with lemon zest to grilled romain with fresh cracked pepper. Don't forget the cucumber water.
  15. You're both right. Between this 120 lb. waif and the woman that was cast as Batwoman it seems like someone at casting has the computer set to "auto draft". With the plight of many DC based shows lately they might have just decided relative unknowns are a cheaper gamble than some of the decisions they've made in the past.
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