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  1. Like I said, I'm done with it. So just forget it, you're right, we're wrong. Whatever. Fuckin' idiot.
  2. RIGHT ON BANDY! Its crap like this why i post only 175 times here in 10 months, whereas i am overly active daily on the joecustoms board where maturity and rationale thinking rule the roost.
  3. <<<<the point is, you didn't sell it to one of us.. Like I said. An etailer is not one of us... so I don't know who you are thanking.>>>> I'm thanking the people that read the post, a courtesy. Look it up since you obviously don't know the meaning of the word. And I'd think twice before speaking for everyone since you don't seem to be the elected 'voice of the board'. <<<I don't know how active you are with only 175 posts in 10 months.. but you should also know that this type of thing isn't all that popular to use the boards as a means of business.. there is a forum specifically for that.>>>> Ok, lets get this part straight. 175 posts in 10 months averages a post every other day, sounds reasonably active to me. So what you seem to be suggesting is that some one who posts 175 times in 10 months is not due simple respect or courtesy from a MODERATOR? As for their being a forum specifically for this, wow! Now you sound like a real moderator, that's what you should have originally said, like a true moderator would, hence MODERATING the board properly & professionally. You would have seen an apology on my end and I would have respect you and obeyed. If you recall two board members commented on my original post and I ignored them, not holding either of them to the supposed standard of a MODERATOR. It is your actions as such that I find truly insulting and puzzling to say the least. A board moderator is supposed to keep board members feeling welcome (unless they only have 175 posts of course), keeping things professional and keeping the flame wars away, not instigating them. <<<<And don't get your feelings hurt dude. Nobody meant anything from it.. and you should keep from insulting people... >>>>>> Hurt? Not hardly. Annoyed? Yes. I've pointed out your hyprocrisy as a moderator, now lets further explore more hypocrisy. You tell me not to insult people, yet in your initial three line post, you indirectly call me a liar and my buyer stupid. You see what happens when a MODERATOR acts like this? You start to look really, really bad to the people you're supposed to be MODERATING. By not leading by example you simply have no right to moderate ANYTHING because you don't follow your own rules, as I've shown twice now. <<<<besides, why do you care what anyone thinks if you are getting 200 bucks for a pile of extra junk?Do a cartwheel buddy! Jump for joy!>>>> I don't. What do YOU care about some one who is selling it or the person buying it? I'm not the one that came off with the egotistical, holier-than-thou attitude. I'll give it you that you originally DID have a point, to not sell here, but rather than state that in a professional manner, you insult me and my buyer, thus making any moderater comments/thoughts/actions from you null and void as far as I'm concerned. As for the junk reference (oops, I'm not supposed to insult, thanks for the tip), imagine a Joe e-tailer who has piles of figures who aren't worth much without their accessories. Along comes some one who sells him 750 parts for an average of 4 cents each, suddenly his figures are worth a hell of a lot more, aren't they? Junk to you, a goldmine to some one who needs them. I made three posts regarding this yesterday, one here, one on yojoe.com and one on joecustoms.com. This lot sold in 3 hours. I am mad? No, as I said I am truly puzzled at your behavior here. In my opinion, and at least one other person's (that has posted) you really have made people question your logic as a moderator. You've incited a flame war, and made two extremely hyprocritical points to support your weak argument behind your abrasive post. Think before you post. Try to save what little respect you may have left in the eyes of your board members. I'm done with this post as I'm sure it'll be looked soon by a real moderator. If I were you I'd attempt to save some dignity and self respect as a moderator and apologize to the board as a whole for your lack of respect for board members and lack of judgement when acting as a moderator. And believe me, I'm sure you've also managed to alienate more than a few newbies by the whole "175 in 10 months' comment. So, YO JOE pal.
  4. sold off of this board, an online joe dealer, i can care less what you think, but i am a bit shocked at the immature attitude, considering im an active member of this board and spend plenty of time here and dont participate in flame wars, etc. i thought i was due simple courtesy, ESPECIALLY from a moderator, but i guess i was mistaken. and just to completely make you eat your words, i will post a screen capture of the paypal screen.
  5. yup, a grab bag of misc weapons and figure accessories from 1982 to present, 200 vehicle parts and the mail in black cobra wolf variant, missing 1 black ski-pedo, and its two skis on the side (can be replaced with normal wolf skis, theyre the same). $200 plus $10 shipping. first person to PM me gets this lot. PM with questions, comments and accusations. or, post your email here and ill contact you. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/sell5.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/sell2.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/sell1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/sell3.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/sell4.jpg
  6. i based my prices on several things: cost of parts, time involved mainly. heres my price list: http://www.pinheadpins.com/workshop/forsale/
  7. Hey guys, im then guy that made the set, and sold them to anthony, who is now selling them on ebay. they are the 2nd oktober guard set that i made about 10 months ago or so, and are featured on my site with the vehicles as well: http://www.pinheadpins.com/workshop the original set i had made in 1993, and sold them at a toyrific show in pasadena, ca who used to be put on by a guy named mike stanard. the guy that bought them was named richard haro, and since then i know that he has entered them in custom contests over the years. whether or not he claims to have made them i dont know. as far as being chip-proof, they are 99.5% chip proof. ive been customizing joes for nearly 15 years and have found a way to make them totally posable and playable, without damaging the figures. superior here can vouch for that since hes bought about a dozen of my custom figures, and has commissioned me to do a few more for him. if you have any interest in commissioning a figure, check out my website: www.creatureworkshop.com for more info. and no, i dont give away my secrets
  8. Hey guys, Three new customs today. The first is a cermonial attire Commander. http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/cc1.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/cc2.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/cc3.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/cc4.jpg Next are two more commissioned figures. Keep in mind that I can and will make figures for you, and they remain poseable, playable and are 99% chip-free. These were junk parts sent to me with instructions of what to make. Enjoy, and feedback is always welcomed and encouraged. http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/darren3.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/darren4.jpg
  9. im working on 10 commissioned figures this week, heres the first. called 'know it all', a comminucations officer. thought id share these with the group, before and after pics: http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/darren2.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/darren1.jpg (also added a unit patch for added detail). let me know how you like it! _________________ -JOHN!- (Defender of all that is holy) Yes! I do commission work. $20 & you provide the parts. 14 day turnaround & 99% chip-proof. Visit my site for examples and information. HTTP://WWW.CREATUREWORKSHOP.COM
  10. i like my set much better, and i wasnt trying all that hard.
  11. hehe, if thats his chest, then i got a problem with his chest being orange. i never got the impression that was his chest tho.
  12. Time for an update! 3 new custom galleries, with lotsa pics are online now at The Creature Workshop: Skidmark, Leatherneck & Colonel Brekhov. Check 'em out and post some feedback. http://www.pinheadpins.com/workshop Later this week, the new URL will be: www.creatureworkshop.com
  13. first torso is darklons, the second is the 94 heat viper
  14. awesome, if for parts anyway. what was the name of the store?
  15. Hey kids! I haven't cranked out a figure in like 10 days, so here's two new ones coming atcha! First, we have Wild Bill. I've always seen his as a VERY sterotypical cowboy wanna-be, with all the stereotypical attire. And while I NEVER use sealant of any kind, I decided to use it on him to remind myself why I don't use it. I don't like the gloss it adds to the finished product, I find it a little distracting. http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/wildbill102.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/wildbill101.jpg Next, we have Sci-Fi. Much like the Skidmark custom I recently showcased, this custom proves that a decent paintjob can save even the most neon figure. Neon-tetras take note...I'm coming for you! http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/scifi100.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/scifi101.jpg
  16. NOW THAT WOULD BE A STORYLINE!!!! but wait, that would spell financial success for Hasbro, so no. Were getting eco warriors reborn vs. the mega monsters!
  17. i dont remember what the exact issue number was, though it was the 90s. i just reread it about a month ago. while in the freighter, zartan took command with a concerted plan for everyone to dig out. some fighting ensued and fred was eventually dragged off and either beaten or kill, they didnt show it, but he last appearance was him being dragged off into the darkness. while gathering supplies, a bad supply of canned lima beans and ham was found and it eventually poisoned and killed most of the people inside the frieghter. firefly took off on him own at an early point to explore the freighter on his own and came across the left over bats from the civil war and serpentors body. he put serpentors body in his uniform and bashed in the face, so he would be found "dead". then he activated the bats and used them to dig his way out. zartan and billy eventually dug thier way out as well.
  18. i won about 10 of his items last month, and he shorted me 3 of them.
  19. ok, this completes the 6 man desert team. Its for sale, along with a few of my other customs: http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?MfcI...1&sort=3&rows=0 http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/set5.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/set1.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/set2.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/set3.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/set4.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/set6.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/set7.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/set8.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/set9.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/set10.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/set11.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/set12.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/set13.jpg -------------------- I do sell my custom vehicles and figures, as well as do commission work. A basic job is $20, you provide the figure parts. Check out my work at: www.pinheadpins.com/workshop
  20. Yup! The set is coming along nicely, enjoy the pics, and gimme some tips/suggestions/feedback! Thanks guys... http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/skid1.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/skid2.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/skid3.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/skid4.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/skid5.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/skid6.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/skid7.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/skid8.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/skid9.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/skid10.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/skid11.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/skid12.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/skid13.jpg _________________ -JOHN!- BE SURE TO VISIT THE CREATURE WORKSHOP http://www.pinheadpins.com/workshop
  21. hell be for sale soon, as are all my customs: www.pinheadpins.com/workshop/forsale hes part of an 8 man set and vehicle set
  22. Well, it is possible to polish a turd. Skidmark isnt a bad sculpt at all, he just suffers from neon syndrome, as do many of the lines best sculpts. I've always figures Skiddy as a desert trooper, since he came with a DESERT FOX jeep. Anyway, enjoy the pics, and feedback is always welcomed and appreciated! http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/skidmark1.jpg http://pinheadpins.com/workshop/skidmark2.jpg _________________ -JOHN!- BE SURE TO VISIT THE CREATURE WORKSHOP http://www.pinheadpins.com/workshop
  23. if its the newer one, its pure crap. weak plastic, yellow trim, and the parts are constantly falling off. if you really have to have a dominator, find an original on ebay.
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