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  1. What's the story behind that background artwork? Is that a genuine G.I. Joe tray? I don't think I've heard anything about that before. It's neat to see 1984 Recondo and 1987 Chuckles card illustrations alongside each other. OmegaHarbinger its a legit joe item. it came in a lot of joe stuff i bought on ebay. i didnt really get the lot specifically for the tray, but it was a nice bonus so i kept it. they are about 95% complete, including the vehicles. i was still putting everything back together from the last time i moved. its a months long process. thanks, ive got even more detailed pics i may post. theres about 100 of them
  2. enjoy! http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0019.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0020.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0021.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0022.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0023.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0024.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0025.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0026.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0027.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0028.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0029.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0030.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0031.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0032.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0033.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0034.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0035.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0036.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0037.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0038.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0039.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0040.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0041.jpg
  3. ceremononial attire i supposer, perhaps when visiting the iron grenadiers? http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/scan2.jpg
  4. working on my 3rd set of oktober guard figures. i try to make em better each time. heres my latest daina: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/scan1.jpg
  5. ive bought about a dozen figures from him, they are 100% production quality.
  6. hey guys. cleaning out my server and figured id share some old pics of stuff from the past three years. comments welcome! Baroness: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/ready1.jpg this was a commission i did for a guy awhile back. he provided the parts and the color scheme and i painted it for him. my custom oktober guard set, made and sold about two years ago: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/casey012.jpg cobra commander from about two years ago: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/cc1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/cc2.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/cc3.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/cc4.jpg commissioned figures: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/darren1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/darren2.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/darren3.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/darren4.jpg desert storm figures: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/set5.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/four.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/skidmark2.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/scan0002.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/set1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/set10.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/set11.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/set13.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/set14.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/set2.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/set3.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/set4.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/set6.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/set7.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/set8.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/set9.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/skid1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/skid10.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/skid11.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/skid12.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/skid13.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/skid7.jpg junkyard: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/show4.jpg extensive enterprises tomax and xamot (commissioned figures) http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/show6.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/show7.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/show8.jpg satan http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/preview1.jpg bruiser (headhunter) http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/preview3.jpg mr president: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/prez.jpg schrage (newer version) http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/schrage.jpg night force sci fi: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/scifi100.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/scifi101.jpg wild bill: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/wildbill102.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/wildbill101.jpg night force airtight: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...airtight100.jpg cobra armeggeddon: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ddon/arm100.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ddon/arm200.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ddon/arm300.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ddon/arm400.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ddon/arm500.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ddon/arm600.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ddon/arm700.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ddon/arm800.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ddon/arm900.jpg big ben: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...n/bigben100.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ben/bigben1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ben/bigben2.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ben/bigben3.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ben/bigben4.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ben/bigben5.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ben/bigben6.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ben/bigben7.jpg black widow: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ackwidow100.jpg blowtorch: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...lowtorch100.jpg breakout (dreadnok) http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ut/breakout.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...t/breakout1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...breakout100.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...breakout200.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...breakout300.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...breakout400.jpg colonel brekhov: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe.../brekhov100.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe.../brekhov200.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe.../brekhov300.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe.../brekhov400.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe.../brekhov500.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe.../brekhov600.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe.../brekhov700.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe.../brekhov800.jpg cesspool: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...cesspool100.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...cesspool200.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...cesspool300.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...cesspool400.jpg crystal ball: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ystallball1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ystallball2.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ystallball3.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ystallball4.jpg daina: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...na/daina100.jpg deep six: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe.../deepsix100.jpg dragonsky: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ragonsky100.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ragonsky200.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ragonsky300.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ragonsky400.jpg duke: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...uke/duke100.jpg oktober guard greenshirts: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...enshirts100.jpg hawk: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...awk/hawk100.jpg hawk 2: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...k2/hawkb100.jpg horror show: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...horrorshow1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...horrorshow2.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...horrorshow3.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...rrorshow100.jpg inferno: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe.../inferno100.jpg ironjaw http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe.../ironjaw100.jpg major bludd http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...jorbludd100.jpg candadian mountie http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ie/mountie1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ie/mountie1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ie/mountie1.jpg mr white (headhunter) http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...te/mrwhite1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...te/mrwhite2.jpg mutt: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...utt/mutt100.jpg outback: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe.../outback100.jpg cobra rage: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe.../rage/rage1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe.../rage/rage2.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe.../rage/rage3.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe.../rage/rage4.jpg schrage (older version) http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe.../schrage100.jpg scope viper http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...opeviper100.jpg the seawolf http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...lf/seawolf1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...lf/seawolf2.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...lf/seawolf3.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...lf/seawolf4.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...lf/seawolf5.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...lf/seawolf6.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...lf/seawolf7.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...lf/seawolf8.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...lf/seawolf9.jpg serpentor: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...entor/serp1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...entor/serp2.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...entor/serp3.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...entor/serp4.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...entor/serp5.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...entor/serp6.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...entor/serp7.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...entor/serp8.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...entor/serp9.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ntor/serp10.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ntor/serp11.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ntor/serp12.jpg sgt slaughter http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ughter/sgt1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ughter/sgt2.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...ughter/sgt3.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...hter/sgt100.jpg cobra shark: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...rk/shuttle1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...rk/shuttle2.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...rk/shuttle3.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...rk/shuttle4.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...rk/shuttle5.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...rk/shuttle6.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...rk/shuttle7.jpg stormavik http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...tormavik100.jpg warhawk http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe.../warhawk100.jpg MOTU CUSTOMS" beastman http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/motu/...n/beastman1.jpg fakor http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/motu/fakor/fakor1.jpg heman http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/motu/heman/heman1.jpg manatarms http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/motu/.../manatarms3.jpg merman http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/motu/merman/merman3.jpg orko http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/motu/orko/orko1.jpg ramman http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/motu/ramman/ramman3.jpg skeletor http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/motu/...r/skeletor2.jpg stratos http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/motu/...os/stratos5.jpg trapjaw http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/motu/...aw/trapjaw7.jpg triklops http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/motu/...s/triklops2.jpg
  7. This is a new version of the figure I did back here: http://www.joecustoms.com/customs/custom...mp;id=2080 and here http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...rdgroupshot.jpg i used the new comic pack head and i found some other parts to be more like his appearance in the 2nd yearbook. enjoy! http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/schrage.jpg
  8. No, this isnt my version of George Dubya. This is a figure that Ive wanted to make for many moons, and finally settled on Muskrat 1994's head for being the perfect "smug" appearance of many a presidents face. A basic, easy figure to lead my many greenshirts and to provide a goal for cobra forces to capture/assassinate. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/prez.jpg
  9. large pic to show details. dusty, crankcase, mutt and heavy metal. thoughts, opinions and heck, accussations encouraged! http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/four.jpg
  10. agreed scarface, NO is what is is. as all major cities it has its issues. im not here to say its perfect, im just saying that dont believe everything you see on the news about the state of it today after the storm. of course the news which always focuses on the negative will post this story, but wont post the billion positives that happen every day. positive news reports dont get readers/viewers
  11. viperlord, im not from new orleans, im actually from los angeles where i lived for 27 years. ive only been here about three years, but i like new orleans and consider it home now. im actually on whats referred to as 'the northshore', across the causeway bridge, about 30 minutes north of the city. of all the time ive spent in new orleans, i can honestly save not a single thing bad has ever happened with the exception of maybe a bad smell on bourbon st. ive find that story a bit hard to believe.
  12. from an actual New Orleans resident.... whats hurting NO right now is EXACTLY this: rumors based on hearsay. new orleans is hurt, yes. is it down? no. illegals taking everyones jobs? nope. i manage a restaurant and the applications STOPPED coming in about mid-september. between FEMA money, red cross, deferred payments up to 6 months, insurance checks and free rent from FEMA, no one wants to work. our stores sales have double since we reopened 3 weeks after the storm. NO a horrible city? NO is what you make of it. most people regard it as a place to see tits and get drunk. im married and dont drink, so ive never regarded NO as those two things. ive always regarded it as place with a cool history and some great museums and totally different food. crime thru the roof? nope. crime here is now nearly ZERO. with all the extra national guard and a reduced population, the people that are here arent interested in crime, but rebuilding. Lack of rooms? nope. lack of tourists. before posting anything about whats going on in NO, get your facts straight, otherwise youre just contributing to more rumors and BS thats hurting this area more than helping. ive been here for 3 years, lived thru this #$## storm and have since rebuilt my life and my wife and i are cashing in on all the $$$ being thrown around. what is hard is the lack of workers! literally EVERY place in town is hiring right now, with inflated wages. did you know that EVERY fast food chain in town is offering anywhere from $100-$150 a week in bonuses? if you have any questions about whats going on here, ask. ill be happy to answer.
  13. thanks violentfix, im a huge fan of your dios and site. ive gotten a lot of comments about the hanging planes, i may take some more shots to post, it really looks even cooler in person.
  14. yup, im short about 75 figures from the us releases. i figure ill be all done with that # in the next 2-3 months. after that, ive got 175 foriegn figures on my want list. then, about 60 us vehicles/playsets, then about 50 foriegn. when thats all done, MOC and MIB will be the focus. damn, im planning for the next 25 years!
  15. wow! nice pics! mmmm macaroni grill... fav italian place to eat! I have a few questions for you: What is the truck you have the HAL sitting on? its an off brand, elite force or something flatbed. its doors open and its joe scale. it was $20 at toys r us. Is the VAMP sitting next to the APC a custom? no, its a street fighter vamp. Where is the red dreadnok cycle from? street fighter Where did you get that taxicab? What toyline is it from? its a die cast 1:18th scale cab. Is that a crystal ball custom with headman and the twins? yes, check out more of the details here: http://www.joecustoms.com/customs/customs_...page=11&id=2842 nice stuff!! I'm hoping to have shelves up in my room and get it organized soon... thanks again for sharing those!
  16. hehe, im a manager at macaroni grill and my wife is a photographer. between us we make about 150k a year
  17. Yay! I'm proud of myself. My wife and I bought a house in April. My only request was an attached garage as the joe room, so I could paint/hang out without walking out of the house to a seperate garage. Well, 4 months of hanging drywall, lights, laying carpet, painting, hanging shelves later, the room itself is done. the collection is now 95% out and displayed, but all the vehicles aren't quite totally put together yet, and the figures don't all have thier accessories on yet. things to do! anyway, enjoy! http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection1.jpg in pic one, you enter in thru the kitchen and behind the door or some shelves i need to put away. all figure accessories, etc i keep in these little drawers for easy access. i really dont try to get figures MOC, but if theyre cheap enough i pick them up. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection2.jpg the work desk. im currently sorting thru a drawer full of missiles. as i said, this is the garage, so you can see the well pump off to the left. kinda ugly. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection3.jpg a squad of conquests fly overhead with an elite force jet come up the back http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection4.jpg ah, the shelves begin. as with figures, i dont try to find stuff MIB either, but if i find it cheap enough, ill pick it up. pretty much the entire top shelf is reserved for boxed stuff. i still need to assembled my MCC. its perched on top of the freezer. hey, its the garage! http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection5.jpg ah, the main joe force. more coming in the next few pics! im sure that if my army ever came to life, we could have easily liberated iraq. bottom shelves are arctic and desert forces. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection6.jpg more MIB stuff, and the beginning of cobra forces. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection7.jpg my defiant shuttles and a second defiant set im trying to complete for a future iron grenadier custom. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection8.jpg terror drome that needs to be set up and more cobra forces here. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection9.jpg in the middle of the room are two 8 foot tables that sport the uss flagg and other joe watercraft. at the end of the two tables is a five foot table making for a nice display area. this also allows for lotsa storage under the tables. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection10.jpg the uss flagg. i still need to finish setting it up. my daughter was playing with it the other day and didnt clean up after herself (obviously) http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection11.jpg my whales i need to put together still. figure racks in the background. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection12.jpg a squad of rattlers fly over the uss flagg to attack! http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection13.jpg a squad of mambas fly in to back up the rattlers!!! http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection14.jpg figure racks. these are all joe figures and oktober guard figures only. these racks are super cool. theyre made for cds, but hold figures well. theyre 40$ at big lots. i picked up 5 to hold all my figures. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection15.jpg more joe figures. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection16.jpg yet MORE joe figures. check out the green shirt army on the bottom right! i love my greenshirt army. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection17.jpg civilian works, firefighters, rescue and police. mostly corps stuff that i plan to paint one day. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection18.jpg thems a lot o' choppers! one can never have enough choppers. i dont really collect 12" stuff either, but if its rah related, ill take it if its cheap. some of my cobra forces. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection19.jpg my cobra army in its glory! http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection20.jpg close up of cobra army http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection21.jpg close up of cobra army http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection22.jpg close up of cobra army http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection23.jpg close up of cobra army http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection24.jpg close up of cobra army http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection25.jpg close up of cobra army http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection26.jpg close up of cobra army http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection27.jpg close up of cobra army http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection28.jpg close up of cobra army http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection29.jpg these shelves i just put and im still not sure on what all will be going on them. for now its tiger force and some dio stuff. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection30.jpg this shelf is over my work desk. mainly cardbacks and artillery. ive got 100s of cardbacks and just starting hanging them the other day, but think im gonna take em down and put em in a binder instead. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection31.jpg close up of organizers. $10 at walmart. good stuff! http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection32.jpg my 2 year old son loose in the joe room! the look on his face is standard to anyone who enters my plastic world of make believe. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection33.jpg the boy steals a spare persuader and makes a break for the door while giggling like a senator. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/collection34.jpg ground eye view of cobra soldiers. well, thats it. thanks for looking, and hope you enjoyed yer visit to my joe room!
  18. zombieguide


    found some pics on my server of some stuff i did last year. heres a repost of them: GENERAL HAWK: http://bentzphotography.com/john2/a1000.jpg GENERAL HAWK, DUKE, BLOWTORCH & OUTBACK: http://bentzphotography.com/john2/a1001.jpg SOVIET TANK COMMANDER http://bentzphotography.com/john2/a1002.jpg DRAGONSKY: http://bentzphotography.com/john2/a1003.jpg OKTOBER GUARD: http://bentzphotography.com/john2/a1004.jpg OKTOBER GUARD 2: http://bentzphotography.com/john2/a1005.jpg OUTBACK: http://bentzphotography.com/john2/a1006.jpg OUTBACK, DUKE & BLOWTORCH: http://bentzphotography.com/john2/a1007.jpg SOVIET INFANTRY COMMANDER: http://bentzphotography.com/john2/a1008.jpg SOVIET GREENSHIRTS: http://bentzphotography.com/john2/a1009.jpg MAJOR BLUDD: http://bentzphotography.com/john2/a1011.jpg MAJOR BLUDD COMPARISON: http://bentzphotography.com/john2/a1012.jpg DEEP SIX: http://bentzphotography.com/john2/a1013.jpg DEEP SIX 2: http://bentzphotography.com/john2/a1015.jpg
  19. heres a review i wrote about a year ago which sums up quite a bit methinks.... http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe...rrent/index.htm
  20. heres an old custom and bio i did last year and am re-posting to show the world that you can in fact, polish a turd and make it shine! http://www.joecustoms.com/customs/customs_...uid=110&id=2842
  21. can some one pm me a pic or two? thanks
  22. i did a rage in alley viper colors awhile back: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe.../rage/rage1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe.../rage/rage2.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe.../rage/rage3.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/gijoe.../rage/rage4.jpg
  23. been awhile since ive posted any customs, heres some new ones: JUNKYARD http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/show4.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/show5.jpg CRIMSON TWINS http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/show6.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/show7.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/show8.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/show4.jpg
  24. i love army building joe and cobra forces. here is my army of green shirts, not counting pilots and divers. enjoy! http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/show1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/show2.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/show3.jpg
  25. im a 20+ year joe collector, and i buy from brians toys often. its the only place i get my figure stands from. 100 for $20, and i know ill have them in 2-3 days. i buy bulk lots on ebay from him, but never bidding more than im willing to pay, and if youre on his joe mailing list, you get incentive deals. in july it was $2 funskool figures. needless to say i picked up a ton for cheap, and in august it was $5 chinese figures, i scored a ton as well. brent, the guy who runs the joe section oh the store was willing to sell me a case of bats at the wholesale cost from last years sale, which was VERY cool. some of their prices are VERY inflated, but i just buy the stuff that is fairly priced to my budget, but i definetely think theyre one of the better joe dealers online today.
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