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  1. this promo ends tonight, just a reminder!
  2. Really? That's a lot less than I thought it would be. thats the average price for its condition. 45k miles, no damage on the body, excellent running condition.
  3. 18k. yeah, im gonna do a BTTF conversion. ive already bought the rear vents, time circuits, plutonium gauges, 88 speedo and mr fusion. before i start the converion i need to make sure the entire mechanical end is in tip top condition.
  4. Let me replace the water pump first, the cars only flaw. Leaked coolant all over my driveway this morning. Tomorrow ill take it down and have the water pump replaced, all the hoses replaced and the radiator flushed.
  5. Yup, Baby John #3 arrived weighing in at 2800 lbs and about 10' long: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_1611.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_1613.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_1614.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_1615.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_1616.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_1617.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_1618.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_1619.jpg
  6. ill be sure to note that on the site to avoid any future misunderstandings.
  7. enter the promo code 'tni' at www.joearmory.com for 25% your final purchase price! promotion ends at 11:59pm October 31st.
  8. Alright, where to begin. Since moving into my new house back in April, my Joe Room hasn't gotten much attention. First, moving in and getting settled took time. Then, the Joe con took all my attention to get ready for that. The actual set up that I could live with permanetly needed some serious thought and consideration before I could put full blown effort into it. Now, with my new JoeStore I knew I needed to thin out my collection so I'm not overwhelmed everytime I walk into the room, but I need to be able to nicely display my collection and store my inventory, AND have a workshop table and room to sort crap. I finally got all the flourescent lights up. The room measures 20x24 feet. With a finite amount of space and so many projects in mind, I've really gotta focus on what my long term goals are. Collecting wise, I'm pretty much done. The 100 or so items I need are small accessories and really rare stuff like prototypes and international figures. The next steps I plan to take are major dioramas, so my room needs to be set up now to support that. I need to look into deeper shelves. Here are pics of the room as of tonight: The vehicles on the shelves are a bit thrashed as I'm still sorting parts and deciding what stays and what goes, quantity wise. Do I really need umpteen Crimson Hisses? http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1498.jpg To the left of the Cobra shelves is the deep freezer. Hey, gotta use that Sams Club membership to stock up on shitza, right? And while I'm at it I have a space for my Defiant. http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1499.jpg Continuing to the left we have the latest addition of shelves. This area is also a work in progress primarily for international figures and vehicles. http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1500.jpg Heres a close up of some of my new favorite figures. I've actually managed to aquire all these suckers in the past 4-5 months. http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1501.jpg Below the international stuff are prototypes and pewter figures http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1502.jpg Next to the international shelf is my standing Cobra army. I got this interesting display shelving from a local Walgreens that was about to throw is out. It's ugly as hell but works: http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1503.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1521.jpg As they say on every episode of Cribs, 'this is where the magic happens. A nice u-shaped desk allows space for painting on one end and sorting thru stuff on another. Shelving and drawers behind me allow for easy access to crap: http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1504.jpg On top of my materials shelves I horde more crap. Namely some 12" stuff, statues, Eagle Force and BBI Nazi figures. http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1505.jpg Above my desk is one of my most treasured items. At the JoeCon I passed around a 11x14 of Shipwreck that everyone from JC.com signed for Beav. Hasbro was giving out a poster of the Joe characters parading thru the French Quarter during Mardi Gras, so I grabbed one and had all the Joecustoms guys sign it for me! Very cool and has about 30 signatures. Also some Cobra/Joe custom dogtags: http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1506.jpg Alright, next are shots from each of the four corners of the room. You can see the Joe vehicles shelves, Dreadnok & Iron Grenadiers shelves and my US figure collection display. In the center of the room are 5 8' tables where I'm currently setting up a battle scene. Still a work in progress since no figures are added yet! The USS Flagg sits on a small display table 12" off the floor: http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1507.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1508.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1509.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1510.jpg Joe and Cobra aircraft fight a battle overhead! More planes and helicopters to be hung still... http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1511.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1512.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1513.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1523.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1524.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1525.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1526.jpg Here is my US figure collection. These shelves hold every figure made and released in the US, including con stuff, from 1982 to present. It takes 6 shelving units to hold them all and spans 16 feet!. All the vehicles you see in front are being phased out to be sold or customized (then sold!), http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1514.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1515.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1516.jpg Here is my tabletop battle scene. Again, its still a work in progress. It will when complete depict a Cobra army of about 200 troops attacking a US base staffed mostly by about 100 greenshirts (action marines & soldiers). http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1517.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1518.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1519.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1520.jpg USS Flagg set up: http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1522.jpg So, it's coming along nicely. I'm spending about 6 hours a week right now working on it. I figure it'll be done sometime in 2014. Questions, comments or accussations? Post 'em and I'll try to answer, or if you need close ups of something, let me know! Enjoy!
  9. added 117 new items today. thanks al. john is a fun guy to talk too, really into this stuff like the rest of us nerds!
  10. thanks! giltyone was a cool cat, enjoyed hanging with him. as far as the mistake, i thought the same thing initially. the cross mark goes thru the 8 of "18" making it look like a 10. the sale price of $15 shows a savings of $3. so yeah, it looks like an error but isnt. i thought the same thing when i first looked.
  11. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.fortune3.com/zombieguide/ Just started it...there are 250 items up so far, with literally 1000s more coming over the next couple of weeks. Updates daily! http://www.fortune3.com/zombieguide/ questions and comments welcome!
  12. totally joe scaled! that ship is from the 1980s kenner glamour girls line. the figures are about joe sized. i first spotted it during a group project on joecustoms and fell in love with it. the only problem was that the one on this site wasnt complete. that was about a year ago i think. i looked and looked for one as complete as possible. i finally found this one on ebay for $100. it will eventually be customized into a cobra ship.
  13. there is a window unit installed. i live in mandeville, la on new orleans northshore.
  14. mandeville, la on new orleans northshore
  15. actually its a freezer. we go to sams club and stock up on #$## so were not at the grocery store every ten minutes. we usually do our shopping one monht at at time. the only place it can go is in the garage during the week the house stays fairly clean. the kids are required to straighten up thier messes and thier rooms before bed...which is must easier said than done, enforcing that rule. AND, the dishwasher is currently being repaired, so its pulled out and not working which means dishes must be done by hand which sucks ass and gets done like every other day. theres a pile in there now that im avoiding!
  16. yeah, its made of wood and comes with a lid. its from 1982 and pretty uncommon.
  17. Wow! Finally, some progress pics! My wife and I bought a new house and moved in on April 1st. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-2.jpg Yesterday I was walking thru the house taking snapshots to send to my brother and sister and figured it was time for some Joe Room update pics! As a result of this purchase, my old one car Joe room, has now become a two car Joe room, complete with a full attic above that can some day be turned into a second story. Right now I'm just using it for storage, but it in inself is about 20x24". Niiiiice! The bad part was that this garage was just that -a normal, dirty ass garage. I had to put up insulation, paneling for the walls, and have the rafters painted white. I also had to install and A/C unit in the window, disconnect the automatic door opener and put down carpet. I still need to install more than one work light though, but thats down the road. Heres the results of the work completed and the mighty task of putting everything back together has begun. The entire room is 20x24 feet. I still have tons of figures to put on stands and dozens more planes to hang up. I'm figuring 2-3 more months till the whole thing is completely done. If you have any questions on anything, reference the picture # so I know what you're talking about: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-26.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-28.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-29.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-30.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-31.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-32.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-33.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-34.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-35.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-36.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-37.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-38.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-39.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-40.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-41.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-42.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-43.jpg And if you care, or have any interest, here's the rest of the house: FOYER http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-3.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-4.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-5.jpg FORMAL DINING http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-6.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-7.jpg KITCHEN http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-8.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-9.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-12.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-13.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-14.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-20.jpg (JOE HAUL!) LIVING ROOM http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-10.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-11.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-15.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-16.jpg OFFICE http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-17.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-18.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-19.jpg (JOECUSTOMS!) MASTA' BEDROOM/BATH http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-21.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-22.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-23.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-24.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-25.jpg UPSTAIRS http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-43.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-44.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-45.jpg HOME THEATRE (WORK IN PROGRESS) http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-46.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-47.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/Untitled-48.jpg
  18. it seems that every figure lot i buy has battle armor cc's in it, so i figured id use him a type of warhammer 'terminator' figure. when things get rough, send in the bulletproof, bllast proof troopers! the difference in blue, gray and silver can denote ranks.
  19. more detailed pics of my cobra army. the sick part is that these pics are about 2-3 months old, and theres actually about another 100-150 cobras added since then. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0321.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0322.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0323.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0324.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0325.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0326.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0327.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0328.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0329.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0330.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0331.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0332.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0333.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0334.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0335.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0336.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0337.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0338.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0339.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0340.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0341.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0342.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0343.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0344.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0345.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0346.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0347.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0348.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0349.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0350.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0351.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0352.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0353.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0354.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0355.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0356.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0357.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0358.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0359.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0360.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0361.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0362.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0363.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0364.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0365.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0366.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0367.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0368.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0369.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0370.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0371.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0372.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0373.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0374.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0375.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0376.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0377.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_0378.JPG
  20. yeah, some turds can be polished. I just realized after i scanned him that i missed a rivet on his arm and his moustache needs one more black swipe. d'oh! mr hot pink himself http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/scan199.jpg mr hot pinks new pal, CC http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/scan198.jpg this weeks projects altogether being happy pals http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/scan197.jpg
  21. hey guys, im hitting all the various joe boards to see if we have enough people to get a local joe 'chapter' together. we can get together for trading/selling, whatever. id have no problem using my home as the "hub" or meeting place. im in mandeville, la which is about 20 minutes from the MS border and about 4 hours from the FL border. if you have access to i-10, i-55, i-59 and i-12, youll be in good shape. if youre interested, post here so we can get a head count. thanks
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