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  1. Alyoshas Project 95 is something I've been enjoying. I've finished the first of several figures of said project. The figure arrives in plain green and its pretty much a from scratch paint job. The figure is molded entirely in green and its skin tone for the head. Everything else I had to paint. Enjoy! http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/custom6.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/custom7.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/custom8.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/custom9.jpg
  2. hehe, i think we brought this thread back to life.
  3. Alrighty. I think I'm finally convinced. It IS a prototype, worth at least $5000.
  4. Beating a dead horse... The figure was posted and this thread was started to get a 'second opinion'. A second, third, fourth and I think fifth opinion has been given. I think that if there are any 'experts' in this area, theyre already here. If we don't want to listen and value thier opinion, then why continue to beat this horse?
  5. Well put sir! I couldnt agree more. I think youve taken the whole thread and summarized a great conclusion. Over the length of 8 pages there were many points and counterpoints. There is little left here to discuss.
  6. But you know its not uncommon. As I've said , I've seen PDD customs slipped into large lots of figures, and not advertised. This is a [bad] custom, plain and simple. If the guys like Shane and Rogers points aren't being taken with thier collective experience then theres absolutely nothing I can say to add to this. I'm working on some customs for people this week. I really think I'm gonna make this figure just to show how easily it can be done. Then I'll sell it on eBay and say I don't remember where I got it. Just kidding what is this guy here saying....it took me 8 tries to get it that good? Is this the seller?
  7. CS, i just re-read this thread and skipped the bickering parts. Correct me if I'm wrong at any point. The figure is cast in blue plastic, with the symbol and legstripe handpainted on, and it looks like the silver mask was too. Looks like some one, probably the seller repainted it to look like the catalog page youre looking at, or even using Tazzs as a guide. Did you read the post I made about people selling fake PDD figures in lots and not mentioning that they were included. Dishonest sellers hoping that a buy with knowledge would bid and send the price skyrocketing which was happened as least 3 times that I know of. AND the guy that claimed he had a 2nd Ron Connor mystery figure until he was proven to be a hoaxtser, then claimed it was all a joke? I think all signs point to it being a custom over any type of pre-production figure, which is obviously isn't since it uses production peices. Its a custom...a bad one. Its a shame what base figure was used. I've been customizing since 1990...that is an area I would call myself an expert in. I guarantee you I can make this exact same figure, exactly as shown with all its flaws, straight arms and all. In closing, I'm not trying to make you feel bad or anything or come off as a jerk. From the evidence provided here from all sides and the pics shown, there isn't much that proves this isn't the uncommon MM Commander figure with a paintjob. You know me from this board, I've been here for years and have nothing to gain or lose from this post. So, take that as you will and I think that if you did try to sell this to anyone at a JoeCon you'd be accused of trying to sell a custom as a rarity -not that you've mentioned any intent to sell.
  8. ive been reading it on and off since its started, but ill go back and re-read it again. from what i recall as ive read it is that from my opinion it sounded and looked like a custom. can you lay the figure on a scanner and take a REALLY high definetion scan?
  9. Serious business ain't it? @lol@ Congrats on the completed US collection....is it all MOC or a mix? thanks. heres some pics of the joe room being set up, its a two car garage converted: http://www.joearmory.com/content-1-4271.html its almost done now, ill post some pics as soon as it is done. as far as my comments on this issue, i really do believe that its a [bad] custom. its not in my hands, so i really cant judge 100%, but all signs point in that direction. my only questions on the matter is: that cobra symbol, can you tell HOW its painte on? is it sprayed on like a production figure or hand painted. Can you take a REALLY high detailed scan of it so we can get a really close look? if you dont have webspace, email it to me and ill host it for ya. And as for the seller not claiming in the auction that it was a prototype, ive seen many auctions where a large lot of figures were being sold, and a custom PDD was randomly inserted and the price went thru the roof. More than once ive seen that, and each time the PDD was inserted randomly as if the guy 'wasnt supposed to know what it was'. also, a custom of ron connors 'mystery figure' was posted on joecustoms.com -but not as a custom. a guy said he found it at a garage sale, and it was a hoax. so, the fact that the auction didnt mention the word prototype doesnt really prove anything. im not an expert, but i do have 2.5 decades in this hobby and would like to try to help CS figure out what (if anything) this thing is, but as it looks now, again id say a custom.
  10. 25 year collector here, long since completed my US collection, my main concentration now is International, test-shots and prototypes. I think I can only add one thing here: ******Sheesh!***** That's all.
  11. Ya know Al, on that delorean i just bought and am working on, the 25 yr old headlight switch was giving me trouble. the delorean is notorious for its headlight switch breaking. the previous owner happened to have an extra which he included with the car when i bought it. i removed the old one and installed the new one. after i took out the old one, i discovered that the switch itself wasnt the problem, but its installation was. needless to say i keep the brand new one in, and am selling the old one which i expect to fetch a nice price since its a high deman part and no longer produced.... BUT DMC Houston is in the process of mass producing/casting new headlight switches. am i mad about this? nope. if i can sell my old one now and make a few bucks, awesome. if not, oh well ill hold onto it as a back up. im really glad that these hard to find parts are being mass produced and reasonable priced so all owners who cant drive at night will soon be able to. kudos to DMC for taking on the project for everyones benifit. i feel the same about Joe. now everyone can have some mics and 'complete' thier figures. ive yet to see anyone on any board truly have an issue having bought a fake item being passed off as original (being casted). i see people being more threatened by the percieved attack on thier investment.
  12. Wow...you must not have read my entire post. nowhere did i say i collected for profit. I guess i would be able to tell the difference between a hardtop/liftticket mic or a handgun or something i already have. However (you really must have not read my posts) Like i said I DONT have a heavy metal mic, so it would be impossible for me to compare one that i bought to anything. -saboteur if you need stardusters helmet, we can cast one for ya. hehe, j/k
  13. john, email me yer address so i can get those figure parts out to you. also, i think i have a stun flag
  14. i THINK i found the ebaystore with the mic. what else is offered, can you provide a link? personally, i dont care. i got a heavy metal mike from maruader john, actually 2 (one for rampage as well). my collection is valued at 50k, and i didnt own a heavy metal mic and wasnt about to drop $100 to own one. to me, im happy to have the replacement cause at least my figure looks complete and i dont have to spend the rest of my natural life looking for one, then begging some one to sell it to me when i finally do find one. my collection is for my enjoyment, and while it is worth money, i wouldnt freak out if it suddenly depreciated in value tomorrow. id still love it for what it is. some one wants to do this, be my guest. people have the choice to buy it or not. i guess if i owned some original heavy metal mics, id be mildy annoyed, but not suprised in the least. what is it exactly that upsets you?
  15. thanks for the compliments! ive been customzing joes for nearly 20 years, in that time ive done about 600. about 12 i still own, the rest are long ago sold. my goal when i do customs is to make them able to be intergrated into an existing collection and look like they were actually hasbro product.
  16. yeah, ill be renting it out. ive already had people express interest. i drive it to work everyday now, and take my daughter to school in it. everyone loves it. my wife and i run a successful kids business now, so we'd be able to branch it off in some way to rent this thing out for kids parties, etc. theres also a site that puts film/commercial studios in contact with car owners to rent thier cars out for films and stuff, so ill be doing that as well. plus taking it to sci-fi shows and charge like $5 for pictures with it. anything to get some of the $$$ back that ive poured into it. by the time its done itll be like a 25k project.
  17. It weighs around 2500 pounds. Ha. All jokes aside, I've started gathering all the parts for my DeLorean Time Machine custom car. We've got a few more things to do to the mechanical end of the car itself, before we start the conversion. This week we're replacing the brakes, headlights, headlight switch, changing all the bulbs to LEDs and replacing the fuel accumulator as well as finally patching up that damn exhaust leak. On Wednesday I'm having the pinstriping redone and having the windows tinted. If you've never seen a D before, heres a side by side shot next to my Mercury Sable which is a small car itself. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_1632.JPG And now some pics: first off is mr fusion. the coffee grinder that its made out of is german. the copy i got was a mess so im in the process of cleaning it up and painting it: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_1631.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_1638.JPG in this shot you can make out the plutonium gages (lights up and makes the sounds from the film), and the time circuit controls. also the new brakes are sitting in the passenger seat. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_1633.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_1634.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_1635.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_1637.JPG 2015 license plate: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_1636.JPG the rear deck. sadly, we cant start on this till were all done in with the engine work since the rear vents will have to be removed to access the engine when the conversion is done. also, the louver will have to go as well (obviously), and the back windows will have to go too. so everything is kinda sitting there in this pic: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_1639.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_1640.JPG http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/IMG_1641.JPG anyway, just an update! ill post more as it comes along. yo joe! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "GI Joe is our world, but JoeCustoms is our home"
  18. Hey guys, after hearing all these silly stories about people killing each other over PS3's and Slip N Fall Elmos, I figured I'd try to help out the Joe Community with some holiday cheer! enter the promo code XMAS for an instant 25% off your purchase. Promo code is good thru 12/25/06. http://WWW.JOEARMORY.COM Enjoy!
  19. the rope and backpack are chap mei.
  20. Part of a competition I entered on JoeCustoms.com enjoy! http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/crock1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/crock2.jpg
  21. i wouldve made 'outatme' as my first choice as that was the plate from the movie. what is the 3rd choice supposed to be? im racking my brain on that one. 'outatime is my first choice. you have to pick 3 when you apply in the event the 1st or 2nd arent available. third one is "i hate manure"
  22. yup, thats the idea. ive already got the rear vents, mr fusion and base, speedometer, time circuit controls and a few other parts. right now its been at the shop since last week getting a complete overhaul and tune up.
  23. yup. i had to pick 3 choices, so i went with: 88 mph outatme IH8 MNR
  24. not at all. the doors go out maybe a foot then straight up. you actually have better clearance then a regular car. the cars been at the shop all week. water pumps being replaced, fixing an exhaust leak and replacing every rubber hose in the thing. i got it insured the other day, and will be picking up the license plates this friday. come monday morning, should be ready to rock n roll.
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