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  1. I ordered a Funskool Skystriker directly from India about a year ago. Took about 3 months, but I got it.
  2. Ill be setting up there with two booths, flying the JoeArmory.com banner. Stop by and say 'yo!', and sign my poster. Every year I get the official Hasbro poster and all the guys from the boards sign it: http://bentzphotography.com/john2/IMG_1506.jpg
  3. thanks all for the back up on my behalf,you should have recieved the money,204.00 i believe,and you have my word there will be no charge back of any kind,not my style,I try and look after my buds, I like to think some where some day i will get the same treatment.it sucks when things happen,and when people lose out,but it happens all the time...not trying to be a saint or the good guy,just trying to help resolve an issue that got out of hand for what ever reason. Curt and me will figure out how to do the rest as far as hooking me back up.The guy is a good guy,and his personal problems are real,trust me I been in his shoes,and that sucks,feels like the world is crashing around ya. Anywho not trying to make a big old post about this,i am sure you got the money and you have my word there will be no charge back,if i were to do that,by all means blast me on the open forum,but I wouldnt give ya the chance cus i just wouldnt do it. Hope you are cool with the refund now,hope we can mark this as a done deal. Zombieguide and killa,you know i would have both your backs in a deal like this as well,life is to short,and people work to hard all the way around,not just online stores but you as customers,it sucks when this crap does happen,but it does,and what we learn and how we deal with it,makes the community stronger,we got a great group here as well as many other boards,theres nothing that happens that cant be worked out. Aye. All of us online store guys are doing our best to serve our collecting community and need to stick together as much as we can and try to have each others back. I have a great relationship with Bekker and with Killuminati. The latter I shared a booth with at the last con and this con hes taking one table of my two booths. My only experiences with HQ have been as a buyer and hes always offered a discount and I have received my items rather quickly. On the other hand I have seen a lot of contrary posts lately so I can understand the frustration there as well. Dave, get the prints yet?!!?!!
  4. Ill happily vouch for Dave. If there should be any problems with Dave of GTG.com, Ill back him up with whatever $ is at stake.
  5. Shameless plug: www.joearmory.com
  6. No thanks. Im actually thinning my collection quite a bit. I had 8 CAT 2s and sold off 6.
  7. About an hour or so to drill the holes and put everything together. About 8 hours to set up all the toys.
  8. 2nd in my series of Alyoshas Project 95. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/fl1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/fl2.jpg
  9. So Im in the process of a Joe Room remodel. Ive got one wall thats 8' tall by 12' wide that is soley for my Cobra army and vehicles. Ive thinned out my vehicle collection considerable this year to make it more enjoyable (did I really NEED 8 Morays?). Anyway, heres some pics. If you have any questions about anything, refer to the image #. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1001.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1002.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1003.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1004.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1005.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1006.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1007.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1008.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1009.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1010.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1011.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1012.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1013.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1014.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1015.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1016.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1017.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1018.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1019.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1020.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1021.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1022.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1023.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1024.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1025.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1026.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1027.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1028.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1029.jpg Then the unthinkable happened...I ran out of figure stands. I just ordered another 500 from smalljoes com, then I can finish this project and move on to the next part of the room: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1030.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1031.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1032.jpg A few misc pictures. The entire US figure collection: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1033.jpg My main focus these days are foreign figures and test shot prototypes: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1034.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/army/1035.jpg Enjoy!
  10. ive been collecting since 82, but only REALLY been army building since 2003.
  11. nah, i dont like mixing new and old sculpt. notice theres no no sculpt in there?
  12. well, kinda. im in the process of setting up 1000s of cobra soldiers...its taking awhile. im in the process of sorting out all my army builders for display. im putting them in squads of ten and manning vehicles. sorting iron grenadiers. id like 100 of these: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/a1.jpg current box im working on: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/a2.jpg still got all these to go: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/a3.jpg all ive got done so far... http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/a4.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/a5.jpg
  13. reprolabels.com its a transformers site, but they do cobra symbols by request. ive bought a bunch from them, i believe its like 20 various size for like $12
  14. congrats john! i completed my US collection a year ago last month. since then, like you i went after international stuff, and thats still where im at. i keep finding foreign stuff i never thought id want. also -TEST SHOT FIGURES!!! Those kick ass and are really neat when you can find 'em. ive scored about 25 of those suckers, including a white undertow.
  15. congrats john! i completed my US collection a year ago last month. since then, like you i went after international stuff, and thats still where im at. i keep finding foreign stuff i never thought id want. also -TEST SHOT FIGURES!!! Those kick ass and are really neat when you can find 'em. ive scored about 25 of those suckers, including a white undertow.
  16. Absolutely! And I still need some high quality pics of that last batch for my own archives if ya could
  17. A great mold merits a great paint job: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/duke1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/duke2.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/duke3.jpg This is a figure Ive done before, but sold to Mutt a few years back. I always liked the way he came out and recently redid him as part of a larger project Im working on: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/skid1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/skid2.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/skid3.jpg
  18. Remember those little die cast metal Eagle Force figures? Well these latest customs are based on them, with some artistic leeway. Here we have Captain Eagle himself with the original inspiration figure: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/capt3.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/capt2.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/capt1.jpg im doing the entire figure line, in joe form. there are something like 15 characters total. Heres another Eagle Force custom. I opted to change her hair to brown, otherwise it was too much yella' http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/goldie1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/goldie2.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/goldie3.jpg The original Red Hawk struck me as almost a carbon copy of Spirit, so there really wasnt much I could do with him. I opted not to attempt to darken his flesh for fear of it not looking right. Also, while most of Eagle Force has berets, I chose not to go that route. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/redhawk1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/redhawk2.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/redhawk3.jpg heres a group shot of my Eagle Force figures so far. The fourth in the pic is Turk, but im not real happy with him so Im going to re-tweak his eyes and add a beret cause he looks too damn plain right now. Plus, i ran out of bullet belts for him, i need 2 more. http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/a.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/turk1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/turk2.jpg _________________
  19. actually, the helmet doesnt fit. i made this figure for a contest, but the helmet i bought for a dragonsky custom. id have to drill the helmet out more to make it fit, but since it already fits the dragonsky head i have, i dont wanna screw it up.
  20. Thanks. Ive got a whole bio to go with him for the contest thatll explain the 'good boy' look later on JC. When I do joe customs, my main goals are the following: 1. 99% chip proof. what good is a joe custom you cant move? 2. to look as production-like as possible. i want my customs to be able to blend into a collection. youll never see brush strokes on my customs and i try to make sure you can see no evident of customizing on the completed figure. typically i dont use washes/drybrushing on figures as you can see in that general hawk figure. on this WW and the croc master i did recently i did use inks and drybrushing since it was a contest. i decided to go a with a little more 'show' and technique to make the figure stand out. plus, on this ww i really wanted him to have a really worn leather flight jacket.
  21. This figure is for a competition on JoeCustoms.com. Kinda an alternate take on WW. This figure is a representation of Wild Weasal the day he joined Cobra. I figured Id go with a traditional flight suit and flight jacket and a kinda mean, worn look to his face. Enjoy! http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/ww1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/ww2.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/ww3.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/ww4.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/ww5.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/ww6.jpg
  22. hey guys, I guess at every point, a customizer eventually makes the 'Ultimate Original 13". Im at that point now, and have two knocked out. Heres Hawk to go along with my Snake Eyes: http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/hk1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/hk2.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/hk3.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/hk4.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/hk5.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/hk6.jpg Comments, questions and accusations are welcomed and encouraged! D'oh! i forgot to mention he was based on this: http://www.yojoe.com/archive/preprod/95/hawk.shtml
  23. http://www.goodtogocustoms.com/alyoshascor...p;productId=341 heres the before pic. i didnt have a pic to work with, so had to make it up as i went along.
  24. I'm not a big fan of new scuplt in general, but I threw these together and came up with a neat snake eyes. Enjoy! http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/custom1.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/custom2.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/custom3.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/custom4.jpg http://bentzphotography.com/workshop/joearmory/custom5.jpg
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