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    Fantasic work! You nailed him!


    Got any of the NECA turtles handy? I'd love to see some side by side pics of them taking on your Super Shredder


    Can't say enough how awesome this is. The sculpting and painting is dead on, great work with the spikes.

  2. Not sure if this has been noticed or reported yet, if so sorry for bringing it up again, I didn't see it anywhere. I found Metalhead today, and the 2 I found had a card error. On the back where it shows all of the other figures, they had a picture of Raph for both Raphael and Michelangelo. Is anybody else seeing this on the Metalheads they've found, or is it confined to a certain production run?





  3. I'm sure most of you have seen this site now, but for those of you haven't check it out here:




    It's set up to be sort of a direct shop to IDW comic merchandise and special limited edition items, like Sketches on blank variants, signed copies, and limited print run deluxe editions of hardcovers. The site launched earlier this month and so far I think it's been a huge success. The biggest thing they have done is released limited edition hardcovers of the first arc of their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Hardcover ongoing series. TMNT has been their highest selling book since it started last August. So they released three limited edition version of the first trade, Change is Constant. I Blue Label Edition limited to 10 copies, a Black Label Edition limited to 25 copies, and a Red Label Edition limited to 175 copies. The Blue & Black Label Editions both sold out on the first day, there are still a few copies of the Red Label left. Each hardcover individually numbered out of the print run, comes with a slipcase, has extra sketch pages and layouts in the back, comes with a bound in cardstock template signed by writer Tom Waltz, co-writer & TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman, and Ongoing artist Dan Duncan. Each copy also comes with a one of a kind Dan Duncan 9x12 sketch. The Red Label Editions include a single character, the blue have the whole team.


    My wife bought me a Red Label Edition yesterday for Christmas.


    You can check out pictures here of the Red Label Edition. It's well worth the $125 price tag in my opinion.





    Anybody else here interested in these?

  4. I picked up Raph & Donnie this weekend from Target. Here in Central Iowa the Turtles have been very hard to find, out of the 4 Wal Marts I frequent in the Des Moines area, only 1 of them has any Turtle stuff, and that just showed up this week. It was about half of wave 1 that they had out thats it. They only had Raph, April, Splinter, and Kraang. No sign of the other 3 turtles, foot ninjas, or Shredder. Target on the other hand has had all of wave 1 out for a while, but of the 3 Targets I check, no sign of Wave 2 yet.


    I really like the articulation the figures however the paint apps are pretty horrific. Of the figures I've seen, you really have to examine each carded figure carefully, I've seen the hand wraps completely unpainted on some or terribly painted, and many of the paint jobs on the head bands have about an 1/8 of an inch area both above and below where they painted the skin orange, purple, or red, and I've also seen some of the elbow pads only half painted. There is some spotty QA on the quality of the paint application to these figures, which is too bad. The figures really are pretty great poseability wise, and I'm pretty pleased that they are the same height as the original Turtles from Playmates. I also really dig the green shade used on Donnie's skin and also the color of Mikey. I haven't come acrossed a Leo yet, hopefully I'll find one this week. I'm glad they went with different colored skin on the toys for each of the turtles.

  5. It's hard to believe that the simple flat plastic stands could really add that much to costs, thats got to be about 2 cents worth of plastic. I'll gladly pay 20.01 instead of 19.99 for a figure to get a stand with with it.

  6. They aren't going to air new Green Lantern episodes and re-air older Young Justice episodes in the block, fact is they don't have enough Invasion episodes to do that with. And yes they can go back, pull out the Milestone characters in those scenes and replace them, yes it would take some work and time, that certainly would explain the delay. Producers of the shows might not be aware of licensing rights and deals of specific characters in the property, thats nothing new, DC has dropped the ball on things like this before, its possible they let this one slip and caught it late, it happens, and the Producers of the show could have been the last to know.


    Yes CN sucks, and you could well be right, I'm not saying these rumors are fact, but I think all of the reasons for it not being true that you outline could be overturned or defeated. It seems a little more than coincidence that they pull the one Milestone character from the cover of the comic issue, when rumors about those characters were already swirling. Neither DC or CN seem to be too forthcoming with answers on the subject, so unfortunately we may just have to wait and see what happens with the series in January.

  7. The continuity is 99.9% untouched, especially regarding Hal. He is back in a Green Lantern Uniform courtesy of Sinestro up to issue #12 & the annual, you really need to read those! Hal's continuity is pretty much untouched since Johns took over, so Rebirth-GL-Sinestro Corps War-Blackest Night-War of Green Lanterns is all still in continuity.


    There has been a slight tweaking to Guy's past, as it seems his time as a member of the Justice League/JL International in the late 80's-early 90's seems to be erased, as he doesn't recognize his long time teammate Martian Manhunter, other than that it's a direction continuation of GLC Recharge-Green Lantern Corps-War of Green Lanterns.


    Kyle's continuity is pretty much untouched as well, however they put a timeline on how long he's been a Green Lantern. They say he's only been a Green Lantern for 2 years, which is something I have a problem with. That means that the events from Green Lantern #50 in 1993 to the present all occurred in 2 years. That means Hal went crazy as Parallax & killed the Corps, Kyle became the Torchbearer Green Lantern, the last of the Corps,

  8. Nothing new in my area when I checked, heck Wal Mart hasn't even stocked wave 1 yet here, got to go to Target if you want Turtles or anything DC or Mattel. Wal Marts in the Des Moines area have become almost exclusively Hasbro stocked, if you're looking for Playmates, Mattel, or Banzai you have to go to TRU or Target.


    That being said, I really want Metalhead, not really interested in Dogpound or Fishface

  9. That's awesome Fugayzie! You nailed the Lawson feel to the figure, really looks just like his work on TMNT. If you don't mind me asking, what figures did you all use in creating this hulk of a figure (I assume there's a hulk base in there :P)


    I wonder when Firefly comes out, I'm definitely going to have to pick that up. I wish IDW would have Jim do a variant cover on their TMNT series.

  10. Wow, TRU is my area has always been a good $2-5 higher than Wal Mart or Target depending on the toy line, but a jump that big is ridiculous. I hate how many great lines have TRU exclusives that are priced at the mercy of those overcharging a-holes. Unfortunately TRU usually smashes both Target & Wal Mart in selection, so often times I'm stuck going there. They make eBay and Amazon look increasingly better.

  11. One thing DC has done well where Marvel hasn't, has been their production of animated movies to introduce their big players. We've had numerous Superman & Batman animated flicks, some (like Batman Gotham Knight) were actually tie-ins to the movieverse. They've also has 1 Wonder Woman and 2 Green Lantern movies, the 2nd Lantern movie being well timed with a release leading into the live action Green Lantern flick. We've had a couple Justice League movies as well with New Frontier, Crisis on 2 Earths, and Doom. They need to keep pumping this out, and do an animated tie-in that will lead into the movie. The new Injustice video game has been said to be a lead-in to the Justice League Movie. If you have Man of Steel, the Injustice Video game, 1 or 2 animated movies, and then 1 more live action movie leading into Justice League I think they'll have a good enough platform laid for this movie to take off and hopefully be as successful at the box office as Nolan's Batman films were.

  12. No I don't think Aqualad is a triple Agent...yet, however I think the longer he stays that deep undercover, the better chance there is that he sympathizes with his father and will fail to pull the trigger and come through when the Justice League/Young Justice team needs him to show his hand.


    Back to the show being delayed, there have been some rumors circling that the reason the show was delayed until January was that DC's rights to the milestone characters was about to expire, so the show needed to be pulled to replace all of the scenes with Icon and other Milestone heroes. There may be some water to that rumor, as the recent Young Justice #21 comic didn't have Icon on the cover, when in the solicits it clearly did, he was removed and some subtitle text was slapped over the part of the cover he was previously in. Check out the full story here at Supermanhomepage:



  13. Don't you need at least that much on your card so they can go they can go through with the preorder? Toy Guru said you had to have the amount when you preordered it like you do when your ordering a subscription



    Nope, just need an active card to charge. They just want to make sure everyone that signs up has a credit card to charge. I know what is going to happen now though. In the next year about a 1/3 of those cards will expire and people will call DR with the new one. And then problems will start....



    Exactly, its for this exact reason that I'm waiting, my card expires in January and I don't want to end up with a huge mess, DR/Mattel doesn't have the best track record on sorting these things out smoothly, so I'm going to wait until I can order one hassle free.

  14. WOW!!! JUST...WOW those are incredible, and absolutely huge!!! Amazing work, I dig all of the photos you took with all of the figures. Man I wish I had $230 laying around. Great work and good luck selling the spare one!

  15. I wish mine was coming. Matty/Digital River screwed me over...once again.


    They tried to say that I requested that my sub order for October be cancelled (a lie!) so I ended up calling them 3 days in a row to get this crap straightened out.


    I did end up getting my orders for Frosta & Rattlor (MotUC) and Black Lion/Keith (Voltron) but they had to be shipped separately and thus charging me for the extra shipping.


    It really pisses me off because I have been collecting DCUC since Wave 1 and have all the figures (including 2 packs, 5 packs, GL, Legion, etc...) and now I am missing out on Ivy, who is one of my favorite characters.


    Why can't that company get their #$## straight?????



    That's terrible, man their customer service hasn't gotten any better, that is just downright inexcuseable on their part. Hopefully you're able to get your hands on one without having to pay too much mark-up second hand. I cannot believe they charged you extra shipping on your dime for their mistake. They should be sending you your figures at a discount or atleast with shipping on them. When did customer service just totally disappear from retailers?

  16. I swear that McDonalds puts more effort in their Happy Meal toys than Mattel put into the GL movie figures.


    What a wasted opportunity.


    Haha it's fun you say that, because my first thought when I looked at them was, wow those look pretty much exactly like the same quality put into the McDonald's Power Rangers movie Happy Meal Toys from the 90's. They are essentially the exact same in articulation, size, and quality.

  17. I didn't realize they re-released Prime, I'm going to have to snag one of those to keep MISB. I missed out on the Commerative series release of Prime in 02, but have loose complete Prime in pretty great shape, it'd be nice to have a MISB commerative series Prime to sit on the shelf next to him.

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