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  1. HOLY CRAP!!! THAT THING IS AMAZING!!!! Fantasic work! You nailed him! Got any of the NECA turtles handy? I'd love to see some side by side pics of them taking on your Super Shredder Can't say enough how awesome this is. The sculpting and painting is dead on, great work with the spikes.
  2. I can see us having to wait a bit for a Grifter figure since his solo book is getting cancelled, I'm gonna guess we'll have to wait for a whole Team Seven wave or boxset.
  3. It's hard to believe that the simple flat plastic stands could really add that much to costs, thats got to be about 2 cents worth of plastic. I'll gladly pay 20.01 instead of 19.99 for a figure to get a stand with with it.
  4. They aren't going to air new Green Lantern episodes and re-air older Young Justice episodes in the block, fact is they don't have enough Invasion episodes to do that with. And yes they can go back, pull out the Milestone characters in those scenes and replace them, yes it would take some work and time, that certainly would explain the delay. Producers of the shows might not be aware of licensing rights and deals of specific characters in the property, thats nothing new, DC has dropped the ball on things like this before, its possible they let this one slip and caught it late, it happens, and the Producers of the show could have been the last to know. Yes CN sucks, and you could well be right, I'm not saying these rumors are fact, but I think all of the reasons for it not being true that you outline could be overturned or defeated. It seems a little more than coincidence that they pull the one Milestone character from the cover of the comic issue, when rumors about those characters were already swirling. Neither DC or CN seem to be too forthcoming with answers on the subject, so unfortunately we may just have to wait and see what happens with the series in January.
  5. The continuity is 99.9% untouched, especially regarding Hal. He is back in a Green Lantern Uniform courtesy of Sinestro up to issue #12 & the annual, you really need to read those! Hal's continuity is pretty much untouched since Johns took over, so Rebirth-GL-Sinestro Corps War-Blackest Night-War of Green Lanterns is all still in continuity. There has been a slight tweaking to Guy's past, as it seems his time as a member of the Justice League/JL International in the late 80's-early 90's seems to be erased, as he doesn't recognize his long time teammate Martian Manhunter, other than that it's a direction continuation of GLC Recharge-Green Lantern Corps-War of Green Lanterns. Kyle's continuity is pretty much untouched as well, however they put a timeline on how long he's been a Green Lantern. They say he's only been a Green Lantern for 2 years, which is something I have a problem with. That means that the events from Green Lantern #50 in 1993 to the present all occurred in 2 years. That means Hal went crazy as Parallax & killed the Corps, Kyle became the Torchbearer Green Lantern, the last of the Corps,
  6. One thing DC has done well where Marvel hasn't, has been their production of animated movies to introduce their big players. We've had numerous Superman & Batman animated flicks, some (like Batman Gotham Knight) were actually tie-ins to the movieverse. They've also has 1 Wonder Woman and 2 Green Lantern movies, the 2nd Lantern movie being well timed with a release leading into the live action Green Lantern flick. We've had a couple Justice League movies as well with New Frontier, Crisis on 2 Earths, and Doom. They need to keep pumping this out, and do an animated tie-in that will lead into the movie. The new Injustice video game has been said to be a lead-in to the Justice League Movie. If you have Man of Steel, the Injustice Video game, 1 or 2 animated movies, and then 1 more live action movie leading into Justice League I think they'll have a good enough platform laid for this movie to take off and hopefully be as successful at the box office as Nolan's Batman films were.
  7. No I don't think Aqualad is a triple Agent...yet, however I think the longer he stays that deep undercover, the better chance there is that he sympathizes with his father and will fail to pull the trigger and come through when the Justice League/Young Justice team needs him to show his hand. Back to the show being delayed, there have been some rumors circling that the reason the show was delayed until January was that DC's rights to the milestone characters was about to expire, so the show needed to be pulled to replace all of the scenes with Icon and other Milestone heroes. There may be some water to that rumor, as the recent Young Justice #21 comic didn't have Icon on the cover, when in the solicits it clearly did, he was removed and some subtitle text was slapped over the part of the cover he was previously in. Check out the full story here at Supermanhomepage: http://supermanhomepage.com/news.php?readmore=12035
  8. WOW!!! JUST...WOW those are incredible, and absolutely huge!!! Amazing work, I dig all of the photos you took with all of the figures. Man I wish I had $230 laying around. Great work and good luck selling the spare one!
  9. TGIF!!!!

    1. GuitarDevil


      w/every tgif there's always an ASIM??.....awww shiii it's munday....

  10. That's terrible, man their customer service hasn't gotten any better, that is just downright inexcuseable on their part. Hopefully you're able to get your hands on one without having to pay too much mark-up second hand. I cannot believe they charged you extra shipping on your dime for their mistake. They should be sending you your figures at a discount or atleast with shipping on them. When did customer service just totally disappear from retailers?
  11. Haha it's fun you say that, because my first thought when I looked at them was, wow those look pretty much exactly like the same quality put into the McDonald's Power Rangers movie Happy Meal Toys from the 90's. They are essentially the exact same in articulation, size, and quality.
  12. I didn't realize they re-released Prime, I'm going to have to snag one of those to keep MISB. I missed out on the Commerative series release of Prime in 02, but have loose complete Prime in pretty great shape, it'd be nice to have a MISB commerative series Prime to sit on the shelf next to him.
  13. Mine's got to definitely be the 3 original Dinobots Grimlock, Slag, and Sludge. Love those characters and their G1 & funky G2 repaint toys.
  14. Yeah Great mold, but I don't see it selling well for that Price tag, I'd think that's a $50-$75 TF max.
  15. DC Comics really dropped the ball and screwed themselves out of money, Batgirl & Catwoman #13 were "Death in the Family" tie-ins much to retailers' surprise. The 2 issues were not solicited as DitF tie-in issues, so retailers across the country were surprised when their shipment from Diamond arrived with severely under ordered copies of die-cut covers for Batgirl and Catwoman. They realized they didn't have near enough copies to fill their Death In the Family tie requests from customers who don't normally get those ongoing titles, so retailers have been scrambling to get more issues ordered of the now sold out Batgirl #13 & Catwoman #13. I was lucky enough to track down a shop 40 miles away to snag 2 copies of Batgirl #13, which from the sounds of things and talking to people who called around, I may have got the last 2 copies in the state of Iowa. The prices of these books on eBay have just skyrocketed, a set of 3 comics, one 1st print copy of Batman #13, Batgirl #13, and Catwoman #13 have been selling for over $60 a set!!! SO I'd keep your eyes peeled for a shop with copies of Batgirl and Catwoman, you may be able to snatch a rarer 1st print copy for yourself to keep or make some money on eBay with it.
  16. Great work!! You nailed Spike!!! Does he fit in Roller at all?
  17. Holy crap!!! That is jaw dropping!! Keep these amazing TMNT customs coming!!
  18. WOW!!!! That is incredible, nice work, you nailed it!
  19. Wow those are absolutely fantastic!! Total jaw dropping incredibleness!!
  20. Wow that's incredible!! Great work, you nailed it!
  21. I think DC needs to actually take a different approach to the movie than Marvel did with Avengers. I really think that the DC characters are more like Greek Mythology gods, they are super powerful, and separated from common men that way, they make us dream and strive to be that powerful to look up to these perfect powerful beings, to aspire to be the best, where as Marvel characters are more everyday guys struggling with very human problems and flaws. So I think they just need to come in and make the heroes incredible, just all out larger than life on screen. I think the current problem with a lot of superhero movies and comics for that matter are making the characters "seem more real," like they could exist in everyday America. That's not the case, thats what made comics so great, they're an escape, it's supposed to be out of this world. I've never walked outside and seen a man fly by and then pick up and throw a car. That doesn't happen in everyday, the whole premise breaks down if you have that mentality. I saw they come in and just make the movie an all out gorgeous picture on screen, embracing the "un-real" things that each hero can do, constantly show Superman & Flash defy the law of physics, really sell their superness.
  22. More expensive, smaller... and fewer paint aps. I have to agree that it's not a great formula. I picked up FoC Shockwave, and it's a nice enough figure, but I passed on Prime and Jazz without much hesitation. I understand about the tough economy and all that, but I can't help but feel like they're taking advantage of the situation a bit. The toy collector is taken advantage of on a regular basis, and you guys are right. The TFs are getting smaller and smaller, while you pay more and more. I've seen voyager class figures that I swear are the same size as deluxe figures I've bought just a few years ago. These posts pretty much sum up my feelings about the line, I hate that the Generations line keeps the same name but can't even stay the same size across the board for deluxes. The Jazz, Prime, and Shockwave all look fantastic, but I don't dig the price tag or reduction in size, they don't fit in with the rest of the Generations line on the shelf.
  23. I couldn't help but notice there was a black costume with silver cape, red costume, and a light blue suit with black arms (kinda Eradicator-ish color scheme) I wonder if these are reflective of anything we'll see in the movie (multiple suits or costumes a la Morrison's multi-colored Superman t-shirts in Action Comics) or if they're just the standard repaint themes for Superman in the past that Mattel is trying to capitilize on.
  24. Newsarama has a slight update: http://www.newsarama.com/tv/dc-nation-block-pulled-january-13-why.html
  25. It woulda been nice if they offered some sort of explanation in why after only 2 weeks of new episodes we have to wait 3 months again.
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