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  1. So then u agree Luke was the most powerful to use the force, for his ability to use the darksides power yet reject it. Anakin Could'nt do it, Luke is everything Anakin wanted to be, but lacked the knowledge of the force to do so. Luke was and is the Best jedi to use a light sabed. Bottomline Thats pretty much correct. Luke was a completely different kind of Jedi, he was neither Jedi or Sith but something different. And unlike Anakin, Luke was able to resist turning to the darkside despite his attachments. I don't believe that Anakin was the most powerful being ever concerning the Force, although he had the potential to be, but was never able to measure up to it. I do agree that Luke turned out to be an even greater Jedi than his father, while his father gave in to the darkside Luke kept his integrity. Yes Anakin was the most Powerful being with the force. We now know that in Revenge Of The Sith it was infered that Darth Palegious the wise was able to manipulate the midiclorians and create life. Anakin was a virgin birth as there was no Father. Master Yoda had The highest midiclorian count, then Palpatine with the aide of the Kiber Crystal he stole from Darth Palegiouse when he killed his master. Anakins midiclorian count far out weighed Yoda's or Palpatin's. Palpatine even said to Yoda " Darth Vader will become more powerful than either of us." The Prophecy told of the one who would bring balance to the force and it would be a virgin birth. Like Yoda Said though " A prphecy misread this may be." As Anakin did bring balance to the force only tipping the scale to the Siths advantage. It never stated it wou'd be in the Jedi's favore, they just assumed it would be. Neither Palpatine or Vader knew of Lukes existance till the end of Episode IV After luke destroyed the Death Star. Vader said "The Force is strong with this one." and Palpatine told Vader in episode V that The young Rebel who destryed the Death Star is the son of Skywalker. He even went as far as to say "He can destroy us" This was before Luke even started training with Yoda. Anakin had passed along great and powerful force powers to his children through birth and never even knew it. Also at this point Vader knew deep down that Palpatine had lied to him when he said in his anger that Anakin killed Padme. Vader knew she was alive at least long enough to have had Luke and that he didn't kill her as Palpatine told him. This started the conflict with in Vader as he knew he couldn't fully trust his master. The force choke was not a Sith power. The choke was only one way of manipulating the force to do something, same as a force push. We only saw Vader use the force choke untill Luke used it in Return Of The Jedi. Now had you said the Darkside lighting attack I would have agreed that was a strictly a Sith power fuled by the Darkside. Im sorry but again ur wrong, Anakin was not the most powerful being with the force, if that were true Obi Won would have been no problem, He Was The most powerful as potential goes, Anakins potential was through the roof, but his power was Ehh. As Obi won bested him in battle. So ur quote " the most powerful being with the force" is absolutely wrong. Yoda was the most powerful being with the force, and later Luke. No one has reached the level of Luke, He is the most powerful being with the force. No one else has benn able to tap into both sides of the force, and use them at will. That equals power if u ask me.
  2. So then u agree Luke was the most powerful to use the force, for his ability to use the darksides power yet reject it. Anakin Could'nt do it, Luke is everything Anakin wanted to be, but lacked the knowledge of the force to do so. Luke was and is the Best jedi to use a light sabed. Bottomline
  3. Are you saying luke was training with yoda for longer than it showed in the movie?.. In episode 6 Luke states to yoda, "ive come back to complete the training", so No he didnt train longer with yoda than showed in the movie, but that makes Luke all that much better. Luke was basically self taught, all of the jedi were dead. Obi won could mentor from time to time, but i think it was few and far between. Because in episode 6, Luke looked at Obi won like he hasn;t seen him in a while. And ur all wrong about Anakin being the chosen one. Luke was the chosen one. Think about it, he was the jedi with the least amount of training, but was able to defeat a sith lord, Not even a master yet in episode 6, and he defeated Vader. In 5 years luke basically mastered the force. It took Anakin alot longer. Luke is by far the most powerful jedi with the exception to yoda. HE WAS SELF TAUGHT............ NO other jedi has done that. LUke is the most powerful jedi.
  4. I feel luke was farely experienced with using the force, he did kill those two guards at the beginning of episode 6 using the force, and did a few acrobatic jumps. But luke was only suppose to be about 20 years old in episode 6. I think Anakin was roughly 24 in episode 3. If they fought on Mustafar who would win? I know lUke looked old in epi 6, But only 5 years r suppose to have passed from ep 4 to 6, epiode4 luke was suppose to be 15. I think for luke to only have been training for 5 years had superb skills, as oppose to Anakin who had been traing since age ten. What do u guys think?
  5. I dont know if this has ever been discussed before, im sorry if it has been. But i feel episode 3 Anakin was 5 times as skilled as episode 6 luke, but luke defeated Vader in 6. I just chalked up to old age, and not wanting to kill his own son. If look was around before the empire took over, he would have been a horrble jedi. He swung his saber like a baseball bat. Any opinions?
  6. Could u imagine a Roodblock in scale with marvel legends or a Shipwreck, or Quick kick. if this happens after i get all my favorites i will retire forever. Wow what about a Destro, or Wetsuit, Letherneck, Stalker, Spirit, the lists goes on and on. Hasbro would be idiots not to cash on on this. I CAN ONLY HOP FOR VEHICLES. They'd be expensive. but i would'nt mind payin 300 bucks for a scaled HAVOC, or a Trouble bubble. I hope i dont have a stroke.
  7. Does Dc Direct take into account fans, and their concerns, I would love to write a letter requesting better sculptors and better articulation, As much as Dc Directs cost, they could have mush more articulation, at least equivalent to the original 21poa of the first superman line. That line rocked. but the inconsistancy of makeing figs with articultion and then some without is agrrevating and makes me not even care for DC Directs. HAd more articulation been included in the MTurner line, i think would have made up for the sh$%y sculpting, and prompted more folks to buy whole sets, instead of just Darkseid.
  8. There so much to say about the line that could have been great, I had my local comic shop hold a set of these figs for me, i waited all day, and when i gor off pf work and made it down there, my anticipation turned to discussed. Im going to give my review of this line and my opinion. Superman: Hrrible, horrible, the face sculpt on this figure is horendous, it looks nothing like m.turners drawings. It looks like some cheap attempt to make a japenese anime superman. His eyes are huge, his jaw is huge and crooked, horrible sculpt. Batman: SAme mold as the first M.Turner bats, only difference, the face is the angry version of bats with teeth showing, and the hand sculpts are different. If u got the first one, u can pass on this one. Corrupted Supergirl: Face sculpt is horible, M.Turner has some of the best art out there, and the sculpter butcherd these beautiful drawings. Her nose is non-existant, just plan bad. Reg Supergirl: This was the figure I most anticipated, but this figure looks like some kind of michael jackson, alien crossbreed. The body is extremely long, and the feet look like duck bills. nothing like the art. Darkseid: The best fig of the wave, close to comic accurate, and he's huge. He's taller than marvel select Thanos, which is good. If u dont' mind he's fist permanately facing up, then u should enjoy this fig. best rendition of darks this far. We'll have to see about the mattel version. Whoever says turners art doesnt translate well into figs, must have forgotten the short lived Fathom actionfigg, of early 2000. extremely beautiful fig, and very comic accurate, it lacks possibilty but over all very accurate. Who ever the sculpter is who does this line needs to move into another field, maybe a waiter, or a bus driver. But like I said Darksied is the best fig of the wave. Even the comic shop owner where i go told me not to get them, and he owns th place. I wish I had pics
  9. Calling Batman an idiot is like calling yoda a f#@k head, batman has done more in the dc universe than any other superhero, I agree with DCFANSb#1, batman and his team, can do, and have done amazing things, and the way Robin is looking he might be the greatest superhero ever. Thats my 2 cents, HEY J, email me man, i got somthin for u. mike398696@yahoo.com
  10. See that line...I WROTE THAT!!! pay attention what does that have to do with the price of tea in china, Gambit has been beat by lessor people than Superboy, I think u might have a little crush on the cajun is that why u put him against superboy, u must have lot of faith, but sorry Bishop beat gambit, and no matter what he charged with his power, it would'nt hurt superboy, plus his speed and flight and strength
  11. Dude are u serious this is not some lackey, this is superboy, he is in the top ten strongest super heroes on Dc, and has invulnerability, that would make Gambits cards look like candles, im taired of u marvel fans making such absurd match ups, its like matching wonderman against Robin, And Quick silver is no match for Kid flash, Quicksilver can only run on water for 160 yards before sinking, he is not even fast as sound, kid flash approaches light speed, dude the only people that even pose a threat is Jean and rogue, This is how it should be matched 1. Robin-Cyclops 2. Rogue-Wondergirl 3. Cyborg-collosus 4. Beast-beast boy 5 Raven- Jean 6. Kid flash-Gambit 7. Starfire-Storm 8. Superboy-Wolverine,and Archangel These are the matchups Robins too fast for cyclops, scott won't lay a hand on him Wondergirl is a amazon, and immortal, and is born to fight, and will just out smart the country bumpkin, Rogue Cyborg has too many gagets for Collosus, plus hes, juat as strong, and can fly, can make guns, collosus will be overwelmed Beast might outsmart beast boy, but beast boy can turn into any animal, hence T-Rex, and beast would'nt stand a chance I think Jean will beat Raven with not much difficulty Kid flash will run circles around Gambit, and make the cajun confused Starfire will beat storm she is an alien with awesome power, and stronger than normal humans. Superboy, will beat the hell out of Archangel, and wolverine, think of clark from smallville, but amped up 5 times and then you have superboy, hes stronger than both these Jokers, hes faster, stronger, he can fly at light speed, these two will get wiped ANd I know fans of the Xmen don't like to see their star team get beat by third generation sidekicks, but its true, thrse generation of titans is so more advanced than any incarnation, they have huge power houses, and are a well rounded team, they'll beat the Xmen every time
  12. Lets not forget the ones who the Xmen could do nothing against, who on the Xmen is going to beat Superboy, or catch kid flash, and don't forget the rest of the titans, the xmen pound for pound cannot touch the titans and wolverine is not unbeatable what would he do against kid flash, because he could'nt by any means catch him
  13. I would like to see a 21 poa batman fig done for the 4th wave just like the supes fig that would be a great fig
  14. @loll@ Ri..i..i..i..i..i..i..ght........ I guess you just skipped over my earlier post. Let me break it down for you... It generally takes about 4 - 6 years to "graduate" from any martial arts which is the BASIS for what you must learn in order to learn higher level and deadly moves. (This isn't even learning anything of street value at this point, but, we'll give it the benefit of the doubt.) So, let's suppose that he was cross-training 10 different martial arts at a time. (IMPOSSIBLE, yet, just trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.) So, every five years he "graduates" from 10 different martial arts. Let's say he started at age 0 from Mrs. Wayne's womb doing this... 0-5 years of age = 10 martial arts 5-10 = 20 ma's (10 +10) 10-15 = 30 ma's 15-20 = 40 ma's 20-25 = 50 ma's 25-30 = 60 ma's 30-35 = 70 ma's 35-40 = 80 ma's 40-45 = 90 ma's 45-50 years of age = 100 different martial arts graduated from. So, if Bruce Wayne started taking martial arts from the time he was being slapped on the behind by the doctor, and if he cross-trained 10 different martial arts simultaneously throughout the week during his entire life, by the time he was 50, he would have about 100 different martial arts that he would have graduated (black belt ranking) from. So, according to those estimates and that Batman according to you has learned every martial art, let's suppose only 100 of them exist in the world. @loll@ That means that at age 50 Batman is ready to begin getting some real world experience in his crime fighting career! Yeah! So, by the time Batman has the experience you claim to fight with Snake Eyes, they can probably go out back and fight behind the Shady Acres Retirement Community... "Holy Depends Batman! Looks like it's time to change your bat-diaper!" Dude its a comic book, and i did'nt make up bats origin, Dc did, if your going by how long it takes to master martial arts, then your wrong, if you know about martial arts, when you take private lessons with your instuctors you can move up in a matter of months, and thats exactly what Bats did, he traveled the world, living with the masters learning their secrets and mastering them. So stop saying he couldn't do this and that, and remember once you master one martial art you can take another one, and it would be farely easy, I got a black belt in tae kwon do and Hapkido, and took private lessons in Jeet Kun do, and was ranked as one of their best students. So stoping saying He can't do that because he didi do it. Deal with it
  15. How can you say oh "Snake eyes is a trained assassin", what the hell do you think Batman is, bats has trained in every martial art known to man and all of them train you how to kill, bats knows the most secret of death moves, but never uses them because he vowed never to take a life, Snake eyes being an assassin does'nt put him at an advantage, Bats loves to beat the hell out of assassins because he thinks their cowards, and there is not one thing Snake eyes can pull out of his bag of tricks to surprize bats, remember he is just a ninja in the army, bats is a superhero on the JLA, hmmmmm big difference
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