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  1. The Season premire should be pretty good judging by the pics. BYTB has some good pics Here is Batgirl/Poison Ivy screen grabs, audio, and video: http://www.batmanytb.com//forum/viewthread...9&thread_id=218 High Res Season 3 Promo pics: http://www.batmanytb.com//forum/viewthread...9&thread_id=227 and wallpapers: http://www.batmanytb.com//forum/viewthread...9&thread_id=228
  2. BeyondGotham

    The Batman

    BYTB has pics: http://batmanytb.com/main.php?x=animated/s...atman/side2.php
  3. Hey Reideen! Well, the ratings might have done TAS and TNBA in, I also don't feel that their time has gone. My 6 year old perfers to watch TAS over The Batman. However, I know that kids like The Batman because the ratings are high. As for adults, we need to remember it is a kids show. I mean, most of us I think would like an "Adult Swim" kind of Batman..lol. And think about it, if this Batman didn't premire this year, but 5 years from now, I don't think it would case the up roar, TAS is still fresh in our minds and it's hard to get that out. It's like Batman Begins, for the non-fans, it will be hard for them to see BB as a reboot, they will see it has Batman 5. The Batman is not the best show. But it's far better than alot of other shows on TV and after all, it is Batman!
  4. While most sites are posting the pics of toys, I haven't seen any sites post pics from the series. Well, luckily, on of our Staffers was there and got pics from a video they were playing... There is more.. BYTB's THE VOICE OF GOTHAM
  5. I found the Original Mr. Freeze at KB Toys the other day. I was happy! I now have all the figures! Here's the pic of both versions on Robin:
  6. BATMAN: Yestersday, Today and Beyond has the largest archive for Batman figures, and we're workin on a list for all the figures. There are 331 Batman Action figures. These include only the 5 3/4 to the 7 Inch figures, and does not include the Quick Change Bruce Waynes. It also includes any Vehicles or playsets that included a Batman. It includes all companys, Toy Biz, Kenner, Hasbro, Mattel, The Microman series, and DC Direct. Here's the list: THE ANIMATED SERIES - KENNER Anti-Freeze Batman Combat Belt Batman Cyber Gear Batman Infared Batman Knight Star Batman Lightning Strike Batman Rapid Attack Batman Sky Dive Batman Turbo Jet Batman Radar Scope Batman Tornado Batman Air Assault Batman Land Strike Batman Piranha Blade Batman Sea Claw Batman Stealthwing Batman Torpedo Batman Ground Assault Batman Highwire Batman Mech-Wing Batman Power Vision Batman Ninja Power Pack Arkham Asylum Escape 4 Pack MASK OF THE PHANTASM - KENNER Decoy Batman Total Armor Batman Tornado Batman Retro Batman Rapid Attack Batman THE ADVENTURES OF BATMAN AND ROBIN - KENNER NIGHTSPHERE Paraglide Batman Rocketpack Batman Hoverjet Batman Bomb Control Batman Disaster Control Batman Fast Pursuit Batman Super Sonic Batman Skycopter Batman Tri-Wing Batman Cycle Thruster Batman Turbo Surge Batman Vector Wing Batman SPECTRUM OF THE BAT - HASBRO Fractal Armor Batman Gamma Blast Batman Infrared Armor Batman Signal Hacker Batman Sub Frequency Batman Ultra Frequency Armor Batman Ultra Violet Batman THE NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES - HASBRO Batman (Wal-Mart) Detective Batman Knight Glider Batman Street Strike Batman Silver Defender Batman Arkham Asylum Escape Batman & Robin 2 Pack Batman & Robin 2 Pack (Second Pack) Batman & Superman 2 Pack Batman Vs. The Joker Batman Vs. The Riddler Batman Vs. Two-Face Gatekeepers Of Gotham: Batman & Batgirl Gatekeepers Of Gotham: Batman & Nightwing Gatekeepers Of Gotham: Batman & Robin Laughing Matter: Batman Vs. Joker Only In Jest: Batman Vs. Harley Quinn The World's Finest 2 pack Garden Of Evil 3 Pack Alfred 4 Pack Alliance of Fear - 4 Pack Frozen Assets - 4 Pack Gotham City Enforcement Team - 4 Pack Knight Force Hero Collection Pupets of Crime - 4 Pack Revenge Of The Penguin - 4 Pack Shadows Of Gotham City - 4 Pack Super Heroes, Vs. Super Villains Shadow Cast Batplane Team Bat-Cycle Darkstorm Batmobile Guardian Batmobile Guardian Batplane Hoverbat Hydro-Bat Knight Camo Batmobile Strato-Bat Shadowcast Batmobile The Batmobile BATMAN BEYOND - HASBRO Ballistic Blade Batman Bat-Hang Blade Batman Covert Batman Energy Strike Batman Future Knight Batman Hydro Force Batman Laser Batman Lighting Storm Batman Manta Racer Batman Power Armor Batman Power Cape Batman Sonar Strike Batman Surface To Air Batman Thunder Whip Batman 200th Edition Batman Neon Cameo Batman Shatter Blast Batman Strato Defense Batman Strike Cycle Batman Tomorrow Armor Batman BATMAN BEYOND: BATLINKS - HASBRO Code Buster Batman Circuitry Strom Batman Mainframe Attack Batman Particle Burst Batman Power Grid Batman Search Engine Batman Energy Surge Batman BATMAN BEYOND: RETURN OF THE JOKER - HASBRO Gotham Defender Batman Gotham Knight Batman Golden Armor Batman MISSION MASTERS - HASBRO Anti-Blaze Batman Cave Climber Batman Desert Attack Batman Glider Strike Batman Jungle Tracker Batman Slalom Racer Batman Speedboat Batman Team Batcycle Infrared Batman Knight Strike Batman Radar Batman Sea Claw Batman Skychopper Batman Land Strike Batman Anti-Virus Batman Ground Pursuit Batman Inferno Extinction Batman Knight Assault Batman Mountain Pursuit Batman Virus Delete Batman Capture Cape Batman High Wire Zip-Line Batman Sky Attack Batman Quick Attack Batman Gotham Crusader Batman Freestyle Skate Batman Fire Wing Batman R.A.M. BAT Batman Velocity Storm Batman Lunar Force Batman Midnight Pursuit Batman Battle Staff Batman Shadow Copter Batman Batman and Robin 2 Pack Shadow Blast Batman Jet Wing Batman Attack Wing Batman Photon Armor Batman B.A.T.V. Hoverbat Midnight Hunter Batman Night Shadow Batman BATMAN ANIMATED - MATTEL Battle Scars Batman Vs. Catwoman Batman Vs. Joker Batman & Robin Batman Vs. Two-Face Stealth Suite Batman & Nightwing Batman (Rise of Sin Tzu) Gotham City Figure Pack Gotham City Figure Pack Series 2 Gotham City Figure Pack Series 3 Batplane Batcave THE BATMAN - MATTEL Aqua Attack Batman Batarang Launcher Batman Hover Attack Batman Razor Whip Batman Sub-Zero Suit Batman Zip Action Batman Bruce-to-Batman The Batman (Interactive) Batbot Batman Battle Punch Batman Inline Attack Batman JUSTICE LEAGUE - MATTEL Batman Batman (black suit varient) Attack Armor Batman Mega Armor Batman Mission Vision Batman Mission Vision Batman (Repaint) Batman Night Flight Batman & Superman Crime Bust Batman Deluxe Mission Vision Batman LEGENDS OF BATMAN - KENNER Buccaneer Batman Crusader Batman Cyborg Batman Dark Warrior Batman Future Batman Gladiator Batman Knight Quest Batman Knightsend Batman Long Bow Batman Nightwing Power Guardian Batman Samurai Batman Ultra Armor Batman Viking Batman 100th Edition Batman Desert Knight Batman Energy Surg Batman Flight Pack Batman Silver Knight Batman 1997 Hong Kong Batman (Hong Kong) Egyptian Batman & Catwoman Pirate Batman & Pirate Two-Face TOTAL JUSTICE - KENNER Batman Fractal Armor Batman Mail Order Batman & Superman JLA - HASBRO Batman Caped Crusader Batman Dark Knight Batman SUPERMAN Cyber Link Superman & Cyberlink Batman DC SUPER HEROES Batman Knightfall Batman Batman Vs. The Joker: Endless Duel Batman & Superman Superhero Pack DC DIRECT Classic Silver Age Batman And Robin Kingdom Come Batman Superfriends: Batman and The Scarecrow Yamato: Japanese Batman Hush: Batman First Appearance: Batman The Dark Knight Returns: Batman Yamato: Japanese Batman Yamato Series 2: Japanese Batman MICROMAN Batman Flight Gear Batman BATMAN - TOY BIZ Batman THE DARK KNIGHT COLLECTION - KENNER Crime Attack Batman Iron Winch Batman Power Wing Batman Shadow Wing Batman Tec Shield Batman Thunderwhip Batman Wall Scaler Batman Blast Shield Batman Claw Climber Batman Night Glider Batman Batman Vs. The Joker BATMAN RETURNS - KENNER Aero Strike Batman Air Attack Batman Arctic Batman Crime Attack Batman Deep Dive Batman Hydro Charge Batman Jungle Tracker Batman Laser Batman Night Climber Batman Power Wing Batman Shadow Wing Batman Sky Winch Batman Thunderwhip Batman Quick Change Bruce Wayne Batman Vs. Catwoman BATMAN FOREVER - KENNER Firebolt Batman Rocket Blast Batman Bola Strike Batman Claw Climber Batman Polar Blast Batman Batarang Batman Blastcape Batman Fireguard Batman Ice Blade Batman Manta Ray Batman Neon Armor Batman Night Flight Batman Night Hunter Batman Power Beacon Batman Recon Hunter Batman Solar Shield Batman Sonar Sensor Batman Street Racer Batman Wing Blast Batman Guardians of Gotham City The Riddler & Two-Face Batman Vs. The Riddler Attack Wing Batman Laser Disc Batman Lightwing Batman BATMAN & ROBIN Aerial Combat Batman Ambush Attack Batman Battle Board Batman Heat Scan Batman Hover Attack Batman Ice Blade Batman Laser Cape Batman Neon Armor Batman Rotor Blade Batman Sky Assault Batman Snow Tracker Batman Thermal Shield Batman Wing Blast Batman Battle Gear Bruce Wayne Blast Wing Batman Rooftop Pursuit Batman Glacier Battle Robin Wing Blast Robin Ice Terror Mr. Freeze Brain Vs. Brawn Challengers of the Night A Cold Night in Gotham City Guardians of Gotham City SUPERPOWERS - KENNER Batman LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT - KENNER Assault Gauntlet Batman Bat Attack Batman Dark Knight Detective (internet exclusive) Dive Claw Robin Glacier Shield Batman Lava Fury Batman Neural Claw Batman Shatter Blade Batman (internet exclusive) Spline Cape Batman Underwater Assualt Batman KNIGHT FORCE NINJAS - KENNER Arsenal Cape Batman Fist Fury Batman Karate Chop Batman Knight Blade Batman Power Kick Batman Thunder Kick Batman Multi-Blast Batman WORLD OF BATMAN - HASBRO Aqua Sled Batman Hover Jet Batman Radar Scope Batman Gotham City Adventures & Knight Watch Two Batman in this pack
  7. http://www.batmanytb.com/animated/thebatma...n/sneakpeek.htm Over 100 Screen Grabs and the sound!
  8. Your thinking of the Batman Beyond Bat-Link line. http://www.batmanytb.com/toys/figures/batlinks Not a real bad line.. there was also a Mr. Freeze that didn't make it to the Bat-Links line but did make it to Mission Masters 3 http://batmanytb.150m.com/toys/figures/mm/...ackmrfreeze.htm
  9. From all the reports I've read the figures will be 5 1/4 tall. Not 6'' Which really sucks, I was hoping for taller figs...
  10. It was never released. I did see one on Ebay a while back, but that has been the only one I've seen.
  11. Batman's Belt... We've got a link.. For more from DCD: http://www.batmanytb.com/toys/dccollect/index.htm
  12. The Mattel Figs will sit in there. Well, the Batman will, Nightwing should, but since his legs are bent he might be a little more harder.
  13. These are the comic versions. While Barris's Batmobile influenced the comics, it was not the same.
  14. http://batmanytb.150m.com/toys/figures/tnb...erbatmobile.htm For more Action Figures... http://www.batmanytb.com/toys/figures/index3.htm
  15. At 40 dollars for the Batman figure and 50 for the Batmobile, it better work! LOL
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