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  1. Went to the local Targets today (there are 2 in a 22 mile radius of my home) and neither one had much to speak of in way of joes, I did manage to score a Matt Trakker though fist one i have seen in this area, I am sure there have been more but i managed to miss them. as far as vehicles, nope none nadda, and im 2 dvd battle packs away from being complete. i need # 3 and # 5 guess its ebay time.
  2. our walmart has just reset the mod for the entire toy section, there are now 4 pegs for figures and 2 pegs for comic 2 packs. no battle packs or vehicles set on the mod anywhere. downsizing seems to be the flavor of the month. jeez. now where the f*** am i going to find the crap i need?
  3. I have found out that my season 3 vol 1 disk 1 is scratched and wont play this sucks now im going to have to hunt one down.. (yea right good luck with that )
  4. Ive been re-watching my season dvd's from start to finish im still on the second disk of season 1 its been a while since i had done this but man is it worth it, it always takes me back to when i was a kid sitting about 4 inches from the tv screen. lol im sure i wasnt the only one who did that!
  5. quick bit of G1 triva. There was a G1 eps where a mysterious masked man with an all to familiar voice ploted with the Decpticons to distroy the Autobots. At the end of the eps the masked man walk out in to the night and exclaimed in defeat COBRA!!!!!!! or at least he tried, he choked on it and it was funny as hell LOL. That would be the episode titled "Only Human" The voice of Starscream and "Snake" aka Cobra Commander was none other than Chris Latta
  6. we lost our KB in the local mall here in 98 or so, i felt like a part of my childhood had died. I used to go into Roses and we lost in around 2003, but by then it was owned by a local cheap rate chain called "Family Dollar" and was a shell of its former self. KB made a brief comeback through a christmas season in 2005 but was gone after the Holiday and its stock looked like what had been in storage for about 10 years. Our local mall is small and is currently dying under the strain of a bad economy, Walmart, and high rent for spaces in it. We just lost the Goody's clothing store this week. I wont be suprised that in 3-5 years it will be torn down and some other conglomerate builds something there. life changes yes, but i am 33 years old with my first child on the way, and most of the things and places i grew up with are dying out and dissolving like dust in the wind, how will i ever share my memories with my child when there is nothing left to share with? Leave it to Walmart and places like it to kill the "small time" stores with supercenters that when they first open have everything and more, then after all the competition is gone downsize to almost nothing or just crap. I hate walmart.
  7. Currently I have most of the vehicle releases to date, I would have to say my favorite is the firebat. I own the original one and have always loved the small size and fast strike ability of the plane. The rattler is a very close second as i never owned an original as a kid its close to the styling of the 1st issue of it (unlike the God-Awful bronze TRU exclusive which i bought with regrets!) I do not own the Fang as of yet, but is on my to-get list as soon as i see it in this area. @hmmm@
  8. im so hardcore about Optimus that when the beast wars came out and he was a Gorilla i wouldnt even watch it! Prime is a truck and not just ANY truck he is a semi, the symbol of power in automobiles. I have an ongoing collection of optimus prime figures and have even gone so far as to build a Lego version that is g-1 accurate in transformation. the colors are red grey and black (had to sub black for blue lego dont make the parts i need in blue) I spent 30 hours on it, thats how far my love for Optimus goes. TF without Optimus isnt tranformers.
  9. Heads up check your local Wally worlds, I picked up a Firebat this afternoon! they are here in NC thought you would like to know that someone's seein em.
  10. You know how crazy that statement is? why would their be no family in the decepticons? Ha! How crazy is it to presume there are ANY families on Cybertron? The whole concept of family has never really been addressed in Transformer's Lore. For the past 25 years, it's always been about machines battling machines, for OUR entertainment. Which brings up a new question; would it be cool to see some "family" vendettas in some of the Dream Works comics? I have thid fereind who wrote a story about how Megatron believe it or not was a child and his father was a Decepticon known as Metatisic We discussed this once and did bring up family because ahe believes that the Autobots and decepticons were more then just robots We even talked how they could reproduced since the bots weren't capable of mating as we knew it I said the the cons couldn't have families because of how they are they shoot you let alone look at you My freind is in talks about making her story into a book Her user name is Shinju Chan and is well known all over seibertron because of her comics she did for Seibertron HMW game Here is her artwork notice the child version of Megatron http://www.plotsntombstones.com/Hobnuda/MTillus.html and here is the story I was telling you about http://www.plotsntombstones.com/Metatisic/Metatisic.html This story is amazingly good! thanks for posting the link!
  11. LOL thats funny since my first name is Billy.. lol
  12. You understand that he's not beholden to answer ANY questions from you, or even speak with you at all? His business will be with the store itself, THEY are his customer and thus his concern--you are the retailer's customer, thus NONE of his concern. I would not expect much, if anything at all. I am aware that he has no requirement to answer any of my questions. but i intend to ask some anyway. I dont think it would be good for the image of the Hasbro company as a whole if he just brushed off the people who keep him in a job. anyways no matter the outcome if i am able to catch up with him i plan to TRY to get some sort of input as to what and how the lineup will be so that there wont be anymore confusion on what we are getting or arent. after all its worth a shot, isnt it?
  13. Not to Stir the pot. but at my local Walmart the toy dept manager said that they had a Hasbro rep come in (1st time in the almost 20 years of its existance) and tell them that they plan to do a "reset" for the joe Section to make room for the new movie line. and that they plan to sell through what they have already produced and then the movie line will take over. now keep in mind this is information relayed through a dept manager. He told me that the rep will be back in August and I asked him would he and his assistant inform me of his imminent arrivial and that I wanted to speak directly to him. they both assured me that they would inform me of his date of arrivial and will call me when he is in the store. Since they are both VERY good at keeping me informed of when new joes hit the shelves i am sure they will let me know when he shows up. I plan to ask him alot of hard questions and see what (if anything) he knows, and he might not know alot since he is a lower level rep. but i guess we will see and I will keep you all informed when I know something. Lets keep a positive outlook on the future, after all who knows what will happen and it dont make good sense to stress over what we dont know and cant control
  14. Wow man nice joe collection lots of hard to find stuff in that setup. I should post some pics of my brothers room..nothing but wall to wall joes, and in the middle of the floor sits a FLAGG and its deck is full of choppers and skystrikers. anyways great setup im working to get my display in order.
  15. Depends on who is in the aisle if someone looks at me like i plan to abduct their kid I try to ease their minds by saying " Men never grow up, were just little boys in bigger bodies."or something equally as witty. Usually that brings a laugh followed up by questions, usually like " Do you collect toys?" if these questions are asked then i take it as an invitation as to explain why i collect. one of the points i make thats a favorite with the males epecially fathers who grew up in the 80's is "when i have kids i want them to experience the great cartoons and toys we grew up with. Cartoons with a lesson, not some random BS like has infected the cartoon networks and most of our kids." I was in walmart last week and had on my Thundercats T-shirt, and a dad asked his 6 year old daughter "Annie whats that man got on his chest?" Her prompt reply and music to my ears was a resounding "THUNDERCATS!" he went on to explain that she is in love with Thundercats, He-Man, and Gi-Joe she even claims to want to be Scarlett or Cheetara when she grows up. I have never been one to care what people think of me, my wife says thats what she admires most, that it takes guts to just be who you are and to do your own thing. I say how can we be anything else?
  16. I found two of the Iron Mongor figures. One has the red center piece and red eyes the other has the blue chest piece and blue eyes, so im guessing its a chase figure to be movie accurate, have NOT found the one with the opening cockpit but do have the WM from Walmart, its pretty cool.
  17. I think a merge between M.A.S.K. and Joe would actually benefit the linesas long as they make the vehicles to Joe scale and not be just small enough to piss us off cause we couldnt use em with our fav joes. We all would love to see these lines seperate and on the pegs and shelves like we did as kids, but M.A.S.K. could use some of the joe fan base and get a lift off. Parents (dads espcially) will see these toys and will want to buy them for their kids,, and themselves. so maybe that wont be so bad.
  18. Well GOOD! NOW maybe someone ELSE can get some Joes at the k-town Walmart! Hey guys its been a while... Sup Ryan. Congradts to ya bro
  19. 06 huh, sounds like i got plenty of time to support BBI and Ultimate Soldier.
  20. I went to my local Dollar General store and found not one but 2 cases of Wave 3 singles. I bought every single Sand viper they had, for a total of 4. I also bought all of the: Night creepers (3) Black Snakeyes (9) Baroness(2 one per case it seems) the others were re-releases of the same figs in the 2 pks. Dusty, Ace, Storm Shadow, and Stalker Just FYI thats the case breakdown i think.
  21. PS how the hell do u contact them? I may be very interested in this if its for real.
  22. This one is easy for me. 1994 yellow/black (battle corps)AlleyViper with a 1989 Snake Eyes head. lol personal reasons behind that one. but as for real joes. 1989 Snake eyes. without a doubt.
  23. Personally i think they should come in the RAH carded backs with the same "coming soon" pics on back as the 90's joes had, but with NEW sculpts of the older characters NOT 50 diff sculpts and re-paints of 10 or 12 figures. granted SOME of the figures are cool repainted ( i myself just landed 4 new black and gold sand vipers, 3 all black Snakeyes, and 2 night creepers, and 1 baroness at our local Dollar general ) and plan to get more! But we all crave to see old familiars back with new life. Rock N roll. ROADBLOCK not HEAVYDUMPY, etc. But after all what do i know, Im just the customer.
  24. I own this chopper and the tank and the f-18 they all kick butt, but belive me the plastic is very thin but over-all a nice helicopter. Personally i choose Ultimate soldier for all of my heli needs. i got the little bird ( black version) AH6 Apache ( this thig is HUGE!) and I also own the Super Cobra ( LOTS of detail!) My best friend owns all the above as well and the Blackhawk , all these choppers sit on the Deck of the USS FLAGG just waiting to kick some Cobra rear!
  25. Too much current events on your mind maybe? @smilepunch@ much like this shitty line of Suckme six doent. That last line didn't help your cause. @loll@ Maybe not, but still the issue is that Hasbro has been working on destroying the legacy of Gi Joe. And now with the release of this "sigma six" Its accomplishing this goal with dramatic results. Perhaps you should read more forums than just this one.I am sure the over-all opinion is that this line just simply blows more than a 2 dollor whore on buy one get one free day.( not that i would know about that,, ahem.. ) back to the matter at hand. like it or not we are all bound together in this mess. We are united by the power of our imaginations and the memories of a great childhood brought upon with the help of Gijoe. If this " hiatus" becomes a ploy to try to bring back joes after 2 or 3 years, im not sure that kids will want to bother with the toys by then. Also we as collectors, customisers, and all around toy fans will be more gun-shy about the resiliance of the lines they put out. i told one member of this forum one night at our local Walmart that i was done with joes and hasbro. Well i am not sure that i will ever be truly done with joes. its a part of large part of who i am and what i do to escape all the pressures of day to day life. however, if Hasbro continues to turn a deaf ear to its most important people , then i will have no choice but to stop buying their products. After all as previously stated in this forum, There are plenty of toy companies just waiting to take my money to make me happy.
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