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  1. I dont think thats true: night force was an exclusive line: and like all exclusive lines they were repaints, Exclusives don't have the volume not to be. IMO Tiger Force, Python Patrol and Slaughter's Marauders happened for the same reason that 2 years previously Hasbro had to import toys for lines other than Diaclone and Microman for Transformers: Demand was outstriping supply, though in this case wasn't because of Finitew numbers of mold's rather finite numbers of sculptors and designers: they needed More product on the shelves,and were already working flat-out, remember ythey came out in the 2 year's when the second largest number of new figures were been introduced to date, the previous being the year before. (and even that depends on which series you consider Battle Force 2000 to "really" belong to). It wasn't they were running out of creativity: they were just swamped by the volume of the market and the popularity of the line. The inlcussion of Tiger Force into European the line was less explicable given that at the time Europe wasn't getting the entire regular line....but i guess it was considered a Cool look... Valid points as well, but the most popular feeling is that the 83-86 lines were better designed, more thought out character design, and the reason that hasbro had to rush out repaints to meet the demand of Joe. The 83-86 lines were directly responsible for the huge Joe demand of the late 80's. And the way Hasbro dealt with that demand caused the interest in the line to slow down. Battleforce 2000 was a great Joe line that was highly creative, but since they were made in 87-88, I do not consider them among the creative peak of 83-86.
  2. I'd pay up to 8 bills, shipping included. These were made in 87, there's plenty around, and for such late figure to be missing accessories, that puts a big dent in the figure's price
  3. Joes were only drab, sharing each other's parts IN 1982 as soon as 1983 came, the Joe became entirely induvidual. There's nothing wrong with liking late 80's joes, but by that time hasbro was past it's creative peak, hence all the repaints Tiger Force, Python Patrol, Night Force, Slaughter's marauders were all repaints of 83-86 characters. If you like late 80's Joes, i.e. Crystal Ball, Falacon, Cobra-La, Toxo-Viper, that's fine. But it's pretty safe to says the Joes of 83-86 were superior to any other line before or since. Remember, after the first wave of 1982, the parts sharin' skinny drab joes had ceased to exist. They were military themed, far from realistic, but never got as far "out there" as the Joes after the movie and before the line got cancelled in '94 got.
  4. dyes won't cut the mustard. You have to practice masking/prepping the area you want to paint, apply light coats of paint, allow PLENTY of time to dry, repeat the process x amount of times, follow with a clear coat using the same patience. Practice on joes you don't care about (Crystal Ball, Anyone?) before you even attempt painting your only Scarlett head. Also hit up your local model shop or auto supply for paints designed for use with plastic, vinyl, I bet they'll take to your joes a lot better. Also watch out for overspray, Mask your area good, but most of all, allow plenty of time to dry between applications, that is the major difference betweena good or bad paint job.
  5. I wholeheartedly agree, as long as the military theme doesn't dissappear into star brigade manimals with day glo talking backpacks and weapons trees, I'll be a happy man. At least VvV doesn't take the ball and run with it, unlike G.I. Joe 90's er um discrepancies.
  6. Yes, I find this double standard highly amusing. Don't collectors realize they're just helping out the scalpers...? Look if you're gonna hoard every set that comes ino your local TRU, Then at least spread some of that wealth with people on these message boards desperate for just one, that would really help stomp on the scalpers. No one to buy them, no reason to sell them right? Joe collectors should help each other out.
  7. Same here, I would rather spend the money on RAH. But those staues and busts are beautiful pieces of art that I would love to own, and I think they would complement my display of RAH and lend a more "adult collection" credibility to my Joes. (even though that's not a real concern to me, I think it might help others see my joes in a whole new light.)
  8. early 90's.... that explains it, you have no clue what GiJoe is all about.. well wait, didn't you see the RAHC 2-packs right before GvC came out? those were good figures also. #US1# True,True. I believe the Joes and Cobras of 83-86 Were the best ever made. Plenty of great characters were introduced between those years that were exciting and colorful, induvidual and unique, WITHOUT having to resort to neon or talking backpacks or um other stuff. The point is they were original ideas that was low on gimmicks and that's what made them so great. #US1#
  9. Ren

    The Pitt

    It's been very windy in So-Cal plus it's been a chilly 69 degrees during the day. If I have to put on a sweatshirt to go hunting, ehh, I'll stay inside and read, too
  10. Can you fault a guy like NC just for being a optimistic "glass is half full" kinda guy?
  11. Hey Hasbro, Why does Roadblock Nightforce look like he's doing a voodoo doll imatation?
  12. Ren

    The Pitt

    Thamks, dogg gotta keep my eyes and ears open to those ebay rumblings..so many are obsessed over the cobra infantry 6-packs I'm sure theirs deals to be had on the bay!!
  13. yeah a whole 3 months ago @loll@ @loll@ I'm starting to get misty-eyed thinkin about my birthday....Jan.23rd!! I've gotten so old, so fast in the last two weeks @loll@ j/k
  14. They should make a splinter-cell style video game featuring Firefly and use this bust as the perfect starting point of character development.
  15. Do you only hire COLOR-BLIND painters? Neon Venom vs. Hasbro's past Valor is the true name of this joe line.
  16. The bandana does and is meant to go over her eyes, the idiot in hong kong who put these up for bid probably didn't know any better
  17. My question will be...Who invited Skarapz, The Shaquille O'neill of postin' topics lol J/K
  18. hey do they interrupt the program with the commercial break screens (i.e. "and now back to G.I. Joe", etc)like the mini-series did?
  19. Ren

    The Pitt

    I'm having Night Force roadblock Nightmares...those eyes are spooky!!!AAAAhhhhhh!!
  20. I think most collectors know it's not employees or managers or store's faults, but both corporations, both hasbro and TRU as long as they keep pushing stocking up on VvV 12" and similar items, that just means less shelf room for the stuff we really want, like the infantry packs. Thanks for the post, Mega Man, I'm sure this will be helpful to a lot of us out there.
  21. Holy mothra of egypt!!! Where did you find this?? Is this an e-bay prototype!! I was gonna buy $60 worth of infantry packs, but now that money's going to one of these guys....Future Of Joe....Here I come!!!
  22. good question..I think we need frameable lithographs of RAH Joe Art Imagine a poster sized Scarlett, Firefly, Quick Kick, Wet-Suit...all completely original RAH artwork with explosions or lazer effects behind the character art...Great now my walls look so naked and useless....somebody please help!!
  23. Ren

    The Pitt

    dudes I can't wait for my ebay shipment to get here completes of Lifeline, Mainframe, Budo Roadblock V2, Spirit, Big Boa, Dial-Tone, Wet-Suit, Techno-Viper......all complete[insert a Homer Simpson Drool Here]
  24. It's there...you can see it directly underneath the breathing apparatus. By the way, all those oxygen hoses kick mass!! The more hoses on a joe, the better!!!
  25. Bwahahahaha That, my man, is freakin' hilarious.....best punchline of the week, by far!!
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