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  1. so true, this thread is just BEGGIN' for it @firedevil@ @firedevil@ @onthecan@ @cussing@ @horse@ @soap@ @soap@ @argue@ @soap@ spike, oops I meant @spam@
  2. Interesting, Thanks for the pics...but wtf...? he can't hold the sword in his hand? Then what's the point of the sword? "I have my sword pointed at you menacingly, autobot....too bad I can't hold it!!! Hey autobot......will you hold very still for a minute while I run toward you like a college linebacker....no hold still...please....hold still.....ok...Here I come...FEEL THE PAIN AS IT STAB......DAMMIT I TOLD YOU TO HOLD STILL AUTOBOT....can we try this aga...ummmm.....nevermind.
  3. Ren


    Dude, I think that the Mammoth prime is one of the best Tf's ever made. That's a holy grail I will eventually suceed in obtaining, but it ain't going to be cheap!!!!!!!
  4. I think the Mirage is pretty cool...very similar to my G1Mirage. The smaller scale's cool too.
  5. I never have and never will flame anyone on the TF board.....and I did not have sexual relations with that woman @loll@ Me and silverbolt did have a good debate, and I only occasionaly called him a poopy pants
  6. Ren

    Wizardworld La

    Thanks for the first hand info, Rob Digi- I've never been to one, and i'm gonna hit it harder than a semi in a sheep!!!!
  7. Happy Happy Birthday.., Happy Happy Birthday
  8. Try the google spam blocker under google tools, I havn't had a pop-up ad since!!!
  9. Well said Jason. Not very well said, quite ignorant. I am far from sheltered, quite the opposite. It's too bad the wool has been pulled over your eyes. I feel sorry for you both. If I didn't win you over by my valid points, then there is nothing else to say. I'm not going to talk about this anymore, it's hopeless, I can't change your opinions, misguided as they are. Sorry I got myself into this debate. I will let you guys keep your ill-informed desicions, I'm tired of proving my point time and time again. I hope you don't take this personally, I still love Transformers, and look forward to talking about anything but politics with you guys in the future
  10. #US1# #US1# You're right, by the spanish and Christopher Columbus, But I wasn't alive 500 years ago. My family came to America from Sweden about 100 years ago, So frankly, I don't give a damn how this country was formed, I'm just glad it's here for me to live in!!!! #US1#
  11. Believe Me, you'll know when there's a dictator running this country, when the milatary police kick your door down and start killing family members because you bad-mouthed your dictator's government. Oh, that hasn't happened? Maybe because you live in a democracy wher you have aright to your opinion, even if it's wrong. And I have spoke with a ton of military back from Iraq, where Iraqi families were posing for pics w/ them, andfolowing them in the streets, sshouting praise and expressing gratitude that we took out Saddam.
  12. Exactly, don't believe everything you see on TV, since TV shows most Iraqis as unhappy, but the Truth is the majority of the population is law-abiding, peaceful, and would rather have a temporary government overseen by the US than stay under Saddam's rule. Just because a few, unemployed ex-iraqi military are trying to throw a monkeywrench in the transitional government, don't believe the hype, DeathSwitch Of Doom!!!
  13. It shows that America got lucky. And being the biggest bully on the block doesn't make you better, it makes you a bully. And money is meaningless in the scheme of life. If you don't like America or Americans, then "get the hell outta heeerre" Go see if you can hang in Poland or better yet, Canada!!! If you move to Japan, be prepared to pay a couple of grand a year (U.S.) for the privelege of driving your own car!! And tack another grand on top of that to rent a parking spot (yearly fee), and don't forget another few thousand for insurance!! Plus remember to pay for the privilege of taking a full blown driver's license test every year!!! Hmmm America sounds pretty good right about now, doesn't it?
  14. Except we're not run by a insane dictator who is the judge,jury,prosecution of everyone and everything in his country. The only reason we need WMD's is to protect ourselves from these countries run by immature little children. Our government acts like the terrorism police to protect our American lives, and I happen to think they know a liiiittle tiny bit more about international policy than a couple guys posting in a transformers message board. And, despite what your nightly news might tell you, I know that the majority of Iraqis are happy that we're there, and there's a small minority, mainly ex-iraqi military, who are trying to sabotage a smooth transition of power. Believe me, we want to get out of Iraq as soon as possible, but it's just too early to leave, the chances of another dictator rising to power is too great at this time. By the way, those reports you've read (you can read....congratulations!!!) are news reports. And there's no news like bad news. Hmmmm "today was another peacuful day in Iraq......back to you, Dan" would not be worth tuning into to, would it? Anyways, keep believing your close-minded opinions that have no basis in actual fact, one of these days you'll open your eyes to the truth, I'm done talking to your hand.
  15. Ren


    We love ya spike, you're an interesting fellow..don't abandon the board, just....I don't know...have a point?
  16. #US1# The French under Napolean Bonaparte won battle after battle, and war after war, but does history show that he was "right"? No, actually the complete opposite is true. So go read some more rolling stone and let the adults go back to discussing politics and history, ok? #US1#
  17. Since when?????? That is total bs. History is written by the facts, and only time will tell who was right and who was wrong. I can think up a dozen countries who have been bigger bullies than the US will ever be...*spain, england, germany, egypt, the Mayans, china, etc., etc., etc.,*
  18. No Darklord Prime, The Iraqi government did not ask for our help, but the Iraqi people sure as hell did. Were they not completly joyous in the fact that we took Saddam out? Imagine, a completely Democratic government in the middle of the Middle East, besides Israel. Ten years from now, the world is going to to thank the United States for helping put such a stable government where it was needed most. BTW, I'm not a "redneck" I live in L.A., drive a pimped-out Mitsubishi Eclipse gs-t, and also happen to drive a suv. Excuse me for thinkin' your argument is total bs. Even though it is
  19. Do you even know your Transformers history? Takara did invent the robots transforming into everyday objects, but an AMERICAN company, Hasbro, took the idea and ran with it. Inventing a good and bad group of robots, Cybertron, and all the rest of the transformers story. AFTER seeing how sucessful TF was in America, Takara applied the same basic ideas and incorperated them into the Japanese version of Transformers.
  20. Me too, bring it on.......I'm waiting....nothing? No proof, just dumb statements that have no basis in actual fact. America might be a lot of things, but they are all good things, and a bully is not among them.
  21. 1. America is nothing but a bully, and goes out of its way to prove that. 2. I'm not Canadian, I'm American, so take your self-indulgent SUV and shove it where that California sun can't reach it. 3. Have a nice day. @smilepunch@ 4. Rinse. Repeat. You, sir, are ill-informed and ignorant. America is the complete opposite of a bully. We let other countries borrow billions of dollars every year, with no real expectations of every having them paidback, we are the largest peacekeeping force in the world, we invented the idea of a united nations, and because we have a little chip on our shoulder about murderous dictators, you consider us bullies? I don't think so. There wouln't be Transformers if America hadn't completely rebuilt and revolutionized Japan after WW 2. Before we helped them out by ousting Japan's murderous emporer, they did'nt have any major exports or munufacturing facilities, so pay attention to your history class before spouting ignorant and insipid remarks. #US1# #US1#
  22. Did you know Canada is America's largest Trading Partner, so with out Canada, the American Economy would stall You got that backwards, w/o America, Canada's economy would stall. We might be trading partners, but I know we do the exporting, you do the importing, and since your country's population is like, 14, I doubt our economy would be affected in the slightest. If it were up to me I would completely privatize health care, the way it should be. #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1# #US1#
  23. I agree Angry Canadians are still Canadians, and that that means they are still VERY boring. #US1#
  24. We fight for freedom, and we don't "bully" anybody. We're the richest, most diverse country in the world, and we have millions of immigrants come here to seek a better life, and they suceed in living the American Dream. I'm sorry you canadians suffer from such a inferiority complex, but I guess I would too if my country's only claims to fame were hockey, Michael J. Fox and Todd McFarlene. Now get off the computer and shovel off your driveway before your mothers get home from work. I would go wash my SUV in my driveway, but it's a little too hot out here in Sunny Southern California, where we get TRU exclusives before the rest of the world!
  25. Must be too busy eatin' hockey pucks and shovelin' snow
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