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  1. This is good news. I've been wanting a straight-up re-release of this mold for years...
  2. Devilbat

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas, you guys!! I actually got some vintage Joes this year...my brother got me a loose v1 Eel, Battle Armor Cobra Commander, and he also got me a v1 Lifeline, but he forgot him at home...
  3. Devilbat

    The Last Jedi: One Year Later

    I've been watching The Last Jedi quite a bit lately, partly because of my own personal interest in it, but also in an objective sort of way...there have been lots of criticism aimed at this film, and I know it has generally divided the fandom, although it appears as if more seem to dislike it than those that do, but perhaps I have that perception only because I've been interested to see why people don't like it, or even downright hate it... Now I will admit at times I have found myself entertaining the validity of some of the questions and criticisms I've read and seen in reviews, but in the end I've always been able to answer such questions in my own imagination fairly satisfactorily, and many of the criticisms have been almost nit-picky in my opinion. And I do try to be objective, to remove any sense of nostalgia or passive-audience-member enjoyment and view this film through an honest analysis, forgetting the fact that I'm a huge lifelong fan. But perhaps these very dispositions allow me to enjoy these films regardless of studio politics, disjointed, uncoordinated writing, perceived plot holes and inconsistencies, or overexposure and excessive hype. So here we are, a little more than a year later, and I can honestly say...I still love this movie, maybe even more than I did when I first saw it. I think after everyone recovers completely from their disappointment over what they did or didn't see in The Last Jedi, or what they thought they should have or expected to see, they might hold it in higher regard than they initially did, and time may very well be kind to this film, and it goes on to be appreciated as a very solid and classic entry in the series, worthy to be counted alongside the other great Star Wars films of all time... I'd like to take a moment to address some of the more divisive points of The Last Jedi that people seem to take issue with: The "excessive diversity" of the cast: It may be very true that Disney has gone out of its way to diversify the Star Wars universe, but even if they have, I can't imagine such a universe simply being populated by mostly Anglo-Saxons and aliens. I.mean, Star Wars has always been grounded in some kind of relatable reality, and by that I mean it's about people, people like you and me that exist in this fantastical universe full of intriguing technology, wonderous locales, and incredible creatures and aliens...it's the human element that grounds everything, and I hesitate to even say such an obvious thing, but humanity is diverse, and a sci-fi/fantasy series should absolutely reflect that. It shouldn't even be an issue in my mind, and I'm as white as they come... The "feminist" element of the film: This is yet another baffling point of contention that seemed to gain traction even before The Last Jedi added so many female characters to the mythos. I've known tough, reliable, and heroic women all my life. We all have. Whether it be a sister, a cousin, an aunt, mother, or grandmother, there have been women in our lives every bit as tough and worthy of leadership roles as any man. Again, perhaps Disney has indeed made it a point to try and "feminize" Star Wars, but to me none have been jarring or undeserving of any prominent roles in these stories. Take Rey for example...I think she's fantastic as the central character, and it never occurs to me to see her as a female character to be pitied or objectified...she's strong, witty, intelligent, and just a downright bad-@$$ with a lightsaber. She intrigues me, and I find her easy to root for and care about. Same goes for Admiral Holdo...I love Laura Dern. She's always been one of my favorite actresses. So why should I reject her all of a sudden because she's included in a cast for a Star Wars film at a time when Disney is suspected of checking all of the pc boxes on their production checklist, as it were? I loved her in this movie, especially when she shot through Snoke's ship in light-speed like a bullet through tin-foil...that's still one of the most epic shots ever in a Star Wars movie... And, speaking of female roles...poor Rose gets a bum rap. I still think she's a very likeable, sweet, and enjoyable character...she reminds me of a friend I would have hung around with in college; she's beautiful and sweet, but you will always see her more as a great and loveable friend than love interest. I like the character, and I wouldn't mind if they brought her back for Episode IX somehow, but I doubt they will... The portrayal of Luke: I know this one's been done to death, but I still love the role he played in the story. Luke's arc had been completed. It didn't end in such a way that many of us expected, but it was a fascinating side to see in the character...the grumpy, disillusioned, disconnected, and bitter old man version of Luke that we didn't expect, and we still saw a gleam of hope in his character in the very end. We did get to see a glimpse of the old Luke, the idealistic, sentimental, and hopeful character we knew and loved. Yoda's and/or Leia's inexplicable Force powers: I don''t understand why this is even an issue. Leia surviving the cold vacuum of space because of her apparent command of the Force and being able to propel herself back to the safety of the cruiser is just awesome, especially since before this scene we had never seen Leia use any physical Force abilities. As for Yoda's "lightning powers", again, what an epic display of command of the Force...before this all we had seen was Count Dooku and/or Palpatine shoot some tendrils of lightning out of their hands. Yoda called-down a lightning bolt from the sky for Pete's sake!! By the way, did anyone else take note of how solid Yoda looked when he appeared to Luke? It's as if he could manifest himself in solid form when in the past Jedi could generally only appear as a semi-translucent ghost-like figure...Yoda even clocks Luke on the head with his walking stick. In all the reviews I've seen and read, no one ever points this curiosity out. I thought it was very interesting, as if Yoda has found a way to physically return from the netherworld of the Force, essentially returning from the dead, and returning more powerful in the Force than ever before. Yoda's dramatic appearance may be a precursor for Luke returning in Episode IX... I could go on and on...I just felt the need to express my continuing satisfaction with The Last Jedi, even in the face of ongoing criticisms, ridicule, and general disappointment in the film overall...and I promise I'm not one of those people that goes out of their way to promote a view that's opposite from popular opinion just because it is the opposite opinion from everyone else's...I honestly and genuinely love The Last Jedi, and I truly think it's underrated, and Ryan Johnson, as a filmmaker, doesn't get enough credit for making a great Star Wars film.
  4. Devilbat

    Star Wars Toy Hauls

    Thank you, sir! Yeah, I'm realizing now more than ever that I'm basically a bargain shopper these days. I rarely ever buy anything for full retail anymore. It's usually the discount stores and eBay for me, unless there's something I find that I'd like to keep carded or boxed in mint packaging. Case in point,I bought a Vintage Collection Hoth soldier about three weeks ago that I stumbled upon at Walmart, and that was only because it was the rare specimen I've found at retail that was actually in mint packaging. Those are so hard to find at brick-and-mortar stores anymore...incidentally, I actually wish Hasbro would go back to packaging them in those old clamshell protectors like they used to in order to ensure mint cardbacks, but I digress... Last night I found the Last Jedi Silencer for $8.99 and a Ski Speeder for $6.99 at Ross...man, these ships are sweet!! I've been wanting them both for quite some time, but I was hesitant since the movie lines these days tend to be rather simplified or watered-down, as it were, compared to lines in the past. Perhaps other lines have been more expansive, more intricate, and arguably of higher quality, but as I've warmed-up to the 5-POA figures more and more, and embraced them even, it's made me want to give the ships a second look. I've just not been devoted to them in recent years...money's tight most of the time, and I'd rather have the figures I want...besides, the figures take up less real estate on my shelves. But these Last Jedi ships are absolutely fantastic...I love both of them, but I especially love the ski speeder. (I think that's what it's called...) To me it was the iconic ship from TLJ...very unique, but familiar enough that it looks like a traditional design from the Star Wars universe. I just wish they had made the Resistance Bomber, too. Impractical as it is, I still love the idea behind it and its design.
  5. Devilbat

    Future Anniversary Sets?

    I'd personally like to see modern-sculpt updates on some of those old TRU sets, like the con exclusives that trickle-out from time to time. My three main wants are the Anti-Venom Task Force, Desert Strike Force, and Night Force sets re-done with the modern molds/parts. Or maybe even some of the older comic packs, like the "Snake Eyes Origin" three pack they did several years ago... I guess the set I'd like to the most is the Anti-Venom set...that was such a sweet-looking set. I wish I had never sold mine... *sob*
  6. Devilbat

    Star Wars Toy Hauls

    I went to another Bargain Hunt in my area, and was shocked to find the 6-inch Black Series Special Forces TIE Fighter today for sixty bucks!! I was thrilled whenever I watched online auctions that were around a hundred bucks, but sixty?! I couldn't pass it up...
  7. Devilbat

    Star Wars Toy Hauls

    I found this set yesterday at a Bargain Hunt for eleven bucks. The details are fantastic on these figures...they sport the simplicity of the early POTF2 figures, but the sculpting is like a NECA figure or something on each of them. They’re now my favorite respective version of these characters, especially the Emperor. He even comes with interchangeable “Force lightning” hands! So cool...
  8. Devilbat

    What's in Your Stash?

    Back last spring, my basement flooded (for the second time in two years), and I had to move everything out of the big closet I keep my toys in over into my little "Star Wars" room. Some boxes got ruined...had to open alot of stuff, but most of it survived unscathed. My point to all this is, when you have to move your entire collection and sort through it, it kinda gives you a chance to rediscover some things you love but don't spend time looking at, or maybe you stumble across stuff you forgot you had, or even...in my case, stuff you even forgot you bought in the first place. (lol) I think sometimes I get so caught-up in the chase, so to speak, that I forget to stop and just appreciate what I have instead of always looking ahead to what I still want... A couple of weeks ago, I finally got all my stuff back into my basement closet, and...I'm almost embarrassed by all the stuff I have accumulated. (lol) It's so much fun to stick my head in there from time to time to just momentarily take-in what I've found, and the kid in me gushes when I see that stuff. I would have never believed growing-up that I'd have the amount of stuff I have at this point in my life. I don't say that to brag, I just feel so fortunate to have any of it.
  9. Y'know, I didn't even realize I could post here. (lol) I'm just happy they're making the ESB Han available through the regular retail line...when I saw the SDCC exclusive, I was like, "Aww, man..." Glad I have a shot at him...
  10. Devilbat

    It's been a long time

    Blackmada!! Wow, this is a blast from the past... Hope you're doing well!! Glad to have you back!!
  11. Devilbat

    Star Wars Toy Hauls

    Oh yeah, I finally got around to getting a Black Series Boba Fe...er, I mean Captain Phasma from The Force Awakens, too. (lol)
  12. Devilbat

    Star Wars Toy Hauls

    I sold some stuff and made some money to go to a convention today where I found a ton of Black Series 6-inch figures I didn't have. I scored the Target exclusive Chewie from Solo, Qi'ra, and young Lando, along with Bespin Lando and a Snowtrooper from Empire. I also got an "Island Journey" Rey, DJ, and a Crimson Guard, too.

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