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  1. GREAT Job man! G-force (as I grew up knowing it) has a very special place in my childhood memories. It was one of my first favorite cartoons. I'd watch that and starblazers. Didn't realize until college that the REAL versions of those shows was SO much better. I've wanted to build a Gatchaman team but I haven't had time. What are you using for their heads?
  2. I'm a Green Lantern Which Corps Best Suits You Created by sevedris Green Lantern's Light! You have been chosen. You have the ability to overcome great fear. Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps. To protect and serve others is now your sacred duty.
  3. Glaken


    That's the name for the Black Superman with no cape and silver "S". The way Walmart's system works is all of the UPC's for a line, such as DCUC have one master SKU that is used for inventory purposes. That's why they can't tell you what series they have by looking at the system, just the number of DCUC total. In the computer, they are all the same. To make the shelf labels, they just grab the first one in the case, scan it and generate the label. To the computer it's all the same. All the UPC's are cross referenced as one item. So that is still the DCUC figures, just the figure they scanned to make the tag was the Regeneration Superman, not a new line.
  4. I like David Boreanz a lot. I also like George Eads (Nick off CSI). I think he'd make a great Hal. Another one is Ben Browder. Chris Pine doesn't bother me, but he seems a little young for Hal. Another one folks are tossing around is Nathan Fillion. I like him but I don't know that I see him as Hal either.
  5. Have any of you guys found/purchased this? I saw it at Walmart and it says "works with most 6" figures" and I was wondering if anyone has it and what you think of it? Will it fit the Movie Masters figures? Here's some pics
  6. They've posted pics of them on the later pages of those forums. The SU27 looks GREAT. That's 2 I've got to pick up. That and the F22. Wonder if they are going to make a F-35.
  7. Well, it looks like Mattel is listening. According to an interview done at SDCC by Vanilla Blue at Fwoosh, DCIH IS ADDING ARTICULATION in later lines : http://www.thefwoosh.com/index.php?option=...91&Itemid=1 With the improvement in the sculpts that were shown and now the added articulation, this MIGHT have a chance. I hope they fix the big hands too. I'll be interested to see how these wind up looking now and if they actually will look good with other 1:18 stuff. I hope so.
  8. Jake, I agree that making smart-ass remarks doesn't accomplish anything but it sure is fun!!! Actually, I've said my peace on a couple of other boards in their "ask mattel" threads with detailed criticisms so I felt like taking a shot. Anyway, I think what makes me saddest of it all is that this line will keep us from getting a REAL 1:18 scale line that is comparable and compatible with all the other 1:18 stuff out there. EVERY other 1:18 scale line out there made by a major manufacturer is much better executed in sculpt and in articulation than these. Most folks are willing to pay $6-$8 each for well made figures. I'm not happy with the rise in cost in Joes, SW, and the suggested price of the MU figures but I know the cost of making them has gone up too so I'm understanding of it. (I've actually written several dissertations to the real "cost" of figures on this and other boards) I work in a company that uses plastics so I know how it has skyrocketed over the last 2 years. Anyway, I think Mattel's BIGGEST mistake was designing around a price point (which is obviously what they did). I would almost lay money down that this is how everything went down: 1. DCSH sells like crazy, 4H & the Toy managers fight to get the rights to the whole DCU showing the support for it from the online community and show the comparison to what Marvel is doing and that DC is lagging behind. 2. Warner Bros. gives in, works out a contract and opens up Mattel to run like crazy with it. 3. DCUC is received well and with the waning of JLU, they look to see what the next option is for the "play" market. Lots of additions to the 1:18 market with other lines and increasing oil prices make "small" the next logical choice. 4. Design team wants to shrink DCUC and sell it (most logical choice) and suggest it. Sales & accounting comes up with a price they want to market at ($4.99) and tell the team to hit it and do it fast because they know Hasbro will make Marvel figures in that scale since it's Hasbro's flagship scale. Design guys get stuck having to find a way to make it and realize the only way is to used the same tooling over and over and keep POA minimal to hit the price. 5. Consumers get stuck with sub standard, rushed to market product that never should have been taken off the drawing board. WHAT SHOULD have happened is they should have designed the toy first THEN assign a cost based on that rather than starting with the price and cutting to meet it. There are compromises that have to be made, I know, but quality shouldn't be one of them. Rather than try and beat Hasbro on price and beat them to market they should have tried to put out a product that was BETTER at a COMPARABLE price and they would have had a MUCH better reception and consumers would be MUCH happier with the end result. HOPEFULLY, we'll eventually get a DCUC Mini-line, but I'm not holding my breath.
  9. I'd drop $3 on these... If they had a burger & fries & drink that came with them!!!
  10. Glaken

    Batman 3

    Gonna be kind of hard since he wrecked the Lambo too. (I guess it could get "upgrades" while it's in for repairs). I think they will go with a less military Batmobile next movie. I'm just wondering who will be the next villain.
  11. Okay... These get sadder and sadder by the image, especially after seeing the MU stuff. some of the stuff at SDCC had decent new sculpts but the lack of articulation still makes these exceedingly sad compared to all the other 1:18 scale stuff. I think what makes me saddest of it all is that this line will keep us from getting a REAL 1:18 scale line that is comparable and compatible with all the other 1:18 stuff out there. These are just BARELY better than the "Pocket Heroes" that came out. Oh well, I guess we can always customize MU figures to make decent DC ones.
  12. From the way you described the guy, he probably was a scalper but there's no guarantees. The easiest way I've found to determine is to try and strike up a conversation with them. Something like "Man, you're lucky to grab those. I've been looking for them everywhere" or even quicker "Great find man, what else do you collect?" If they turn and say thanks and start showing them to you and talking about them and other stuff coming out, probably a collector. If they ignore you and blow you off and run, they are probably a scalper. Another sure scalper sign is a cart full of hot wheels with only a couple of figures that happen to be rare/htf. Those are profiteers of the worst kind. Just a couple of observations. As for ways of "beating" them, the best way I've found is to befriend those that work at the places you frequent. Scalpers are rude to workers and they hate them. If you get to know them, let them know you a little. Do things like clean up the aisle as your looking, make small talk, really kid with them and such, when you ask they'll help. In WM's they'll run scalpers off of pallets when they get the chance but if they get to know you, they'll open the box on the pallet for you. In TRU, get to know them by name, specifically the managers in charge of that area, and they'll put stuff back for you a lot of the time. KB's will hold cases if you get to be good enough friends with them. Relationships have become the best way I've found to combat scalpers.
  13. One key thing keeping Hasbro from doing the "collector" thing, Walmart (and other mass retailers). You DON'T piss off your major retailers to make a few fanboys happy. Closest you'll get is Hasbrotoyshop.com. You can buy all their stuff on there most of the time. You just have to pay shipping. There are plenty of places you can order cases of stuff at retail cost if you want to just order them.
  14. It's really different at every Wal-mart but MOST start bringing out pallets around 9-10 PM. By Midnight, most of the pallets are out and they start working them. If you hit it early enough in the morning, you can usually do pretty well depending on where you live and how many other collectors and or scalpers you compete with. One thing you ALWAYS need to do is find the person on duty and get them to open the box or ask if you can and don't just grab stuff off the pallets. You treat them with respect and courtesy, they'll be more likely to help you find what you are looking for than that scalper that runs in and starts tearing into boxes and leaving stuff lying around in a mess and bullying their way around. I've been able to get to know the folks working at that time and they've helped me by setting stuff aside or going in the back and checking for stuff for me when I've seen them tell others they need to keep checking because they were throwing stuff around and being rude. Even if they are rude to you, don't be rude back. They may be responding to how they've been treated earlier but if you consistently are nice they'll see you're not like the "hot wheels guy" and be willing to help you more later.
  15. They are gorgeous and much wanted but at $60-$80 each for a 7" figure, just WAY out of my price range. I wish they were more in the $20 or less range and I'd be all over them. One bad thing about Japanese imports, they look AWESOME most of the time but they cost WAY too much for most folks.
  16. I'm sure that gear is going to be what they use for Ripcord when the finally make him. It's a pretty accurate representation of HALO gear. I really like the Ripcord that won the custom competition on Hasbro.com. really well done. I'm glad we're getting Short Fuse but I hate that he's coming with a $50 set. I hope he's going to be single carded too. We need Zap now. I wish Breaker had come on a single card. Oh well, guess I should be glad to get them at all.
  17. Where did you see a discussion on these comparing them to Indy? I was wanting to see some comparisons and such about it just to see what they were like. I saw them at WM but couldn't tell much about them.
  18. Oh man... that sucks. They dropped Vietnam Snake eyes & Baroness even though they had higher vote counts. If they are ignoring all "Trooper" votes then SWARM should be dropped too because Jin was posting instructions on becoming a trooper to vote for him on his site. Of those 3, Ripcord was my favorite. You did a GREAT job on him man. Now if Hasbro could put one out that looks that good I'll be happy. I didn't like SWARM for a JOE custom because he doesn't exist in JOE continuity and the 25th custom contest should require that it be a custom of a real FIGURE or CHARACTER from the 25 year run, not one you just want to make and SAY it's a Joe or Cobra character. oh well... to each their own.
  19. Well DD, as you know ... I HATE YOU!!!! @firedevil@ Actually man you know I love ya! And good ole Fred here (aren't they all named fred?) is an outstanding work of art!!!! Also, people seem to fail to realize that THAT is truly what this is, a work of art. If you guys didn't notice, this is HAND SCULPTED from the ground up. NO CUSTOMIZING, this is SCULPTING. That means every part made by DD's hands, including the articulation. For the uninitiated, DD's originals are far beyond custom and why you aren't at a company getting paid to do this amazes me. Go over to his www.2dtoys.com and look at the Runaways and Captain America, and Daredevil and Shanna and whatever else he comes with. DD, you started as a customizer but you have transcended to master sculptor. KUDOS man and here's hopin' I can buy one of these masterpieces some day.
  20. They've pretty much confirmed they are going with 1:18 scale figures for the movie so they can do all the vehicles & playsets too. They are definitely going to go as cheap as they can get away with and 1:18 trumps 8" on that easily. I wouldn't mind seeing a Joe Legends or even an Unleashed 360 version of the characters too though.
  21. Well... as far as I'm concerned, GI Joe is ALWAYS "A Real AMERICAN Hero"!!!!
  22. Some of you guys might like this that I just whipped up while I should have been working: here's the Hi-res http://www.apachemills.com/Snake-Eyes_wallpaper.jpg I like the look but I kind of wished they'd gone with the "commando" look more.
  23. I downloaded the pic and lightened it up to see more detail in it: I actually kind of wish they'd gone with commando Snake Eyes but this looks kinda cool
  24. Great job man!!! I've got one of those and I've been thinking of doing the same thing, or doing the Joe version. I wish PTE would do a F-14 or even an F-15 that are closer to scale. I'd love to get the BBI F-18 and F-16 but that won't ever happen. Could you post comparison pics showing the difference in size between Rattler v1 & Rattler 2008? I've seen pics on another board showing the stock one but it's been pulled.
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